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Indigent Soldier's Wives
Contributed by Sue DeHaan
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Ackley, Aurosa Jacob A. Willfong* Apr. 3, 1912 Martin East Martin Co. G 21st Ohio *former husband
Aldrich, Mary I. widow of Truman Apr. 23, 1919 Kalamazoo Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. G 141st NY Vol.
Alfreds, Mary C. wife of John 22-Jul-12 Clyde New Haven, New Haven Twp.* Co. H 102nd MI *Van Buren Co.?
Alguire, Elizabeth J. widow of David D. Apr. 7, 1922 Manlius Byron, Mich. Pvt.
Allen, Julia A. wife of ?? Apr. 8, 1921 Otsego City Otsego Co. I 11th MI Cav.
Ames, Martha A. widow of Robert D. Oct. 16, 1921 Otsego City Trowbridge Meth. Cem. Co. E 1st Batt. 75th Reg.
Anderson, Catherine widow of John Apr. 6, 1909 Watson Catholic Cem. Watson Sgt. Co. 23rd Illinois Inf.
Bacon, Emily widow of John 12-Jun-23 Hopkins Portage Center, Kalamazoo Co. Pvt. Co. C 13th MI
Bailey, Mary L. widow of George W. Sept. 4, 1911 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. F 3rd MI Inf.
Baker, Charlotte wife of Richard Mar. 21, 1909 Saugatuck Saugatuck Co. D 22nd NY Cav.
Baldwin, Mary A. widow of John H. Mar. 4, 1909 Saugatuck Taylor Cem. Lt. Co. 13th MI Inf.
Barker, Laura E. wife of Smith A. Apr. 2, 1918 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. Pvt. Co. H 29th MI Inf.
Barrett, Miranda widow of Amos Jan. 2, 1911 Otsego* Prairieville Cem. Barry Co. Co. F 26th IND *at sister's home
Bates, Mary J. widow of Bradley M. 19-May-17 Monterey Poplar Hill Cem. Pvt. Co. L 4th MI Cav.
Belcher, Lydia A. widow of Horace C. Sept. 23, 1925 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. D 12th MI Vol. Inf.
Bellengar, Loretta wife of David Jan. 30, 1912 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt.
Bensley, Mary widow of Frederick 10-Jun-07 Cheshire Oakwood Cem. Co. C 26th Ohio Inf.
Bier, Malinda J. wife of ?? Apr. 24, 1923 Wayland Elmwood Cem. Pvt.
Blaisdel, Hannah widow of Lewis Dec. 29, 1916 Allegan Twp. Hudson Corners Cem. Pvt. Co. A 3rd MI Cav.
Blake, Lydia (widow) Nov. 15, 1912 Plainwell Brown Cem., Orangeville* Pvt. Co. S 11th MI *Barry Co.
Blanchard, Tressa widow Isaac Dalrymple Oct. 19, 1909 Pullman Locota Cem. Van Buren Co. Co. E 29th Ohio Inf. (Isaac killed in battle)
Blom, Polly widow of Marinus Nov. 13, 1910 Chressy, Barry Co.MI* Elmwood Cem. Pvt. Co. I 25th MI Inf. *at her son's home
Botruff, Melissa J. widow of Isaac Aug. 23, 1908 Grand Rapids Hamilton Cem. Pvt. Co. C 3rd & 5th MI
Boyles, Sarah A. wid. Chas. C. Barker Apr. 8, 1918 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. 1st Lt. Co. D 2nd Ohio H.A.
Bradley, Lydia wid. Of Francis M. Mar. 19, 1909 Watson Hicks Cem. Co. M 8th MI Cav.
Bradock, Mrs. H.M.   13-May-25   Saugatuck  
Brewster, Amy S. wife of Clark B. Jan. 11, 1918 Otsego Village Mountain Home Cem. Pvt. 13th MI Co. ?
Broduck, Lillian wife of H. M. 13-Jun-17 Trowbridge Blackman Cem. 13th MI Inf.
Brott, Adeline wife of Sylvanus Jan. 30, 1915 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Illinois Cav.
