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Where would we be, without those who contribute information? Everything is important - such as the smallest family tidbit, a family tree, a cemetery listing, obituary and/or a family bible record. Those donating, are the keepers of the flame and they prevent us from stumbling in the dark as we search for our ancestors.  We gratefully thank all that have taken the time and energy to contact us and share their information. My most humble apologies if I have omitted anyone that sent us information.
Web contact is: Deanna West at
Month Donated Donation Brief Description Donor Email Address
Dec 2014Dickerhoof & Metcalfphotos of stonesScott
Nov 2014Wilkinson FamilyFamily tree & tragedySteven
Oct 2014Atkinson familystones at Adamsville Cem.Shirley
Aug 2014various familiesfamily photosSheila
Aug 2014Arnold familyburial update Plum
Aug 2014Marta Doddadded informationEdwardsburg
Apr 2014Cooper/Garwoodfamily photos Fred M. Smith  contributed by:  Freds father  - Edgar C. Smith Jr. files
Dec 2013Oakley Oakley family and burial informationCynthia Krueger
Dec 2013Liever & Biek informationBurial & Family informationBarbara
Nov 2013Family informationWilliam Adams and Mary Adelia HillRebecca Adams
July 2013 Church photo & historySilver Creek UMCSuzanne
Feb 2013School Roster1967 Marcellus High School RosterCarolyn
Feb 2013Marriage Batson/Wing marriageCarolyn Burlewna
Dec 2012
Soldiers & Data
Civil War Data and medal photos
Keith G Harrison
Nov 2012
Early Birth
Cannady & Kenedy birth
Roma Stewart
Oct 2012
Underwood photos
stone photos at Little Fish Cem.
Bernadette Burlew
Sep 2012
School photo
Vandalia Intermediate school 1927
Louis Crandall
July 2012
Hebron Family Reunion 1895
Reunion Story
Linda Skaibe
April 2012 Schools Vandalia Grads 1942 Shelly (McKibbin) Hesse
April 2012 Family Histories Petticrew & Associated Families Gary & Nita Petticrew
Mar 2012 Obituaries Moorlog & Gebhard Kent A Gebhard
Feb 2012 WWII Veteran Vince Antkowski Jim Brown
Feb 2012 Family & County photos Doane, McKee & Tietsort Tom McKee
Aug 2011 Cemetery photos various Ronda Fahey
Aug 2011 Little Fish Cemetery photos Merna Holloway
July 2011 Reames Cemetery Stones Photos Larry L Reams
July 2011 Tombstone & Cemetery Art Random Photos David Defour
June 2011 Edwardsburg grade school student group photo Bill Kohler
March 2011 Vandalia school Graduation classes Tamarack Pointe
March 2011 Historical Biographies People & Events of Cass Co Jeannie Watson
March 2011 Various Cemeteries Corrections & Additions Ann Cleveland Mann
March 2011 school information Vandalia & Corey Schools Carolyn Burlew
Jan 2011 Trattles Diary 1876 diary exerpts Susan Bowman Keil
Oct 2010 photo 1938 photo Smith's Chapel Richard Paddock
Sep 2010 Sink stone photos various cemetery photos Kim West
May 2010 Poor Poor obituary Pamela (Poore) Keene
April 2010 Dill Charles E. Dill obit Paul E. Williams
March 2010 Andrus family biography Jean Andrus
March 2010 Shaffer family stone and obits Gwen DeMaegd
March 2010 Barron Lake info Hill family burials Nelson Hill
Jan 2010 Edwardsburg - photos George Andrus collection
from early 1900's
Dean Andrus
Jan 2010 Cassopolis Grade School
& Old High School
Several School Rosters, 1940's R Thomas. Bergman
Dec 2009 Obituary Obit for Edward Harrell Linda Thompson
Dec 2009 Tombstone photos Warner and Hathaway Jerry Rader
Dec 2009 Marriage license George Mann Benjamin Kinsey
Dec 2009 Obituary and burial information Joseph & Ann Wilson George Wilson
Nov 2009 Necrology Report From June 1900 to June 1901 Larry Hughes
Nov 2009 stone photos family stone photos at Plum Grove and Kessington Cemeteries Carolee Jenkins
Nov 2009 family photo 1905 Welcher Reunion Wendy VanderVeen
Oct 2009 Corrections Sand Hill Cemetery Sue Clavin
Oct 2009 New Reading North Wayne Cemetery Charlene Browne
Oct 2009 Civil War Info Jacob Ekenberger Lori Eckenberger Cook
Sep 1009 Oibtuaries Obit fo Sylvanus S. Chapman Jody Gonda
Aug 2009 Philo Brown Civil War Information Sonja Hunter
Aug 2009 Peter Knapp and family stone photos at Oak Dale Cemetery William Barnhardt
Aug 2009 Mikel, Lewis, Udell
& Associated families
photos, journals and family histories Lois Willis
July 2009 Chester Haines Obituary Ron Hawkins
July Copley & Crawford Family info & site corrections Ruth E Copley
May 2009 East and Wright Family photos and East Cemetery info Tom Merritt
May 2009 Harmon & Lathum Burial & Death information Linda Wilbur
May 2009 Stockdale & Collar info School, family and tombstone photos + obits Lynne (Stockdale) Wilson
Mar 2009 Olney Family info Family Kelly Beach
Feb 2009 Oakdale Cem. Burial info. James & Margaret Ryan Robert Thompson
Jan 2009 Biographical Information Book form of several families of Cass County Keith Graham Harrison
