This page contains biographical sketches (full or extract) of former Hillsdale County residents.
The majority come from pre-1921 published sources as cited in the sketch.

Jesse Bacon * Joseph L. Bagley * George W. Baker * James Baker * Horace R. Baker * Willis Baker * Abner Balcom
John T. Ball * Dr. Charles W. Barnaby * John O. Barrington * James A. Bates, M.D. * Brig. Gen. Henry Baxter
Levi Belden * Oliver S. Bement * Emanuel Bentz * Robert J. Berry * Bani Bishop * Marquis De Lafayette Black
Andrew Blair * John Boals * William Boone * Eli L. Booth * Dr. William W. Bower * Benjamin C. Bradley
James C. Bradley * Richard R. Britten * Benjamin W. Brockway * Anson R. Brown * Immamnuel Brown
Samuel R. Burgan * William E. Burnett * A. T. Butts

Jesse Bacon

Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.555.

Jesse BACON, a self-made man and one of the leading farmers of Pittsford Twp., has a fine property located on section 30. He came to this part of the country in the pioneer days and his diligent labors with the exercise of prudence and economy, have resulted in making him independent financially, while he holds a large place in the esteem of the people around him.
Jesse was born near the town of Augusta in Oneida Co., NY, on May 17, 1835. His father, Asaph Bacon, was a native of Northhampton, Mass., to which the paternal grandfather of our subject had removed from his native State of Conn. in early manhood. Grandfather Bacon finally emigrated from New England to the Empire State and cast his lot among the pioneers of Oneida Co., where he purchased a tract of timber land and built up a good farm; there he spent his last days. Asaph Bacon was reared in Oneida Co. Upon reaching his majority, he purchased land but was unfortunate in losing not only the land but also the money which he had paid upon it. It was a great trial to see the hard earnings of years thus swept away, so he started out one morning soon after, expecting to make a bargain with a man to clear quite a large piece of land, a part of which he was to receive in compensation. He met the man but failed to make the bargain. He then wrote a letter to his family telling them not to be alarmed at his absence as he was going West to see if he could there secure a home for them. He set out with 18 cents in his pocket and made his way to the Terr. of Wisconsin. The man to whom he had given the letter never delivered it to his family and they for a long time mourned him as dead.
Asaph Bacon made a claim in Dane Co., Wisc., which is now said to be included in the city of Madison. Times were hard and after writing again to his family, Asaph concluded to return eastward. He worked his way as far as Blissfield, this county, where he found employment with the firm of Holmes and Wyman, and, doing reasonably well, sent for his family to join him. He was soon able to purchase 80 acres of land on time and commenced clearing it, when he and all the other members of the family were taken ill. Jesse, our subject, was then a lad of ten years and the only one able to do anything for the others. They became short of money and provisions and one morning, after the father had recovered, the mother placed their last meal on the table with nothing left to cook for the next. The father, after eating very little, started out and found a day's work. For this he received a bushel of corn which he carried on his back to the mill, returning home in the evening with the meal. The children since morning had been without anything to eat and were crying from hunger. The sight of father coming in with the bag of meal affected them in a manner which can better be imagined than described.
In the spring of 1846, Asaph Bacon commenced work on the State road while his wife employed herself in cooking for a number of the men. Their joint earnings enabled them to make a fresh start, having lost the land Mr. Bacon first bought. He purchased a tract in Riga Twp., Lenawee Co., and subsequently engaged in the manufacture of shingles. In due time he improved his land and built a comfortable home where he remained until his death on November 15, 1857. The maiden name of of the mother of our subject was Sarah FRANCISCO. She was a native of NY State and was of French ancestry. She survived her husband by a number of years and died at the home of her daughter in Nebraska.
Jesse Bacon was but a lad upon coming to Mich. Terr. and to this day has a vivid recollection of the hardships and difficulties of pioneer life. He recalls one time when he was thirteen years old, that, upon returning from school, he heard the pigs squealing. Starting toward the pen he encountered a bear running out of it carrying a pig. Being much frightened our hero ran to rouse the neighbors and the bear got the pig.
Young Bacon continued a member of the parental household until nearly 23 years of age. On the 24th of Feb., 1858, he married Miss Christiana MINER, a maiden of his own neighborhood who was a native of Bavaria, Germany. Her father, Lawrence Miner, was also of German birth and parentage, and left an orphan at a very early age. He was reared by his grandparents, married when 17 years old and continued upon his native soil until 1844. That year he crossed the Atlantic, determined to seek his fortune in the New World, and settled in Perrysburg, Ohio, where he lived until 1846. Then, coming to Mich., he located in Riga Twp., Lenawee Co., during its early settlement. He was comparatively without means but arranged to purchase a small tract of land, where he built a log house. After changing his residence three or four times, he made his way to this county and purchased the land which he still occupies in Jefferson Twp. He built several houses while living in Riga Twp. During the Rebellion he enlisted as a Union soldier in the 4th Mich. Infantry, serving from 1864 until the close of the war. For injuries received while in the service he now enjoys a pension.
About six years after their marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Bacon settled upon their present farm in Pittsford Twp. He has erected a good set of frame buildings, has a fair assortment of livestock and all the necessary machinery to carry on agriculture after the most approved methods. He is a member in good standing of the Christian Church while Mrs. Bacon follows the doctrines of the Wesleyan Methodists. Their children are George L., Hiram J., Anna Belle, Angie M., Mary, Chalres A. and Arthur N. The eldest is 30 years of age and the youngest six. George, Hiram and Anna Belle are married and live in this township.

