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Visitor Data Submission

The MIGenWeb Project is run by volunteers in a commercial free environment to provide a place on the internet for free genealogical research. We depend on donations of data from visitors to make up the individual sites. Please consider submitting data to help others who are researching their family lines in this family and also to allow you to connect with others.

All data that is submitted to the site belongs to the person who submits it. The MIGenWeb project holds no claim to the data submitted by others or visitors.

We also will not knowingly post data about living people on this site.  If data about living individuals is sent we retain the right to not post it on the website.

All data submitted must be copyright free. Please read USGenWeb Copyright Policy. If you have data to post that is not copyright free we will not post it on this site.  This covers obituaries that are not from your immediate family. If your family wrote it, then they hold copyright. If the obituary was found in a newspaper, and not written by you, we will only post the facts about the person and not personal information or living family members names. 

FORMS ARE BEING DEVELOPED - In the meantime please feel free to e-mail your submissions to