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Plat Book of Cheboygan County Michigan

Beaugrand Township

Drawn from Actual Surveys & the County Records

by PA & JW Myers, Surveyors & Draughtsmen
Published by The Consolidated Publishing Co, Minneapolis Minn

Patron's Directory of Cheboygan County

Name Business Post Office Sec
Abram, James Farming Cheboygan 20
Boyea, J Farming Alverno 23
Bunker, Nelson Farming Cheboygan 28
Beebe, S W Farming and Raising Poultry Cheboygan 19
Enos, O Farming Alverno 26
Enos, Denis Farming Cheboygan 34
Fenlon, Wm Farming Alverno 36
Gallaher, John B Keeper of County Poor Farm Cheboygan 18
Galbraith, Amos Farmer Cheboygan 16
Granville, MJ Farmer Cheboygan 20
Grant, Frank Farmer Cheboygan 28
Goodwin, Wm J Farmer Cheboygan 20
Gibbon, Alfred Farmer Cheboygan 21
Grant, John F Farmer Alverno 35
Haskin, Mrs B Farmer Cheboygan 19
Henning, John Farmer Cheboygan 21
Hannon, Mat Farmer and Timber Jobber Cheboygan 33
Jewell, Alfred Farming Cheboygan 3
Jarvis, Jerry Farming Cheboygan 35
Le Gault, Mrs G F Farming Cheboygan 22
Losey, Charley Farmer and Township Clerk Alverno 35
McKervey, T H Farming Cheboygan 9
McDonald, A J Farming Cheboygan 5
Moore, Edward Farming Cheboygan 22
Manning, Leonard Farmer and Proprietor of Long Lake Resort. Good accommodations for guests. Cheboygan 34
Newman, August Farming Cheboygan 10
O'Conner, Frank Farming Cheboygan 33
Paquin, CA Farmer and Supervisor Cheboygan 8
Ranville, Joseph Farming Cheboygan 33
Spooner, Wm Farming Cheboygan 17
St Anton, Edward Farming Cheboygan 16
Schields, Frank Farming Cheboygan 20
Stinchfield, F H Farmer, Land Dealer and Timber Jobber Cheboygan 29
Wheeler, George F Farming Cheboygan 35

Banks, Edwin Farmer and Land Looker Cheboygan 21
Bellant, Eugene E Farmer Cheboygan 25
Cluin, Edward Farmer Cheboygan 36
Friday, Homer Farmer and Highway Commissioner Cheboygan 27
La Duke, Xvar Farmer Cheboygan 27

Burgtorf, Albert C Farmer Mullet Lake 4
Burgtorf, Geo W Farming Topinabee 2
Bryant, J J Farming Topinabee 13
Buff, Mrs Jennie Farming Topinabee 13
Burgtorf, A F Farming Mullet Lake 4
Brennan, Robt T   Brutus 28
Crump, John T Farming Tobinabee 3
Davenport, John Farming and Lumbering Riggsville 6
Dodge, Asahel Farming Burt Lake 3
Davenport, Chas Farming Riggsville 6
Dawson, John Farming. Was born in the village of Paris, Canada, November 13th, 1840; came to Barry county, Mich., with his parents in the fall of 1844. February, —inlisted 1864, in the 7th Michigan Cavalry, and was discharged September 21st, 1864, for disability. Moved to Cheboygan county, Mich., 1876, and located where he now resides. Married April 13th, 1886, to Jennie Cranson, who was born October 8th, 1863, at Saginaw, Mich. Parents of two daughters and one son. Riggsville 2
Davis, Henry Farming Topinabee 31
Greenman, John H Farming Topinabee 14
Goodrich, DD Farming. Born March 2d, 1846, in Oswego county, N. Y. Came to Michigan October, 1889, and located where he now lives. Married September 11th, 1870, to Minerva Francis, who was born at Erie, Pa., March 11th, 1847. Riggsville 3
Howell, RH Farming Mullet Lake 5
Killborne, JE General Agent for Michigan Central Railway and Express Agent Topinabee Vil
Kleckner, Fred Farming. Born in Carroll county, Ohio, May 14th, 1834. Came to Michigan in 1856, and located in Vanburen county. Enlisted August, 1862, in Co G, 19th Michigan Vol. Infantry; was wounded at Thompson's Station, Tenn., March 5th, 1863, by a fragment of a shell in the left temple; also wounded at Peachtree Creek, front of Atlanta, July 20th, 1864, in the right side by gun shot. Discharged after the war closed at Detroit, Mich. Was married July 4th, 1859, to Olivia S. Hinkley; have one child, Fred H., born February 9th, 1862. Riggsville 1
Knuth, Wm Farming Topinabee 14
Lang, Geo G Farming Riggsville 1
McCallam, Alex Farming, Supervisor of Burt township Riggsville 2
McCallam, Wallace Farming Tobinabee 11
McLaury, Wm Farming Topinabee 13
McLaury, Wallace Farming, Township Highway Commissioner Topinabee 12
Mailott, JH Dealer in Cigars and Soft Drinks; also the "Ice Man" Topinabee vil
Riggs, Edwin A Farmer and Blacksmith Topinabee vil
Ruch, David I Farming and Lumbering Brutus 17
Schultz Fred Farming Topinabee 13
Vorce, HG Proprietor of the Viewton Hotel and Township Clerk Viewton is pleasantly situated in Topinabee, where the first view of park and lake is obtained. In the morning you are awakened by the sweet melody of birds; in the evening the wash of the waves lulls you to slumber. The whispering pines are here in abundance. The partridge whirrs past you in the woods and the lakes abound in fish. In fact everything to make the summer pleasant is found on the beautiful shores of Mullet Lake. Topinabee Mich

