Cheboygan County MI Genealogy

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Indian River, Mackinaw, Tower and Wolverine



Population 400. Is a popular summer resort in Tuscarora township on the Mackinaw division of the M. C. R. R. 18 miles south of Cheboygan, its county seat. It is situated on the picturesque Inland Route connecting Cheboygan with Petoskey, and during the season is a favorite with the summer colony. It has a Methodist Episcopal Church, two hotels and a number of prosperous stores. The American Express, Western Union and Michigan State Telephone Companies have offices here. Helen B Martin, postmaster.


American Express Co, Quincy J Bridge agt
Argonaut Club, Charles W Bradway caretaker
Arndt Harvey M, removed to Detroit, Mich

Bale Agnes M, teacher Bale George W
Baxter Orrin D (aged 57), died August 5 1915
Bell J Wilson, physician
Berry Ano, section hand
BERRY IRA A, Photographer, Printing and Developing, Full Line of Supplies
Berry James A, painter Bradley Albert
Bradway Charles W, caretaker Argonaut Club
Bradway Wm G, removed to Detroit, Mich
BRIDGE QUINCY J, Station Agent Michigan Central R R, Mngr Western Union Telegraph Co and Agt American Express Co
Buckeye House, Sager Bros proprs
Bullis Clara (wid James)
Bullis N D, farmer

Campbell Calvin A, pres Campbell Stone Co and sec-treas Milton Remedy Co
Campbell Emily C, vice pres Milton Remedy Co
Campbell Stone Co, C H Campbell pres, Emily C Campbell vice pres
Carlson John, farmer
Carpenter Joseph G, farmer
CARTER MATIE (wid John), Fancy Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables in Season, Notions, Cigars and Tobacco, Souvenirs, Telephone Connection
Clements Arthur L, carpenter
Clements Bert, marine engineer
Clements Thomas J
Cole Lizzie Mrs
Columbus Beach Club, Mrs Emma A Morgan caretaker
Cook Ralph R (aged 78), died Nov 1915
Corwin Alva, section hand

Dagwell Bert, laborer
Dagwell Harry, lumberman
Dagwell Wm, boat builder
Dennis Wm J, agent Standard Oil Co
Dixon Emerald B Rev, pastor Methodist Episcopal Church
Donnelly Imogene (wid James J)
Dorrance Frank, section foreman

Eddy & Son (Charles and Walter W), barbers
Eddy Charles (Eddy & Son)
Eddy Malcolm, clk Thomas C Grongeth
Eddy Walter W (Eddy & Son)
Erdlitz Frank J, removed to Johansburg, Mich

Fowley W T, farmer
French Charles M, removed to Detroit, Mich
French Sarah C (wid D Gale), propr Pinehurst Inn
Frye Earl J, auto livery
Frye Joel F, teamster

Garby Otto H, farmer
Goerke Emil, farmer
Goist Uriah R, laborer
Griswold Moses, removed to Lachine, Mich
GRONSETH THOMAS C, Drugs, Sundries, Souvenirs, Prescriptions Correctly Filled, Confectionery, Soda, Cigars, Tobacco and Stationery, also Mgr Michigan State Telephone
Guest Maggie Mrs, furnished rooms

Hall John
Hamper Arthur T (Hamper Bros)
Hamper Bros (Cleveland and Arthur T), proprs boat line bet Conway and Cheboygan
Hamper Cleveland (Hamper Bros)
Hand Mary (wid William)
Haner Bird E, boat livery
Haner John, laborer
Hatch Eugene, farmer
Hill Eva Mrs
Hoffacker Franklin L
Holmes George R
Hopke Edward, blacksmith
Hosmer Daniel, laborer
Hudson Warren, carrier P O

Indian River House, Joseph Moore propr
Indian River School, Fray F McMillan supt

King Gerald, laborer
Knight Arthur M, farmer
Knight Lynn, farmer
Knuth Herman
Knuth Wm, removed to Detroit, Mich

Lamb Reuben, removed to Detroit, Mich
Lauterman Anna (wid Henry B)
Lester Joseph W, twp treasurer
Lester Sanford A, bkpr C A Campbell
Lower Edward
Lyman Clarence, removed to Detroit, Mich
Lyman Luther, removed to Detroit, Mich

McComb Albert, farmer
McConnell Charles W, marine engineer
McDonald Hugh, farmer
McHenry Matthew A (aged 78), died April 5, 1916
McMILLAN FRAY F, Physician, Health Officer of Tuscarora Township and Supt Indian River School

Mapplebeck J H, removed to Long Rapids, Mich
Martin Floyd A, clerk Helen B Martin
Martin Floyd E (aged 67), died Feb 2, 1914
Martin Frank E, clerk Helen B Martin
MARTIN HELEN B, Postmaster and General Store
Martin Martha E (wid Floyd E)
Martin Mary
Martin Mildred C
Martin Wm I, clerk
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev Emerald B Dixon pastor
Michigan Central R R, Quincy J Bridge agt
Michigan State Telephone Co, Thomas C Gronseth mngr
Milton Remedy Co, Harvey M Arndt pres, E C Campbell vice-pres, C A Campbell sec and treas, manufacturing chemists
Misener Elmer, farmer
Moore Harry, section hand
Moore John, removed to Flint, Mich
Moore Joseph, propr Indian River House
Moore Joseph, section foreman
Morgan Emma A (wid Wm H), caretaker Columbus Beach Club

