"1860 Town Maps
with Business Directories
Cass County Michigan Photos"

Enjoy the photos from around the county. For some of the titles for the pictures below and a larger view, just click on the picture. Photos contributed by Davis "Doc" Ball and scanned for the Internet researchers.  Because the text was so difficult to read off of these maps, I have attempted to relist the listings as they were on the maps. For a larger image of a particular town map, click on the map desired.


Borwnsville Town Map

Business Directory
P Gregg - Physician
T J Patrick - Lumberman
T. M. Hull - Steam Saw Mill Prop.
J H Parker "   "
J M Wright - Flowering Mill
H Brown - Blacksmith
L Cowgill - P M & Gegger


Business Directory
County Seat of Cass Co.

Business Directory
Att'ys at Law
D. Blackman
C. W. Clisbee
A. J. Smith
C. Shanahan
County Officers
C. Shanahan - Judge of Probate
A. E. Peek - Register
W. W. Peek - County Treasurer
Chas. O Lewis - County Clerk
J. N. Marshall - Sheriff
C. W. Clisbee - Circuit Country Co.
Cabinet Makers
D. S. Jones
J. Shaw
M B Custard
D. Histed
J Silber
H Walton
M J Baldwin - Prop. Union Hotel
S. Graham - Prop. Sagle Hotel
Ritter & Beeson
S T & L R Read
Jas. Smith
Physicians & Surgeons
A Garwood - M D
L D Tompkins - MD
R Wilson - MD Eclectic
H. Martin
H B Mackin?
Asa Kingsbury - Banker
R. Mead - Justice of the Peace
P P Taylor - House & Sign Painter
G W VanAntwerp - Saddle & Harness Maker
C C Allison - Ambrotypist
E R Barlow - Grocer & Provision Dealer
Chas.G. Banks - Surveyor
J H Powers - Carriage Maker
F Powell - Wagon Maker
Chapman & Shafer - Boot & Shoemakers
S S Chapman - Boot & Shoemaker
M Baldwin - Saloon Prop
H Tietsort - Dealer in Boots, Shoes & Clothing
H C Shirter?? - Publisher - National Democrat
Kelley & Co. Prop'rs - Saw Mill & Flouring Mill
C J Tietsort - Farmer & Mason
H Tietsort - Farmer & Mason


Dowagiac town Business Directory
Atty's at Law

Jas M Spencer
Jas Sullivan
S S Grantt
Geo P Blakesley
W J Reed
J Piper
Boot, Shoe & Leather Dlrs.
J M Smith
M S Cobb
Carpenters & Joiners
A M Hubbard
J S Beeraft
J S Fenn
J E Fenn

J W Smith
Carriage Wagon Mfrs
C C Willie
P Hamilton
J D Olney
B W Connell
F B Culling?
Justices of the Peace
D H Wagner
S Bowling
G W Andrews
Physicians & Surgeons
M Porter , MD
Wm H Clark, MD
W.McNab - Rochester House

E Patterson - Teamsalar?
Business Directory -

G C Jones & Co. - Dry Goods Groceries
Howard & Comstock   "       "
F G Larkselere & Co.   "      "
A & G Townsend          "      "
H E Ellis                         "      "
Wm Carlin                      "      "
Ira Brownell - Hardware
H C Lybrook - Produce & Commission
A N Alward - (Books & Stationary,  Periodicals, Wall Paper, Window Shades, Warpping Paper Co.,

Rev S H D Vaun - Pastor Bapt. Ch
Wm H Campbell - Editor & Prop. of Cass Co., Republican
Jas A Lee - Post Master
H B Denman - Banker
Palmer & Dennison - Livery Stable Prop.
A Huntington - Druggist
F M Taylor - Prp Taylor House
E Pardee - Freight Agent
G A Colby - Por Herndon Mills
F J Moser - Salesman
H Bigelow - Cabinet Manuf''t
A J Van Buren - Balcksmith
Wm Scott - Gardner
J Gage - Notary Public
J Patton = Patent Right Vender
D M McOmber
J Lells - Stage Proprietor


Edwardsburgh Businesss Directory
W H Scribner
V. Noyes
Masons & Bricklayers
C French
I Dumbolton
C Kennedy
A N Aldrich
L H Glover - Grocer
Physicians &

D Thomas - MD
R Lockwood - MD
E W Taylor - Pastor Pres. Ch
P O Johnson - ME Ch
P H Simons - ""


D Hewitt - Justice of the Peace
W H Sharp - Harness Maker
F Marsh - Foundry & Pl St
J Kelley - Blacksmith
J W Bean - Painter & Grainer
H Vaun - Shoemaker
E A Straw - Cooper
J P Card - Butcher


LaGrange town Businesss Directory
G & JJ Van Riper - Prop'rs Woolen Mills
G & W Van Riper - Manuf''rs of Fruit Baskets
G W & W Allen - Prop'rs Van Ripers Flouring Mills
A Earl - Postmaster
Chas. White - Wagon Maker
Jno Car - Blacksmith
K B Shirte - Manuf''r of Lath, Pickets, Broon Handles Sec..
A Haskens - Dealer in Horses


Vandalia Businesss Directory
J Alexander - Merchant
L Osborn - Physician & Surgeon
A L Thorp "     "
G S & L Osborn - Propr's Flouring Mills
A A Fulley - Hotel Prop'r
Robt. Jason- Dealer in Stoves, Tinware & c.
E Barnum - Dealer in Boots & Shoes
P Dorr - Boot 7 Shoe Mft
P Lavenberg, Harness Maker
L W Wilson - Lumber Mft & Cooper
M P Grennell - Mechanic
W H Sullivan - Farmer
J H Bowerman - Blacksmith
Chas. Hastings - Bee Keep
Jos. Jones

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