Joseph L. BAGLEY

Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 430
[NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

Joseph L. BAGLEY was born in 1824 in Cayuga Co., NY, the son of David and Harriett (SMITH) BAGLEY. His siblings were David M., Harriet M., Alfred B. and Saxton S. Their mother d. in 1826.
Their father then marr. Louisa PENNOYER and five more children were added to the family. (These are not named.)
The family moved to Mich. in 1836. The father, David, was elected judge of the Probate Court, Hillsdale Co.
Joseph L. BAGLEY marr. Lydia K. NOYES on Nov. 7, 1848.
They had four children:
Harriet E., wife of Manassee KEMPTON, Manerva (Minnie) B., wife of Delbert FORD, (Stillman Aldelbert Ford who died in Detroit, Michigan of T.B) , Joseph H. and Nillie died in infancy.

George W. BAKER

Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds, editor. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical (1903) and Largely Biographical (1903)p 215

George W. BAKER
Born: 10 Apr 1844 near Jonesville, Hillsdale Co MI
Parents: Samuel S BAKER (b. 1803 Trumbull Co OH - d 5 Jun 1886) & Rachel PUTMAN (b 1803 St. Lawrence Co NY - Oct 1888)
Married: (not mentioned)
Other Info: family came to MI in 1840 (Lenawee Co, then Scipio Twp). George was Civil War Vet - Co G 18th MI Infantry. Sister is Mrs. Clementine HARDING of Quincy MI.
Children: (none mentioned)


Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p. 437
NOTE: This is an extract of the original article.