Nestle Thomas, laborer

Park John, saw mill
Parrott Frank, farmer
Patterson Walter B, mnfrs agt
Peck Charles R, restaurant
Peck Jay W, painter
PINEHURST INN, Mrs Sarah C French Propr, American Plan $2 per Day and Upwards, Ideal Location, Prompt Service Cuisine, Unsurpassed Artesian Wells
Pollard James A, farmer
Post Office, Helen B Martin postmaster

Reeves A S, farmer
Rogers Henry
Rogers Ralph, farmer

Saderberg Carl W, farmer
Sager Bros (Wm and John), proprs Buckeye House
Sager John (Sager Bros)
Sager Wm (Sager Bros)
Scott Leroy, removed to Flint, Mich
Shaffer Cynthia (wid Ward)
Shaffer Ward E (aged 49), died June 1916
Shagren Harry S, mail orders
Shoebridge George, painter
SLATERLINE JACOB, Livery, Sale and Boarding
Stable, Autos for Hire Stabler Charles J, carpenter
Standard Oil Co, Wm J Dennis agt
Stanley Fred W Stanley Orr G, painter
Stokan Roy, farmer

Temple Fred A, farmer
Temple Ransom, farmer
Temple Vern, farmer

Vermilya John, meats
Vermilya Wm, carpenter

Wallace Albert M, clerk
Waterbury Melbourne, woodsman
Watkins Wm H, baggageman M C R R
Western Union Telegraph Co, Quincy J Bridge agt
White Julius S, farmer
Wilber Thad C, boat livery
Winnie Leslie S, farmer
Woods Edward, laborer
Zetterwall Carl W, farmer


Population 900. The farthest-north village of the lower peninsula looks out over the straits of Mackinaw to the beautiful Mackinac Island and the shores of the upper peninsula less than 10 miles away. As the northern terminus of the Mackinaw division of the MCRR and the G R & I Ry, it is the gateway through which the rail traffic to the upper peninsula flows. The trains of the D S S & A Ry reach Mackinaw City on the powerful car ferries Chief Wawatam and Ste Marie the year around. The latter boat was selected by the Russian Government as a model for an ice crusher in their own waters. Water communication is maintained daily during the season with Mackinac Island and the other popular summer resorts in the immediate vicinity. There are many points of historic interest at Mackinaw City. It was here that the first fort and block house was erected and upon that site of the massacre of June 4th, 1763, has been located the Michillimackinac state park of 22 acres. In addition the village boasts of over four miles of cement walks; a boulevard about two miles in length along the shores of the straits; a city hall, fire station and council chamber with the second floor equipped as an opera house with a seating capacity of 500; for fire protection a fire engine, hook and ladder truck and 1,500 feet of hose and a volunteer fire department of 40 members. Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian and Roman Catholic churches have suitable edifices and a public school of ten grades with 225 pupils is maintained. It is lighted by electricity and has telephone and telegraph communication with all points. The postoffice name is Mackinaw though the incorporated name of the village in Mackinaw City. C O Barrett, postmaster.


President—W D Smith
Clerk—Arthur N Buhler
Treasurer—Michael J Swantek
Assessor—George F Stringham
Marshal—A Desy
Health Officer—Dr B P Pierce
Fire Warden—W S Van Hellen
Trustees—George V Coffman, J L Hilliker, E S Desy, B P Pierce, George D Wolford, G L Peck


Adams Express Co, R D Wheeler agt
Allen Henry
Allen Trude Mrs
American Express Co, John L Hilliker agt
Andrews Delia Mrs, propr Palace Hotel
Austin Isaac, laborer
Austin Margaret, removed to Detroit, Mich
Austin Rose E, removed to Detroit, Mich

Bacon Stephen A, carpenter
Ball Charles L (Lena), mngr Western Union Telegraph Co
Ball James (Emma) Ball John, painter
Barker Elmer, removed to Flint, Mich
Barker Marion, removed to Flint, Mich
Barnum Wm (Sarah), U S Lighthousekpr
Barrett Herbert T, barber
Barrett Margaret M (wid Devenus), dry goods
Bearinger Lucy
Bearinger Wm, foreman
Bearinger Wm jr, electn
Blackmer George, laborer
Blue Howard E, agent G R & I Ry
Bowers Emory, car cleaner
Bradley Hugh, engineer
Brady Frank, removed to Grayling, Mich
Brennon Glen, clk Earl T Martin
Buhler Anna E (wid Albert H)
Buhler Arthur N, village clk
Buhler Elizabeth L
Buhler Helen M, teacher
Buhler Jennie (wid Albert F), dressmkr
Burroughs Charles, saloon
Burroughs Iva, student