Name Business
Ayott, Adelor Proprietor of Columbia Hotel
Benjamin & Quay (M W Benjamin & H H Quay) Attorneys-at-Law
Bell's Abstract Office (Miss A M Bell, Manager) Complete Abstract of Title and Tax History to all Lands in Cheboygan County
Bouchard, E A Real estate, loans and insurance, pension agent, notary public and justice
Bunker, Charles Livery Hack and Sale Stables, 99 South Main St
Martin & Boggs (Successor to Martin Sillman & Boggs) Lumber Dealers
Blake, H A (Cheboygan Foundry and Machine Shop) Iron and Brass Castings of all kinds Manufacturer of stationary and marine engines, steam hoisting apparatus, steam boat and mill work a specialty
Baker, E W County Superintendent of Schools
Buerger, Vincent General Blacksmithing Wagon and paint shop in connection. All classes of vehicles and sleighs.
Bilitzke, Peter J Merchant Tailor Up-to-date tailoring, repairing, cleaning and dyeing. All work guaranteed.
Brackett, Frank E Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines and Fancy Goods, Stationery, Cigars and Fishing Tackles
Barclay, Jas Land Looker and Surveyor
Ball, Q C Salesman for Warder Bushnell and Glessner Co
Barber, Geo A (Leishman & Barber) Dealers in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Poultry and Game
Barber, Henry Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Poultry and Game
Bowen, Adelbert Tubular Well Building a specialty
Columbian Hotel (Adelor Ayotte, Proprietor) Rates $1.00 Per Day. First-class in all respects. Bar in connection
Clark, J E Manufacturer of and Dealer in Lumber
Case, Geo N City Clerk
Cueny, J E Dealer in Hardware, Stoves, Ranges, Paints, Oils, Glass, etc. Plumbing and steam fitting
Cheboygan Novelty Turning Works (G A Hugill, Manager) Manufacturers of Cedar Floats, Curtain Poles, Spindles, Dowels, Tack Kegs, Mailing Tubes, and all kinds of Turned Wood Work
Cross & Harpster Attorneys-at-Law
Cheboygan Manufacturing Co Geo Kies, president; Geo Annand, manager; Jas Taylor, Secretary; Thos A Martin, treasurer Contractors and Builders Planing mill at foot of Huron St
Cooper, I S Proprietor of Central Drug Store Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Fishing Tackles, etc
Clark, David General Workman
Craig, W H Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, Poultry and Game
Corneil, Geo H Business Manager for The Detroit Lumber Co
Crandall, A B Photographer
Carmody, Francis Proprietor of Conway House
Carmody, M Proprietor of The Cabinet
Corkey, J M Contractor and Builder
Cobb, H Hale One of the owners of Lakeside Resort. Situated on the west shore of the Straits of Mackinac, about 5 miles from Cheboygan. Building lots for sale on very reasonable terms. One of the proprietors of the Central News Co. Periodicals of all kinds. Subscription agency for everything in magazines and papers
Cheboygan Brewing Brewers and Bottlers of "Perfecto" and "Blue Label"
Cheboygan Junk Shop (N Fineburg, Proprietor) Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Metals, Rags, Rubbers and all kinds of Iron. Furs, hides and wool a specialty. 54-56 State street
Dodd, G C & Co Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Groceries and Provisions, corner Main street and Mackinaw avenue
Dickson, Mrs Edwa Dealer in Groceries
Deklyne, Wm P Inspector and Shipper
Divine, Wm Justice of the Peace
Donnelly, J M Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Frost & Sprague Attorneys-at-Law
Forsyth, Edward Editor and Proprietor of the "Cheboygan Democrat"
Fultz, Chas H Real Estate Dealer
First Nat Bank Geo F Raynolds, president; Jacob J Post, vice-president, and A W Ramsey, cashier
Fournier Bros Proprietors of Metropolitan Cafe, No 68 Main street
Grieve, Alex Probate Judge Regular term of court first Monday in every month
Gerow, A M Physician and Surgeon
Gilpin, S  
Glover Co Dry Goods, etc
Gardner, E N County Clerk
Gerow, A R Groceries, Flour and Feed
Humphrey, Geo P Agent for Royal Insurance Co
Houck, John L Livery, Hack and Sale Stables, 73-75 Main street
Hyde, R N Proprietor of Summit House Dealer in cedar ties, posts and poles
Habeling, CP The Merchant Tailor
Irwin, Geo Agent for Cram's Celebrated Atlas of the World
Jackson, Wm Blacksmithing, Wagon Making and Repairing
Johnson, J P Photographer Studio, 69 Main street
Kesseler, Joseph Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Teas, Coffees, Canned Goods, etc. Fresh eggs and butter
Kenny, N B & Son Seedsmen, Le Roy, N Y
Kramer & Co, F A Dealer in Clothing, Hats, Caps, Gent's Furnishing Goods, Children's Clothing etc
Klingensmith, F M Dealer in Produce
Lancaster, J A Blacksmithing, Practical Horseshoeing, Wagons, Sleighs and Cutters. Paint shop in connection. Agent for Milwaukee. Binders and Mowers and Cassopolis Drills
Lapres, P L The Leading Clothier. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, bring back the goods and get your money
Lee, E A Dealer in Dry Goods
Lockman, Geo Lumberman
McArthur, W & A Co, Ltd Manufacturers of Lumber and Timber Dealers in General Merchandise Proprietors of the Cheboygan Electric Light and Power Company
McMullen Printing  
McIntosh, Anselm Dealer in Timber Lands
McArthur, John B Dealer in Real Estate
McKinnon Superintendent of Electric Light Plant
McGrath, Frank Real Estate Dealer, Timber Jobber and Farmer
Ming, Fred R Livery, Feed and Sale Stable' Dealer in farming implements, and Sheriff of County
Magenan, Rev J E  
Marks, CB Physician and Surgeon
Martin, J K Wall Paper, Art Goods, Stationery, etc
Mellavey, Neil Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Newell, E F Dealer in Shoes and Rubbers
New York Racket Store General Merchandise Exclusive sale of Forest City Paints
Nuite, Chas H Land Looker
Nichols, J M Manufacturer of and Dealer in Light and Heavy Harnesses, Whips, Blankets, Robes, etc. Manufacturer of collars.
Noll, John Manufacturer of Fine Cigars, 29 Main street
Olds, M D Manufacturer of Slack Barrel Elm Staves
O'Brien, W S Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Pelton & Reid Manufacturers of and Wholesale Dealers in Lumber, Logs, Lath, Shingles and Staves
Partridge, Frank E Dealer in Real Estate Fire and marine insurance agent
Post, J J Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware. Plumbing, hot air, hot water and steam heating a specialty.
Paquette, Geo & Son Livery, Hack and Boarding Stable, corner Main and Elm streets
Pennell Bros Northern Marble and Granite Works E M Pennell, marble and granite worker. J M Pennell, salesman and manager.
Rittenhouse, Mac A Special representative of The Equitable Live Assurance Society of the U S
Reiley, C S Attorney and Counsellor
Rice, L D Dealer in Carriages, Buggies, Harness and Heavy Wagons and Farm Implements, 104 Main street.
Ramsey, C S Editor and Proprietor of "The Cheboygan Tribune"
Reed, W E Physician and Surgeon
Robinson, Chas Proprietor Tug Line
Rindskoff Bros Proprietor of The Star Clothing House, corner Main and State streets; also of The Model Clothing and Shoe Store, 12 and 14 Main street
Shepherd, F Circuit Judge
Shoemaker, Wm E Real Estate and Insurance, Kessler Block
Smyth, C L & Co Proprietors of Cheboygan News and Dealers in Jewelry
Sproat, Robert E E Nangle Tie Co; railway ties, cedar posts and poles
Thompson Smith Sons Lumber, Lath and Shingle Foundry and machine shops. Manufacturers of Brazel's patent snow plow and horseshoe caulk sharpeners
St Amour Bros Proprietors of The New Cheboygan. The only first-class hotel in the city. All modern improvement. Strictly up-to-date.
St Amour Physician and Surgeon
Sosnowski, Rev St C Priest
Schultz Bros Bicycle Repairing and Livery
Schley, Chas Dealer in Choice Liquors and Cigars
St Jean, J A Cabinet Work and Upholstering in best style. Good line of caskets and robes on hand
Taylor, Samuel H Justice of the Peace, Insurance Agent and Real Estate Dealer
Thompson, W C Superintendent of Schools and City Surveyor
Taylor, Royal J Proprietor of Forest Home Resort on Black Lake, and of stage line between Cheboygan and Onaway
The Fair Dry Goods, Clothing, Ladies and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Hats and Caps, Carpets and Wall Paper, Boots and Shoes
Tweedale, Chas B Physician
Watson, A F Dealer in Timber Lands and Farms City Treasurer
Wooster, James C  
Ward, M E County Surveyor
Webeler, Rev A Catholic Priest
Watson, James Blacksmithing and Woodwork
Waller, J Contractor and Builder
Williams, I C Physician
Zorn Bros Dealers in Choice Wines and Liquors and Headquarters for famous Export Beer

