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This list of material represents the materials that are available for Cheboygan County. All of the titles listed here have information about the people or places of Cheboygan County. Most of these books can be borrowed from your local library through their Inter-Library Loan (ILL) program.

Bannatyne, Alice. Cheboygan's Ghost Town, Duncan City. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Bannatyne, Alice R. Survey of Aloha Twp. CMU Term Paper, 1945.

Bigger, Olive Y. Social Survey of Beaugrand Twp. and School District Number Two. CMU Term Paper, 1945.

Bowen, Stacia. Early Business and Industry in Cheboygan. CMU Term Paper, 1967

Bronson, Jeanette. Pioneer Doctors of Cheboygan. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Browne, Arline M. 1967. In The Wake of the Topinabee. Hubbard Map Serv., Lancaster, CA.

Brown, Joy V. A Story of Pioneer Days in Wildwood. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Burgtorf, Barb. Social Survey of Birchwood Community, Mullett Twp., Cheboygan Co., MI. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce (2001a) Cheboygan Area: Visitor’s Guide, pp21 Cheboygan, MI: C.A.CofC

Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce (2001b) Images of Cheboygan, Michigan, pp49 Cheboygan, MI: C.A.CofC

Cheboygan Chamber of Commerce. Historic Cheboygan. [n.p., n.d.].

Cheboygan Rivertown Roots. October 1995-April 1997.

Cheboygan Tribune. July 22, 1886-June 16, 1887.

Dillehay, Timothy. Country School. CMU Term Paper, 1967. (Grant Township).

Fuller, George N. Local Histories of Several Michigan Counties. Dayton, OH: National Historical Assoc., 1924.

France, Lila. History of the Industries and Business' of Cheboygan, Michigan. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Gibson, D. Socio-Economic Evolution in a Timbered Area in Northern Michigan. (A case study of Cheboygan, Michigan, 1840-1940). East Lansing, MI: Michigan State College, 1944.

Gronseth, Elizabeth. Reminiscences of an Old Settler of Indian River. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Guth, Fred E. A Bit About Mullett Lake Village, Near the "Tip of the Mitt" in Michigan. [St. Louis, MI: F.E. & E.C. Guth, 1975].

Hansen, Eunice. Cheboygan Tannery: Pfister & Vogel Leather Co., 1895-1926. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Hart, Dorothy. Social Survey of Waverly. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Hartford, Richard A. Railroading in Cheboygan Co. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Historical Society of Cheboygan County (1996) The Centennial History of Cheboygan County and Village & Supplement Descriptive of Mackinac Island. First published in 1876; Reprinted in 1976 and 1996, pp184 Cheboygan, MI: Historical Society of Cheboygan County, Inc.

Kelton, Dwight H. Annals of Fort Mackinac. Detroit, MI: Detroit Free Press, 1886.

Koepka, Laurel. Social Survey of Munro #1, North School District. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

LaForte, Ann T. Indian River Area. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Leslie, Quincy. A History of Topinabee. CMU Term Paper, 1971.

McClintic, Mildred. Delinquency in Cheboygan. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Mackinaw Journal. January 15, 1992-February 15, 1995.

Mackinaw Marquee. May 31, 1985-Fall 1995.

Mansfield, Edward D. Exposition of the Natural Position of Mackinaw City. . . Cincinnati, OH: Wrightson, 1857.

Miller, Rosemary. Cheboygan Churches and Their Social Problems. CMU Term Paper, 1945.

Mullet Lake House Bird's Eye View. Map, n.d.

Olson, E (n.d.) Cheboygan Historical Sketches, First Edition, pp48 Cheboygan, MI: Cheboygan Area Chamber of Commerce

Olson, E N & G Turner (1989) Cheboygan Centennial 1889-1989, pp73 Cheboygan, MI: The City of Cheboygan

Olson, Ellis N. Cheboygan Centennial, Old Riverton 1889-1989. Cheboygan, MI: City of Cheboygan, 1989.

Olson, Ellis. Untold Story of Cheboygan. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Ostwald, Nancy. History of the Iverness Dairy. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Paquet, Margaret. Growth and Development of the Catholic Church in Mackinaw City. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Passino, June M. History of the Village of Riggsville, Michigan. CMU Term Paper, 1967.

Robinson, George, comp. History of Cheboygan and Mackinac Counties. Detroit, MI: Union Job Printing Co., 1873.

Scott, Sharron M. Cheboygan Churches 1852-1967. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Shea, Josephine. Mackinaw City. CMU Term Paper, 1949.

Sperry, Pearl M. Benton Township, District Six. CMU Term Paper, n.d.

Strickland, William P. Old Mackinaw. Philadelphia: J. Challen & Son, 1860.

Turner, G (2000) "Cheboygan’s Past Included Lumbering, Agriculture," Cheboygan Daily Tribune, 28 June 2000 (Reprint), p7

Ware, W.H. The Centennial History of Cheboygan County and Village. Cheboygan, MI: Northern Tribune Print, 1876.

When I Was Your Age: Students Look at Cheboygan and the World Today. [n.p., c1971].

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