1860 Mortality Schedules of Cass County, MI

Persons who Died during the Year ending 1st June 1860
Includes dates from - June 2, 1859 to June 1, 1860
(Caution) Some errors occurred when report was done over 150 years ago.

during the year ending 1st June 1860, whose usual place of abode at the time of death was in this family
Age Sex Color Married
Naming the State, Territory, or Country
in which the person died
Mary Smith 11 F     Mich Nov   Consumption 14 days
Duane Mosher 2 M     Mich July   Inflamation of Brain 24 days
Sylvia Vanderhoof 57 F   W New York August   Typhoid Fever 40 days
Lamarinda Beals 22 F   M New York March Com School Teacher Puerperal Fever 8 days
Mariah Smith 57 F   W Vermont May Tairis General Debility 12 Months
William Radford 1 mo M     Michigan Nov   Croup 2 days
Charles B. Dennison 11 M     Mich June   Accidental Drowning sudden
Allice G. Squires 3 F     Mich May   Scarlett Fever 3 days
William Cribbs 27 M   M Ohio March Machinist Inflamation of Bowels 6 days
Annie Cribbs 3 F     Mich May   Scarlet Fever 28 days
Ellen Hackett 1 mo. F     Mich July   Typhoid Fever 1 day
Ellen Morely 26 F   W Ireland July   Consumption 2 years
Sarah F. Farrow 6 F B   Mich August   Congestion of Brain 12 days
George Cooth 1 M     Mich January   Congestion of Brain 5 days
Martha Pettit 77 F   W Conn May   Diarrhea 4 days
Nancy DuBois 14 F     New York August   Consumption 6 months
Frank Wells 5m. M     Mich Nov   Brain Fever 4 days
Walter L. Moody 41 M   M New York January Farmer Consumption 4 years
William Beach 67 M   M England April Farmer Cancer in the Stomach 4 years
Zurietta Caldwell 1 F     Mich January   Lung Fever 6 days
Mary L. Burns 5 F     Mich Oct   Heart Disease 12 days
Silver Creek                  
Lucinda Walter 18 F     Michigan January   Consumption 2 years
Isaac Lybook 9m M     Michigan Oct   Disease of Heart 1 Month
Narcissa Veach 4m F     Michigan Dec   Croup 5 days
Marion Hinchman 1m M     Michigan Aug   Disease of Head 6 days
Mary Arbor 84 F   W Penn January   Palsy 6 months
Adalade C. Foster 17 F     Michigan Aug   Typhoid Fevr 2 months
John F. Hoyt 46 M   M New York May Hatter Dropsey 1 years
John Daily 2 M     Michigan March   Lung Fever 1 month
Rosey Waterman 1 F     Michigan Oct   Scalded 1 day
Marinda M Reed 43 F   M New York March   Lung Fever 9 days
Willaim Sallsbury 2 M     Mich Feb   Brain Fever 1 month
Charles Cooks 4m M     Mich Jan   Fits 1 day
Ida Lake 2 F     Mich Jan   Congestion of Brain 6 days
Sarah J. Matby 6 F     Mich Dec   Typhoid Fever 6 days
John Duncan 25 M   M Virginia Dec Farmer Typhoid Fever 1 month
Mary E. Wells 1 F     Mich May   Brain Fever 9 days
Mary Sullivan 42 F   M Delaware Aug   Congestive Fever 4 days
Hannah E. Perkins 4m F     Mich April   Inflamation of Bowels 12 days
Milton Griswold 1 M     Mich March   Congestion of Brain 1 day
Eliza Hoberlin 15 F     Ireland June   Quick Consumption 2 days
Peter Van Every 64 M   M Canada Dec Farmer Apoplectic Fit 3 days
Frances French 2 F     Mich Sept   Typhoid Fever 18 days