Name Business Post Office Sec
Beebe, E G Farmer Wolverine 23
Brown, Silas Farmer Wolverine 24
Betcone, Jas D Stonemason, Bricklayer, Plasterer and Farmer Wolverine 33
Brudy, John Farmer Rondo 18
Burtch & Lewis Manufacturer of Lumber and Shingles Indian River 2
Cowles, Andrew T Farmer Wolverine 33
Evans, John Farmer and Timber Jobber Indian River 5
Hungerford, T R Farmer Wolverine 23
Hepburn, Noah Stonemason and Farmer Wolverine 23
Lapeer, Joseph   Haakwood 14
McMonagle, S A Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber Indian River 2
McPherson, John Farmer and Supervisor and Lumberman. Was born in the city of Greenock, Scotland, in 1848, came to Canada with parents in 1854. Married to Mary A Dwyer in 1877. Moved to Michigan in 1879 and settled in Cheboygan county in 1882 Indian River 6
Montgomery, Wm Farmer Indian River 8
Marrodett, Wm Farmer Indian River 14
Miller, Fred Farmer Wolverine 14
Oulch, Charles Farmer Wolverine 11
O'Connor, Patrick Timber, Jobber and Farmer Indian River 2
Stover, R B Farmer Wolverine 26
Schram, Alx Timber Jobber Rondo 7
Vezina, Barney Timber, Jobber and Farmer Wolverine 26
Vezina, Omer Timber, Jobber and Farmer Indian River 2
Wakeford, Levi Farmer Indian River 11