Jan 2009 Biographical Information William D. Jones family Christi J. Cook - U.S. Air Force Veteran
Jan 2009 Burial Information Corrections Daundra Baker
Dec 2008 Vandalia School photos 1923-23
& 1928
Photos and School Roster Ruth Emeline Anderson Walker and Marjorie Anderson Norton Marshall Sanders at
Nov 2008 Biography Andrew W. Jackson Linda Wilbur
Oct 2007 Cemetery Photos California Cemetery Sharon Cornell
Oct 2008 Huff photo Photo & Info on Huff brothers and sister Nancy Kless Euclid Ohio
Oct 2008 Bacon & Knox House photo & Family info Virginia Bacon
Aug 2008 Sammons, Felt, Knapp & Keatley Tons of information Ginny Meachum
Aug 2008 Van Lieu burials at Plum Grove Cemetery Sherman Van Lieu
July 2008 Gwilt, Winchester
and associated families
Cemetery & Family information Dorothy L. Gwilt &
Gorden Jerry Gwilt
July 2008 Photographs cemetery stone photos James (Jim) B. Riggs
June 2008 Chase Riverside Cemetery Info James C. Chase
June 2008 Brosnan & Breshnan Obituaries Jean Brosnan
June 2008 Oyler & Watts Family info & photos Deborah Goodman contact webmaster
May 2008 Erastus White family Dewey Cemetery Penny Vanderbeck-Novy
April 2008 Plum Grove Burials Lagodney & Krause family members Joynce LaGodney -
April 2008 Biography & burial Locations Ball Family Davis F. Ball, Son of Jacob Dillman Ball
April 2008 Clelland Surname info Maryann Root
April 2008 Obituaries Lamberton & Sterner Obituaries Rita Roberson
April 2008 Gordon photos family photos & obituary Olivia J. Gordon-Stewart
April 2008 Photos and obits Irwin family photos Sue Olson
March 2008 Church history & photos Dailey church Pastor David Waid
Feb 2008 Photos, obits & histories Cameron, Young & Walker families John Walker
Jan 2008 Family history synopsis Walter/Walters family Kathy Walters Minder
Jan 2008 Obit and burial Hill family information Nelson Hill
Jan 2008 Additions & Corrections to Bly Cem. Northrup family Marilyn (Northrup) Noller
Dec 2007 Poorman death records Elinda E. Card
Dec 2007 Reed family Adamsville cemetery Reed family Judy Artley
Oct 2007 Andrus Decendants Biography Ben Kinsey
Oct 2007 Nott Family Varius Newspaper articles Linda Livingston
Aug 2007 Block family burials Riverside Cemetery Joann Ramseyer
Aug 2007 Obits and histories Brown family information Sonja Hunter
Aug 2007 Obits, marriages & visits Abbott & Gifford family info. Mark Brown
Aug 2007 Cemetery Photos Dewey Cemetery John C. Monk
Jul 2007 Cemetery Photos LaGrange Twp Cemetery photos Jody Glynn Patrick
Jul 2007 Family Information Corrections to Adamsville Cem John Manuel jemanuel@grandecom.nt
Jul 2007 Family Photos William Reunion Rose McClure
July 2007 Cemetery & Obituaries Adamsville Cemetery Linda Reeves
May 2007 Cemetery Reading + Map Crawford Cemetery Dennis Ward
May 2007 Tombstone photos Woods tombstones Sharon Cornell
Apr 2007 Various Obituaries Davis & Jewell families Brenda Buck
Apr 2007 Family Information Loux Family Robin Currin
Apr 2007 Oak Grove Cemetery
Hawk & Storey family Cheryl Kirkpatrick
Mar 2007 Cemetery listings Silver Creek Cemetery
readings & Photos
Alice Srackangast
Mar 2007 Goff Goff Cemetery info Judy Tobias
Mar 2007 Hall Crane Cemetery Correction Peter Hoag
Mar 2007 Fuller, Kline, Hess,
Mann, Yeck &
Associated families
Photos and biographies Benjamin Kinsey
Feb 2007 Goodrich & Gray families Outline of ancestors Jerry Wade Johnson
Jan 2007 Bly family Albert Bly Info Paul Giometti
Dec 2006 East & Assoc. families biographies and misc. data John Young
Nov 2006 Bucklen info Letters & Photos Scott Bailey
Nov 2006 1872 land Land Owners 1872 Nancy Corwin
Nov 2006 Nichols & Assoc. Fams Nichols & Cemetery info Diane Dulin
On-going Dewey/Bowling Obits and family info
Cemetery Readings
John C Monk
Nov 2006 Wellard Cemetery and obits Jan Horsey
Oct 2006 Cemeteries & Indexes Various Amelia Castle
Oct 2006 Biographies Rutherford & Assoc. Families David Arne Sisson
Oct 2006 Death date father's date of death Patsy Pullins
Oct 2006 Family obits, letters
Huff/Affentranger Kathy Barnes
Oct 2006 9th District Roster School listing & family info Robert Phelps
Oct 2006 Arnold Family Obituaries Marilyn Lane
Sep 2006
Various Personal & County Family & County data Maurice Sanders
Sep 2006
Various Personal & County Family & County data Marshall Sanders
Sep 2006
Various Personal & County Family & County data Esther Stewart
Sep 2006 Best family Biography Jim Best
Sep 2006 Township Township maps Ross Traverse N/A
Sep 2006 Green Family Biography Lucile Sinclair
Sep 2006 Cemeteries Partial listings Vickie N/A
Sep 2006 Photos Cemetery general photos Teresa O'Riley


If you have any information or contribution you would like to donate, please contact Deanna West at

Thank you everyone!