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Michigan Cemeteries 


We have tried to find listings for all of the cemeteries of Michigan and placed them on these cemetery pages. If you know of corrections or deletions, please email , MIGenWeb State Coordinator. You will find that many of the cemetery listings take you to the actual MIGenWeb County sites. If you have any questions about researching a cemetery PLEASE go to the appropriate County page and check information there or ask the question of the local county coordinator. I CANNOT help you with specific questions.


Cemeteries listed by county

Alcona - Gratiot
Hillsdale - Muskegon
Newaygo - Wexford


MIGenWeb Cemetery Projects

Michigan Tombstone Photos
Michigan Tombstone Transcriptions


Other Cemetery Helps

Michigan Cemeteries

Michigan Cemetery Atlas and the Michigan Cemetery Source Book online. The web site also contains information received by the Library Of Michigan since the Atlas (1991) and Source Book (1994) were published. Some links to online readings have been included.

Center for Gravestone Studies

Gravestone Rubbings Dos and Don'ts from the Association for Gravestone Studies

Dating Tombstones

One way to help find the era your ancestor was buried is to examine the material from which the tombstone is made.

  • If your ancestor has a stone made of slate or common fieldstone (except wood used by pioneers), chances are the stone dates from 1796-1830.
  • If the stone is flat-topped hard marble, dates are about 1830-1849.
  • If the "mystery" stone is round or pointed soft marble with cursive inscriptions, look for a date of 1845-1868.
  • Masonic four-sided stones began in 1850 and are still in use today.
  • Pylons, columns and all exotic-style monuments are usually dated 1860-1900.
  • Zinc monuments date from 1870-1900.
  • Granite, now common, came into use about 1900.

If the writing is too faded to read, use a 75 watt black light bulb in any lamp that casts light directly on the written message. The writing will miraculously appear.

Cemetery Art and Symbolism | Guide to Gravestone Carvings

Here is a poem submitted to former State Coordinator Denny Zank by Carol Gore, the picture is of her gr gr grandparents, Lafayette Richards and Mary Ann Hamilton Richards who lived in Monroe County, Michigan. View the poem Dear Ancestor.

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