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Cheboygan Tribune
Souvenir Issue: September 20, 1906

Indexed by Peg Ostrum

The Cheboygan Tribune was established by Wm. Chandler 1874. The souvenir issue was published on September 20, 1906. The following names appeared in articles or ads in this souvenir issue.

Annand, Geo. - B. Orangeville, Ont., Cheb. Mfg. 1893, Dir. Cheb. Co. Savings

Barber, H. - Pres. Cheb. Produce & Cold Storage Co.

Bell, Mr. George W. - Abstract Office, Atty. D.1898 father to Amy and Mrs. Saltonstall

Benjamin, Maxwell W. - Att. B. Montreal, Sept. 23, 1874

Blake, Wm. H. - Telephone Co.

Bockes, W.H. - of Kalkaska, Pres. Nelson Lumber

Bohn, Julius & A. - Hardware merchants, B Germany, Prussia, 1851 to Buffalo

Bouchard, E.A. - B. Green Bay Dec. 15, 1836 voyagers to Mac. Isle 1846 w/parents

Bourrie & Sons, Joseph - Gen. Cont. & Bldrs.

Brown, Geo. G. - cashier Cheb. State Bank

Carow, C.C. - Cheb. Towing & Wrecking

Carow, S.A. - as above

Cassidy, Thos. - Hub Rest. cook, B. Canada to Cheb. age 17

Chandler, Wm.

Chapin, W.B. - fishing boat

Clark, Mrs. M. - Prop. Lakeside Hotel, Mac. City

Clarke, Frank P. - mechanical - Tribune Printer

Clune, John H. - Trea. Loan Assoc., Dir. Cheb. City Savings Bank

Conboy, W.H.

Craig, Jno. R. - Hub Rest. cook, B. Sarnia, Ont. 1860

Crandell, A.B. - from Portland, OR, Electric Studio, B. June 1870, Mankato, MN

Crowley, David - B. Leslie, MI Sept. 5, 1882, Justice of Peace

Cueny, J.E. - mgr. Pea Canning

Cueny. B.A. - Dir. Cheb. St. Bank

Cuyler, Major Geo. W. - assoc. w/John McArthur at some time

DeGowin, I.E. - Merchant and bank dir.

DeKlyne, W.P. - V.P. Cheb. Produce & Cold Stor., V.P. Cheb. St. Bank

DePuy, Frank - Sec./Treas. Pea Canning

DePuy, Wm. F. - bank dir., sec. W.&A. MacArthur Co. Ltd., sec. Cheb. Electric, Pea Canning

Dickson, Mrs. Ed. - Grocery Bus. 33 Duncan Ave.

Dudley, Percy T. - cashier Cheb. Co. Savings Bank

Dyes, D.E. - fish dealer

Edelstein, Leo - bought out Henry Pinkous Clothing Store B. Russia

Embury, S. Harris - bank dir., Pres. Embury - Martin Lumber Co.

Farrall, Schullar - sec. J.J. Post, Wixon & Clark Piano merchants

Frambach, Col. H.A. - B. Syracuse, NY 1840, arrived Cheb. 5/20/02, Pres. Loan Assoc., Cheb. Paper Co.

Frost, Geo. E. - Pres. Cheb. Pea Canning Co., - org. 1902), atty., B. Pontiac 1851

Fultz, Chas. H. - dir. Cheb. St. Bank

Gainor, Wm. - sawmill & creamery at Black Lake, B. NY Mar. 10, 1841

Gallagher, Jas. - bookkeeper Cheb. Co. Savings Bank

Gebhardt, Otto H. - dir. Cheb. St. Bank, County Sheriff, drug store, B. Port Huron 1870

Georgii, Herman - B. 1854 Germany

Gerow, Arthur M.

Gerow, Dr. A.M. - bank dir.

Godfrey, Cluhe, Chas.

