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Holdings at the County Clerk's Office
That You May Not Know About

Compiled by Darline Hollings

In addition to vital records, the Cheboygan County Clerk's office holds the following material:

Index of Assumed Business Names - one book: May 8 1959-1976

Index to Articles of Association

Certificates of Partnerships

Expired -- co-partners

Records of Soldiers and Sailors Discharges


BOOK #1 First World War

BOOK #2 2nd World War

BOOK #3 2nd World War

BOOK #4 Up to 1947

BOOKS #5-9 Later Years and Later Wars

Indigent Veterans Burials (and spouses) from at least 1910 - 1940's

Chancery Index

General Law Index

Civil and Criminal Docket Books

Commissioners Records

Survivors Proceedings

Drain Commissioners Records

Records of Notaries Public

Street Guide

Record of Regular Physicians

Hearing Aid Dealers

Optometrists and Nurses of Record

Nurses Certificates of Registration, 1910

Records of Dentists

Record of Justices of the Peace in the County

County Tax Proceedings

Naturalization Index, 1876

Certificates of Citizenship from 1878 on

Naturalization Records

Certificates of Minors to Citizenship

Orders of Naturalization of Minors


Deeds ~ Some deed books contain wills

Land Contracts

Indexes to Bills of Sale

Lien Index and Records

Records of Survey

Circuit Court Journals

Chattel Mortgages

Index to Discharges of Mortgage

Book M of Deeds - (there is a lot of information on the McArthur family)

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