Casino Theatre, E A Wheeler propr
Catholic Church, Res George Nye pastor
Central Drug Store, J H Coffman & Son proprs
Chamberlain Jay, removed to Cheboygan, Mich
Chapman Wm (Mary), U S Lighthousekpr
Cheboygan Light and Power Co, George F Stringham mngr
Chisley Wm, removed to Jackson
City Garage, Oscar R Smith mngr
Clear Ray, removed to Flint, Mich
Coffman George V (Rosalie; J H Coffman & Son)
Coffman John H (Louisa; J H Coffman & Son)
Coffman J H & Son (John H and George V), proprs
Central Drug Store
Crane Charles, tug captain
Crane Gertrude
Cunningham John, bartndr Stimpson House

Dagwell Charles T (Norah), marine reporter
Dagwell Elton C, clerk
Dagwell Norva, student
Davenport Edith
Davenport Harry Y, hostler
Davenport James, U S Lighthousekpr
Davenport Louise
Davenport Overton, removed to Grayling, Mich
Davis Ami, teamster
Dawson Chester A, laborer
Dawson Edward
Dean Eugene, cashier M C R R Restaurant
Delmarter Harry (Mabel), car repr
De Merse Harness Co, John E De Merse propr
De Merse John E, propr De Merse Harness Co
Desy Alphonse A
Desy Come (Virginia), carpenter
Desy Eugene S (Rachel), carpenter
Desy James S, clk Earl T Martin
Dickinson Mina
Dietz Anna H
Dietz Christian J (Agnes), saloon
Dietz Cynthia W
Douglas H D, prin Mackinaw City Public School
Dorrance Ray (Janet), fisherman
Drier Walter (Ethel), laborer
Duffina Elizabeth, student
Duffina Margaret (wid Peter)
Duffina Paul, fisherman
Durham Alma (wid Silas)
D S S & A Ry Depot, Herbert Z Galbraith ticket agt

Eastman Martin B, removed to Petoskey, Mich

Fulmer Charles (Beatrice), clerk

Galbraith Herbert Z, ticket agent M C R R and D S S & A Ry
Gilbert Mary A, domestic
Gillis Thomas, laborer
Gordon Edward, removed to Detroit, Mich
Gowans Howard, clerk
Gowans Olive F
Gowans Oliver J
G R & I Ry Depot, H E Blue ticket agent
Green Moses (Mina), laborer
Griffith Frank (Mabel), boiler maker

Hardgrove Clarence S
Harding Vine, propr Wa-Wat-Am-Beach
Harper John (Isabell), fireman
Hilliker John L, agt American Express Co, and National Express Co
Hoot Elias H, propr Wa-Wat-Am Hotel
Howard John D (Fannie)
Howarth Samuel Rev, pastor Methodist Church
Hunt Cecil E (Goldie), grocer

Inglis Julia A Mrs
Irwin Hazel J, clerk
Irwin James F (Sarah), machinist
Irwin Raymond, removed to Detroit, Mich
Irwin Roy, laborer
Irwin Russell, removed to Detroit, Mich

Keynou Burt, clk Herbert T Barrett
Kinsell Frederick, laborer
Kinsell Henry, laborer
Kinsell Matilda
Klerekoper Joseph Rev, pastor Presbyterian Church
Kniffen Almira(wid Chester)
Kniffen Anna, domestic
Kniffen Arvine P, porter
Kniffen David F, restaurant
Kniffen Frank O, mason
Kniffen Helen
Kniffen Sampson, laborer
Kniffen Samuel W, laborer

Lajoie Isaac, wheelman
Lamain Pearl, removed to Flint, Mich
Land Walter (Helen), laborer
Lane Blanche (wid Edward)
Lane Russell, removed to Detroit, Mich
Laquea Amab (Mary), fisherman
Laquea Chester, removed to Grayling, Mich
Laquea Frederick, removed to Detroit, Mich
Laquea Joseph, laborer
La Roeque Delia Mrs, removed to Jackson, Mich
Lehner Arthur, tel opr
Little James A, removed to Flint, Mich
Lowery Martin, clerk
Lowery Wm J (Anna), marine engineer
Lowery W Marvin, clerk
Lyle Melvin J (Mary) lumberman

McGinnis Burton J (Lizzie), foreman
McGinnis L S (Jane)
McIntyre Wm D, clk G R & I Ry
McIsaac Arthur, checker
McIsaac O F, clerk
McVey A W, clerk G R & I Ry
McVey Charles, conductor
McVey George (Abbie)
McVey Grover J, baggageman
McVey H Katherine

Mackinaw City Public School, H D Douglas prin
Mann Wm (Martha), boilermkr
Marshall George W, U S Lighthousekeeper
Marshall Mary
MARTIN EARL T, Propr Progressive Store, Special Up-to-the-Minute Furnishings for Men, Clothing, Shoes, Trunks and Bags, Full Line Groceries, Telephone Connection
Martin Nettie, cook M C R R Restaurant
Martin Wm C (Mary), conductor
Martin Wm E (Emma), switchman
Meeker Thomas, porter M C R R Restaurant
Menzie Donald, blacksmith
Methidost Church, Rev Samuel Howarth pastor
Metivier Wm, removed to Detroit, Mich
Meyers James F (Alice), cement worker
M C R R Depot, Herbert Z Galbraith agt
M C R R Restaurant, Richard N Talbot mngr
Mirandette Adolph, laborer
Mirandette Edward, laborer
Morrill Anna, student
Morrill Charles E, removed to Detroit, Mich
Morrill Lee, sailor
Morrill Levi (Alice), saw filer
Morrill Marjorie
Myers George, removed to Onaway, Mich

