St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Ladies Guild Recipe Book

This list was transcribed by Marta Norton.


  The Best in Cooking in Battle Creek Ladies Guild 

St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, MI, 349 Capital Avenue N.E., Battle Creek, MI

Acknowledgment - We wish to acknowledge the fine spirit of co-operation by the organization members and the community at large including the merchants and business firms, without which this cook book could not have been possible. To the women of the community who contributed their recipes we say many thanks. --The Organization. c. 1955 ?? 

There is no date in this recipe book but appears to be done in the 1950's




Allishouse, Mrs. N. 
Belling, Mrs. C. P. 
Bidelman, Mrs. R. 
Brown, Mrs. J. 
Carstens, Mrs. R.D.
Daniell, Mrs. E.
Danklefsen, Mrs. E.
Dechow, Mrs. J.
Dobberteen, Mrs. C.
Ehrhardt, Mrs. O.
Fahling, Mrs. P.
Franck, Mrs. E.
Franck, Mrs. H.
Franck, Mrs. K.
Gauss, Mrs. A.
Gehrman, Mrs. G.
Geuder, Mrs. D.
Gustke, Mrs. C.C.
Haggstrom, Mrs. D.S.
Huegli, Mrs. E.
Huepenbecker, Mrs. H.
Humbarger, Mrs. L.
Imhoff, Mrs. L.
Kittel, Mrs. T.
Jaffke, Mrs. A.
Janson, Mrs. H.
Judin, Mrs. D.F.
Kasube, Mrs. E.
Keech, Mrs. F.
Koser, Mrs. B.
Kritschgau, Mrs. L.
Mason, Mrs. L.
Nelson, Mrs. N.
O'Neil, Mrs. R.
Osborn, Mrs. W.L.
Ponitz, Mrs. P.
Rook, Mrs. C.A.
Schwartz, Mrs. N.
Sewell, Mrs. O.D.
Stager, Mrs. E.
Swank, Mrs. D
Thrun, Mrs. H.
Walton, Mrs. H.J.
Webber, Mrs. H.
Wolf, Mrs. H.
Wulf, Mrs. J.
Zielke, Mrs. G.