Grover, P. - of Gr. Rapids, V.P. Nelson Lumber

Hagadorne, Ward - Dir. Cheb. Co. Saving Bank

Harrison, G. H. - B. near Cleveland 1868, greenhouse

Heinzel, Adolph A. - pressman & comp. Tribune

Horne, P.H. - agent at McArthur Docks

Hugill, G.A. - Cheb. Novelty Turning Works, Prop. est. 1882

Hulburt, Edward A. - county treasurer, B. 1876 Erie Co., PA

Hyde, Miss Kittie - asst. Bookkeeper at Brewing Co.

Hyde, Miss. Bessie - head Bookkeeper at Brewing Co.

Johnson, J.R. - Photographer, B. Sweden 1868 at Kalmer

Keinath, Mr. Wm. - Cheboygan Brewing, brewmaster

Kies, Geo. - dead bef. 1906

Klune, Robert T.

Klvive, Robert T. - composter at Tribune

Kucinski, Alex - B. Prussia 1852, boots and shoes

Labryn, J.H. - mgr. Cheb. Gas Lgt. Co., B. Sutphen, Netherlands

Ladwig, Edwin R. - tanner, Pfister & Vogel, B. 1875, Milwaukee

Leske, Leonard J. - to Cheb. 1877, cigar business

Lewis, James P. - assistant Cheb. Tribune

Littlejohns, L. & Sons - carpenter, lumber mill

Lombard, J.T. - banker, Hasings, MI, lumberman

Magnan, Rev. J.B.E. - St. Charles Church

Malone, H.J.

Marks, Dr. C.B.

Marquette, C.L. - outside mgr. McArthur Docks

Martin, Thos. A. - Cheb. Mfg. Co., B. Stratford, Ont. 1857, Saginaw - Bay City

Martin, Wm.L. - V.P. Cheb. Co. Savings Bank

Mason, Dr. J.J. - Dentist

Massolt, Albert - of Minneapolis, Pres. Cheb. Brewing

McArthur W.S. - sec. & treas. Cheb. Paper, Pres. Cheb. Flour Mill, B. Cheboygan, dir. Cheb. Co. Bank,
     his father Ward B. McArthur Lumber

McArthur, A. - Pres. Cheb. Elec. Lgt. & Power Co., V.P. Cheb. Paper, from Chicago

McArthur, C.J. - sec./treas. Cheboygan Flour Mill, B. 1866 from IL w/parents

McArthur, John R. - father of Wm. and A.

McArthur, W.A. - Cheb. Flour Mill, McArthur Co. Ltd., wholesale & retail groceries

McArthur, Ward B.

McDonald, D.J. - Merchantile Co. store mgr.

McDonald, John F. - assoc. with John McArthur at some time

McGrath, F.E. - B. Belleville, Ont. 38 yrs ago, lumber

McGregor, James - ex mayor

McIntyre, Frank - treas. J.J. Post

McKay, Alex - waterworks eng. B. McKay's Corners, Kent Co., Ontario

McMullen, Dan P. - Postmaster B. Kent Co., Ont. Sept. 8, 1952, arr. MI 1868,
     also McMullen Printing Co.

McPhee, John D. - atty. w/Reilley

Meagher, Nate - Meagher Bros. Paving Co. mgr. - Wm & Nick) of Bay City

Ming, Fred R. - B. Rochester, NY of German parents, Representative

Moloney, James F. - V.P. Loan Assoc. B. Clonnel, Tipperary, Ireland 1844 came w/parents age 13,
     Pres. & Dir. Cheb. Co. Savings Bank

Moloney, Joseph - asst. mgr. Cheboygan Brewing

Moloney, Vet. S. - sec. Loan Assoc., Dir. Cheb. Co. Savings, B. Detroit, June 5, 1875,
     w/parents to Cheb.

Mould, C.E. - V.P. Power Co.

Nason, Capt. Moses - 1845, Shanty, treas. McArthur Co.

Nelson, John M. - Nelson Lumber Co. sec./treas. gen. mgr.

