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We are collecting information about the old schools of Cass County, Michigan, up to and including 1955. Please send us your old school information,  ie. graduating classes, school rosters or pictures. Graduating classes may be 5th, 8th, 10th or 12th grades.

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Brownsville School
Brownsville School
Calvin Township
20447 Osborn St.
closed prior to 1957
Contributed by: Esther Stewart
Brownsville School
Brownsville Another View
Contributed by: Esther Stewart
School House 005
Edwardsburg - Milton Twp
center of the block, as viewed from the Methodist Church on Church St. Torn down in 1923.
2nd view of Old Edwardsburg school
razed in 1923

Geneva Schoolhouse 1898
Penn Twp - Decatur Rd near M-60
Contributed by: Marshall Sanders

Thomson School
Thomson Rd in Cass County
Info from Pamela Dewey
contributed & Photo sent in by:
Sharon Cornell at
Patrick School
Patrick School built 1854
(other source says built in 1859 and torn down in 1938)
Section 29 Marcellus Twp
Photo taken in 1904by Leslie Goff of Lawton, Oklahoma,
contributed by: Lois at:

Cass High School
Cassopolis Union School
Gothic style architecture -
Originally white brick with red trim
1878 to 1951
school razed in the 1960's.
photo contributed by: R. Thomas Bergman
Mayflower School
Pokagon Township
Indian Lake Rd., 1/4 mi west end of Peavine St.
Closed in 1960; turned into private residence

Calvin School
Calvin School No. 5 -

Submitted by Benjamin Kinsey
First Cassopolis Band
1st Cassopolis School Band 1934-35
Contributed by Lynne Stockdale Wilson
Calvin Center School 1908
Center School, Calvin Twp. Cass Co

circa 1908-1912
Contributed by: Marshall Sanders
Cassopolis 1941 band
Cassopolis HS Championship Band -1941
John Stockdale - Music Teacher
Drum & Bugle Corp
Jr. VFW State Champions 1941-42 - Cassopolis
Under direction of John Stockdale
grade school
Cassopolis 6th Grade Class
Contributed by Lynne Stockdale Wilson
Some corrections submitted by: Roy T. Bergman
See *** Below
High School Band
Cassopolis High School Band circa mid 1940's
Teacher John Stockdale
Contributed by Lynne Stockdale Wilson
Football team
1947 Cassopolis HS Football Team

Photo - Contributed by Lynne Stockdale Wilson
Click on photo for Team Roster
Contributed by" Roy T. Bergman
1948 Eigth Grade Class
Cassopolis 7th Grade Class - 1948
Mary Wright was the teacher

Lynne Stockdale- now Wilson - photo contributor.
See Class Roster Below

Champlain 1919
Champlain School 1919
1st row: Ethel Hoadley, Leora Benton, Emory Rose, Leota Lily; Teacher.
2nd row: Charlotte Hoadley, Gladys Rose, Marjorie Rose, Sam Miller, Adrian Sink.
3rd row: Margaret Hoadley, Wilma Rose, Francis Hartsell
photo submitted by Rose McClure
Champlain 1925
Champlain School circa 1925
Pokagon Township
tallest boy in the back, middle of the door, in the black cowl neck sweater is Adrian Sink
Corner of Crystal Springs St. & Champlain Rd.
closed - 1964; torn down
photo submitted by Rose McClure
Champlain 1936
Champlain School 1936

Back row: Faith Squires, Teacher; Billy Tobias,
Evelyn Shiveley, Charlotte Wadsworth, Esther Cannon.
Front row: Roy Miller, Mickey White, Joan White, Jean Miller, Joy Sink
photo submitted by Rose McClure
Corey school
Corey School 1920
Mary Elizabeth Hafelt - teacher
Edwardsburg school
Edwardsburg School 1907
Little girl in center with plaid dress
behind the girl with white pinafore is
Gertrude Kohler
Beeson School 1895
LaGrange Township middle row - second from left - Lloyd Watson was at Corner of Dailey Rd. & Beeson St.
closed 1954 & torn down photo submitted by Rose McClure
from files of Sheila Thurston
Middle row left to right: Fred, George & Charlie Townsend and Lloyd Watson. Back row left to right back row left Teacher, Unknown child then Helen Townsend and Edna Townsend
Mayflower School circa 1896
Back row, third from the left is Clyde Sink. Front row, last boy is William Sink.
Grandma's note says back row is Mick Miller far right?
photo submitted by Rose McClure
Mayflower 1898
Mayflower School circa 1898
Teacher was Verna Myers True
Front row, third from the left
(kneeling) is (possibly) William Sink
photo submitted by Rose McClure

