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George Dawson

Source: Biographical History of Northern Michigan, Containing Biographies of Prominent Citizens, B. F. Bowen & Company, 1903.

George Dawson, farmer and stock raiser and for thirty-four years a resident of Antrim county, Michigan, is a native of Canada, born in Northumberland county, Ontario, on the 29th of September, 1849. He was reared to agricultural pursuits in his native province, received his educational training in the public schools of the same and until twenty years of age lived with his parents, assisting his father with the work of the farm and in many other ways contributing to the support of the family.

In 1869, when twenty years old, Mr. Dawson severed the ties that bound him to his home and started out to fight life's battles upon his own responsibility. Having heard favorable accounts of Michigan, he came to this state and obtained employment at Muskegon, but in July of the following year left that place and made his way to Antrim county, locating on a tract of land in what is now Central Lake township, which at the time was a part of the public domain and not for sale. Being pleased with the locality as well as with the fertility of the soil, he decided to make improvements on a certain forty acres so as to hold the same until it came into market, accordingly a small log house was soon erected, around which the forest gradually disappeared until in due time the term field could be appropriately applied to the portion of ground thus cleared. Mr. Dawson was obliged to wait three years before securing legal possession of his land, paying for the same the sum of eight dollars per acre, one-fourth down, the balance in installments favorable for a man of industry and energy to meet. After making the first payment, which required a11 of his available capital, he detained employment at logging and cutting cord wood and in this way not only earned sufficient money to supply his needs, but to meet his obligations as they came due; meanwhile he devoted all the time he could spare to clearing and otherwise developing his land and in the course of a few years his industry and perseverance were rewarded, a good farm and a comfortable home being the result of his own well directed labors. Mr. Dawson's place is situated about three miles from Central Lake, on both sides of the state road, which thoroughfare he helped establish and construct in 1877, cutting out all the timber on the right of way through his land, besides doing a considerable share of the other labor required to make the road passable. This proved of great benefit to the country and was an important agency in its development. From its completion to the present time the lands contiguous thereto have steadily advanced in value, among them being the farm of the subject, which is now among the best improved and most attractive and desirable places of its area in the township of Central Lake.

Until Mr. Dawson's marriage his mother lived with him, kept his home in order and looked after his general interests and comfort, but after her death in 1878 he spent two years in the timber business near Cheboygan. Of recent years, however, he has devoted his attention exclusively to tilling the soil and raising live stock, in both of which branches of husbandry his success has been gratifying. He carries on mixed farming and in addition thereto raises a great deal of fine fruit having ten acres of orchard to which he devotes much care and attention and from the proceeds of which in favorable seasons he realizes liberal returns.

Mr. Dawson is a public spirited man and has ever manifested a lively interest in the affairs of his township, county and state, being in touch with all questions pertaining to each and an influential factor in all progressive measures for the good of the community in which he lives. In politics he votes with the Republican party and, while not an office seeker or aspirant for any kind of public recognition, he was elected some years ago township commissioner and discharged the duties of the position ably and to the satisfaction of all concerned. Coming to Michigan when the country was new and full of wild game, Mr. Dawson was wont to spend considerable time in hunting, a sport of which he was soon quite fond and the liking for which he still retains. He acquired great proficiency with the rifle and before his unerring aim many denizens of the woods, both large and small, met death and he still finds his greatest pleasure with his favorite weapon as he takes hia annual hunts through the wilds of Michigan and Canada, frequently returning from these long incursions loaded with the trophies of his prowess and skill.

The domestic life of Mr. Dawson dates from October 15, 1879, at which time he was united in the bonds of wedlock to Miss Jane Petrie, whose birth occurred in Canada, but who was reared and educated in LaPeer county, Michigan. Later she accompanied her parents, John and Sarah Petrie, to Antrim county, where her marriage was solemnized. To Mr. and Mrs. Dawson have been born the following children: Mary Effie, wife of Charles Morris, of Central Lake; Mabel Jane, Harriet, Lois, Olive Blanche and Gordon George, all except the first named being members of the home circle.

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