APR. 7, 1899
Mrs. A.T. Rosser of 346 Champion street, fund a small boy wandering about the streets near the west end park, who was unable tell where hr belonged. He was taken to the police department where he was kept in charge by the pollcers until his relatives could be located. Patroman McCoy took the case and worked for several hours looking Into the matter. The child gave his name as Wm. Sherman Gibson, and clainned that he lived with his mother in a house on Maple street. Officer McCoy, after closely questioning the boy, found that he had been living at the Haskell Home part of the time, and the remainder with his mother on the north side of the city, who works out by the day and leaves the youngster alone. He was the refore taken to the Haskell Home and will be cared for at that place in the future. The authorities at that Institution stated that the boy had been missing from the premises since early yesterday morning.

MAY 10, 1904
Rosa Wheeler, whose disappearance last week from the Haskell Home was the cause of much speculation, was arraigned by Justice Merritt this morning on a juvenile disordley charge, preferred by Mrs. Cheetam, who adopted her from the Home. It seems that the girl is incorrigable and she will probably be sent either to school at Adrian or Coldwater. Owing to the absence of County Agent Whitney from the city, the case was ajourned until tomorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock.

MAR. 5, 1906
The following seven children from the Haskell Home, under the care of G. Hagele and J. Nies, were taken to Bawdle, South Dakota, where they have been found homes on farms near that place: Clara Moore, Laura Wood, Willie Baird, Frank Gray, George Cady, Erwin Cady and LaVerne Millen. Although they have not been adopted they will be carefully cared for until they are old enough to look after themselves. Although none of them were over ten or twelve years of age, it was a touching scene to see the big tears roll down the cheeks of the little ones as they parted from the only playmates they had ever known.

MAY 24, 1906
Mrs. Curtlee of the Haskell Home left today for Des Moines, Iowa, where she will be guest of friends for a few weeks.


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