James BAKER was born in Columbiana Co., OH, 9/24/1816. His father was Jephtha Baker, born, probably, in Chester Co., PA. Jephtha's father was Aaron Baker, born in Berks Co., PA.
Aaron was a tailor in Eastern Pennsylvania for some years before moving to Washington Co., PA, where he bought a farm and spent the rest of his life.
Jephtha grew up in PA and there married Sarah SNYDER, also a native of PA and of German ancestry. Early in the 1800's they moved to Columbiana Co., OH and were there during the War of 1812. They lived near New Lisbon and dealt to some extent in horses and cattle.
Returning from Philadelphia, where he had gone with some horses, Jephtha fell ill and died at the home of his father, Aaron, in Washington Co. in about 1820.
His widow, with her seven children, returned to PA. She married James PRATT and spent the rest of her life in Fayette Co., PA.
James, who was four when his father died, lived with his mother until age six at which time he was taken to OH to live with an uncle for two years. He then went to Washington Co., PA where he was bound out to live with Joseph REJESTER, receiving for his services his board and clothing. He remained there until he was 16 years old. When he was 17 he received $750 for the previous year's work. The next year he was paid $7.50 per month for eight months after which he worked for his board and the privilege of attending school for the rest of the year. He continued to work by the month till the age of 23 when he rented some land in Columbiana Co.
Later, after his marriage, he purchased 72 acres of land in the same county. There he settled his family and farmed until 1864 when he sold out and came to Hillsdale Co. He bought 168 acres of timber land on section 34, Wright Twp. He cleared 80 acres and built a house and farm buildings. The family lived there until 1876 when James bought 170 acres on sections 27 and 34, where the family was still living in 1888.
On 5/16/1843 James married Mary MORRIS who was born in Washington Co., PA on 5/15/1820. Her father, Samuel Morris, was a native of the same county, born 1/30/1795. His father was Isaac Morris born, probably, in Berks Co., PA on 1/21/1751. Isaac's parents were Jonathan and Mary Morris.
Isaac was a farmer and spent the last years of his life in Washington Co., PA. However, he died at the home of his daughter in Columbiana Co., OH, while there on a visit.
Mary Baker's father, Samuel Morris, spent his entire life in the place of his birth, Washington Co., PA. There he married Jennie STURGEON, also a native of PA. Her parents were Robert and Janet (PATRICK) Sturgeon. Jennie Morris died in 1828.
Mary lived with her father until her marriage to James Baker. James and Mary had seven children: Sarah J., Samuel M., William, Levi and Belle. Amanda M. died in infancy and Emeline Amelia died aged 19 years.
Mary Baker was a member of the United Brethren Church. James Baker was a Republican.

Horace R. BAKER

Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds, editor. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical (1903) and Largely Biographical (1903) p 216

Horace R. BAKER
Born: 16 Sep 1831 Cayuga Co NY
Parents: William Y BAKER and Elizabeth REDWAY
Married: Ann Eliza FOWLE, 1858 Hillsdale Co MI (cousin of Harmon FOWLE & daughter of Charles FOWLE)
Other Info: came to Hillsdale Co with parents in 1837. Grandparents: Joshua BAKER (from Scotland, War of 1812 Vet) and Elizabeth DICKINSON (daughter of William DICKINSON, War of 1812 vet)
Children: Jennie BAKER - widow of J.C. MALLORY of Hillsdale Co.

Willis BAKER

Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds, editor. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical (1903) and Largely Biographical (1903) p 218

Willis BAKER
Born: 22 Sep 1836, Wayne Co NY
Parents: John F. BAKER and Polly LAMB. (married 7 Jan 1826 NY?) John BAKER born 11 Sep 1807 Angelica (Allegany Co) NY - parents William BAKER and Katie FEATHERBY. John died 18 May 1888.
Polly LAMB born 1808 NY - parents Isaac LAMB & Sally STANLEY. Polly died May 1893.
Married: Emeline RICKERD 21 Feb 1867, Hillsdale Co MI. Emeline RICKERD born 7 Jan 1851 in Wheatfield Twp Hillsdale Co MI. Parents A.B. RICKERD and Dersy A SALES, both of NY.
Other Info: family came to Hillsdale Co when Willis was 6 weeks old.

  • Alice A BAKER, wife of W.B. CLANCEY
  • France E. BAKER, wife of Dr. H.H. FRAZER
  • Forest W. BAKER (male) & Tena E BAKER (female)

    Abner BALCOM

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI. page 965.