Name, Recipe, Page
Bates, Carol (Aunt Minnie's Brown Bread) 13
Beatty, Hilda (Sour Cream Caramel Cookies) 21
Belling, Clara (Chile Con Carne) 7
Danklefsen, Ada (Hot Milk Sponge Cake) 26
Danklefsen, Ada (Fresh Cherry Pudding) 33
Kanklefsen, Ada (Crackerjack) 36
Eick, Mrs. Fred (Meat Balls) 9
Ehrhardt, Mrs. (Sea Foam Candy) 37
Ehrhardt, Mrs. Maxine (Delicious Chocolate Cake) 24
Fahling, Beatrice (Spice Cookies) 21
Franck, Eleanor (Sausage Macaroni Casserole) 10
Franck, Eleanor (Date Bars) 17
Franck, Eleanor (Maraschino Cherry Layer Cake) 26
Franck, Ina (Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies) 19
Franck, Leah (Spaghetti and Meat Balls) 9
Franck, Leah (Ranger Cookies) 20
Franck, Leah (Pecan Pie) 29
Franck, Lydia (Corn Relish) 2
Franck, Lydia (Pineapple-Rice Pie) 30
Gauss, Hughena (Butterscotch Pecan Cookies) 16
Gauss, Hughena (Cream Puff Shells) 32
Gehrman, Ann (Ice Box Pudding) 33
Geuder, Betty (Yule Logs) 21
Geuder, Betty (Barbecued Noodles) 39
Gustke, Gertrude (Delicious Cottage Cheese Salad) 4
Gustke, Gertrude (A Different Cream Dried Beef) 7
Gustke, Gertrude (Brown Sugar Brownies) 16
Gustke, Gertrude (Peach Upside Down Cake - Quick Method) 27
Haggstrom, Agnes (Swedish Coffee Cake) 15
Hartwig, Esther (German Potato Salad) 4
Hartwig, Esther (Cabbage Sweet Sour) 5
Hartwig, Esther (Potato Pancakes) 15
Hartwig, Esther (Popcorn Balls) 36
Huegli, Clara (Cranberry Salad) 4
Huegli, Clara (Fruit Cake Deluxe) 25
Huepenbecker, Janet (Hermits) 19
Huepenbecker, Rosalie (Rag Pickles) 1
Huepenbecker, Rosalie (Date Bars) 17
Humbarger, Ida (Pork Chops Supreme) 9
Humbarger, Ida (Cranberry Muffins) 32
Humbarger, Ida (Upside Down Chocolate Cake 33
Jackson, Esther (Cheese Mold) 4
Jackson, Esther (Grandmother's Sugar Cream Cookies) 18
Jaffke, Helen (Chicken Noodle Casserole) 11
Jaffke, Helen (Cinnamon Rolls) 13
Janson, Jeanne (Lime Cucumber Salad) 5
Janson, Jeanne (Brazil Nut Shortbread) 14
Janson, Jeanne (Chocolate Refrigerator Pie) 28
Janson, Jeanne (Apple Crisp) 31
Janson, Jeanne (Chocolate Fudge) 35
Janson, Jeanne (Corn Flakes Candy) 36
Janson, Jeanne (Peach and Orange Marmalade) 37
Kasube, Esther (Chocolate Macaroons) 17
Koser, Alma (Marshmallow Pie) 28
Mann, Mrs. Terry (Chiffon Cake with Chocolate Filling 23
Mann, Mrs. Terry (Pineapple Chiffon Pie) 29
Mason, Martha (Bate Tea Squares) 18
Mason, Martha (Graham Cracker Applesauce Pie) 28
Mayburne, Zenaide (Onion Soup) 3
Mayburne, Zenaide (Apple Sauce Drop Cookies) 15
Maybourne, Zenaide (Short Cake for Peaches) 33
Meyers, Marie (Orange Cake) 26
Middaugh, Mrs. C. (Sour Cream Cake) 27
Middaugh, Mrs. Chas. (Barbecue Sauce for Spareribs) 10
Middaugh, Mrs. Chas. (Ice Box Rolls) 14
Myers, Marie (Black Bottom Torte) 31
Nehring, Lillian (Frozen Lemon Pie) 28
Nelson, Johanne (Frankfurter Goulash) 8
Nelson, Johanna (Doughnuts) 15
Nelson, Johanna (Crescent Cookies) 17
Pifer, Lydia (French Dressing) 5
Pifer, Lydia (Mock Chicken) 11
Ponitz, Evelyn (Pecan Slices) 20
Pointz, Evelyn (Caramels) 35
Proefrock, Mrs. E. (One Good Pumpkin Pie) 29
Proefrock, Mrs. E.W. (Carrot Surprise) 4
Proefrock, Harriet (Uncooked Chili Sauce) 2
Proefrock, Harriett (Molasses Cookies) 19
Proefrock, Harriet (Mayonnaise Chocolate Cake) 24
Reader, Mrs. Wm. (Flower Garden Cake) 24
Rook, Mrs. C.A. (Divinity Fudge) 36
Rook, Henrietta (Macaroni Mushroom Loaf) 40
Schwartz, Mildred L. (Gifiltus Graut) 8
Schwartz, Mildred L. (Hazelnut Strips) 18
Schwartz, Mildred (Graham Cracker Cake) 25
Swartz, Mildred L. (Butter Dumplings) 15
Tubesing, Mrs. Karl (White Nut Bread) 13
Tubesing, Mrs. Karl (Fruit Cocktail Torte) 32
Walton, Alma (Tomato Soup) 3
Walton, Alma (Chow Mein) 8
Walton, Alma (Rice Hot Dish) 9
Walton, Alma (Chocolate Drop Cookies) 16
Walton, Alma (Oatmeal Ice Box Cookies) 20
Walton, Mrs. Henry J. (Pumplin Cake) 27
Weber, Grace L. (Bread and Butter Pickles) 1
Zeller, Ruth (Veal Loaf) 10
Zeller, Ruth (Date Pudding) 33
Ziegler, Mrs. Herbert (Chop Suey) 7
Ziegler, Mrs. Herbert (Macaroni Casserole) 39


Allah Shoppe 26A
Bach, Paul E. - Real Estate and Business Opportunities 26A
Beebe Shoe Store 18A
Chapman's Gift Shop 18A
Covey's Pharmacy 10A
Crane and Olsen Heating Company 18A
Ellis Beauty Shop 26A
Farley Funeral Home 10B
Food City Candy Co 18B
Frank's Barber Shop 18B
Haynes 5c to $1.00 Store 18B
Huepenbecker, Henry back cover
Industrial Savins and Loan Association 10A
Kendall Hardware - Mill Supply Inc 10B
Kewley Brothers 5c to $1.00 18A
LaFountain Service Station 10B
Marie's - Women's and Children's Wearing Apparel 18A
Michigan Dry Cleaners 26A
Paul's Super Market 18A
Quality Re-Weaving 18A
Radiant Coal and Heating Company back cover
Siefert's Food Market 18A
Skidmore, F.J. and Son Inc 10A
Snyder Hardware Co 18B
Sullivan Milk Products Co 10A
Tasker's Drug Store 26A


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