Banks, Henry F Proprietor of Banks House and Dealer in Real Estate Tower vil
Bowen, David Dealer in Land, Land Looker and Farmer Onoway 1
Carley, MJ Farmer and Land Dealer Tower 7
Coville, Frank Saw Mill Owner, Timber Jobber and Farmer Tower 6
Crothers, D A Farmer and Land Owner Onaway 13
Crothers, J L Farmer Onaway 13
Church, F E Farmer Tower 14
Donahue, Wm Farmer Onaway 26
Davis, Louis Farmer Onaway 25
Erratt, I L Farmer and Land Owner Onaway 24
Finan & Finan Manufacturers of Shingles Tower vil
Gillis, Wm Farmer and Timber Jobber Tower 10
Gregg, C C Farmer Onaway 27
Hyde, J P Farmer Onaway 24
Hayes, S P Farmer Onaway 25
King, John J Farmer Onaway 14
McLaury, W R Farmer Onaway 23
Mitchell, Alex Farmer Tower 7
Merrill, Luther B Farmer and Timber Jobber Onaway 12
Perrigo, Margaretta Farmer Tower 5
Potee, E W Farmer Onaway 13
Post, C J Farmer and Carpenter Onaway 25
Peck, Frank Farmer Onaway 35
Sage, CM Farmer and Township Clerk Onaway 1
Sabin, Dell Farmer and Timber Jobber Tower 8
Teets, Albert Manufacturer of Brick Prepared to fill orders for shipping and local trade Onaway 2
Williams, A H Proprietor of Hotel, Saloon and Livery Stable Tower vil
Wilton, Louis Farmer Onaway 2
Whitmay, Hayden Farmer Tower 15

Buck, E H Farmer Cheboygan 16
Cross, Luke Timber, Jobber and Owner of Riverside Farm Manning 17
Cassidy, Jos O Farmer Cheboygan 21
Deitz, Peter Farmer Cheboygan 22
Earl Bros Farmers and Proprietors of Riverdale Farm Manning 8
Fitzgerald, James Farmer Manning 9
Fenlon, Henry Farmer Manning 8
Greiner, Isadore Farmer Cheboygan 4
Grant, W E Farmer Alverno 30
Gainor, W Farmer and Dairyman. Lumber Manufacturer and timber jobber Cheboygan 6
Jewett, Burt E Farmer Cheboygan 20
McKinnon, Proprietor of McKinnon's Resort Manning 21
McLeod, Kennith Proprietor of Highland Farm Manning 5
Manning, John J Farmer Cheboygan 10
Ross, Charles Farmer Cheboygan 4
Redmond D C Farmer Alverno 31
St Peter, John Farmer Cheboygan 21
Spooner, Joseph Farmer Alverno 32
Taylor, Royal J Proprietor of Forest Home Resort on Black Lake and Stage line between Cheboygan and Onaway    
Wiley, R Farmer Cheboygan 1

Archer, Richard L Farmer Cheboygan 14
Baker, Sam Farmer Hebron 32
Bowen, Asa Farmer Mackinaw City 10
Barrowcliff, J H Dealer in General Merchandise. Postmaster and farmer Hebbron 34
Campbell, James Farmer Mackinaw City 10
Douglas, Joseph Farmer Cheboygan 25
Douglas, Eli Farmer Cheboygan 25
Dibbet, George Farmer Cheboygan 27
Dingman, Wm Farmer Mackinaw City 4
Dickerson, Johnson Farmer Mackinaw City 5
Dow, John A Farmer Mackinaw City 6
Girsberger, O Farmer Mackinaw City 3
Mann, J L Farmer Cheboygan 17
Myers, Theodore Was born June 1st, 1837, at Bellfonte, Pa., enlisted in Co B, 10th Regt, Pa. Vol Infantry, 3 months service spring of 1861. Re-enlisted in the nine months service in 1862, in Co K, 137th Regt Pa. Vol. Infantry. Was mustered out in 1863. Was married to Sarah A Hower, February 21st, 1863. There were born to them seven sons and two daughters; two sons and two daughters now survive. Moved to Michigan in 1877 and lived in the city of Cheboygan three years, from there to a farm in Hebron township in 1880, where he has since resided. Mr Myers has been supervisor of his township several years and was appointed County Drain Commissioner by the Board of Supervisors in 1891.    
Paquin, A T Farmer Cheboygan 26
Penney, Wm Farmer Mackinaw City 15
Robertson, Jas T Farmer Hebron 34
Rogers, E R Farmer Hebron 30
Schlief, Auguste Farmer Mackinaw City 4
Schneider, Albert Farmer Mackinaw City 4
Shappell, G E Farmer Hebron 33
Thilhorn, Emil A Farmer Mackinaw City 14
Tong, Thomas Farmer Carp Lake 21
Terrian, Octave Farmer Carp Lake 19
Walter, Wm Farmer Mackinaw City 3

