WILLIAM ADAMS, born in New Hampshire in 1824, came to Pokagon in 1867, died at Dowagiac, March 12, 1894.

EVALINE A., widow of Dr. Levi ALDRICH, was born in Dryden, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1822. With her husband came to Edwardsburg in 1860, and was one of the victims of the R. R. accident at Battle Creek, October 20, 1893.

MRS. FANNY ANDRUS, widow of Haggard Andrus, was born in Cayuga county, N. Y., November 4, 1808 came to Ontwa in 1835, and died in Mason, January 29, 1894.

MRS. MELINDA BACCHUS, an early settler in Milton, died November 15, 1893, at the advanced age of 73 years.

WESTEL BAIR, a resident of Marcellus since 1837, died December 28, 1893, aged 68 years.

AARON O. BANKS, born in German, N. Y., September 20, 1818, came to Cass county in 1858, died in Calvin, June 16, 1894.

CATHERINE A.., wife of F. A. BECKWITH, born in Cumberland county, N. Y., 1829, came to Michigan in 1866, married to Mr. Beckwith in 1868, died at Cassopolis, February 21, 1894,

FRED A. BECKWITH, who came to Cassopolis from Bellevue in April, 1868, died February 17, 1894. at an advanced age.

HARVEY BIGELOW, born July 4, 1816, at Half Moon, N. Y., came to LaGrange in 1837, died at Dowagiac, November 3, 1893, where he had resided since 1851.

DANIEL BLISH, born in Gilsam, N. H., June 17, 1812, came to Michigan in 1839, and Silver Creek in 1840; died November 5, 1893.

MRS. HARRET BROWNELL, died at Dowagiac, February 20, 1894. She was born in Onondaga county, N. Y., December 5, 1812, married to Charles Brownell in 1842.

MARY A., widow of W. P. BUCKLIN, born in Sandusky county, Ohio, in 1820, came to Michigan while a child, married to Mr. Bucklin, January 20, 1839, died in Marcellus January 26, 1894.

ELIZABETH BURTAN, aged 65 years, died in Calvin, where she had resided for 35 years, January 5, 1894.

LOVINA BOSLEY, wife of James H. Cooper, born in Lake county, Ohio, April 29, 1834, with her parents came to Jefferson in 1839, married to Mr. Cooper December 18, 1860, died June 17, 1894.

ABIGAIL VARY COULTER, born in Oneida county, N. Y., December 16, 1847, came with her parents to Cass county in 1859, was married to Wm. H. Coulter, January 1, 1866, and died at Cassopolis, December 21, 1893.

ADELINE CRANDALL, born in Chenango county, N. Y., in 1830, came to this county in 1852, married to E. P. Boyd in 1866, died at Cassopolis, April 27, 1894.

PHEBE H., wife of H. A. CREGO, born on Young's Prairie, March 6, 1840, married to Mr. Crego August 8, 1867, died in Volinia, March 24, 1894.

MRS. RENEY CROMB born in Germany, April 17, 1848, came to this county in 1864, died November 21, 1893.

DELONSON CURTIS born in Otsego county, N. Y., May 28, 1811, died in Pokagon, July 10, 1893. He came to this State in 1833, and has been a resident of Pokagon since 1834.

LOUIS DARVEAU, born in Canada, and a resident of Newberg, died August 3, 1893, aged 86 years.

REV. LEVI DEWEY, born in Pokagon, July 4, 1844, died at Dowagiac, July 30, 1893.

JAMES A. DIBBLE, born in Delaware county, N. Y., November 8, 1805, came to Cass county in 1862, died in Howard, August 20, 1893.

SUSANNAH DIEFFEBACHER, born in Northumberland county, Pa., Sept. 5, 1809, came to Ontwa at an early date, died September 25, 1893.

JOHN DONOUGH, born in Ireland in 1842, came to this county soon after, and died in Penn, November 18, 1893.

OLIVER P. DRISKEL was born in Porter, and continued to reside there until his death, July 26, 1893, aged about

50 years.

JOHN EMMONS, born in Giles county, Va., August 18, 1808, settled on a farm in Pokagon, in 1834, and died October 1, 1893.

ALFORD FARROW, born in Campbell county, Va., February 15, 1819, came to Michigan and settled in Dowagiac 45 years ago; died December 15, 1893.

ABRAM FIERO, born in Gorham, N. Y., February 22, 1827, came to LaGrange in 1852, and there died July 25, 1893.

WILLIAM FRANKS, aged 78 years and 6 months, born in Pennsylvania, died in Mason, November 29, 1893.

MRS. MARGARET GEORGE, born in Huntington county, Pa., in 1831, married to Robert George, March 15, 1857, died in Jefferson December 23, 1893.