Patric Calahan 45 M   M Ireland March Farmer Disease of Kidney 3 days
Jessie Sanders 72 M B W N. Carolina May Day Laborer Tremors in His Arm sudden
Sylvanus Beckwith 77 M   M Conn March Farmer Inflamation of Lungs 10 days
Eliza Smith 52 F   M New York January   Consumption 3 months
Emily A Bosley 21 F   M Mich Feb   Quick Consumption 1 month
Richard Vantyle 23 M     Mich Nov Farm Labor Consumption 8 days
Caroline Lofland 22 F     Mich Feb   Consumption 3 months
Harriet Davis 33 F   M New York Feb   Consumption 1 month
Mahala Reames 52 F   M Ohio Sept   Unknown 7 days
Flora M. Parker 1 F     Mich March   Lung Fever 12 days
Lewis B. Landers 2m M     Mich Sept   Fits 1 day
Rachel Fisher 48 F   M Penn July   Dropsey 3 months
William O. Thorp 2 M     Mich April   Fusion of Brain 3 months
Cary M. Mack 1 F     New York Aug   Fits 1 day
Cornelius Farnham 1 F     Mich Dec   Inflamation of Lungs 12 days
Margaret Rogers 24 F   M Mich Oct   Typhoid Fever 10 days
Nathaniel Bowman 18 M     Mich April Farmer Unknown 1 years
Jenette A. Hubin 14 F     Mich Sept   Consumption 6 months
Mary E. Stewart 19 F     Delaware Jan   Inflamation of brain 12 days
Newton Smith 6m M     Mich January   Croup 2 days
Clarence Smith 1m M     Mich February   Croup 5 days
Philander Teitsort 18 M     Ill July   Consumption 4 years
Geo. E. Voorhis 11m M     Mich January   Throat Disease 3 weeks
Chas. E. Voorhis 11m M     Mich January   Throat Disease 2 weeks
S. Beckwith 77 M   M Conn Dec Farmer Lung Disease 1 week
J.M. Hall 28 M     New York May   Consumption 2.5 years
Fred Lewis 4m M     Mich January   Croup 4 days
Caroline Lofland 21 F   M Mich February   Consumption 4 mos
Mary A. Whiteman 3m F     Mich Sept   Cholera Infantum 1 day
Fanny Hunter 21 F     Mich March   Consumption 11 mo
Jane Hain 65 F   M Virginia March   Consumption 2.5 mos
Clarence B. Teitsort 3 M     Mich Aug   Consumption 18 months
Elam Fletcher 29 M   M N.C. Oct Farmer Lung Fevr 2 weeks
Wm. H. Brunch 14 M     Mich Aug   Broker Leg 9 days
Sarah Pussley 30 F   M New York May   Quick Consumption 2 mos
Wm. Whitmore 60 M   M New York April Laborer Quick Consumption 5 mos
Lucy Z. Decon 1 F     Mich February   Typhoid Fever 3 weeks
James H. Shepperd 12 M M   Michigan Sep   Typhoid Fever 3 weeks
Infant Mosher 11m M     Michigan June   Unknown 20 days
Infant Ayers 1m M     Michigan Oct   Fits  
Hannah C. Garrison 7m F     Michigan June   Lump Fever 9 days
Wm. N. Jones 1 M B   Michigan January   Whooping Cough 6 weeks
John Tyler 3m M M   Michigan June   Unknown 21/2 months
M.E.Conner 7m F M   Michigan Dec   Whooping Cough 3 weeks
Ester Bonne 38 F     Indiana January   Congestion of Stomach 16 days
Adeline Imern 1 F M   Michigan July   Croup 2 days
John Artis 108 M   M W. Virginia April   Old Age  
Mary Artis 17 F     W. Virginia May   Consumption 6 mos
Jesse Allen 10 M     Michigan March   Consumption 11 mos
Rachel Hood 40 F   M W. Virginia April   Canker Sore Mouth 3 mos