National Express Co, John L Hilliker agent
New Mackinaw Hotel, Grace W Sailler propr
Newland Ray (Euphemia), clerk
Niles Claude (Mary), farmer
Niles Vernon, dairy
Nye George Rev, pastor Catholic Church

Olson Conrad, laborer
Overton Luella (wid John M; The Rexall Store)

Palace Hotel, Mrs Delia Andrews propr
Paquet Alfred (Jennie), barber
Paquet Frances E, waiter Lakeside Hotel
Patrick George W (Gertrude), hardware and insurance
Patrick Marie
PECK GLENN I (Grace), Fresh, Smoked and Salt Meats, Good Assortment of Canned Goods, Tel 4
Pelton Ira, removed to Flint, Mich
PEOPLES BANK OF SMITH & CO, Samuel J Smith Pres, Mitchell J Swontek Cashier, General Banking Business, Interest Paid in Savings Deposits, Telephone Connection
Pettiford George K, removed to Flint, Mich
Pettinger Cornelius (Effie)
Phillips Edgar J (Hettie), confectioner
Pierce Benjamin B, physician
Pierce Bert B (Mary), dairy
Pierce Carl, laborer
Pierce Earl R, clerk
Plaunt Alphonse, fisherman
Plaunt August (Helen), fisherman
Plaunt Charles L (Ada), car inspector
Plaunt Christ (Emily), fisherman
Plaunt James, laborer
Plaunt Louis N (Stella), fisherman
Plaunt Wm H (May), car repairer
Post Office, Clyde O Barrett postmaster
Potter Frank (Addie), farmer
Potter Joshua (Sarah)
Presbyterian Church, Rev Joseph Klerekoper pastor
Pringle Guy, removed to Detroit, Mich
Progressive Store The, Earl T Martin propr

Ranville Edward, farmer
Ranville George M, laborer
Ranville John (Emma), fireman
Ranville Joseph, laborer
Ranville Margaret (wid Alexander)
Reaume Felix J, tel opr
Rexall Store The, L Overton and L G Stimpson proprs, drugs
Richards John H, clerk
Risk Amos (Lina), dry goods
Risk Beatrice, clk Amos Risk
Risk John, removed to Detrot, Mich
Risk Norman M, removed to Detroit, Mich
Risk Stanley J, removed to Detroit, Mich
Robertson Ralph
Robinson Charles (Eliza), laborer
Robinson Charles R (Mabel), laborer
Robinson Ray (Ethel), laborer
Ross Floyd, removed to Flint, Mich
Ross Glenn, removed to Flint, Mich
Ross Velna Mrs, removed to Flint, Mich
Rugg Leo (Mary), boilermaker
Russell Ernest, removed to Detroit, Mich
Ryan John (Anna), blacksmith
Ryan Wm J (Mayme), saloon

Sailler Grace W, propr New Mackinaw Hotel
Sands Irvin, removed to Detroit, Mich
Schepney Wm, marine captain
Schlief John F (Augusta)
Schneider Christopher L, bartndr Wm J Ryan
Shoemaker Harry, clerk
Smith Allen (Lily), carpenter
Smith D Wellington, clerk Stimpson House
Smith D & Son, Samuel J Smith mngr, proprs Stimpson House
Smith Frederick, clk Stimpson House
Smith Oscar R, mngr City Garage
Smith Samuel J, pres Peoples Bank of Smith & Co, mngr D Smith & Son
Snyder John (Mary), laborer
Sousie Silas
Spencer Asa, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Squires Harry, removed to Flint, Mich
Stillwell John (Nellie), teamster
Stmpson Elvira A (wid George W)
STIMPSON HOUSE THE, D Smith & Son Proprs, Mackinaw City's Only Up-to-Date Hotel, Comfortably Furnished Rooms, Heat, Electric Light and Gas, Rates $1.50 per Day, Opposite Union Station
Stimpson Ida E
Stimpson John B (Hattie), contractor
Stimpson Lloyd G (Rexall Store)
Stitt R K, yard man
Stoops R Vernon, car clk G R & I Ry
Stringfellow Andrew J, restaurant
Stringham George F (Eloise), mngr Cheboygan Light and Power Co, Tel 5
Sullivan Margaret (wid John)
Sullivan Marie
Summers Charles (Marcella), section hand
Sweeney Eugene (Amelia), car foreman
SWONTEK MITCHELL J, Fire Insurance and Cashier Peoples Bank of Smith & Co

Talbot Richard N, mngr M C R R Restaurant
Tallman Florence, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Thomas Dell, removed to Detroit, Mich
Thompson Wm M, restaurant
Tice Charles, removed to Detroit, Mich
Treanor Frank J, removed to Lansing, Mich

