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MIGenWeb Volunteer Image Catalog


This page contains logos and banners you will need to use on your MIGenWeb county page and also some that are project related and you may choose to use.

In the past we advised that you link to the banners, but due to bandwidth issues on some servers, etc. and the ever changing way of the internet it is advised that you download the image file and place in your server space to put on your pages.

Required Banners

MIGenWeb Required

A MIGenWeb banner is required to be on the index or main page of your site.  Link this banner to so that your visitors can see what other counties and files are available if they need to.

                                  382 x 118 
 MIGenWeb Official Logo 
                                  380 x 119

See County Specific Images of the Above                              See the old MIGenWeb banners here.


USGenWeb Required

A USGenWeb banner is also required.  Choose one below to copy and save to your server space. Link this banner to The link is also required.

USGenWeb Official Logo 

 USGenWeb Official Logo
USGenWeb Official Logo

USGenWeb Official Logo 

More official USGenWeb banners, buttons and different sizes are available here.

Optional Banners & Buttons 

Optional banners and buttons that are related to MIGenWeb special projects you can use.

MIGenWeb Archives Project

Link to use to site: 
MIGenWeb Archives Button 
200x67 White Background
MIGenWeb Archives Button Transparent 
200x67 Transparent Background
 MiGenWeb's Archives

MIGenWeb Tombstone Project

No graphics presently.

Link to use on site:

Great Lake Shipping - Downward Bound

Link to use to site: 

Downward Bound Banner 

MIGenWeb Family Group Sheet Project

Link to use to your county page:

If you want to link to the main page use this link:

WorldGenWeb Project 

Link to use: 


Miscellaneous Useful Graphics


Many sites online have free web graphics you can use for your backgrounds, etc. Just search "free web graphics" in your favorite search engine.  

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