Newell, E.F. - merchant 44 Main St., shoes. B. Elkhart, IN

Noll, John - city treas., making and selling cigars, B. NY City, to Cheb. 1886

Peckands, J.O. - dir. Cheb. Co. Savings Bank

Perkett, J.W. - Spencer House Hotel, Prop. from Traverse City, B. Cadillac 1876

Pfister & Vogel Leather Co.

Post, J.J. - V.P. Cheb. Nat'l. Ban., director J.J. Post Hardware

Quay, Homer H. - atty. B. Forester, Sanilac Co. Oct. 30, 1875

Ramsay Ross C. - compositor at Tribune

Ramsay, A.W. - cashier Cheb. Nat'l. Bank

Ramsay, Chas. S. - present owner and pub. of Tribune

Raynolds, Geo. F. - First Nat'l Bank of Cheb. pres. & director


Reilley, C.S. - city atty. B. Bay City August 14, 1868 to Cheb. 1891

Richard & Spaulding Hand Laundry - 33 Water St.

Richardson, G.C. - dentist B. Tilbury, Ontario

Riggs, Miles E. - sec. Cheb. Cold Storage, Dir. Cheb. St. Bank

Rittenhouse, J.C. - lumber business Cheb. - Famous Rittenhouse Furniture

Ritter, F.S. - V.P. Flour Mill from Erie Co., NY

Rose, A.L. - trea. Cheb. Prod. & Cold Storage & Mgr. B. Saginaw in Cheb. since 1893

Routherford, M.S. - V.P. Brewing Co. of Princeton, MN

Saltonstall, Ms. - daug. of Mr. Bell

Sangster, A.E.

Schall Adolph - Steam Laundry

Schulz, G.L. & E.F. - Schulz Bros. #13 Main St. Bicycles and REO Auto.

Sears, A.L. - City Eng. B. Saginaw father Wm. B. Sears Civil Eng.

Sheely's Palace, T. & J.

Shepherd, J.F. Atty. - Pres. Cheb. State Bank

Smith, E.J. - fruit trees

Smith, Samuel J. - Stimpson House, Mac. City, Prop. B. Owen Sound, Ont. 1860

Southwick, Louis - assoc. w/John McArthur at some time

Sova, A.E. - grocer #17 Main

Sprague, V.D. - atty. & bank dir. B. Eaton Co. Nov. 21, 1861

St. Amour, Domina - prop. new Cheb. Hotel

St. Amour, Dr. S.A. - dir. Cheb. County Savings Bank

St. Amour, Silvie - prop. new Cheb. Hotel

St. Jean & Reid Funeral Dir. & Embalmers

Swan, Geo. W. - assoc. w/John McArthur at some time

Thompson, J.S. - dir. Cheb. St. Bank

Thompson, W.C. - former Superintendent of Schools now deceased

Trick, W.J. - cigar factory B. London, Ontario

Tuttle, Geo. A. - funeral director B. Cheb. father J.H.

Tuttle, H.B. - brother of J.E.

Tuttle, J.E. - mgr of harness bus.

Tweedale, Dr. Chas. - B. Elgin Co., Ontario, to Cheb. 1894


Ward, Howard - steam laundry

Ward, Walter - cement cont. B. England to US 1875 to St. Lawrence Co., NY to Cheb. 1881

Waters, Dudley E. - sec. Cheb. St. Bank

Webeler, Rev. Aloysius

Wertheimer & Son, Yetta - Star Clothing House, Mrs. Yetta & Son, B. Danville, IL 1884

Wertheimer, Myrton - son Danville

Wheelock, F.D. - Contractor & builder, mfg. cement blocks etc. B. Cheb. Jan. 1867,
     lived Omaha 1888-1898

Wilhartz, Mr.

Wilhartz, S. - Cheboygan Brewing & Malting Co. sec. & mgr., Mankato, MN B. Louisville, KY 1865

Willsey, T.W. - mgr. of a company

Willsey, Theodore

Wixson & Clark piano merchants

Wood, Allen F. - Superintendent of Schools. B. Lodi Twp. Washtenaw Co., MI

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