Belanger, Israel and Lena Farming Cheboygan 2
Bohn, Julius Farming Riggsville 20
Bohn, Andrew Farming Riggsville 19
Cardinal, John Farming Cheboygan 18
Carmody, N E Farming Cheboygan 1
Carlson, V J Farming Riggsville 19
Dodge, Geo J Proprietor of Pine Grove House Mullet Lake 26
Engelbrecht, Martin Farming Cheboygan 20
Ferguson, H R Riverman and Farmer Cheboygan 19
Guine, Chas Farming Cheboygan 14
Hinkley, E R Foreman for Pfister Vogel Leather Co Cheboygan 14
Hanson, F L Farmer and Thresher Cheboygan 28
Harris, Edmund A Manufacturer of Lumber and Lath Cheboygan 17
Heaply, Chas Farming Cheboygan 18
Johnson, Ben M Farming Mullet Lake 29
Jones, J L Farming Cheboygan 20
La Port, Francis Farming Cheboygan 12
La Fond, Frank Carpenter Cheboygan 7
Lahaie, Adalore Farming Cheboygan 23
Marchand, Frank Farming Cheboygan 11
Myers, H T Farming Riggsville 19
Miller, Chris Farming Cheboygan 20
McCallum, J J General Merchandise Riggsville 30
Payne, Wm Farming Burt Lake 23
Pucall, August Farming Riggsville 19
Niepoth, Ed Riverman Cheboygan 8
Rittenhouse, G W Manager in Store of Pfister & Vogel Leather Co Cheboygan 8
Recolly, Louis Farming Mullet Lake 25
Richardson, Jos H Farming Cheboygan 20
Rittenhouse, J C General Merchandise, Ties, Posts and Pulpwood Mullet Lake 26
Smith, Roscoe B Outside Foreman for Pfister Vogel Leather Co Cheboygan City  
Shields, John Farming and Threshing Cheboygan 12
Shields, Joseph Farming and Threshing Cheboygan 10
Shields, Michael Farming Cheboygan 7
Schennenk, Sr John Farming Cheboygan 18
Spies, William Farming Cheboygan 7
Strohn, J W Farming Mullet Lake 26
Stead, Francis Farming Mullet Lake 31
Smith, John W Proprietor of Summitt Farm. Breeder of Thoroughbred Cattle and Hogs Cheboygan 17
Tessier, Jos Farming Cheboygan 11
Treeban, Thos Julian Farming Riggsville 29
Tallman, Peter Farming Cheboygan 21
Tallman, Sr, Henry Farming Cheboygan 16
Tallman, Jr, Henry Farming Cheboygan 17
Watson, Walter Farming Cheboygan 6
Wing, Ira G Farming Cheboygan 14
Pfister & Vogel Leather Co Tanners and Curriers Cheboygan City  

Blat, John Farmer Indian River 35
Barry, T W Dealer in Lumber and Shingles. Shingle mill at Tower and at Le Grand Onaway  
Carlson, Alex Farmer Le Grand 32
Clementson, John E Farmer Le Grand 19
Koehler, H L Real Estate Dealer and Lumberman Indian River 4
Lamb, R P Farmer Indian River 31
Macomber, Elmer E Farmer and Barber Le Grand 21
Morrow, Wm F Farmer Le Grand 19
Ostrander, W H Lumber Manufacturer Le Grand 20
Schoolcraft, Jesse Farmer Le Grand 32

Holly, Frank Land Looker. Dealer in cedar poles and hemlock bark Mackinaw City
Parkes, G C Dealer in Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars Mackinaw City
Zimmerman, C H Furniture and Undertaking Mackinaw City

Nau, John J Farmer and Gardener Mackinaw 28
Scheppe, Aug C Farmer Mackinaw 35

Briggs, O S Farmer Rondo 25
Briggs, W H Farmer Rondo 36
Berry, Joshua Farmer Wildwood 8
Cunningham, Philip Farmer Wolverine 26
Colton, Almon Farmer and Highway Commissioner Wildwood 18
Dodge, R R R Section Foreman and Farmer Rondo 31
Galbreath, Wm Farmer and Timber Jobber Rondo 24
Haak Lumber Co Manufacturers of and Dealers in Lumber and Lands    
Judson, V M Farmer Indian River 12
Keck, Chas F Farmer Wolverine 20
McLeod, James Farmer Wolverine 31
Munson, W E Farmer Wolverine 35
Molet, Louis Farmer Wolverine 28
Merritt, W H Farmer Rondo 13
Pike & Heiler Real Estate Dealers, Live Stock Jobbers and Farmers Rondo 24
Parks, Alfred General Merchandise Postmaster, Manufacturer of and dealer in hardwood lumber Wildwood 24
Poquette, Geo Farmer Rondo 5
Scott, M P Farmer and Supervisor Rondo 26
Straight, O W Farmer Wolverine 35
Stokes, H B Farmer Wolverine 34
Stokes, Burton Farmer Wolverine 34
Wheeler, Erastus Farmer Wolverine 35
Weber, Alfred Farmer Wolverine 32

