Bonnie Butler Home Page
(Johnson, McKechnie, Scales, Kolovos)

Carpentier Family Page
(Surnames include: Beaufort, Leask, Myotte,
Meunier, Pepin, Syrette (Serrette, Surette, Serette, Serret)

Kinghorn & Evans Home Page
(Hope, Downey, Dombroski, Pennington, Trombley, Quin)

Leask Family Page
(Surnames include: Blanchette, Brassard(Brassar), Cadreau (Cadran), Carpentier, Clairmont,
Davieaux (Daveaux, Deavillous, Daveau, Davieux), Equin, Mastaw (Masta), Pellerin, Trudell)

The Martyn Family
(Fountain, Grieve, Hunter, Martyn, Pennington, Ruehle)

 Seaman Family History Pages
(Drummond Island, Michigan)

Aaron Sweeney Home Page
Broken Link at: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/w/e/Aaron-P-Sweeney/index.html?Welcome=1087332376

(McSweeney, Gray, Morrow and Arnott Families)

The Tavern (Taverna) Family
(Arrived in the U.S. from Italy between 1895 & 1899.
Settled in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan and raised 11 children).

Jan Tripp Home Page