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Clendenen Famiily

When I was searching my papers for these records I came across copies of a notebook sent to me by my cousin, kept by Herbert Alton Lee of Dowagiac with 16 pages of family names, dates and notes.


Robert A. Clendenen was born November the 8th, 1802
Amanda Hinchman was born April the 1st, 1809
Mary Ann Clendenen was born April the 24th, 1829
Oscar F. Clendenen was born December the 20th, 1829
Van B. Clendenen was born Febry the 9th, 1835
John F. Clendenen was born April the 11th, 1837
David K. Clendenen was born September the 4th, 1839
David K. Clendenen died Feb. 27th, 1841
Andrew I. Clendenen was born Dec. 21, 1841
George W. Clendenen was born December 4th, 1844
Martha Ann Clendenen was born April 16, 1847
Sarah Jane Clendenen was born May the 4th, 1849
Elizabeth Hinchman Decd the 5th July, 1832
Harriet Clendenen was born February 28, 1839  Nie Harriet Swisher
Susan Hinghman, Wife of Hiram Hinchman, died January 17th, 1887, Aged 77 ys  11 mo., 30 days.
Amanda Clendenen, Wife of Robert Clendenen Died Sep. 7th at 6 o'clock P.M. 1886. Aged 77 yrs, 5 mo. 5 days.

Notes: This Bible is currently in the possession of Lyman Bybee, of Niles, MI. Lyman notes that the publication date of the Bible was 1829, the year Oscar Clendenen was born and the inside front cover of the Bible has the words "Oscar F. Clendenen Bible". The back pages of the Bible has the words "Mary Ann Clendenen's Bible 1851".  We believe that this Bible must have been given to Mary Ann Clendenen by Oscar shortly before she died in Sept.1851.  The majority of the names and dates appear in the back pages of the Bible.  All of the references I have seen for these Bible Records refer to them as "Mary Ann Clendenen's Bible Records".

The date for William I. Clendenen, which was not filled in, is b. 11 July 1832

From my research so far, the name Susan Hinghman  must be a misspelling, and they must have meant Susan Hinchman.  I have seen gedcoms listing the wife of Hiram Hinchman as Susanna Riggins, who died in Berrien Co. MI. but have not researched it, so I am not sure.

Submitted by Cathy
Also see Barnum/Clendenen Biography

James Petticrew Family Bible - dating back to 1809

From the Files of Gary and Nita Petticrew
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The BIRTHS of James and Ann’s Children (left) and the BIRTHS of son David and Emily Smith Petticrew’s children (right)
James:  Apr 1, 1798
Elizabeth:  Feb 13, 1800
Nancy:  Apr 26, 1801
John:   Mar 5, 1803
William S:  Feb 16, 1805
Rosanna:  June 7, 1807
David:  June16, 1809
bible 2
BIRTHS this page shows James and Ann’s youngest sons:
David - June 16, 1809
Armstrong N. Sep 28, 1911
<--------- David Petticrew's Children's births
Ann:   Sep 1, 1837
Benjamin Franklin:  Dec10. 1839
Amanda:   Apr 18, 1842
James:  Jan 5, 1845
David Smith:  Feb 8, 1847
William John:  Aug 13, 1848
DEATHS Three Generations - Only the deaths of three Petticrew males are listed in the Bible, spanning three generations.
James died on April 29th, 1821.
His son David died on March 28th, 1856 and his son
David Smith Petticrew died on October 13th, 1908
B & M
Births & Marriages
James Petticrew being born June 26, 1861
and wife Ann Brandon June 7, 1776
married Mar 7, 1797
Nancy Petticrew wed Robert McCord
Feb 16, 1819
James Petticrew Family Bible Marriages
Only three of James and Ann Petticrew’s children’s marriages are recorded and then not mentioning Nancy’s husband, Robert McCord. Son James’ wife Martha’s last name is not known. It could have been Condon
James wed Martha ? on Jan 17, 1822
David and Emily wed Aug 25, 1836
note: Emily was Emily A Smith
James Petticrew note
Memorable Occasion From this note written in the Bible, it seems that James and Ann Petticrew’s eldest son, James, had been on some kind of notable mission to have recorded his return home on January the 19th, 1822. The note was most probably written by Ann since father James had died unexpectedly on April 29th, 1821. Son James may have returned home to help settle the estate or for Ann to meet James’ new wife, Martha, follo

