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Fishing Rights at Michilimackinac

Contributed by Pat Goine

Found at the State of Michigan Library in the Mackinac Agency letters, dated May 20, 1833.

"The undersigned citizens of Michilimackinac to Henry R. Schoolcraft, solicitor, his assistance in retaining to them the right and privilidge which they have heretofore had enabling them to fish at the Fishing Grounds known by the names of Roufett (Roussett?) Island and Mill O Coquin and its vicinity."
(spelling per document/best guess)

Ardin Rearsoo
Louis Bellanjay
Robert Chandlair
Daniel Pallado
Peter Grondin
Peter Duvernay
Emable Cayane
Francis Louisgnan
Joseph Loson
Chs. Dobain
T. Lapere
Joseph Reccollay
Antoine Fontaine
George Gorman (?)
Joseph Ranville
T. Fontain
Louis Grondin
Peter Ashay
William Lancour
John Taylor
John Bt. Corbain
Chls Cloutier
Alexis Corbain
Joseph Robson
Point St. In (Ignace ?)
Daniel Bilair
Isaac Blanchard
Jeremiah Laduke
Louis Martin
Louis Charbonot
Antoine Martin
Chs Mattay
Chrls Martin
Alexis Labute
Chrls St. Andray
Henry Viancour
Francis Troutier
Louis Tebo
G. Charbonoe
John Bt. Tasroult
Antoine Paukin
William McGulpin
I.W. Robinson
Louis LaCroix
Peter Pond
Francis Duvernay
Chrls Macaye
Francis Dossenay
Geo Chinia
Micheal Lantry
Peter Plant
T. I. Tayrein
Thos A B Boyd
Paul Ballanjay
A. Wendell
Saml C. Lasley
Micheal Dousman
Abe Bouchard
In (Ignace?) Pelott
Francis Arshambo
Alexis Pelott
Simon Shompine
A.B. Davenport
Henry Davenport

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