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Cemetery Recordings of Cheboygan County

© 1982 Cheboygan County Genealogical Society

Surnames Index, pages 402 - 430

From the 1982 Introduction:

"The efforts in accumulating this information can mostly be appreciated by a genealogy searcher. Many, many hours have been put into this project of recording grave markers and records. And, it has been done with a dedication to preserve genealogy information and to make that information available to anyone who looks for it.

"Grave markers were recorded as we saw them. Any additional information has come from township clerk, sexton, or church records...."

"From time to time this book has been reprinted and offered for sale with the last reprint in 1998. Please contact the Cheboygan County Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 51, Cheboygan, MI 49721, for availability and price and, of course membership information."

To use this index, you may want to refer to the table below first. It contains the modern day names of over twenty cemeteries in Cheboygan County, their historical or a.k.a. names, where located, and finally the page numbers from the book containing entries from that cemetery. Below the table are hyperlinks to the surnames pages arranged alphabetically. Click on the surnames page you want and when loaded, scroll down the surnames list or use your browser's FIND feature to locate the surnames of interest. To the right of the surnames is one or more page numbers which you can copy down and refer back to the table below to determine which cemeteries contain your surnames of interest. Lookup volunteers can also do simple lookups within the guidelines of the USGenWeb Project that may reveal more names and dates for you. Click on the blue LOOKUP link for more information. Good luck in your search!





Oak Hill

United Methodist, Owens, Methodist Episcopal, Benton, Maple Hill, East Mullet Lake, and Aloha Cemetery

Aloha Twp Hall : M-33 & Mann Rd. (616-625-9757) Benton Twp Hall: 5012 Orchard Beach Rd.

1 - 13

Maple Grove

Mullet Lake and West Mullet Lake Cemetery

Inverness Twp Hall: 734 VFW Rd. (616-627-6838)

14 - 22


. Inverness Twp Hall: 734 VFW Rd. (616-627-6838)

23 - 27

St. Francis Catholic Cemetery

Benton Township and Orchard Beach Road Cemetery

Benton Twp Hall: 5012 Orchard Beach Rd.

28 - 51
(no pages 52,53 in book)

St. John's German
Lutheran Cemetery

. Inverness Twp Hall: 734 VFW Rd. (616-627-6838)

54 - 58

Silver Lake

. Wilmont Twp Hall:
14980 Old Sturgeon Rd. (616-525-6631)

59 - 98

Pine Hill

. City of Cheboygan
City hall 403 N. Huron (616-627-9931)

99 - 199


LeGrand Cemetery

Koehler Twp Hall: M-33 Hwy, Afton (616-238-8522)

200 - 204

Sacred Heart Catholic
Polish Cemetery

St. Cordis Cemetery

Inverness Twp Hall: 734 VFW Rd. (616-627-6838)

205 - 213

St. Monica's Catholic Cemetery

. Ellis Twp Hall: 9605 Afton Rd.

214 - 216


. Hebron Twp Hall: Hebron Town Hall Rd.

217 - 220


. Mentor Twp Hall: 8010 S. Straits Hwy (616-525-8778)

221 - 222


Burt Lake Burying Ground and Tuscarora Cemetery

Tuscarora Twp Hall: 3546 S. Straits Hwy (616-238-7088)

223 - 234a


Crump, Cross, Burt-Mullet Cemetery

Burt Twp Hall:
7029 Birchwood Rd.

235 - 245

Oak Hill-Indian River

Indian River Burying Ground

Tuscarora Twp Hall: 3546 S. Straits Hwy (616-238-7088)

246 - 264


. Munro Twp Hall: 8016 Brandau Rd. (616-627-2603)

265 - 272


. Waverly Township (contact Tony Matelski 616-733-2080)

273 - 277a


. Inverness Twp Hall: 734 VFW Rd. (616-627-6838)


Calvary Catholic Cemetery

St. Mary's, Mt. Calvery, Calvery Roman Catholic Cemetery

Benton Township (contact Cheboygan Catholic Community, 117 N. E st., Cheboygan, MI 616-627-2105)

279 - 372

Catholic Shrine Cemetery

. Mentor Twp Hall: 8010 S. Straits Hwy

373 - 375

St. Mary's Indian Cemetery I

. Burt Twp Hall:
7029 Birchwood Rd.


St. Mary's Indian Cemetery II

. .

376 - 378

Forest Lawn

Tower Cemetery

Forest Twp Hall: 9511 M-68 & M-33

379 - 396


. Walker Twp Hall: Montgomery Rd., Afton (616-238-7773)

397 - 399


Individual graves or very small cemeteries. See Book

Various. See Book

400 - 401

A - B surnames

C - D surnames

E - G surnames

H - K surnames

L - M surnames

N - Q surnames

R - S surnames

T - Z surnames

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