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If you have access to a book or books, microfilm, CD's, or other resources regarding Cheboygan County and you are willing to offer lookups, please contact me. Thanks!


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Reference Owner Guidelines Owner/Email
"A History of Northern Michigan and Its People"
by Perry F. Powers. The Lewis Publishing Company, 1912, Chicago
. Lyn Blake Schwartz
"Cemetery Recordings (of) Cheboygan County, Michigan"
by The Cheboygan County Genealogical Society, 1982
. Patricia Kneisler
Cheboygan County Censuses:
1900, 1910, 1920 or 1930
Include the township name (Benton, Burt, City of Cheboygan, Ellis, Grant, etc.) Erin M. Dondrea
"Cheboygan County Centennial
. Grita Gidner
"Genealogy of the French Families of the Detroit River Region"
by Fr. Christian Denissen
. Grita Gidner
"Ottawa and Chippewa Indians of Michigan, 1870-1909"
by R. C. Lantz
. Grita Gidner
"1840 Census of US Selected Counties"
. Grita Gidner
"Marriage Index: Selected Areas of NY, 1638-1916"
. Grita Gidner
"Birth Records: 17th to 20th Centuries"
. Grita Gidner
"The Pageant of Tuscarora"
by Roger C. Sager
. Wesley D. McMichael
"Indian Census"
by Raymond C. Lantz; the Indian Census rolls from 1855 through 1907
. Charles Janeski
"Cheboygan Tribune" Souvenir
Sep 20, 1906
. Peg Ostrum

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