U S Lighthouse, Wm Barnum and George W Marshall keepers

Van Hellen James S, janitor
Van Hellen Russell, removed to Detroit, Mich

Wallace Orville
Wallace Ray (Ona), laborer
Wallers Paul A, laborer
Walters Charles, lumberman
Walters Leonard R, laborer
Wa-Wat-Am Beach, Vine Harding propr
Wa-Wat-Am Hotel, Elias H Hoot propr
Wenzel Joseph P
Western Express Co, John L Hilliker agent
Western Union Telegraph Co, Charles L Ball mngr
Wheeler E A, propr Casino Theatre
Wheeler Lyle
Wheeler R Delbert, pool and billiards, agt Adams Express Co
White Carrie, tchr M C Public School
White Ralph J, removed to Detroit, Mich
Wilcox Charles R (Mina), car inspr
Williams Isaac Mrs
Williams Lena, cook Stimpson House
Williams Richard, machinist
Williams Valere (wid Roy)
Wolford David A, foreman
Wolford Floyd, laborer
Wolford George, bartndr Stimpson House
Wolford Guy J, car repairer

Zimmerman Alice L
Zimmerman Augus A, clerk
Zimmerman Charles H (Louisa), furniture and undertaker
Zimmerman Hazel
Zimmerman Orin, car cleaner
Zimmerman Pearl


Population 300. A village located in the southeastern part of the county on the Detroit & Mackinac Railway, 23 miles from Cheboygan, the county seat, and the Black river in Forest township. It has two banks, a Methodist Episcopal and Baptist churches, a graded school, a hotel handle, shingle, stave and saw mills and a planing mill. Telephone and Telegraph connections. E. C Burt postmaster

President—I Demorest
Clerk— E J Burt


Abbie Daniel, farmer
Abramson Benjamin, removed to Detroit, Mich
Allen Wm, farmer
American Express Co, Joseph F Matuzak agt
Anderson Samuel, teamster
Anderson Wm, removed to Detroit, Mich

Badder Charles, laborer
Badder James, farmer
Board of Education (Tower), Joseph Van Zant pres, Ernest J Burt sec, Charles Post, A D Brown trustees
Boug Charles, farmer
Bowen David, county surveyor
Brady Joseph, farmer
Brady Lawrence, farmer
Brining Stephen M
Brown Alfred D, carrier P O
Buckler Silas, farmer
BURT EDWIN C, Postmaster and General Store
Burt John, electn

Carrow Frank, woodsman
Cassidy James O, removed to Kawkawlin, Mich
Church F E, farmer
Church Samuel O, removed to New York, N Y
Covell Frank, farmer
Cox James D, laborer
Crane Sherman, laborer
Crannell Edward M, barber and grocer
Cripper Harold L
Crook George, prin Tower Union School
Cunningham Charles, laborer

D & M R R Depot, Joseph F Martuzak agt
Davis Robert E, farmer
Dauzett Juliette (wid Degnan)
Dauzett Ulric, removed to Raco, Mich
Day Louise (wid Arthur D)
Dayton D M, removed to Kawkawlin, Mich
Demores Isaac
Desormeau Adolph, removed to Detroit, Mich
Dinsmore Paul R, removed to New York, N Y
Doherty Wm, removed to Onaway, Mich
Doremier Joseph, removed to Deward, Mich
Doughan George, blacksmith
Doughan Wm, removed to Detroit, Mich
Dumas John, lumberman
Dunbar Charles, laborer
Dunbar Earl, farmer
Dunn John, janitor

Ennest Myron, removed to Detroit, Mich
Erratt I L
Erratt Wm, farmer
Evans Wm J, shoemaker

Farreo John, laborer
Feahr Henry A, general store
Ferguson Frank W, removed to Raco, Mich
Ferguson Vere W, removed to Raco, Mich
Findley George H, removed to Onaway, Mich
Findley Lucretia A, removed to Onaway, Mich
First Baptist Church, Rev David Thompson pastor
Fitzpatrick Thomas R, removed to Onaway, Mich
Freeman John, farmer
Fuehr Gustavus A, removed to New York, N Y

Gallerno Dayton, removed to Flint, Mich
Gillett Harvey C, agent
Gillis Gilbert, removed to Saginaw, Mich
Gillis Charles, woodsman
Gillis Ida M, removed to Ewen, Mich
Gray Albert, removed to Onaway, Mich
Grigsby Allen D, removed to Toledo, O
Gross Elmer A, removed to Ypsilanti, Mich
Gross Julius F, farmer

Halley Emery, laborer
Hohofski Stephen, farmer
Hoxie John, hoop mill
Hoye Arthur, removed to Detroit, Mich
Hughes John, laborer
Hunt Nelson, mill hand
Josepson Max, removed to Detroit, Mich

Kalbfleish Conrad, farmer
Keeler Caroline (wid Samuel)
Keeler George, farmer
Kellogg Wm, laborer
King John, laborer
Kisser Louis, farmer

Ladd Fred B, removed to Onaway, Mich
La Fabe Frank, laborer
La Fleur Jeremiah, laborer
Latch John, laborer
Latch Wm, laborer
Lenz Harry, removed to New York, N Y
Lenz Sidney, removed to New York, N Y
Lietaert Louise, farmer