Frank Adamson 4m M     Michigan Aug   Whooping Cough 2 weeks
Geary Robinson 3 M     Michigan January   Croup 2 weeks
S.L. Robinson 1 F     Michigan February   Scarlet Fever 3 days
John W. Lawson 1 M     Michigan June   Croup 2 days
Mary E. Givens 1m F     Michigan April   Whooping Cough 6 days
K. Artis 75 M     N. C. June Farmer Asthma 12 months
R. F. Dunn 24 M   M New York Aug. Carpenter Consumption 3 mos
Elizabeth Thompson 36 F   M New York April   Consumption 9 mos
Jeremiah Warner 16 M     Ohio Dec.   Brain Fever 2 days
Sylvester Bishop 80 M   W New Hampshire Aug. Farmer Old Age 7 days
John Hagen 39 M   M Ohio March   Consumption 9 weeks
Henry Williams 39 M   M New York February Farmer Lung Fever 4 weeks
L. F. Steward 1 M     Michigan Jan   Croup 3 hours
L. A. Stewart 6 M     Michigan Oct   Bronchitis 3 yrs
Alice Ingling 5 mo. F     Michigan Aug   Inflamation of Bowels 5 days
Agnes Weatherbee 3 mo. F     Michigan Sept   Inflamation of Bowels 3 day
Flora Rivenburg 1 F     Michigan Sept   Croup 6 days
Milo A. Weathereria 10 M     Michigan Aug   Inflamation of Bowels 5 days
Eliza Gardner 66 F   W Penn May   Lung Fever 6 days
Infant Barnes 2 mo F     Michigan May   Unknown 2 weeks
Harriett Boyd 6 F     Michigan Oct   Caused by a Fall 10 days
Wm. A. Tirle 8 mo. F B   Ohio April   Fever 10 days
Sally Kinney 1 mo. F     Michigan Aug   Fits 1 day
Ella Duprey 8 mo. F     Michigan May   Dropsy 2 weeks
S. Hastings 76 M   W New York February   Lung Fever 10 days
Mary Churchill 19 F   M Mich Feb   Consumption 2 yrs
L.E. Churchill 9/12 F     Mich June   Water on Brain 2 weeks
Edna Warner 25 F   M Mich May   Consumption 8 months
E.A. Thorp 11/12 M     Mich Sept   Cholera Infantum 7 days
Lovina Welcher 6/12 F     Mich Sept   Cholera Morbus 6 mos
Arthur Humphrey 9/12 M     Michigan Nov   Inflamation of Bowels  
Lloyd Cooper 19 M     Penn June Farmer Consumption 4 weeks
John Peachey 2 M     Michigan Oct   Typhoid Fever 4 weeks
Geo. Thompson 5/12 M     Michigan July   Diarrhea 1 week
Chas. Daily 4/12 M     Mich Aug   Inflamation 3 days
Susan Tallerday 52 F   M New York Oct   Liver Complaint 3 days
Wm. A. Earley 2 M     Mich Jan   Croup 3 days
F. Richmond 1 M     Mich Feb   Lung Fever 3 days
M.A.Stage 28 F     Penn Jan   Scarlet Fever 5 days
Austin Bland 10/12 M M   Ind Nov   Lost in the woods and froze to death  
E. Evins 18 M B   N.C. May Farmer Consumption 4 mos
Geo. Bland 10/12 M M   Mich April   Whooping cough 3 mos
Mary Ward 7 F B   Mich May   Consumption 4 mos
Chas. Brown 2 M B   Indiana Jan   Lung Fevr 2 weeks
Chas. Rhinehart 1 M     Mich Jan   Consumption 5 weeks
Infant Fuller 7 days F     Mich Jan   unknown  
Infant Fuller 2 days F     Mich Jan   Unknown  
M.J. Rickert 27 F     New York Sept   Consumption 2 1/2 years
S. Comstock 67 F     Conn Oct   Heart Disease 6 days
Henry O. Rockwell 14 M     Mich Feb   Spinal Complaint  
John Tolbert 1 M     Mich Sept   Inflamation of bowels 6 days
Ellen Tolbert 2/12 F     Mich Match   Croup 2 days
Mary C. Whiteman 6 F     Ohio Oct   Sore Throat 10 days