MRS. JENNIE REAMES GRAHAM, was born in Jefferson, November 23, 1854, married to David Graham, December 2, 1873, and died August 24, 1893.

MR. C. A. GRISWOLD, born in Oswego county, N. Y., died at Dowagiac, October 6, 1893, aged 56 years.

OSCAR HALL, born in New York, and for several years a resident of Volinia, died there June 23, 1893, in the 81st year of age.

WILLIAM I. HALL, an aged pioneer, died in Volinia, March 18, 1894.

HARRIET LEE, wife of James HANSON, born in Erie county, N. Y., December 2, 1838, married to Mr. Hanson, October 20, 1854, died March 27, 1894.

MISS CLARISSA HASTINGS, who was born in 1821, came to Newberg in 1845, and an inmate of the county house for several years, died February 2, 1894.

NANCY L. HEBRON, born in New York City, February 17, 1822, came to Porter in 1836, married to Benjamin Hebron, September 5, 1841, and died in Penn, November 28, 1893.

CATHERINE, wife of R. V. HICKS, born in Montgomery county, Pa., in 1823; came to Michigan at an early date and was married to Mr. Hicks in 1843; died in Milton, July 1, 1893.

MRS. ELIZABETH HOTCHKINS, aged 80 years, 3 months and 2 days, born in Pennsylvania; died in Mason, October 22, 1893.

LOUIE M. CHAPMAN, wife of Almont HOWES, born in Cassopolis, November 17, 1855, married to Mr. Howes, January 6, 1881, died in Mendon, April 17, 1894.

WESLEY HUNT, born in Vermont about eighty years ago, came to this county when a young man, died at Cassopolis, March 13, 1894.

RICHARD R. HUYCK, born in New York, February 21, 1811, settled on Little Prairie Ronde in 1832, died December 14, 1893.

JEMIMA HYBERT, born in North Carolina in 1817, came to this county in 1865, died in Calvin, February 20, 1894.

DANIEL S. JONES, born in Butler county, Ohio, May 2, 1818, came to LaGrange in 1833, died at Cassopolis, July 28, 1893.

WILLIAM JONES, born in Preble county, Ohio, March 8, 1813, came to the farm on which he died in 1829, and died March 29, 1894.

JOHN R. KELLER born in Logan county, Ohio, March 28, 1824, came to this State in 1850, died in Penn, October 9, 1893.

MRS. JOHN KELSEY, for many years a resident of Mason, died at Elkhart, Ind., September 6, 1893, in the 79th year of age.

DR. WILLIAM J. KELSEY. born in Niagara county, N. Y., August 20, 1839, and while yet an infant came with his parents to the county, and died at Cassopolis, November 29, 1893.

DAVID LILLY, born in Zanesville, Ohio, in 1814, came to LaGrange when but 21 years old and bought the land on which he died, March 18, 1894.

WM. LOFLAND, a resident of Jefferson more than fifty years ago, died in Mishawaka, and was buried in Cassopolis cemetery, February 19, 1894, 84 years of age.

PHEBE LONG, widow of Oscar Long, for more than 50 years a resident of Porter, died in that township, December 13, 1893.

CHARLES R. LUDLOW, born in New York, and for upwards of forty years a resident of Edwardsburg, died November 21, 1893, in the 63rd year of his age.

MOSES MC KISSICK, died in Mason, April 29, 1894, at the advanced age of 80 years.

MRS. ANNIE MASON, born in Albion, N. Y., January 27, 1816, came to this state in 1860, died at Dowagiac, June 27, 1893.

WESLEY MITCHELL, born in Calvin, October 10, 1856, died in that town March 3, 1894.

JEMIMA A.., wife of Peter S. MILES, born in Clark county, Ohio, September 11, 1835, came to this county in 1840, removed to Lake City, Iowa, in 1864, and there died September 11, 1893.

JESSIE, daughter of Elias and Charlotte MORRIS, and wife of Arthur Welch, born in Volinia, in 1860, died at her home just across the county line in Van Buren, January 1, 1894.

SULLIVAN H. MORSE, who died in Calvin, November 19, 1893, was born in Vermont, January 19, 1814, and came to Michigan in 1859.

HENRY MORTON, an early settler and respected colored man, died in Cassopolis, August 3, 1893.

BETHESDA MOTELY, widow of James Motley, came to Porter in 1840, and there died 5 Mar 1894, in the 81st year of her age.

CAROLINE MUNSELL, died in Milton, July 20, 1893, aged 61 years and 8 months. She was born in the state of New York.

LYDIA CHESS OSBORN, born at Brownsville, April 16, 1855, married LeRoy Osborn, November 2, 1876, and died at Cassopolis, April 14, 1894.

