The Index to the 1877 History of Calhoun County, Michigan with illustrations descriptive of its scenery,
palatial residences, public buildings, fine blocks and important manufactories.


Scanned images of the 1877 History of Calhoun County from the Michigan County Histories Project of the Michigan Council of Libraries

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The Calhoun County Genealogical Society is deeply grateful to the late Miss Marcia Udell and Miss Susan Udell, for their kind permission to make available this Index to the 1877 History of Calhoun County Michigan.  This work was originally published by L.H. Everts of Philadelphia.  The Genealogical Society reprinted the work in March of 1998, and the reprinted edition includes the index prepared by the Udells.  The Society is currently sold out of the reprinted copies.

A few notes regarding the construction of the index will help in its use.  The spelling and use of initials in the History contain may errors, so all possible spellings of the name being researched should be investigated.  Names of persons with no obvious direct connection with  Calhoun County. e.g., presidents, governors, friends of settlers, have been omitted, as have second references to the same person on one page.  "Mrs." has been used only when a woman is referred to by her husband's name and "Miss" for clarification only.  Women's maiden names are in parentheses and cross-referenced when given, nicknames have been enclosed in quotation marks.  Common abbreviations of first names have been spelled out and page numbers in bold face and underlined refer to the unnumbered pages following this page number.

We have combined into one entry the following:
1) References to one person when spelling errors have been made at times in the first name.
2) References to one person by first initials on the same page as his or her name written out.
3) References to a man and also to his wife by his name, on the same page.
4) Military titles under the highest rank.

The alphabetical arrangement changes somewhat from "normal" and is more like a telephone book, e.g., "DE BOW" comes before "DEAN" but "DEBOW" after "DEARING," "VAN BUREN" comes before "VANACKER" but "VANBUREN" comes after, due to blank spaces coming before letters, so all possibilities should be checked.

Editors note:  Any errors in the transcription of this on-line index, which was made from the Udell's original, are the fault of this editor, not the original work of the Udells.


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