Brown, Jane Worden wid. Of Leroy 01-May-06 Clyde Watson Twp. Co. B 6th MI H.A. Leroy d.Apr. 21, 1876, buried Hicks Cem.
Bushroe, Mary E. wife of John 23-Jun-22 Otsego City Mountain Home Cem. Co. D 7th MI
Carlson, Johanna widow Christian Feb. 7, 1918   Johnson Cem. Pvt. Co. I 33rd Illinois
Carrier, Alta M. wife of Wm. C. 13-May-19 Otsego City Mountain Home Cem. Co. D 9th MI
Chambers, Catherine wife of A.C. Dec. 30, 1909 Douglas Douglas Cem. Co. D 30th MI Inf.
Clappy, Mary Jane wife of John Dec. 7, 1914 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. Co. D 13th Inf.
Clark, Isabelle wife of William W. Apr. 3, 1913 Hopkins Maplewood Cem. Pvt. Co. C 12th IND
Clark, Sarah widow of Samuel 26-May-19 Monterey Poplar Hill Cem. Pvt. Co. I 5th MI Cav.
Cole, Esther M. wife of Charles O. Sept. 13, 1907 Otsego Mountain Home Pvt. Co. H 177th PA Inf.
Colly, Helen C. widow of Chas. H. Oct. 27, 1915 Otsego Mountain Home Pvt. Co. L 7th MI & Co. A 1st MI Vol. Vet.
Cronk, Harriet widow of William L. 06-May-19 Lee Stuller Cem., Casco Twp. Pvt. Co. H 13th MI
Curtis, Caroline C. widow of Wm. H. Sept. 26, 1918 Monterey Salem Cem. Co. A 51st Ohio Inf.
Dailey, Susan widow of Thomas J. Dec. 15, 1910 Casco Stuller Cem. Pvt. Co. I 26th NY
Dailey, Thankful widow of ?? Oct. 30, 1920 Kalamazoo Fennville Cem. Pvt. Co. C 6th MI H.A.
Damoth, Phebe wid. Edward P. Gerard Jan. 18, 1906 Allegan Oak Hill (Oakwood?) Corp. Co. C 88th Illinois
Darling, Lucy F. (widow) Feb. 14, 1911 Ganges Plummerville Cem. Pvt. MI Inf.
Davis, Sarah P. widow B. M. Nov. 23, 1922 Otsego City Otsego Pvt. Co. C 4th MI Cav.
Devenwater, Mary E. widow* Dec. 23, 1919 Kalamazoo Oak Hill Cem. Kent County Pvt. Co. D 17th MI *widow of Cornelius Devenwater
Drake, Ann E. widow of Hiram Drake Aug. 9, 1908   Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. D 118th NY
Duell, Miranda wife of Geo. Jan. 17, 1906 Fennville Fennville Cem. Sgt. 63rd Huzzars
DuPuy, Calista wife of Leander Sept. 29, 1910 Bradley Elmwod Cem. Pvt. Co. A 11th Wis. Inf.
Dyer, Clarissa C. widow of Seth E. Feb. 11, 1924 Heath Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. I 5th Cav.
Dyer, Lottie wife of Robert Mar. 26, 1924 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Co. I 5th MI Cav.
Earl, Martha Adell wife of ?? Dec. 29, 1920 Otsego City Pine Grove Twp., Van Buren Co. Pvt. Co. E 16th MI
Eaton, Huldah J. wife of Daniel 12-Jun-06 Casco McDowell Cem. Co. I 13th MI Inf.
Edmonds, Caroline widow of C. M. Sept. 5, 1918 Otsego City Mountain Home Cem. Co. C 99 Ind. Vol.
Edson, Ellen M. wife of George W. Feb. 12, 1921 Monterey Maplewood Cem. Pvt. Co. C 10th MI Cav.
Emmons, Betsey widow of William 13-May-20 Allegan City Mallery Cem. Pvt. Co. A 13th MI
England, Mary M. widow of Ira Apr. 23, 1916 Salem Salem Pvt. Co. K 30th (MI?)