Baker, H F He sells a little general merchandise every day at Weadock 14
Brill, George V Farmer. Mr Brill was born in Hasy Castle, Germany, July 13th, 1837, and came to America November, 1854, and located in Philadelphia, Pa, lived here until November, 1855, when he moved to Schuylkill county, Pa; remained here 15 months and located in Milwaukee, Wis. He worked at the carpenter trade here for a while, and next located in Wayne township, Washington county, Wis., from here he moved to Brown county. Was married to Margaret Lininger, September 29th, 1858, who was born July 30th, 1840, in Orangeville, Orange county, NY. Enlisted at La Crosse, Wis., November, 1862, in Co D, 14th Wis. Inft. Served until November, 1865, and was discharged at Mobile, Ala., and returned to Wisconsin. Moved to Brutus, Mich., in 1877, and to where he now resides, September 11th, 1883. Weadock 21
Burr, John Farming Riggsville 24
Bryant, James Farming Pelliston 30
Blank, Joseph Farming. Mr Blank was born in Wayne county, O., February 24th, 1851. Came to Osceola county, Mich., in 1866, and to Alpena county in 1876, and took up the homestead he now resides on. Was married to Otelie Trouillot, April 14th, 1874. She was born in Holmes county, O., March 19th, 1835. Parents of five children: one son, four daughters Weadock 14
Corneil, G G Farming and Highway Commissioner Hebron 5
Carlson, Geo E Riggsville 24
Dawson, James   Riggsville 24
Fornwald, George Carpenter, Builder and Contractor. Was born in Waterloo county, Canada, September 12th, 1845. Came to Michigan June 20th, 1880, and located in Munro township the following fall. Was married to Mary Spitzig, October 4th, 1870, who was also born in Waterloo county, Can., September 13th, 1847. Parents of nine children; five now living. Hebron 3
Fisher, E W   Hebron 10
Fisher, F O & H C   Weadock 19
Gingrich, Wm Farming Weadock 10
Grier, W H Farming Hebron 2
Horan, Martin Farming Weadock 3
Hayward, Geo F Farming Levering 8
Haas, William Farming Levering 7
Heilman, Fred A Farming Hebron 3
Jarvis, F Farming Weadock 3
Judson, Clark Farming Levering 17
Mosser, Daniel Farming Weadock 11
Myers, J H Farming Weadock 3
Myers, James Farmer and Justice of the Peace. Mr. Myers was born at Belfonte, Pa., March 31st, 1839. Married June 2d, 1859, to ary[sic] A. Harris, who was born at Schuylkile Haven, May 17th, 1842. Enlisted April 16th, 1861, in Co B, 10th Pa. Vol. Infantry, served three months. Went into U S Military R. R. Department, served 11 months, was then assigned to 17th Pa. Cavalry and retained at Camp Biddel until the close of the war for the purpose of transporting troops to the front. Mr. and Mrs. Myers are the parents of ten children; four of whom survive. Their daughter Alice, was the first white child born in Munro township. Cheboygan 4
Munro, P C Born in Hastings county, Canada, June 20th, 1820 Weadock 9
Ostwald, Fred Farming. Born in Deering, Germany, January 15th, 1845. Enlisted in the 71st Musketeers, May, 1865, and served three years during the war against Austria. Came to America in 1869 and located at Detroit. Moved here in 1892 and located where he now lives Weadock 10
Ostwald, Henry Farmer Weadock 10
Righter, L Jennie School Teacher Weadock 22
Stead, Edward M Farming Riggsville 25
Striebich, Anthony Born in Baden, Germany, April 19th, 1836. Came to America and landed in New York, July 4th, 1844. Lived at Buffalo, NY, until July, 1877. Enlisted January 18th, 1865, in the 15th Regt., U S Infantry, Co H. Served three years; Mustered out February, 1868. Married to Rosena Hubacher June 5th, 1860. Ten children have been born to them: Seven sons and three daughters. Mrs Striebich was born June 18th, 1837, in Switzerland, and came to America in 1850. Cheboygan 2
Wolf Bros Farmers and Lumber Manufacturers Weadock 12
Wheelock, D S Farming. Was born in Watertown, Jefferson county, NY, April 19th, 1833. Was married to Jane E. Fikes, March 13th, 1853, who was born July 13th, 1833, in Herkimer county, N Y. Enlisted August 28th, 1862, in Co G, 10th N. G. Heavy Artillery. Discharged June 19th, 1865, at Washington, DC. Mr. and Mrs. Wheelock are the parents of eight children: four boys and four girls; five of whom are now living Cheboygan 2
Wilson, Lambert Manager of Ingleside Summer Resort. Ingleside is located on the Northwest shore of Douglas Lake, Cheboggan county, Mich., and is reached by the GR and I Ry. from Levering. It is an ideal resort for those rest and recuperation and those who love beauties of nature as found in primeaval forest and placid waters of beautiful lakes. The Hotel has accommodations for forty guests. Levering 16
Weiss, Jacob Farming Hebron 3
Wheelock, Chas V Farming Hebron 3
Tucker, Samuel R Farmer and Agent for the Citizens' Mutual Fire Insurance Co Weadock 2
Young, Jacob H Farming Weadock 14
Young, Richard Farming and Township Clerk Weadock 14

