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1. Family Group Sheets generated by some programs?  Which ones work with your project?

2. How can I fix a mistake I made in a group sheet that is online or add data that I have now found?

3. What are Family Group Sheets and how do they work?

4. I sent my file(s) in on ______ why aren't they online? 










1. Family Group Sheets generated by some programs?  Which ones work with your project?

Using a software program to create a family group sheet to put online:

1. Family Origin Software - Does well when sending as a text file. Example Here.  Please do not send PDF files.

2. Legacy Software - Makes excellent family sheets.  Example Here  Online instructions to create your sheets with this software: Yet Another Way 

3. Ancestry's Family Tree Free Software - Does a nice family sheet from program to save in text and send. Example Here.

4. PAF (Personal Ancestral File) - Sheets do not transfer to web page formatting. Suggestion: Use one of the free software programs to generate sheets.

5. Family Tree Maker - This programs reports are not compatible. 

If you have a program not listed above and it produces text files, please send one and I will include the program in the list above. 

Use the programs listed above as "working well" for family reports or family group sheets.  Generate the report in text only.  PDF files can not be accepted as I have no way to work with them and add copyright information or link backs, etc. Send your file (one per e-mail) by e-mail as an attachment to:

  Note in the Subject Line: Given Surname Family Sheet Attached (change Given and Surname to the family's you are submitting)

Please make sure you use the above subject line.  I have software that looks at all attachments suspiciously to avoid worms and viruses, and by having that subject line I can save the e-mail from being deleted.

2. How can I fix a mistake I made in a group sheet that is online or add data that I have now found?

Simply e-mail your corrections or additions and they will be added in the next update.  Remember to note which family sheet you need to have the data put on, and e-mail to   Subject Line: Family Sheet Correction or Addition

3. What are Family Group Sheets and how do they work?

Family Group Sheets have been used for years in genealogical research to show a family as a unit and what information you have on each person.  They consist of a husband, wife, and each of their children.  Before computers and even now genealogists would make one of these out on each family to keep track of the data they had collected and the data they still needed when out doing research at the courthouse, library or other research center.  Genealogy societies have long collected them, to help connect researchers who were
searching the same family.

Here are links to blank forms in different formats that are free to download and print out to take with you when you do research:


What we are doing is collecting these electronically and putting them online
for people so they can make contact with other researchers who may be
searching the same families.

The ways that we have to submit a family group sheet for the site are at:
MIGenWeb FGS Submissions

4. The number of files coming in each month is more than one person can handle.  The files are being uploaded whenever time allows between family, and other commitments.  Your sheets are kept in more than one place to prevent loss and will be put online.  Any volunteers wanting to help with project, needless to say will be very appreciated.


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