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Michigan's Orphan Artifacts

On this page, we will post "found" materials (found at garage sales, flea markets, etc.) that contributors are interested in returning to their rightful owners: family Bibles, postcards, letters, photographs, etc. If you are interested in contributing, please email , MIGenWeb State Coordinator.

Item Contributor Description
Marriage book from an auction. Its a very small book from the Presbyterian Church. The names are Edward BURNS of Detroit and Ethel COOK of Detroit married Nov. 24, 1926 at Northminster Manor, Toledo, OH. Kay Mason Would be willing to see it back with the proper family for cost of postage.
Postcard of a blonde girl about 5 holding a doll. It's from Germany and addressed to Fredriks HAMEL and has German writing on the back. Kay Mason Would be willing to see it back with the proper family for cost of postage.
  • 1)Photo of a young boy with the name Eugene Charles EWALD on the back.
  • 2) postcard photo of 2 small children. The children are Robert Clayton SMITH, age 3yrs 5 mos and James Edwin SMITH, age 5 mos. Taken Sept. 16th. (no year given). Also on the back reads: To Uncle Ed and Aunt Bertha.
  • 3) photo of Fraus WICLGER (may be WIDGER). Gaylord, Michigan.
  • 4) 2 photos of the BLACKMER family. Photo 1: James BLACKMER father of Horace N. and Frances. Photo 2: Baby photo of Frances BLACKMER about 3 months old (born August 30, 1907).
  • 5) photo of Sigel R MELER with a short synopsis of his WW II military service.
  • 6) Funeral card for Margaret HEMEMLAERE
  • 7) Funeral card for Petrus Johannes VINCKIER. Card appears to be written in Dutch or German.
A 1912 wedding book Gavrik D'Haillecourt I found the book in an old house. The names of the bridal couple are: George M. MAXWELL to Elizabeth DOYLE.
Papers for Edson Clark and Seymour Woodruff Denny Zank Includes Probate records, will, mortgage, lease and letters all dated latee 1890's to early 1900's
I have family photos dating back to the 1880s of O'Connor Doyle Garvey Pangborn Hemlock, (Saginaw County), Michigan Kevin O Brien If anyone knows of any descendants of the family names listed above I would really appreciate the help. Some of the names are: Ellen O'CONNOR-DOYLE, Mary O'CONNOR-GARVEY, Katie PANGBORN, Jeanette O'CONNOR, etc. The families were in Hemlock, Bay City, Midland and possibly Detroit. I have family photos dating back to the 1880s and I'm desperately trying to reunite the family and these photos. I have some qualifying information that I will not be posting so the family can be determined. These photos have significant genealogical value in that they are permanent records of long past family members. Please contact me.
Family Bible Katey in Michigan Bought family bible of French W. ARNOLD born 1 Feb 1875 in Quaker City, Guernsey Co. OH married Alta Susan KOLP born Oneida Twp, Eaton Co., MI on 6 Dec 1880. Other names and dates too numerous to list. Will sell for what I paid plus shipping.
Photos Looking to reunite with rightful families, photos of the John Leroy GRIFFIN family , the Goldie JEFFRIES family, and Arnett SATTERLA family. All of these families are from MI, maybe Scottville area.
Photos ??, Emery Baldwin, John Bracken, John Kennedy, May and Francis Pierce, and Mr and Mrs W. P. Click on each name to view photos.
Family Photos, looking for the proper family.


Bob King In my travels, I see family photos lost in antique stores. I think this is sad and I feel a sense of obligation to try and return them to their rightful families.  I have nearly a thousand surnames not counting the thousands of surnames in the yearbooks.
  • Some of the INDIVIDUAL PHOTOS that I have are:
  • Alice G. ASHWELL,  Jan. 14, 1898, Carsonville, 
  • J. M. BLAZER, a Tin Type, Union City, 
  • J. Ward BRISTOL, age 18 years, Fenton, 
  • Alice DORVON, Hillsdale, 
  • Mr. E. S. DRURY, Paw Paw, 
  • Mrs. FOLJON, Detroit, 
  • Wilhelmine H. GROTEMUT - 2 photos,  Petoskey, 
  • Conrad LAW ( Lau ?), George's friend,  Detroit, 
  • Mrs. Susan LYTLE, Farmington, Oakland County, 
  • Bessie MARSHALL, dau. of Thomas, Bay City, 
  • Ernest MASDAR (Masshar ?), tintype, Bay City, 
  • Ida Mc CRACKEN, Muskegon, 
  • May Mc CRACKEN, Muskegon, 
  • Mrs. P. ORVIS - for Mrs George RASSETTER - Milford, 
  • Oscar SNYDER, Sophia's husband , Detroit, 
  • Sophia SNYDER,  Oscar's wife, Detroit, 
  • John F. St Comphy ( Stumfhy ?) -- Cedar Springs, 
  • Major A. B. Watson -- two photos that say on the back: "Born on Feburary 27th, 1826 in Worcester, Vermont Died Sept. 18th, 1888 at Grand Rapids, "
  • Some of the FAMILY PHOTOS are:
  • John Knopp & wife -- Annabelle's parents -- Detroit, 
  • Alice & Ira Watkins & baby Ida ( Died ) -- Hillsdale, 
  • Jay and Libbie Watkins, Reading, 
  • John & Ellie & Alta Watkins, Hillsdale,

    Mr. Charles Anschuez with Mr. Earl Lewis. They are loading lumber or shake shingles on to a three-barrel-wheeled wagon. It is hard to make out but it appears the town is Sagenaugh (Saginaw?) Michigan.

    Carrie Todd and Nillie Miller with the Beutel sisters Bertha and Tinnie. Four young women in fabulous dresses in a photo from Bay City, Michigan 

    Two photos of the Ewerts from Michigan A young picture of Fred and Belle Ewert from West Salem, Michigan and an older picture of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Ewert from La Crosse, Michigan.  

    I hope I can help you find a loved one. So check out my website  E-mail me if you want to purchase an original photo.

Michiganensian of 1927---yearbook Univ of Mich Vol XXXI UCLAKathy Belonged to Pauline E. ZOLLER. Some newspaper clippings were also found inside the pages re: Ann Arbor's full time summer recreation programs on the playgrounds and parks.

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