    Abner BALCOM, deceased, was formerly a farmer of Reading Township, where he is held in respectful remembrance as an honest man and a good citizen.
    He was a native of New York State, and was born Sept 19, 1819. He was reared to manhood in Ontario County, and in boyhood learned the trade of shoemaker, which he did not, however, adopt as his life work, preferring agricultural pursuits, but in after years occasionally worded at this youthful trade quite profitably for the benefit of neighbors.
    Our subject met Miss Harriett ALDRICH in Hopewell, N.Y. and to her good influence, able assistance and unselfish devotion to his interests, he owed much of his success in after life.
    Her parents were David and Nancy(HARRINGTON) ALDRICH, both now deceased. They were natives of New York State, where the father died in middle life, having been a farmer there for many years. His widow lived to come to Michigan, and finally died in Reading Township. At the time of her death she was the wife of John RISING, her third husband, her second husband having been Robert R. RUSSELL.
    Mrs. BALCOM of this notice was born in Hopewell, Ontario County N.Y. Aug 7, 1819. Her father dying when she was about seven years of age, her training and education devolved upon her mother and she still continued to reside in her native town until her marriage to our subject, and even after that, as the first few years of their wedded life were spent in Hopewell.
    In 1846 they left their native State and came to Michigan, that they might secure for themselves the benefits of its wonderful agricultural resources, and build up anew a home in which to rear their children.
    They located in Allen Township, where Mr. BALCOM purchased a farm, which he subsequently sold, and purchased the farm on section 3 of Reading Township, which his widow now owns. It comprises 100 acres of land very pleasantly located in a most fertile and productive region, which by his care and intelligent management in the years of patient toil that followed his settlement upon it, Mr. BALCOM brought to a high state of cultivation, not exceeded by that of any other farm in the neighborhood.
    On the 18th of December, 1871, our subject departed this life, although not then past middle age. By his death his family was deprived of a loving, thoughtful husband and a devoted father, and the community lost one of its most valuable members. His character and conduct were above reproach; he was a sincere and manly Christian, and an active member of the Free-Will Baptist Church, which he had been officially connected. In politics he favored the Republican Party.
    To him and his wife, were born five daughters, of whon one is now deceased, Mariette; she was the wife of W.H. MURRAY, who is now living in Reading Township.
    The record of those surviving is as follows:
    * Angenette is the wife of J.O. SMITH and they now live in Atchison, Holt Co. Neb
    * Ellen is the wife of Rev. H.H. WHITTAKER, and they live in Dover Michigan
    * Emma is the wife fo R. BAGGARLY, and they live on a farm in Eaton County, Mich
    * Carrie A. is the wife of Chauncey F. RISING, a hardware merchant in Allen.
    Since the death of her husband Mrs. BALCOM has succesfully managed the farm that he bequeathed her, showing marked judgement and ability, and keeping the farm up to the same high standard that it had attained in her husband's day.
    She is universally esteemed for her kind and amiable disposition and her great worth. She has been a valued member of the Free-Will Baptist church for several years."

    John T. BALL

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888. p.615.