McAtee Alfred, laborer
McDougall Clara (wid John)
McGinnis Charles, removed to Raco, Mich
McNiel Malcolm, livery
McNeil Norman J, removed to Onaway, Mich

Mahler Joseph J, removed to Detroit, Mich
MATUZAK JOSEPH F, Agt American Express Co, D&MRR and Western Union Telegraph Co
Miles Charles, farmer
Mills James, farmer
Mitchell Wm, farmer
Moran Alexander, removed to Flint, Mich
Morrow Joseph J, removed to Flint, Mich
MYERS MAURICE D (Peoples Bank of M D Myers)
Myers Samuel, general store

Nixon James, removed to Onaway, Mich
North Alexander, laborer
North Henry, laborer

O'Brien Wm S, engineer
Oswald Charles, farmer

Payper James, woodsman
Peacock Stephen W, removed to Flint, Mich
Peltier James, farmer
Penfold John, farmer
Penfold Valley, farmer
Peoples Bank of M B Myers (Maurice D Myers)
Peterson C E, removed to Cheboygan, Mich
Peterson Emil, cedar inspector
Pincombe Richard, clerk
Pollard Charles, clerk
Pollard Earl M
Pollard Frederick, removed to Mikado, Mich
Pollard Thomas, farmer
Pollock Daniel, farmer
Poole Charles H, removed to Canada
Post Office, Edwin C Burt postmaster

Ratcliffe Tilden, woodsman
Riggles Daniel, farmer
Robbins Louis, farmer

Sabin Dell, farmer
Saftwell George, farmer
Saulgut Joseph, laborer
Sherman Joseph, farmer
Shields Wm A, removed to Onaway, Mich
Sholz Robert, section foreman
Silvers Wm O, removed to Saginaw, Mich
Smith Angus, carpenter
Smith Charles S, removed to Cheboygan, Mich
Smith Frederick E, removed to Newberry, Mich
Smith Lulu (wid Neil), propr Tower Hotel
Snowden Adam, laborer
Somers George, farmer
Stoughten Alfred, laborer

Thompson David Rev, pastor First Baptist Church
Tower Hotel, Mrs Lulu Smith propr
Tower School Library, 250 volumes
Tower Union School, George R Crook principal
Trombley Benjamin, general store
Trombley Joseph, laborer
Trumbull Thompson, laborer

Van Lear Lockus, woodsman
Van Zandt Joseph

Wahlers George, farmer
Wahlers Herman, laborer
Wahlers R K, laborer
Wallace John, farmer
Warboys Wm A, removed to Rochester, N Y
Weir David, farmer
Welch Thomas, laborer
Western Union Telegraph Co, Joseph F Matuzak agent
Whitman Fred, removed to Millersburg, Mich
Wilson Jacob, removed to Detroit, Mich
Worth Carl, removed to Wolverine, Mich
Worth Clyde, removed to Onaway, Mich
Worth Wallace F, removed to Onaway, Mich
Wright Frank, saloon

Yokom Walter A, removed to Detroit, Mich

Zelinski Wm, laborer
Zimmerman Harvey, farmer


Population 1,000. It was incorporated as a village in April, 1903, and is located on the Mackinaw Divsion of the M. C. R. R. at the forks of the Sturgeon river, a popular trout stream in Nunda township, 28 miles south of Cheboygan, the county seat. Wolverine occupies an advantageous proximity to the timber which supplies the raw material for the manufacturers. Has a planing mill, a flour mill and creamery, giving steady employment to a number of the citizens. Also an electric lighting plant which gives the best service of any small town in the state. The surrounding country has shown an exceptional adaptation to successful fruit growing and the apples produced are of the finest quality, both in size and flavor. A graded school and Congregational, Methodist Episcopal and Roman Catholic churches care for the intellectual and spiritual needs of the community. Wolverine boasts of an excellent cornet band of 16 pieces and has a well equipped fire department. One bank with ample capital serves the financial needs of the village and the surrounding country. A live weekly newspaper, the Wolverine Courier, chronicles the events of this section and is devoted to the advancement of its interests. Wolverine is the supply-center for the southern part of the county and the stocks of goods carried by its merchants would be a credit to a village of twice its size. Telephone exchange with 115 subscribers. C. M. Fails, postmaster.

President------ C. W. Taylor.
Treasurer—C. B. Stonehouse.
Marshal—A. S. Willyard.
Fire Chief—A. J. Mackensen.
Trustees—Charles W. Taylor, H. W. Sowton, M. W. Jones, J. M. Sterling, F. G. Wager, C. A. Jacobson.


