History of Cass County, Michigan

By: Alfred Mathews
With illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers
Published by Waterman, Watkins & Co., Chicago, IL, 1882, 541 pg

Note from Cass County Coordinator - Whether it is this history book or another county history book, please keep in mind the following. Normally when many of these books were written in the past, you would pay a prescription fee to have your name and history in the book. The exception to this would be your county or township histories and Veterans of various wars. Sometimes these same historical books are not 100% correct because various families (who had paid their prescription fees) would, to the best of their ability, state information i.e. birth places etc. Sometimes memories were not real sharp.
   Copies of these books area available at Cass, Berrien and Van Burren libraries in Michigan. Also they can be purchased. Just do a search on Google and you will find where they are available at.

Preface - Names mentioned in Preface

------ To mention the names of all of those whose courtesy and cordiality have been appreciated would be impossible, for their number is hundreds; be we cannot refrain from mentioning the names of a few of this class, whose positions have enabled them to be of especial service. And first we may perhaps place the name of the venerable Capt. Joseph Harper. The Hon. George B. Turner has also been a valued "guide, philosopher and friend," and the store of his information has been largely drawn from. Others in Cassopolis, to whom thanks should be returned for favors rendered in the preparation of the work, are Messrs. John Tietsort, Elias B. Sherman, S. T. Read, Hon. James M. Shepard, C. C. Allison, Judge Andrew J. Smith, Judge William p. Bennett and L. H. Glover, Esq. Elsewhere in the county, the following may be mentioned: La Grange -- Orlean Putnam, Hon. Jesse G. Beeson, Gamaliel Townsend, Isaac Shurte, Stephen D. Wright; Pokagon -- Robert J. Dickson, John Rodgers, Alexander Robertson, D. W. Hurd, Rev. John Byrnes; Penn -- John W. O'Dell, Daniel McIntosh, Dr. Leander Osborn, David M. Howell, W. E. Bogue, Hon. Amos Smith; Ontwa -- Joseph L. Jacks, George Redfield, Moses H. Lee, J. C. Olmstead, Hon. John B. Sweetland; Volinia -- M. J. Gard, Hon. George Newton, John Huff, Hon. A. B. Copley, H. S. Rogers; Marcellus -- W. O. Matthews, Abijah Huyck, George W. Jones, George Savage; Porter -- Hon. George Meacham, Hon. J. H. Hitchcox, F. C. Morton, Samuel Rinehart; Mason -- Henry Thompson, R. C. Ross, D. Bishop; Jefferson -- S. C. Tharp, Judge M. T. Garvey, Jonathan Colyar; Milton -- Wesley Smith, N. B. Dennis, Henry Aldrich; Howard -- Hon. E. C. Smith, Hon. James Shaw; Wayne -- Hon. H. B. Wells, Cyrus J. Gage, Lafayette Atwood: Dowagiac -- Francis J. Mosher, B. W. Schermerhorn, C. J. Greenleaf, Joel H. Smith, Gideon Gibbs, William K. Palmer, G. C. Jones, Dr. H. S. McMaster, George W. Jones; Newberg -- J. M. Chapman, E. H. Jones; Calvin -- Jefferson Osborn, Levi J. Reynolds, Col. George T. Shaffer. We desire to make especial mention of the valuable writings of the late Judge Nathaniel Bacon, of Niles, which have been quoted in the chapter upon Pokagon. Written communications have been received in answer to letters or circulars from many persons, resident and non-resident of the county. To all who have thus aided in the compilation of the history we also tender thanks.

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Chapter I. Introductory and Descriptive
Chapter II. French Exploration and Occupation 
Chapter III. Contest For Possession 
Chapter IV. Outline of Civil History 
Chapter V. Land Title and Survey 
Chapter VI. The Pottawatomie Indians 
Chapter VII. The Pottawatomie Indians (continued) 
Chapter VIII. The Carey Mission 
Chapter IX. Advent of the White Man as a Settler 
Chapter X. Pioneer life
Chapter XXI. Agricultural and Miscellaneous Societies 
Chapter XXII. Statistics 
Chapter XXIII. Cassopolis 
Chapter XXIV. The city of Dowagiac 
Chapter XXV. Pokagon 
Chapter XXVI. La Grange 
Chapter XXVI. Penn 
Chapter XXVII. Ontwa 
Chapter XXIX. Volinia 
Chapter XXX. Porter
Chapter XI. Erection and Organization of Cass County 
Chapter VII. Internal Improvements 
Chapter XIII. Religious and Educational 
Chapter XIV. The Bar of Cass County 
Chapter XV. The Medical Profession 
Chapter XVI. The Press 
Chapter XVII. The Underground Railroad and the Kentucky Raid 
Chapter XVIII. Cass County in the War of the Rebellion 
Chapter XIX. Cass County in the War of the Rebellion 
Chapter XX. The Pioneer Society
Chapter XXXI. Wayne 
Chapter XXXII. Howard 
Chapter XXXIII. Milton 
Chapter XXX. Silver Creek 
Chapter XXXV. Jefferson 
Chapter XXXVI. Calvin 
Chapter XXXVII. Marcellus 
Chapter XXXVIII. Mason 
Chapter XXXIX. Newberg