District School House built circa 1875
Mason Towship, Cass County
now serves as a branch library

Vandalia school 1922 to 23
Vandalia Intermediate School 1922 to 23
contributed by: Ruth Emeline Anderson Walker and Marjorie Anderson Norton
Vanadalia Intermediate school 1928
Vandalia Intermediate School circa 1928
contributed by: Ruth Emeline Anderson Walker and Marjorie Anderson Norton
Vandalia School 1916
contributed by Tom McKee of Texas

Vandalia School Class photo 1927
contributed by Tom McKee of Texas
Willow Springs School 1928
Willow -Pond School Circa 1928
Contributed by: Maurice Sanders
Swamp School
Swamp School
Cassopolis, MI Circa 1910
Submitted by Benjamin Kinsey

Mt. Zion School - Circa 1915
Contributed by: Marshall Sanders

White School

White School, Wayne Twp class photo (approx 1905) only children I know are the Casey kids as follows: Front row far right is Ruth Olea Casey 1893-1907, middle row far left is Kathryn Clay Casey 1895-1985, middle row, boy peeking from behind tall girl is front row is John Donoghue Casey 1897-1969, they are the children of Floyd and Nora (O'Donoghue) Casey

Present Day schools of Cass County
(work in progress - If I have omitted anyone's present day school, please email me and I will add them. )

Brookside Learning Center 61662 Dailey Road, Cassopolis, MI 49031 269-445-6258 grades: PK - 12
Cassopolis Alternative ED., P.O. Box 98 , Cassopolis, MI 49031 269-445-0536 - grades: PK - 12
Frank Squires Early Elementary School, P.O. Box 98 , Cassopolis, MI 49031 269-445-0516 - grades: PK - 12
Ross Beatty H igh School, P.O. Box 98 , Cassopolis, MI 49031 269-445-0541 - grades: 7 - 12
Sam Adams Elementary School, P.O. Box 98 , Cassopolis, MI 49031 269-445-0530 - grades: 3 - 6
Dowagiac Union Schools 206 Main Street Dowagiac, MI 49047 (Home of the Chieftains)
Union Senior High School (269) 782-4400 701 W Prairie Ronde St Dowagiac, MI 49047
Edwardsburg Public Schools 69410 Section Street Edwardsburg, MI 49112
Marcellus Community Schools P.O. Box 48 Marcellus, MI 49067


***1946 - 5th Grade Glass Roster - from photo above
Roster contributed by: Roy Thomas Bergman
Front row left to right - Delores Keith, Virginia Volvin, Joan Foster, Nancy Hansell, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Ramon Gilbert, Jerrel Reneberg, Tom Bergman
2nd Row L to R - Vivian Dickerhoff, Sally Olsen, Dixie Spooner, Mary Bowers, Helen Friemund, Melvin Monette, Howard James
Back Row - unidentified student, Charles Taylor, Billy Dungey, Alvervnon Danzy, Richard Brown, Norma Jean Castleman, Pearl Swank (Teacher), Gary Smith, Tom Willard.


**** 1948 7th Grade Cassopolis Grade School
Roster contributed by: Roy Thomas Bergman
Front Row L to R - Jerrel Reneberg, John Mitchell, Gary Smith, Berouyn? Shall, Tom Willard, MelvinMonette, Janice Hamel, Carol Ernst, Marilyn Fitzgerald, Dixie Spooner
Nancy Hansel
2nd Row - Howard James, Jim Hildebrand, Ramond Gilbert, Billy Dungen, Jack Harrington, Tom Bergman (actually between rows 1 & 2 -white T-shirt), Alvernon Danzy,
Marlene Bidwell, Ruth Ann Sloan, Norma Thompson, Vivian Dickerhoof, Ginger Scheunemann, Esther Eaglebarger, Mary Wright (Teacher)
Back Row - Roger Haines, Charles Taylor, Cecil Haines, Phillip Stockdale, Sally Olsen, Helen Freimund, Joan Foster, Lea Rae Parker, Lynn Stockdale, Tom Hibler.

White School House - (Wayne Township School District No. 7 ) Located at the Intersection of Glenwood Road and Flanders St., Dowagiac, Michigan
With gabled frame structure on fieldstone foundation. One room schoolhouse. It is the third school commonly known by the man who originally donated ground for schools, Philo Whtie.
Builiding that stands now was built in 1885. .

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