Alanson Beebe, laborer
American Express Co, Irving D Campbell agt
Anderson Charles A, removed to Detroit, Mich
Anderson Floyd H, supt Wolverine Public School
Atkinson Marshall A, clk Cook Bros & Co
Austin George, removed to Flint, Mich

Barber John, brakeman
Barghoorn Charles G, lawyer and circuit court commissioner of Cheboygan County
Bashow Frank, removed to Onaway, Mich
Beebe Frank, livery
Beebe Richard L, laborer
Bidwell Edward, lumberman
Black Beatrice, removed to Flint, Mich
Black Nettie, removed to Flint, Mich
Bogert Ernest, removed to Onaway, Mich
Bonnett Albert I, tel opr M C R R
Bradley Charles A
Brannack Albert R, laborer
Brings George, driver Cook Bros & Co
Briggs George W, removed to Flint, Mich
Briggs Laura
Bristow Richard E, removed to Grayling, Mich
Brown Clarence R, brakeman
Brushaber Charles, laborer
Buell Frank, removed to Detroit, Mich
Butler Benjamin F, removed to Boyne City, Mich

Campbell Irving D (Lena), station agt MCRR and agt American Express Co and Western Union Telegraph Co
CAMPBELL HOTEL, John R Campbell Propr, American Plan $2 Per Day, Ideal Location and Prompt Service, Tel 12
Campbell John R (Mary), propr Campbell Hotel
Cardinal Claude, laborer
Coughlin Henrietta, student
Caughlin Timothy, removed to Detroit, Mich
Chase Edward, clerk
Chase George W
Chase George W jr, barber and billiards
Chase Irene
Churchill Hugh (Sadie), barber
Cole G Henry, removed to Flint, Mich
Colenso Harry, removed to Onaway, Mich
Collins Albert G, farmer
Congregational Church, Rev N Skidmore pastor
Cook Albert A (Cook Bros & Co), res Gaylord, Mich
Cook Alfred, clk Charles Fox
Cook Bros & Co (H H Morrow, F E and A A Cook), general store
Cook Fred E (Cook Bros & Co), res Gaylord, Mich
Cook Henry, removed to Detroit, Mich
Cook Ruby E, removed to Detroit, Mich
Corey Grace E, teacher
Cronkite Florence, removed to Detroit, Mich
Crossett Clarence L, laborer
Cryderman Michael, removed to Detroit, Mich
Culham Henry, livery
Culham Joseph, clk G W Levie

Davies Hazel, removed to Flint, Mich
Davies Henry, drayage
Davies Jessie, removed to Flint, Mich
Dawson Estelle (wid Austin)
Deagon Minnie M Mrs
Demick George E, removed to Jackson, Mich
Doan Howard, saloon
Donner Bertha, clk J W Levie
Duprey John, carpenter

Ebel Albert, removed to Detroit, Mich
Ebel Wm, removed to Jackson, Mich
Ebel Wm S, removed to Jackson, Mich
Eck A W, county auditor

FAILS CHARLES M, Post Master and Grocer
Fails Florence (wid Carson C)
Fails Jessie
Fairchilds Frank, moved to Detroit, Mich
Feick Louis K, janitor
Ford Florence A, clerk P O
Fox Charles, grocer and hardware
Freer Charles, clerk Cook Bros & Co
Freer Lloyd, removed to Detroit Mich
Freer Samuel (Hattie)
FRENCH WM G, Real Estate
Fuller Oscar, milkman

Garrett Mabel, removed to Flint, Mich
GEORGE PERCY F, Druggist, Best Attention Given to Prescriptions, Tel 21
George Ray, removed to Onaway, Mich
Germaine Henry scaler
Giffin Ethel
Giffin Headley vet surgeon
Gillespie Wm F, scaler
Goddard Clara
Goddard George A, removed to Detroit, Mich
Goldfarb, Gerald A, mngr J W Levie
Graves Mina, clk Charles Fox
Greenfield Winnie, teacher

Hackett Loretta Mrs, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Harker Charles (Jessie) carpenter
Harker Paul removed to Grayling Mich
Harker Violet
Hetfield Lavina (wid Oscar)
Hetfield Marie, teacher
Hetfield Warren L, removed to Onaway, Mich
Hillier Dougal, removed to Onaway, Mich
Hillier James W, removed to Saginaw, Mich
Hillier Norman J, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Hillier Opal, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Holcomb Burton J, farmer
Hulin Burgess S, pres Wolverine State Bank and grocer
Hulin J Ernest, clk B S Hulin
Hunter Edith, removed to Onaway Mich

Jacobson Charles (Levona), wood foreman
Jacobson Harold, clerk
Jelly Nellie, teacher
Jones Alman (Jones & Taylor)
Jones David, farmer
Jones David (May), lumberman
Jones George A, teamster
Jones Lawrence, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Jones Maurice, farmer
Jones Wilberton, removed to Flint, Mich
Jones & Taylor (Alman Jones, Charles W Taylor), hardware

Kanabele Harvey, removed to Onaway, Mich
Kauffman Eli, removed to Flint, Mich
Kauffman Milton removed to Flint Mich
Kerr Frank
Kimberly Wm R, furniture and undertaking
Klacking John H, clk P F George
Klacking John M, foreman
Klacking Neil, removed to Detroit, Mich
Kling John, laborer
Kuehl Henry mason
Kuster Benjamin, sawyer

Lamb James, removed to Flint, Mich
Lancaster Robert, laborer
Lancaster Susan E Mrs, dyer
Lang Pauline, teacher
Leach Nelson, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Levie J Walter, dry goods