SAMMONS FAMILY BIBLE - photo pages and transcribed below by Ginny Meachum at
(Click on photo copy for larger image.)

bible page 1 Bible page 2 Bible page 3 Bible page 4

Jacob & Isabel (Cook) Sammons
Sumnerville, Pokagon, Michigan
(Owned by Alby Sammons before his death)


Page 1
At top: Michigan June 30th 1824
Jacob Sammons was born May 14th 1785
Isabel Sammons was born June 30th 1798
Mary Ann Sammons was born Feb 24th 1820
infant born March 12th 1821
Lany Sammons was born April 7th 1822
Joseph R.C. Sammons was born July 7th 1824
Henry S. Sammons was born August 7th 1826
Charlotte Sammons was born August 8th 1827
Daniel T. Sammons was born July 25th 1829
Jacob E. Sammons was born Oct 12th 1832
Andrew J. Sammons was born Dec 22nd 1834
George W. Sammons was born Dec 10 1841
Children by his second wife:

Cornelius Sammons was born January 1st 1813
Andrew Sammons was born Dec 5th 1814
Marandy Sammons was born Nov 16th 1816
(A Guest of Jacob Sammons Family)
William Orwell was born May 23rd 1777

Page 2

At top: My g g Aunt Mary Sammons Hubbard Bible


William P. Miller born Dec 19th 1876
Laura M. Miller born Sept 23rd 1877
Gladys Agatha Miller born April 5th 1902
Violet Vivian Miller born October 15th 1903
Lena Arletta Miller born June 8th 1907
Peter Charles Getright born June 18th 1898
Parker Nur Burtnett born Nov 5, 1898
Barney J. Sammons born Sept 17th 1825
Tryphenia Rowe Sammons born Ap 30, 1826
Anna Mary Sammons Hubbard born May 14th 1847
Martran Sammons born Jul 17, 1850

Arletta Sammons McGowan born July 17, 185?
Lilly Belle Sammons born April ?? 1857
Barnt Henry McGowan born Dec 23, 1839
Arletta Sammons McGowan born July 17, 1855
Laura McGowan Miller born Sept 23, 1877
Myrtle McGowan born June 14, 1883
James McGowan born March 1879
Pearly McGowan born October 1884
John ?? Hubbard born Dec 22,1872
Dorthea Natalie Getright born Feb 2, 1921
Loring William Burtnett April 29, 1921

Page 3


Mary Ann Sammons departed her Life March 12th, 1820
Our infant departed his Life March 15th, 1821
Henry S. Sammons departed His Life Aug 29th 1837
Isabel Sammons Died May the 9th 1850
Aged 31 years 10 months and 2 days old
Sirah ?? Sammons died October the 17th Aged 20 year old 2 month
Naoma Luella Sammons died October 25th 59 at 9 weeks old
Jacob Sammons died July 11th 1859
Charlotte Bates died August 7th 1885 Aged 58 yrs, 4 days

Page 4


Jacob and Isabel Sammons were married June 6th 1819
William and Lany Smith were married Dec 22, 1840
William and Charlotte were married Jan 1st 1846
Daniel and Sarah Sammons was married Dec the ?? 1852
Lany Smith
Joseph R.C. Sammons died at close of Civil War was taken west
to fight the Indians was buried at Ft. Bridger Wyoming

floral row


Joseph Andrew Stewart July 13, 1842
Elizabeth Stewart October 17, 1844
Catharine M Stewart May 13, 1861
Barbara M Stewart November 24, 1863
Thomas C July 26, 1865
Joseph H September 29, 1867
Sarah M January 14, 1870
Abbie E April 3, 1872
Barbra Ellen May 1, 1873
Carrie C November 10, 1875
Cora F October 11, 1877
Laura A January 21, 1880
John M January 17, 1883
Hiram G August 23, 1885
Joseph A December 29, 1922
Elizabeth June 27, 1926
Joseph July 2, 1926
Catharine M Walls January 22, 1938
Laura Hawks March 5, 1939
Cora Matthews March 29, 1939
Hiram G July 15, 1941