    John T. BALL is the Superintendent of the County Infirmary which is located on sections 3 and 4 in Cambria Twp. and is discharging the duties of his responsible position in an eminently praiseworthy and satisfactory manner. The property set apart for the unfortunate of Hillsdale Co. comprises 200 acres of good land which, except for 25 acres of timber, is in a state of cultivation. The buildings are in comparatively fair condition, the result of the care and forethought of the present superintendent, who apparently takes the same interest in the premises as though it were his own property. He was elected to the office of Superintendent on Jan. 1, 1868, and consequently has been caring for the property and for the comfort of the poor for more than 20 years.
    Mr. BALL was reared to farming pursuits and was thus fully prepared to operate the county farm to the best advantage. The number under his charge is usually from 60 to 65 persons. Most of these are enabled to perform light labor, there being only about half a dozen so incapacitated as to be unable to assist in their maintenance. Mr. Ball still owns a fine farm of 215 acres, modern improvements and machinery, in Allen Twp., this county, where he lived before his election to the Superintendancy.
    Our subject began life in Penfield Twp., Monroe Co., NY, on Feb. 25, 1836. His parents were also natives of the Empire State, and his father, John Ball, was a farmer. His paternal grandfather, Mathias Ball, is supposed to have been a native of Germany and left his native land in time to participate with the Colonists in their struggle for independence. After the war he settled in Chatauqua Co., NY, of which he was one of the early pioneers and where he lived to attain his fourscore years. John Ball, Sr. was raised and married in NY, his bride being Miss Margaret WINEGARD who was of German descent. After their marriage they continued residents of their native county where John, Sr. died in 1872, aged 74 years, and Margaret in 1878. She was a little older than her husband, a lady of most excellent qualities and a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Ball was a man of strict integrity and was uniform! ly respected by the people of his community.
    The early life of our subject was spent at the hardest kind of work on his father's farm, while his education was conducted at the district school during the winter months. He was fond of reading and study, however, and obtained a good fund of useful information from his books. He did so well he began teaching and pursued this calling during the winter season, after his arrival in this county. He came to this section in the spring of 1859 and not long after made the acquaintance of one of the most estimable young ladies of Allen Twp., Miss Clara TRUAX, who became his wife on July 17, 1859. They commenced housekeeping on the farm in Allen Twp. where they lived until his election to his present office.
    Mrs. BALL was born in Ontario Co., NY, May 17, 1843, the third child and eldest daughter of John and Ann (WELLS) TRUAX, the father of German ancestry and the mother of excellent Einglish stock. Benjamin Wells, Mrs. Ball's maternal grandfather, was a soldier in the War of 1812 and after took up residence in NY State where he engaged in farming. He spent his last days in Hillsdale Co. John Truax came with his family to Mich. in 1853, locating first on a farm in Allen Twp. He later removed to Homer Twp. where his death took place in the spring of 1882 when he was 63 years of age. He was a solid and reliable citizen who was content to be the architect of his own fortune by the honest labor of his own hands. Mrs. Truax is still living (1888), now being 67 years old, and resides in the city of Hillsdale. Six of her ten children are still living. Two of the deceased died as children and two after ma! turity.
    Mrs BALL was carefully reared under good home influences and is a lady of more than ordinary intelligence and goodness of heart. She and Mr. Ball have two children. Ida M. is finely educated and accomplished, a student at Hillsdale College. John Falley resides with his parents and assists his father in the duties of his office. The family attends the Presbyterian Church and Mr. Ball, in politics, is a Republican.

    Dr. Charles W. BARNABY

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan - Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903-page 221-22. [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    Dr. Charles W. BARNABY was born in Monroe Co MI 7 Sep 1865, son of John BARNABY (of New York) and Mary RANDALL (of Michigan).
    Charles began studying medicine in 1886 under the direction of Dr. SAWYER of Monroe Co MI. He entered the medical dep't of the Ann Arbor State University in 1887 - remained 2 years. He entered the Detroit Medical College in 1890 and graduated in 1893.
    Charles returned to Monroe Co to practice; in 1897 he moved to Somerset Center In Hillsdale Co MI.
    Charles married Miss Cornelia CHAPMAN 7 Aug 1890 in Hillsdale Co MI. She was a native of Michigan.


    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan - Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903-page 116. [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    John O. BARRINGTON was born 23 Aug 1812 in Somersetshire, England. His parents were Sydenham and Charlotte BARRINGTON. Sydenham was from Devonshire, England, and passed away soon after John was born. John was their only child, but Charlotte remarried and had another son and a daughter [names not given].
    In 1849, John, along with his mother, stepfather [not named] and their children, migrated to the United States, coming to Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. John farmed there until 1852, when he removed to Hillsdale County, purchasing 40 acres in Cambria township. He has expanded his farm to 115 acres.
    In 1855, John returned to Ohio, where he married Miss Sarah A. SPARKS, a native of New York, but then a resident of Huron County, Ohio.
    John and Sarah had 5 children: George E. BARRINGTON; Martha E. BARRINGTON, wife of Ira SNYDER of Hillsdale Co.; Bertha B. BARRINGTON, wife of Clifford M. WATKINS of Cambria Twp.; Mary A. BARRINGTON, wife of M. WATKINS of Reading Twp.; and James L. BARRINGTON, livng at home.
    Sarah SPARKS BARRINGTON died 13 Jul 1895 at the age of 64.