Evans, Martha wife of Thomas Mar. 16, 1913 Otsego Grand Ledge Pvt.
Evans, Rose widow of James Nov. 21, 1915 Monterey Poplar Hill Cem. Pvt. Co. G 183rd Ohio Inf.
Eveland, Amanda B. widow of Danile M. Dec. 31, 1922 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. H 193rd TENN Vol. Inf.
Eveland, Susan J. widow of Henry J. Sept. 30, 1920 Kalamazoo Allegan Pvt. Co. E 96th TENN Vol. Inf. & Co. A 95th
Finch, Maria wife of Myron Mar. 11, 1916 Hopkins Maplewood Cem. Co. A 13th MI
Fisch, Katherine   04-Jun-25 Douglas Douglas Cem.  
Foote, Alice F. widow of William Feb. 9, 1921 Allegan City Blackman Cem. Pvt. Co. H 32nd Ohio Vol. Inf.
Fraser, Mary M. widow of Angus Apr. 15, 1915 Allegan Cty Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Batt. C MI L.A.
Fry, Alvira A. wife of ?? Oct. 8, 1923 Saugatuck Ganges  
Gilbert, Mariaette widow of Narum Feb. 13, 1919 Otsego City Mountain Home Cem. Co. I 1st MI Cav.
Gillespie, Orpha L. widow of Ira Gillaspie Feb. 23, 1908 res. of dau. Fanny Buyce Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. C 11th MI Inf. Vol. Orpha prev. m. Thomas M. Barr
Gilpin, Margaret J. widow of John Apr. 24, 1919 Watson Poplar Hill Cem. Co. K 23rd IND Inf.
Grable, Grace wife of Alexander Mar. 19, 1917 Otsego Hillside Cem. Pvt. Co. H 164th Ohio Inf.
Grannis, Emma widow of Myron W. Aug. 9, 1921 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. D 17th MI
Grant, Merriam C. ex. Of Minard Shears Nov. 24, 1910 Hooker res., Wayland East Martin Cem. Pvt. Co. K 177th Ohio Inf.
Green, ------ wife of Thomas Warren Green Dec. 1, 1912 Otsego Mountain Home Corp. Co. L 1st MI
Griggs, Nancy widow of Elias Sept. 13, 1911 Butterworth Hosp. * Evergreen Cem. Holland City Pvt. Co. F 14th US Inf. *Grand Rapids, MI
Gunn, Ida M.   10-Jun-24 Salem Salem Cem. Pvt. Co. A 13th IND
Gunnett, Margaret A. wif of Seth M. Oc.t 17, 1907 Otsego Vil. Maplewood Cem. Pvt. Co. A 1st IND. H.A.
Halorn, Mary widow of William Mar. 4, 1911 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. L 24th NY Vol.
Harrington, Arvilla H. widow of James Sept. 27, 1920 Cheshire Lindsley Cem. Pvt. Co. G 10th NY
Herbert, Clara A. wife of William Jun. 27, 1909 Plainwell Hillside Cem. Co. C 11th MI Cav.
Higgins, Calista widow of Hugh 11-Jun-19 Allegan CIty Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. K 3rd MINN
Hirner, Christine widow of Lewis* Dec. 1911 Saugatuck Taylor Cem. Pvt. Co. Q 5th MI Cav. *Killed in action at Trevillion Station
Hodgman, Jane wife of Oliver 07-Jun-15 Lee Lee Pvt. Co. F 23rd Vet. Reserves
Holloway, Nancy* widow of Abijah Feb. 13, 1923 Allegan Hospital Elmwood Cem. Pvt. *resident of Wayland, formerly of Des Moines, Iowa
Hughs, Josephine A. (Cook) widow* Jan. 25, 1916 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Co. K 19th MI *widow of Stephen
Huntley, Ellen Jane widow of George Jan. 25, 1922 Battle Creek Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. E 192nd Ohio
Hurd, Lucy wid. Of Alexander Aug. 3, 1915 Otsego Mountain Home 4th MI Cav.