Black, Peter D Farmer Wolverine 18
Beckley, F J Farmer Wolverine 6
Churchill, L T   Wolverine vil
Cook, H & S General Merchandise Wolverine vil
Crothers, Geo F   Wolverine vil
Cory, F W Farmer Wolverine 4
Convis, E J Farmer Wolverine 16
Cory, J Howard Farmer Wolverine 16
Dingman, Jacob Timber Jobber Wolverine 8
Gould, C A Lumber Manufacturer and Timber Jobber Wolverine 10
Holcombe, B J Cheboygan County Timber and Farming Lands for Sale Wolverine vil
Jones, L & M Livery and Sale Stable Wolverine vil
Kruger, Carl Farmer Wolverine 27
Lantz, Frederick J Farmer Trowbridge 28
McAndrews, James Farmer Wolverine 32
McKillop, Dr A J Physician and Surgeon Wolverine vil
Mitchell & Belcher Manufacturers of Hemlock, Hardwood Lumber and Lath Trowbridge 28
Molineaux, H L Farmer Wolverine 9
Murchison, Donald Farmer and Timber Jobber Trowbridge 20
Meeker, Frank Farmer Wolverine 5
Nelson Peter Farmer Wolverine 8
Pankhurst, Peter Farmer Wolverine 18
Pratt, Melvin Farmer Wolverine 8
Perry, Wm A Farmer Wolverine 16
Perry, A E Farmer Wolverine 16
Pratt, James Farmer Trowbridge 30
Richards, Geo D Real Estate Dealer, Land Looker and Estimator Wolverine vil
Salmon, W H Farmer and Lumberman Wolverine vil
Schuh, Michael Farmer Wolverine 18
Sumerix, Michael Farmer Wolverine 28
Smith, O F Farmer Wolverine 6
Snow, Geo L Farmer Wolverine 20
Sweet, A C Farmer Wolverine 16
Wing, Fred E Farmer Wolverine 4

Allen, Edward General Farming Wildwood 29
Allen, Chas L General Farming Wildwood 29
Barrett, J L Steamboat Captain and Supervisor of Tuscarora Township Indian River Vil
Bell, J Wilson, MD Physician and Surgeon. Notary public and justice of the peace Indian River Vil
Baxter, O D Agent for Michigan Central R R Indian River Vil
Brown, F W Superintendent of the Argonaut Resort Grounds Indian River Vil
Corwin, R D With Michigan R R Co Indian River Vil
Carter, John Dealer in General Merchandise Indian River Vil
Donnelly, Jas J Dealer in Timber Lands Indian River 19
Dice, C S Farming Alanson 17
Dorrance, F L Section Foreman for the Michigan Central R R Co Indian River Vil
Frye, J F Dealer in Real Estate Guide furnished for fishing parties Indian River 24
Grout, Geo C Proprietor of New Alcove Hotel. Livery in connection Indian River Vil
McHenry, M A Dealer in Real Estate Indian River Vil
Hofacker, F L Lumbering Indian River Vil
Hollabaugh, Edward Farming and Highway Commissioner Indian River 20
King, M W General Farming Indian River 28
King, W E Farming and Lumbering Alanson 5
Kinert, E P Farming Burt Lake 17
Kinert, T S Farming Indian River 30
Edwards, C H Dealer in General Merchandise Indian River Vil
Lester, J W Dealer in General Merchandise, Telegraph Poles and Railroad Ties Indian River Vil
Lovewell, Seth Farming Indian River 27
McMichael, E E Farming Burt Lake l7
McMichael, John L Farming Indian River 20
McMichael, M R Farming Burt Lake l7
Martin, F E Dealer in General Merchandise and Postmaster of Indian River Indian River Vil
Morgan, W H Superintendent of Columbus Beach Resort Indian River Vil
Miller, D F Farming Wildwood 31
Miller, John Farming and Stonemason Wildwood 31
Neff, F H Farming and Lumbering Indian River 17
Parke, John Manufacturer of Lumber Indian River 22
Patterson & Cox Dealers in Lands and all kinds of Logs Indian River Vil
Peck, J W Painting and Paper Hanging Indian River Vil
Rogers, H Lumbering Indian River Vil
Sager, J M (Sager Bros), Proprietors of The Buckeye House, on Burt Lake, Headquarters for fisherman. Good accommodations Burt Lake 8
Shaffer, D E Farming Indian River 29
Watkins, C H Farming Burt Lake 8
Wilber, Edward O Farming, Carpenter Contractor and Builder Wildwood 30
Vermilya & Hess Dealers in Fresh, Salt, Smoked Meats and Provisions. Fruits, vegetables and game in season Indian River Vil
Vermilya, Wm J Carpenter and Contractor Indian River Vil
Vermilya, R D Dealer in Logs and Shingles. Director of Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Co Indian River Vil