McCall Bardro, restaurant
McClish Thomas, laborer
McCoy J A, fireman
McCormick Jane (wid Henry)
McCoy Oscar, removed to Flint, Mich
McCredie Kenneth (Catherine), brakeman
McDonald Clare A
McDonald Francis E
McDonald Fred, engineer
McDonald Fred C, removed to Onaway, Mich
McDonald John removed to Mackinaw City, Mich
McKian Mary, tchr Wolverine Public School
McKian Peter J, laborer
McKian Roland, removed to Flint, Mich
McKILLOP ARCHIBALD J, Physician and Surgeon, Office Hours 8 to 9 a m, 1:30 to 3:30 and 7 to 9 p m, Tel Office 31, Residence 32
McKillop Gordon
McLaish Margaret (wid James)
McPhee Madeline M, asst postmaster
McPhee Malcolm D, postmaster

Mackensen Albert (Mackensen Bros)
Mackensen Bros (Albert and Fred E), shinglemill
Mackensen Fred E (Mackensen Bros)
Masonic Hall, F & A M Lodge No 442
Matthews Wm, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Mayott Archie, mill hand
Mayott Charles, removed to Detroit, Mich
Mayott Joseph C, removed to Detroit, Mich
Meeker Lloyd, farmer
Meeker Millard, farmer
Merrick Wm, bds Hotel Weber
Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev L Sanders pastor
Mitchell Earl S, removed to Detroit, Mich
Moore Judson E, teamster
Morrow Howard H (Cook Bros & Co)
Mulholland George, fireman
Mutton Herbert, engineer

Nichols Katherine (wid Alfred)
Norton Charles, carrier R F D
Norton George W, removed to Bay City, Mich

O'Brien George (Anna), removed to Bay City, Mich

Parrott Charles, removed to Onaway, Mich
Paul Harry, vet surgeon
Perry John, fireman
Perry Susan
Peterson Charles (Bertha), deputy game warden
Piehl Daniel
Philo Joshua
Post Office, C M Fails postmaster
Potter Frank, engineer
Potter Morris R, manager
Pratt Charles E, carpenter
Preston Orsen B, electrical contractor

Redmond Aloysius, removed to Flint, Mich
Redmond Stephen R, removed to Flint, Mich
Redmond Sylvester, removed to Flint, Mich
Reed Mildred, removed to Flint, Mich
Richards George D, real estate and harness
Roberts Charles N, land looker
Roberts C Uri
Roberts Marion C, laborer
Roman Catholic Church

St Coure Wm J, laborer
SAUNDERS CHARLES G, Dentist; Office Hours 8 to 11am and 2 to 5 p m
Schoby Louis E, hostler
Schuman George, removed to Detroit, Mich
Scott M P, county road commissioner
Sears G Agnes Mrs
Sears Harry V, barber and billiards
Shann Wm, farmer
Shier Ula M, removed to Grayling, Mich
Shier Vera L
Sickles Sadie Mrs, removed to Lansing, Mich
Simon Josephine (wid Simond), real estate
Singer Wm, laborer
Skidmore U Rev, pastor Congregational Church
Smith Angeline Mrs, removed to Flint, Mich
Smith Nettie (wid Alden)
Smith Rollin A, tel opr W U Tel Co
Smith Wm (Minnie), mach hd
Snow George, farmer Solomon Wm, farmer
Sowton Harry W, bkpr
Stale Thomas, fireman
Stauffer Merle, removed to Detroit, Mich
Stauffer Wm, removed to Detroit, Mich
Steele Roy E, removed to Saginaw, Mich
Sterling Elizabeth
Sterling Jesse A, student
Sterling Jesse N, blksmith
Stevenson Melvin, druggist
Stonehouse Casson B, laborer
Stonehouse Elva R
Stonehouse John L, removed to Onaway, Mich
Storey Margaret J, dressmaker
Storey Wm H, general store
SwafTield Harold, removed to Detroit, Mich
Swart Louis, laborer
Switzer Cora (wid Isaac N)
Switzer Oliver, cabtmkr

Taylor Charles W (Jones & Taylor)
Thayer Burton E, editor and propr The Wolverine Courier
Titus Charles, laborer
Tondu Stephen J, removed to Johansburg, Mich
Township Hall
Travis Charles, carpenter

Waelcomb Clifton, clerk J W Levie
Waelcomb James, meats
Wagar Floyd G, physician
Walborn C Emory, removed to Petoskey, Mich
Weber Clara Mrs, propr Weber Hotel
Weber Hotel, Mrs Clara Weber propr
Western Union Telegraph Co, Irving D Campbell agt
White Charles, removed to Detroit, Mich
Whittaker Archie B, laborer
Whittaker Delasky, laborer
Whittaker George, laborer
Whittaker Jay, laborer
Wiggins Caroline
Wiggins John E, cashr Wolverine State Bank ard real estate
Willyard Abner S, clerk
Wolverine Courier The (weekly), Burton E Thayer editor and propr
Wolverine Public School, F H Anderson supt
Wolverine State Savings Bank, Burgess S Hulin pres, John Yull vice pres, John E Wiggins cashier
Wolverine Village Fire Dept
Woods Daniel, brakeman

Yuill John, vice-pres Wolverine State Savings Bank

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