MICHAEL PEMBERTON born in Penn in 1848, and a resident of that town, died October 3, 1893.

HARRIET M. PLAYFORD, wife of Thomas Stapleton, born in Wayne county, N. Y., April 30, 1837, came to Cassopolis and was married to Mr. Stapleton in 1866; died September 7, 1893.

WILLIAM POLLOCK, born in Preble county, Ohio, August 6, 1820, came to this county when but ten years old, died suddenly at Cassopolis, June 3, 1894.

MRS. NANCY PUGH, born in N. C., 1805, came to Michigan, 1856, died in Calvin, November 9, 1893.

LEVI REAMS, born in Logan county, Ohio, November 13, 1824, came to Jefferson in 1828, and there died April 12, 1894.

JACOB REESE, born in New York, and for several years a resident of Milton, died August 10, 1893, in the 72nd year of his age.

JOHN W. RINEHART, born in Porter, January 31, 1834, died in Penn, July 17, 1893.

MARGARET ROURKE, who was born in Ireland in 1823, and settled in Silver Creek 45 years ago; died October 11, 1893.

LYDIA J. RUPLE, born in Cayuga county, N. Y., March 3, 1835, came to this county when an infant, married to Jonas Ruple, May 29, 1856; died in Penn, September 16, 1893.

WM. SANDERSON, a resident of Mason, died April 30, aged 75 years.

WILLIAM SEARES, born in Erie county, Pa., June 10, 1816, came to LaGrange, in 1835, died March 18, 1894.

MRS. ELIZABETH SHETTERLY, born in Pennsylvania in 1811, and a resident of Mason, died November 18, 1893.

LYDIA MC COY SIFFORD, was born in Ohio in 1829, and while yet a child came to this county, where she was married to Matthew W. Sifford in 1846, died at Dowagiac, September 22, 1893.

JANE M., widow of Wm. SLIPPER, born in New York city in 1816, married to Mr. Slipper in 1835, came to this county at an early date, died July 10, 1893.

FRANK SOMMERS, born in Germany and a resident of Silver Creek, died August 24, 1893, aged 67 years.

WILLIAM STANSELL, born in Herkimer county, N. Y., came to Pokagon in 1856, and for the last twenty years a resident of Dowagiac, died January 9, 1894.

THOMAS STAPLETON, born in Ireland in 1820, came to Cass county in 1860, died at Cassopolis, April 20, 1894.

ELIZA STEVENS, widow of Andrew Stevens, born in East Bloomfield, New York, July 30, 18__, same year came to this county, married Mr. Stevens in 1848, died May 5, 1894.

ISAAC P. STEWART, for many years a respected citizen of Calvin, died May 12, 1894, aged 73 years.

SAMUEL SWEITZER, born in Pennsylvania, November 14, 1824, and a resident of Jefferson since 1869, died January 9, 1894.

MILLICENT SWISHER, aged 80 years, born in Ohio, died in Silver Creek, August 3, 1893.

LYDIA O. THARP, born January 10 , 1817, in Logan county, Ohio, came to this county when but 10 years old, married to Laban Tharp, January 20, 1838, died in Jefferson, September 15, 1893.

ERASTUS TOMPKINS, born in Oneida county, N. Y., November 25, 1811, came to Newberg in 1852, and there resided until 1886, when he went to Berrien county, where he died December 10, 1893.

HUGH TRAVERSE, aged 76 years, most of whose life was spent in Porter, died at that town, January 25, 1894.

JAMES H. TRUITT, born in Milton in 1843, died in that town February 6, 1894.

CHARLOTTE BALE TURNER, born in England, January 1, 1820, came to America in 1840, and this county in 1851, was married to G. B. Turner, October 5, 1859, and died at Cassopolis, November 25, 1893.

WASHINGTON L. UDELL, born in Angelica, N. Y., February 3, 1821, came to Michigan in 1850, died in Marcellus, October 13, 1893.

MERIBA, wife of Benjamin O. VARY, born in Stephentown, N. Y., in 1817, came with her husband to this county in 1859, died in Howard, December 25, 1893.

MARGARET WALSH, born in Ireland in 1805, died in Silver Creek, December 23, 1893.

ISAAC WELCHER, died in Volinia, January 8, 1894, at an advanced age.

JOHN WHITE, born in Robinson county, N. C., in 1819, came to Calvin in 1857, and there died January 23, 1894.

BENJ. F. WILKINSON, born in New York, in 1820, came to this county many years ago, and died in Edwardsburg, July 24, 1893.

HATTIE WILEY, widow of James Wiley, born in Scipio, N. Y., in 1810, married Mr. Wiley and came to this State in 1831, died at Dowagiac, December 1, 1893.