The Kalamazoo Valley Family
News Letter

Vol. 2, No. 1         September 1972

Page 51


Trowbridge Township  Village of Hopkins


Trowbridge Township Map
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   1971 Officials
Rolland R. Lee, Supervisor
Leona McKee, Clerk
Robert Stockdale, Treasurer
Lyle Whisler, Trustee
Amos Watson, Trustee


TROWBRIDGE TOWNSHIP. Pioneers arrived as early as 1835, and the township was organized in 1842, becoming separated from Cheshire township in 1851. It was named in honor of C. C. Trowbridge of Detroit, the popular treasurer of the Boston Company.

Supervisor  Clerk Treasurer
John Weare (1842) Sidney Smith (1842-4) John Billings, Jr. (1842)
Richard Weare (1843) Daniel Foster (1845) G. Y. Warner (1843)
John Billings, Jr. (1844) P. H. Simmons (1846) Walter H. Rood (1844)
Sidney Smith (1845-6) Sidney Smith (1847-8) L. S. Prouty (1845-6)
Jacob Grover (1847) Daniel Foster (1849) H. E. Blackman (1848)
Richard Weare (1848) J. B. Allen (1850) W. Granger (1849-50)
John Billings (1849) G. Rockwell (1851) I. G. Austin (1851)
Leander Prouty (1850) R. Weare (1852) S. Smith (1852)
H. E. Blackman (1851-2) L. S. Prouty (1853) J. Blackman (1853)
 Daniel Foster (1853) J. B. Allen (1854) Sidney Smith (1854)
Alexander Henderson (1854-6) Moses Morris (1855) William Granger (1855)
John Billings (1857) John B. Allen (1856) William Upson (1856)
Alexander Henderson (1858-9) W. Bronson (1857) John W. Russell (1857-8)
John W. Grover (1860-1) A. B. Mallory (1858-64) A. B. Mallory (1859)
H. E. Blackman (1862) J. R. Clifford (1865) William Upson (1860-2)
E. G. Minckler (1863-5) Horace Peck (1866) A. B. Mallory (1863)
John W. Grover (1866) George Grigsby (1867-8) William Upson (1864-5)
E. G. Minckler (1867-71) A. B. Mallory (1869-70) Stephen Odell (1866)
A. B. Mallory (1872) George W. Grigsby (1871-2) William Upson (1867-70)
George W. Grigsby (1873) A. B. Mallory (1873) John W. Russell (1871-5)
Gilbert Phelps (1874) Barney Payne (1874) George W. Grigsby (1876)
E. G. Minckler (1875) A. B. Mallory (1875-7) Edward Buck (1877-8)
H. E. Blackman (1876) S. C. Foster (1878-) A. B. Mallory (1879)
E. G. Minckler (1877-8)    
B. Allen (1879)    

Cleo Todd, President Duane Ewing, Clerk Ellen J. Linsley, Treasurer
Dick Weick, Councilman John Hitt, Jr., Councilman George Schwartz, Councilman
Richard Kerber, Councilman Ruth Hazen, Councilman Irvin Morris, Councilman
Edward Church, Assessor Kenneth Hudson Constable Richard J. Hudson, Attorney



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