Kaylor, Jane wife of ?? Mar. 28, 1924 Cheshire Lindsley Cem. Pvt. Co. G 2nd Ohio
Kelley, Lavinda widow of William Mar. 21, 1917 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Co. D 12th IND Cav. Vol.
Kibby, Lucinda M. widow of Walter A. Aug. 14, 1921 Battle Creek Poplar Hill Cem. Pvt. Co. L 4th MI Cav.
Kinney, Mary* wife of David 17-May-07 Casco Johnson Cem. Pvt. Co. H 3rd Ohio *tombstone says KUNEY
Kitson, Mary C. wife of James Apr. 1, 1919 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. A 3rd MI Cav.
Klapp, Margaret wife of Cyrus 15-May-12 Cheshire Lindsley Cem. Co. I 44th IND Inf.
Knapp, Adeline wid. Of Bradley Mar. 27, 1909 Monterey Poplar Hill Co. H 7th MI Cav.
Krauthaus, Effie wife of Charles S. Jan. 13, 1907   Evergreen Cem. Van Buren Co. Co. A 45th U.S. Inf.
Kuney, see Kinney          
Langland, Jane E. widow of John Apr. 1, 1916 Otsego Village Spring Lake, Ottawa Co.  
Leggett, Elnora widow of James H. Dec. 14, 1918 Hopkins Tanner Cem., Dorr Twp. Pvt. 2nd Art.
Leopard, Mary Ellen widow of Geo. B. 31-May-24 Otsego City Mountain Home Cem. Co. B 104th Ohio
Levine, Bridget wife of Patrick Oct. 25, 1915 Douglas Douglas Seaman Man of War Brooklyn
Littell, Jennie widow of James J. Oct. 2, 1918 Plainwell Mountain Home Cem. Co. ? 14th NY H.A.
Ludlow, Sarah widow of Edmund C. 28-May-15 Fennville Manlius Cem. 4th MI Cav.
Madden, Emma L. wife of John H. Apr. 13, 1909 Plainwell Hillside Cem. Pvt. 21st NY Cav.
Manzer, Mary widow of Martin Mar. 21, 1915 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. ? 8th MI Cav.
Martin, Elizabeth J. wid. Of Kinsey   Dunningville Brookside Cem.? Co. G 1st Engrs. Kinsey d. Oct. 20, 1890, carpenter
Martin, Sarah widow of George A. Apr. 16, 1923   Mountain Home Cem. Pvt. Co. B 19th MI
Masson, Della widow of Orlando C. Oct. 12, 1918 Hammond, Indiana Hillside Cem. Gun Plains Co. I 5th MI Cav.
McCormick, Unice E. widow of Thomas Oct. 6, 1919 Martin East Martin Cem. Pvt. Co. B 19th MI
McDonald, Louisa H. wife of Crawford Mar. 7, 1916 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. Co. F 48th IND Inf. Vol.
McIntyre, Louisa C. widow of John Sept. 30, 1921 Hopkins Elmwood Cem. Co. E 1st MI Eng. & Mech.
McLeod, Margaret widow of William 07-Jun-19 Wayland Elmwood Cem. Pvt. Co. B 19th MI
Meeker, Mary wid. Of Isaac N. 04-Jul-05 New Richmond Manlius Cem. Pvt. Co. E 29th Ohio
Merchant, May wife of Washington Mar. 5, 1908 res. of Julia Holland-dau. Mallery Cem. Pvt. Co. B 19th MI Inf.
Mesick, Lucy C.   Dec. 1, 1923 Salem Salem Cem. Pvt. Co. C 59th NY Vol.
Minegar, Matilda widow of George Mar. 17, 1923 Cheshire Rowe Cem. Pvt. Co. B 29th IND Vol.
Minegar, Susan widow of ?? Mar. 3, 1924 Cheshire Rowe Cem. Co. E 74th Inf.