Biographical - Semi-alphabetical order

Adams,John T Adams, Thomas W Aldrich, Dr. Levi Aldrich, Henry
Allen, Dr. Jacob Allison, C. C Anderson, Samuel F Andrews, G. W
Ashley, Rev. James Atwell, Freeman J
Bacon, Hon. Cyrus Banks, Chrales G    
Beckwith, Philo D Beebe, Abel Beeb, Roswell R Becraft, I. S.
Beeson,Hon. Jesse G (illus.) Bennett, William P Beauchamp, James H;   Manlove C
Bilderback, Wm (illus) Bishop, Daniel; Elijah  
Blackman, Daniel Blakely, Dr. Thomas Bloodgood, Dr. James Bly, Henley W
Bock, Nicholas Bogue, Stephen (illus) Bonine, Dr. E. J. Bowling, Shawther
Bradford, Vincent L Brady, Mr. & Mrs. James T (illus) Bradt, John C Brayton, Dr. Thomas
Bronson, O. P. Brown, Isaac Bucklin, William P (illus) Bugbee, Dr. Israel G
Byrnes, Rev. John
Carbine, Dr. H Carr, John Casterline, Thomas J  
Chapman, James M Chase, Bishop Chipman, Joseph M Chipman, John S
~~~ Clark, Samuel Clark, Dr. William Clark, Joseph B
Clisbee, Charles W Collins,"The Boy Preacher" Condon, William Coolidge, Henry H
Copley, Hon. Alexander B Copley, Alexander Curtis, Dr. Cyrus Curtis, Dr. Eugene A
Daniel, Linus A Davis, Dr. C. E Dina Charles Des Volgnes, L. R.
Dopp, Ransom ~~~ Dunning, Horace R Dyer, J. M.
Easton, Dr. W. W. Edwards, Lewis Emerson, Mathew H Engle, B. F.
Fiero, Abram & Charles Field, Harvey K Flora, Dr. William Follett, Dr. Henry
Fowler, Dr. Henry H
Gage, Rev. Justus; John S. Gard, Milton K Garwood, Dr. Alonzo Garvey, Judge M T
Gibbs, Gideon Glenn, James Glover, Lowell H Goodwin, Dr. Fairfield
Griffin, Robert S Graham, family Gregg, Dr. Phineas Green, John
Hadden, Charles D Hamilton, Patrick Haney, Charles Hardenbrook, Adolphus
Harper, Joseph Hicks. R. V High, Oliver Holland, Dr. Marion
Hollister, Noel B Howard, Amos; George; ; L. C.William G Howell, D. M. Howell, Marshall L
Huff, Amos; John Hull, Isaac Huyek, Abijah
Jacks, Joseph L Jarvis,Norman Jenkins, William Baldwin Jewell, Elias
Jones, Azro; Henry; G. C.; George W.; Horace C.; William
Kelsey, Dr. William J. & Dr. W. J Ketchum, George; Dr. W. J Kingsbury, Asa; Charles Kirkwood, James
Lee, Ishmael Lockwood, Dr. Henry Lofland, Joshua Lybrook, Baltzer; Henley C.
Marsh, Austin C Matthews, Warren O McCool, Father -
McIlvain, Moses McMaster,Dr. Hamilton S McOmber, Family Meacham, Hon. George
Miller, Rev. Adam; George Moor, Dr. Otis Morgan, Dr. Charles A Morse, Dr. C. W.
Morris, Samuel Mosher, Family Mulvane, Dr. P.
Newton, Hon. George Nixon, John Norton, Levi D.; Pleasant  
Olds, Mills Oren,James Osborn, Charles; Dr. Leander Orr, George B.
Palmer, Wm K. Parsons, Benjamin Peck, A. E.; William Penwell, Dr. Enos
Phillips, Dr. H. H. Pitcher, Silas A. Price, Elder Jacob Prindle, Dr. C. P. ; Dr. E. C.
Putnam, Hon. Uzziel Jr.; Uzziel    
Raymond, Dr. L. R. Redfield, Alexander H. Reed, S. T. Reshore, Frank H
Reynolds, Hon. Edwin W Rickert, Charles Rider, Horatio Rinehart, Bros.
Ritter, George K. Robertson; Dr. John Robinson, Nathan Rodgers, John; William A.
Root, Eber Ross, Fred H. Runkle, Cool  
Sampson, W. J. Savage, John Shanafelt, William H Shanahan,
Shaw, James; John Shepard, James M Sherman, Elias B. Shermerhorn, B. W.
Shurte, Isaac Silver, Rev. Abiel; Orren Simpson, Moses W Smith, Hon. Amos; George; Joel; Joseph
Spencer, Joseph Squier, Daniel C Stebbins, Dr. Edward Sawyer Stuart, Charles E
Sturr, Joseph L. Sullivan, James Sutton, Polemon Sweetland, Dr. John B
Storey, Ozial    
Talbot, John A. Taylor, Dr. James D Tice, Isaac T Tietsort,John
Tharp, S. C. Thomas, Thompson, M. A. Thorp, Dr. A. L.
Tompkins, Dr. L. D. Townsend, Gamaliel; George J. Treadwell, Dr. A. B. Treat, Dr. John
Truitt, James M.; Peter Turner, Hon. George B; S. A.  
Van Riper, Jacob      
Wells, Dr. Charles P; Hon. H. B.; Homer Wheeler, Dr. J. H. Whitbeck, George Wooster, John
Wright, Stephen D. ;J.      
Zimmerman, Jacob      

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