Ellen Stillman "My School Day" Autograph Book

Many thanks to volunteer Marta Norton, who provided the transcription of Ellen's autograph book

My School-Day Autograph Book

Owner - Ellen Stillman 12/19/1934
Schoolday Memories brings back, Pleasant Thought of Happy House, Spent in Work and Play.

Name and Address of my Class Mates
Miss Georgia York -
Charmian K. Mazoano - 287 Chapmpion St. 1933
Mildred Knapp - 161 Oaklawn Ave.
Wilma Claypool - 196 Haskell Ave.
Wanda Minne - 79 Bowen Ave.
Enid Pawson - 393 N. Kendall
Olive Forman - 365 N. Washington Ave.
Bertha Wells - 250 Kalamazoo St.
Ingalill Hedman - 366 N. Washington
Mary Ellen Gilbert - 84 Kalamazoo St.
Patricia Kelley - 118 Summer St.
Frances Norton - 67 Haskell
Nora Moody - 308 N. Wood St.
Charles H. Bibbings - 551 Emmett St.
Gwendohpc Burger - 72 N. Wood St.
Oda May Coney - Gotchel Indiana
Margaret Rin - 27 Hazel St. B.C. M
Jo Roelofs - 25 Onieda St.
John Ryan - 396 Wash.
Bob Bond - unreadable
Peal Camp -
Dale Wright - 158 Goodale
Wayne Morman - 491 N. Washington Ave.
Arleine Hill - 189 Welch Ave.
Madelyn Mann - 36 Graves Ave.
Mary Ellen G.
Dec. 22, 1933
Dear Ellen
Oceans may between us lay.
Or distant be our lof
But if we fail to meet again
Dear friend "Forget me not"
Your friend
Charmian Manzano
7' Grade
Ann J. Kellogg

Dear Ellen,
You I love, an will forever
Time will come when we
must part,
Bur that will never change
my heart.

Dear Ellen,
Remember this and bear in
A handsome feller is hard
to find,
So when you find one bright
and gay
Hang on to his coatail
both night and day.
You paly waly laly,
Wilma Claypool
7-' Grade

Dec. 8, 1934
Dear Ellen,
May you live happy
Each day of your life
Get a good husband
And may a good wife
Your until the
Wanda Minne

Jan 11, 1934
Dear Ellen;
Twas' midnight on the back
There lips were tightly
The old man gave the
And the bull dog did the
until the
dew drops
Your pal, Enid Pawson

Jan 8, 1934
Dear Ellen,
When the golden sun is sinking
And the path no more you trod
May your name be written gold
In the Autograph of God
You Old School Pal
Edna Lyttle
Yours till the butter flies.

Dear Ellen,
Roses are Red
violets devine
In not mae west
but come up and see me
some time.
Yours Till
the Ocean wears
Rubber pants is
keep his bottom dry.your friend
Pearl Campbell

Jan. 10, 1934
Dear Ellen
Some write for pleasure,
some write for fame,
But I write merely,
To sign my name.
Your pal forever,
Patricia Kelley.
forget me not

Dec. 17, 1934
Dear Ellen
When you are
married and have
twins dont come
to me for safty
Dale Wright

January 10, 1934
Dear Ellen,
I love you little
I love you big
I love you like a ittle pig.
Yours forever.

Me, big cheip,
me spit in against
come back lait 'em
in eye,
Guess Who

Dear Ellen
two in a hamock
already for a kiss
when all of a sudden
they went like this [the word "this" is written up side down]
Yours till the ocean
wears rubber pants
to keep his bottom dry. Nora Moody

Dear Ellen,
You may fall from a tree,
you many fall from
above but for good -
ness sakes dont fall
in love.
Don A.

Dear Ellen
The cause of many a
silent tear "Onions"
Your friend
Katherine Kirsch

Dear Ellen,
Rember me and bea_____ mind,
a Roaster tail sticks out behind.
Your fran
Anne Bradley

Dear Ellen,
When the lessons of life are all ended,
and death says that shcool is dismissed
May we all meet together in heaven
and not one of our member be missed.
Your pal
Gwendolyn Ruth Burger

Dear Ellen,
Roses are red,
Violets are blue
If I had your face
Id join the zoo
Ingalill Hedman
Don't take this to heart

Dear Ellen,
Ive always liked
to watch those brown
eyes and to hear your
soft vioce. It has
been a pleasure to
have you in my
Good fortune, always.
Miss York - 33-4

Jan 10, 1934
Dear Ellen,
to write in your book,
is my delight,
and so in this your
pray me write
I love you
Yours forever
Bertha W.

Dear Ellen,
May your life be stren with
and all your children have
pug noses
John Ryan

Dec. 11, 1934
Dear Ellen,
Tie a donkey to a tree
Pull his tail and think
of me,
Yours until hairpins
get seasick from
permanent waves.
Jeanne Rule

Dec 19. 1934
Dear Ellen
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
and so are you.
Yours till Pike's Peak
Speaks to you
Your Pal
Lorretta Cole

Jan 10, 1934
Battle Creek,
Dear Ellen,
Remember me in kindness
Remember me in love
Remember Dear Elle
Until we meet Above.
Yours till
Steps Walk
Madelyn Mann

Dec. 10, 1934
May you succeeed in
everything you do
through life, Ellen.
Margaret A. Fesing

Dear Ellen
Roses are red
Voilets are blue
but flush the toilet
when you get through
Your pal,
Maggie or Wayne

Dec. 11 1934
Salt is Salt
Peppep is pepper
If you don't life
me it your own
darm fault
Yours till the ocean wears rubber pants.
Helen Rentz
P.S. How'd you guess it.

Dear Ellen,
When you are married
and live across the lake,
Please send me a piece of
your wedding cake,
Alma L. Gerth.
Jan 24, 1934.

Dear Ellen,
In your golden chain
of friendship regard
me a s link.
Your school mate
Hellen Markman
Yours till you turn into a monkey

Dear Ellen,
Grass is green,
roses is red.
I'll love you until I
am dead.
But when I am dead
and gone to rest
Remember tho who
loved you best.
the ache in the belly Bessi

Dear Ellen,
Engine, Engine number
Going down Chicago line,
One went est one
went west
And you flew into the
coo coos nest,
Alice Phillips
Be aware there
are prickers!

Dear Ellen,
I hope you remember
me in years to come. I am
very happy to write in your book.
Your friend
Charles Betbing

Dear Ellen:
I enjoy our noon day
chats I hope they continue
Amelia R. Hines

Dear Ellen,
Ellen now
Ellen forever
Stillman now
but not forever
Your pal,
Margaret Rice 7-1
not when Dale is around.

Dec. 12, 1934
Dear Ellen,
[I can't write this one]
Your frined
Madelyn (Maddie)

Dec. 11, 1934
Do your best - that
is all anyone can
hope for.
Ann J. Kellogg School

Dear Ellen
Sugar is sweet and
violets are blue and I have
a bolldog that looks just like
Rose Harris

Dec. 10, 1934
Battle Creek
Dear Ellen,
When you
get married and
have twin don't come
to my house for
safty pins.
Yours till the
desert turnes green
Rocco Martin

Dec 10 1934
Dear Ellen,
Sugar is sweet
Violets are red
Roses are green
and so is ice cream
Bob Bond


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