Mitchel, Anna widow of Thomas Mar. 9, 1917 Allegan Twp. Oakwood Cem. Co. F & B 102nd U.S. Colored Troops
Munger, Eliza J. wid. Of Andrew Nov. 21, 1909 Casco McDowell Pvt. Co. P 125th MI
Nelson, Marietta wife of John B. Oct. 6, 1908 Trowbridge Blackman Cem. Co. B 19th MI Inf.
Otten, Emily wife of John Dec. 1, 1917 Saugatuck Saugatuck Pvt. Co. H 1st MI Cav
Otto, Mary E. widow of Christian 16-Jul-10 Monterey Hamilton Cem., Overisel Twp. Pvt. Co. K 152nd Reg. Wayland Vol.
Palmer, Mary wife of Martin 21-May-16 Hopkins Maplewood Cem. Co. D 12th IND Cav.
Parker, Ruby wife of A.D. Apr. 2, 1916 Lee Lacota Cem. Van Buren Co. Co. B 23rd Ohio Inf.
Parks, Margaret wife of John W. 24-Jul-15 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. I 10th MI John- b.Feb. 29, 1840 d.May 11, 1931
Patterson, Adelaide wife of William B. 27-May-22 Otsego City Otsego S.S. Co. 16th MI
Pearson, Ermina widow of Frances Aug. 18, 1917 Kalamazoo Hospital Pearson Cem. Pvt. Co. A 3rd MI Cav.
Perdue, Mary Ann wid. Of Amos James Dec. 4, 1920 Cheshire Base Line Cem. Pvt. Co. F 102nd U.S. Colored Troops
Phillips, Lydia widow of Andrew P. Oct. 9, 1907 Monterey, J. White res. Poplar Hill Cem. Co. H 38th Ohio Inf. Vol. & Co. D 182nd Ohio Inf.
Potter,--------- wife of Charles Mar. 18, 1916 Lee Lee Co. B NY
Pratt, Rhoda A. widow of Elisha E. Mar. 24, 1915 Otsego Village Mountain Home Pvt. Co. I 8th MI Cav. Her res. Columbia tp., Brown Co., N. D.
Priest, Anna wife of John Mar. 12, 1916 Saugatuck Saugatuck Co. A 3rd MI Cav.
Race, Mary C. wife of John Feb. 10, 1908 Otsego Mountain Home Late landsman in U.S. Navy, served in NC & on
Gun Boat Richmond & Potomac
Rantz, see Reuse          
Reed, Sarah (widow) Aug. 30, 1912 Allegan Oakwood Cem. Pvt.
Reed, Susan M. widow of Anson Feb. 13, 1913 Otsego Otsego A pensioner #547116
Reuse, Susan E.* widow of Jacob Apr. 25, 1908 Martin Germond Cem. Pvt. Batt. K 5th U.S. Art. *tombstone says RANTZ
Richardson, Sarah J. widow of Jeremiah Jan. 21, 1908 Casco Stephenson Cem. Pvt. Co. C 51st IND
Ritter, Mary A. widow of Josiah Jan. 7, 1924 Clyde Douglas Cem. Pvt. Co. C 129th IND
Rogers, Susan widow of Elias Apr. 2, 1918 Wayland Elmwood Cem. Pvt. Co. 2nd Ohio H.A.
Root, Adelaide F. widow of Edmund Jan. 3, 1917 Allegan City Mallery Cem. Pvt. Co. G 169th Ohio Nat. Guard
Rouse, Curiada wife of Anthony C. Dec. 8, 1910 Valley Rowe Cem. Pvt. MI Inf.
Sager, Nancy widow of Lewis Oct. 31, 1905   Elmwood Cem. Co. E 134th PA Lewis d. 1898
Scheid, Anna Mary widow of ?? Apr. 6, 1911 Dorr New Salem Cem. Pvt. Co. C 3rd MI Vol.