BURNING CANDLE  Journals & Diaries

Trattles, Edward C - Edward C. Trattles 1876 Diary


Collins, John - Died August, 1841

John Collins's will, Mason Township, Cass County, Michigan SUBJECT:
John Collins Will 1841 Cass Co
SUBMITTER: Pat Johnson EMAIL: DATE: Jun 24, 2000
Cass Co Michigan Will Book 3 Pages 221 & 222 FHL Film # 1017939
Estate of John Collins Decd
In the name of God I John Collins of the Township of Mason & County of Cass & State of Michigan being weak in body but sound & perfect mind & memory & considering the uncertainty of this mortal life & blessed be Almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last Will & Testament in a manner and form following. First I give and bequeath unto my wife Sally Collins a certain peace of land her natural life; and after her decease I bequeath the same to my only son William Collins; and described as follows. Beginning at the North East corner of the South half of South East quarter of Section Number fourteen in Township Number Eight South of Range Number fourteen West and running west eighty rods thence South forty rods thence East forty rods thence south forty rods thence East forty rods thence North to the place of beginning & I likewise give to my said wife all of my household furniture to be at her disposal as she sees fit Secondly I give and bequeath to my only son William Collins the remaining part of the above described lot of land together with all my other freehold estate whatsoever to hold to him the said William Collins his heirs & assigns forever the said William to come in possession of when he arrives to the age of twenty one years & I likewise give and bequeath to my said son William all of my farming utensils & Stock that my ne on the farm & owned by me when my son William shall be twenty one years of age after paying all just debts & demands against me Thirdly I give & bequeath one Dollar to each of my daughters herein named to be paid by my son William when he comes in possession of the above devise property, first to Mary Curtis, Elinor Harkness, Mehala Hoffstatter, Martha Collins, Fanny McNeil & Sylvia Collins & lastly as to all the residue of personal estate of what kinds & nature I give & bequeath the same to my beloved wife Sally Collins whom I hereby appoint to be executrix of this my last will & testament & hereby revoke all former will by me made. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 15th day of July in the year 1841 John Collins
Signed and sealed in the presence of us: Silas H. Lay, Saxton P. Kingsley,Charles E. Mow Proved and allowed March 15th 1842 C Shanahan Judge of Probate

Cass Co Michigan Administration of Estates Volume 2 Page 161 FHL Film# 1017936
Estate of John Collins, Decd.
At a special Court of Probate held at Edwardsburg this 15th day pf March 1842, in the matter of proving the will of John Collins, Decd. Saxton P. Kingsley being duly sworn says that John Collins of Mason township, Cass County died in or about August 1841, and that previous to his death he saw him sign a certain will which is now present and that the deponent signed the same as a witness, in the presence of the testator and that the other witness signed the same in the presence of the testator and of each other, and further that he believes no objection will be made to the will by any person interested, and further that the property of said testator was worth about six hundred dollars at the time of his death, – and further the deponent sayeth not. C. Shanahan Judge of Probate Transcribed by Patricia A. Johnson on 20 June 2000. She is the 4th great granddaughter of John and Sally Collins, 3rd great granddaughter of Sylvia Collins McNeil.

Reilly M Tinkham-survivors from his will
In his will papers, in 1902 the following people previously listed in  
Summerville are again listed in Niles when listed in 1907 when the  
estate is settled.

Jane Patchen half sister Niles, Michigan
Mary Kibler half sister Niles, Michigan
Wesley Gale, half brother, Niles, Michigan
Reilly M. Patchen, nephew, Niles,Michigan
Molly A. Patchen, neice, Niles, Michigan
Joseph T. Kibler, nephew, Niles, Michigan
Clyde Kibler, nephew, Dowajeac, Michigan
JD Gale, nephew, Dowajeac, Michigan
Lillian Patchen formerly Gale

Reilly M Tinkham was from and died in Barre Center, Orleans County, New York.
He was in the Civil War and owned at one time an Inn or Tavern in  
Barre Center.
Would like to find his descendants to try and confirm the Inn/Tavern  
story, and any copies of pictures of the bldg. or stories about visits  
to the same.

Will share info with any individual.

Rick Porter
Finger Lakes House Histories