Aggett, W H Farmer Wolverine 3
Best, Alex Farmer Vanderbilt 35
Barhite, W S Farmer and Timber Jobber Wolverine 10
Collins, Henry Farmer and Highway Commissioner Wolverine 3
Crawford, Joseph Farmer Vanderbilt 35
Conklin, Al Farmer and Carpenter Wolverine 1
Culver, D E Farmer, Stone Mason and Town Clerk Wolverine 2
Demick, Geo F Farmer Wolverine 5
Demick, Byron Farmer Wolverine 5
Donner, Geo Farmer Wolverine 1
Eck, A W Farmer Township Supervisor and dealer in nursery stock. Orders taken for all kinds of fruit and ornamental trees and small fruits Wolverine 2
Goff, Bert Farmer Vanderbilt 35
Gladding, J M Farmer Wolverine 5
Hodges, J L Farmer Vanderbilt 34
Harker, C E Farmer and Carpenter Wolverine 2
Jakle, Jak Farmer Vanderbilt 35
Joles, Daniel Farmer Vanderbilt 32
Mathews, L H Farmer Vanderbilt 34
Pennell, Thomas Farmer Vanderbilt 27
Schell, Stephen Farmer Vanderbilt 34
Singer, Robert H Farmer Wolverine 10
Webb, Charles Farmer Vanderbilt 34

Avery, Benjamin Farming Allis 26
Bonz, C E Proprietor of Bonz' Resort at the head of Black Lake. Good accommodations for guests. Boat livery and fishing tackle. Guides furnished Allis 12
Fairman, Ed Farming Allis 13
Forbes, Mrs A Farming Onaway 25
Hutchinson, Jesse M Farming Allis 25
Johnston, Wm Farming Allis 26
McTiver, S M Manufacturer of and Dealer in Lumber, Ties and Telegroph Poles. Cedar pavement a specialty Allis 24
Merrill, S D Farmer, Timber Buyer and Scaler Allis 13
Pennington, S J Farmer Allis 13
Roberts, Mrs Angie Farmer Allis 26
Sayer, Wm L Farmer Onaway 36
Sandison, J V Farmer Allis 13
Sayers, Elijah A Farmer Onaway 26
Wheeler, A E Farmer Onaway 36
Wheeler, Geo A Farmer Onaway 25

Alpena Industrial Works - W T Kline, Proprietor. Alpena, Mich.
Bogardus, Col. Chas - Lumber Manufacturer, Pellston, Mich.
Belknap, Lee - Land Looker and Timber Estimator for A. Maltby Lumber Co., Alpena City
Booth, O T - Secretary of the Farmers' Mutual Fire Insurance Company, Charlevoix, Emmet and Cheboygan Counties. Capital Stock nearly $3,000,000, Petoskey, Mich.
Chandler, Merritt - Dealer in Cedar, Hardwood and Farming Lands. Residence, Onaway Office, in Cheboygan at "Tribune" Office, Onaway, Mich.
Curtiss, Chalmers - Cashier First National Bank of Petoskey, Petoskey.
Deuel, A L - Attorney-at-Law. Dealer in Real Estate and Insurance, Harbor Springs
DeKruif & Co, Wm - Hardware Implements, Carriages and Machinery, Building Hardware, Plows, Harrows, Lumbermen's Supplies, Wagons, Harvesting Machinery, Sleighs, Cutters, Engines and Threshers, Vehicles, Baling Presses, Harness, Woodworking Machinery, Binder Twine, Mill Machinery and Sporting Goods, Levering, Mich.
Dart & Dart, R C & J A - Attorneys at Law, Real Estate, Insurance and Loans, Timber land farms, village and resort property for sale, Petoskey, Mich.
Darling & Beahan - Seedmen, General Produce, Agricultural Implements, Storage and Transfer, Petoskey, Mich.
Fochtman, Albert - The Monarch Store, 522-524 Mitchell St, Petoskey, Mich.
Hammel & Co - Horse Dealers, Petoskey, Mich.
Herrick, L - Livery, Sale and Feed Stable, Petoskey, Mich.
Kinney & Peabody - Dealers in Real Estate, Onaway, Mich.
Laird, W C - Dealer in Lands and Timber, 809 Garfield Ave, Bay City, Mich.
Laird, W M - Pittsburg, Pa.
McCune & Smith - Law, Real Estate and Insurance, Petoskey, Mich.
Onaway Telphone Co. - J M Clark, Manager; also Postmaster, Onaway, Mich.
Pailthorp, C J - Attorney-at-Law, Petoskey, Mich.
Rosenthal & Son, S. - Dealer in Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes, Carpets, Curtains, Shades, Millinery Goods. A full line of Gents' Furnishing Goods, Ladies' Cloaks and Capes. The largest and most complete line of goods in Northern Michigan, Petoskey, Mich.
Searle, Will Z. (Little Will) - Optician and Jeweler, Petoskey, Mich.
The First State Bank of Petoskey - Iva Chichester, President; Leon Chichester, Cashier; Geo S Rice, Vice-President. Capital, $40,000. Surplus and individual profits, $19,000, Petoskey, Mich.
Young, A F - Real Estate and Insurance, Charlevoix, Mich.


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