Schermerhorn, Sarah Ann wid. Of James N. Oct. 15, 1921 Grand Rapids Lindsley Cem. Co. H 9th MI
Sebright, Fredrika widow of Ferdinand Oct. 20, 1923 Salem Salem Cem. Pvt. Co. L 4th MI
Seely, Harriet L. widow of William Sept. 24, 1910 Manlius Fennville Pvt. Co. C 33rd NY
Sharp, Mary wife of Adelbert Jan. 23, 1923 Cheshire Rowe Cem. Pvt. Co. D 17th MI
Sherburn, Elizabeth widow of John Albert Feb. 19, 1920 Hopkins Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. G 2nd Illinois Cav.
Simington, Nancy wife of George Sept. 17, 1907 Clyde Twp. Pearl Cem. Pvt. 75th Ohio
Slocum, Mary R. wife of Daniel H. Apr. 13, 1917 Otsego Mountain Home Pvt. Co. E IND Vol.
Smith, Sarah Jane wife of James Nov. 27, 1915 Lee Lee Pvt. 182nd Ohio Inf.
Standish, Charity widow of Gardner G. Apr. 28, 1915 Wayland Hooker Cem. Corp. Co. I 28th MI Inf.
Steadman, Catherine wife of B. F. Apr. 27, 1906 Clyde Pearl Cem. Catherines maiden name- Kitzmiller
Stilson, Manervia wife of Allvin N. 22-May-12 Saugatuck Saugatuck Cem. Co. Q 17th MI Inf.
Stockton, Altha A. widow* Feb. 10, 1918 Grand Rapids Otsego Pvt. Co. B 13th MI *widow of Russell R. Burlington
Stokes, Sarah Ann widow of George Oct. 3, 1908 Monterey Poplar Hill Co. K 22 & Co. K 29th MI Inf.
Stone, Mabelia M. widow of Gilbert Jan. 9, 1917 Allegan Twp. Maplewood Cem. C. L 4th MI Cav.
Stratton, Mary E. widow of Reas. H. Sept. 5, 1923 Plainwell Hillside Cem. Pvt. Co. G 19th MI
Straub, Sophia* wife of John Jan. 28, 1910 Allegan Hosp. Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. A 21st Ohio *grave says Josephine Mariah
Symonds, Sarah A. wife of Albertus Oct. 23, 1919 Allegan City Poplar Hill Cem. Pvt. Co. B 13th MI Vol.
Taylor, Hannah Jane wife of Harrison Oct. 10, 1917 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Batt. B 1st MI L.A.
Teates, Sarah J. widow of John Feb. 27, 1916 Cheshire Lonville Cem., Columbia City* 57th IND Vol *Indiana
Tubbs, Rebecca V. widow of Alonzo D. Dec. 18, 1916 Otsego Village Mountain Home Co. C (G?) 13th MI Inf.
Tupper, Martha wife of Frank Apr. 6, 1917 Otsego Mountain Home Pvt. Co. K 100th & Co. F 48th IND Inf.
Tuttle, Clarice Emily wife of Levi 21-Jun-19 Saugatuck Saugatuck Co. L 4th MI Cav.
Van Order, Emma C. widow of Speed Feb. 2, 1923 Allegan City Oakwood Cem. Pvt. Co. E 13th Illinois Vol. Inf.
Wait, Lucretia N. wife of Porter 30-May-09 Valley Oakwood Cem. Co. C 22nd Wis. Vol. Inf. 2nd Batt. V.R. 6
Walker, Betsy (former spouse John Cuiawa) Oct. 2, 1911 Wayland Indian Cem. Wayland Co. I 13th MI Inf. (Indian)
Weed, Mattie widow of Eber Apr. 15, 1921 Plainwell Hillside Cem. Co. F 13th MI
Whitemeyer,Ermandia wife of Robert 06-May-09 Clyde Oak Grove Cem. Pvt. Co. A 9th PA
Williams, Catherine wid. Geo. D. Bronson Sept. 28, 1918 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. Pvt. Co. A 3rd MI Cav.
Wise, Lucetta widow of Jonathan Nov. 4, 1917 Hopkins Hillside Cem. Pvt. Co. A 105th Ohio Inf.
Woody, Malinda C. wife of Zenos Oct. 7, 1915 Saugatuck Douglas Cem. 140th IND Inf. Co. H

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