    James A. BATES, M.D.

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 356
    [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    James A. BATES, M.D. was born 24 Oct 1867 in Columbia, Williams Co. Ohio. His parents were Dr. Orson and Hannah HOADLEY BATES, both natives of Medina County, Ohio.
    Orson graduated from the medical department of the University of Michigan in the spring of 1854 and began practicing at Columbia Ohio. The family moved to Reading Michigan in 1869, where Orson continued his practice until his death on 22 Nov 1871. Hannah survives and lives with James in Camden. Orson and Hannah had 5 children [not named] four of whom are living, with James being the fourth-born.
    James took the 2-years course at Hillsdale High School, then attended a year at Hillsdale College. He began the study of medicine with Dr. Wood of Angola Indiana and Dr. McKellen of Camden, Michigan and enrolled in the Medical College of Indiana (now part of the State University) in 1889. He graduated with a M.D. degree in 1892.
    He located at Cambria for 2 years, moving to Camden in 1894. He practiced with Dr. Charles MCKELLEN until Charles' death in 26 Dec 1900. James belongs to several civic organizations - Odd Fellows, Knights of the Maccabees, & Woodmen of the World.
    James BATES married Miss Elizabeth PALMER on 2 Jun 1903. Elizabeth was a native of Camden Twp. and the daughter of Julian and Catherine THRONE PALMER.

    Brig. Gen. Henry BAXTER

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 590
    [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    Brig. Gen. Henry BAXTER was the third son of Levi, Jr. and Lois JOHNSTON BAXTER. He was b. 9/8/1821 in Sidney Plains, Delaware Co., NY.
    Both his grandfathers, Capt. Levi Baxter, Sr. and Col. Witter Johnston, served in the Revolutionary War.
    In 1831 Henry came to Mich. with his father, settled in Tecumsah, then moved to Jonesveille in 1845 or 1846 where he and his father had an interest in a store and a mill. In 1849 he, with a group of young men, crossed the plains to California.
    He was chosen to serve as captain of this semi-military organization during their journey. He returned to Jonesville in 1852.
    On May 4, 1854 he marr. Elvira E. GEORGE, dau. of Austin GEORGE, a long time resident of Hillsdale Co.
    Early in 1861 he, along with others, raised and organized Company C, 7th Mich. Infantry. He was made Captain. On 9/5/1861 the company left for the front under Col. Ira Grosvenor. The 7th Regiment was with Gen. McClellan during the Peninsular campaign. Henry was promoted to Lt. Col. He was seriously wounded at Antietam but survived.
    In Dec. 1862 he was in command of the 7th Regt. at the Battle of Fredericksburg where he was again seriously wounded and again survived.
    He was promoted to Brig. Gen. and took part in the Battle of Gettysburg. There he lost his entire staff to wounds, capture or death and more than one half of his men. He was with the Army of the Potomac under Gen. Meade and was wounded in the leg above his knee, the same bullet killing his horse. A second horse was killed from under him during the battle. At the end of the war he was made Brevet General.
    He returned to Jonesville where he served two years as Registar of Deeds. In 1869 Pres. Grant appointed him U. S. Minister, resident at Honduras. In 1872 he returned to Michigan where he died of pneumonia 12/30/1873.
    Henry and Elvira had three daughters and a son, a Lieutenant in the San Salvador Army in Central America.

    Levi BELDEN

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 224

    Levi BELDEN was born 16 Feb 1823 in Whitley Massachusetts, to Jeremiah and Anna (BELDEN) BELDEN. Jeremiah farmed in Massachusetts until 1835, when the family migrated to Michigan and settled in Hillsdale county on a tract of 138 acres of government land. They had four children, including one daughter who was living in California as of 1903.
    Levi inherited his father's homestead and on 16 Feb 1856, married Abigail R. WALSH, daughter of William & Harriet THAYER WALSH, and native of Massachusetts. William & Harriet were early pioneers of Jackson County, Michigan.
    Levi and Abigail had three children:

  • Harriet E BELDEN, now wife of Delos SMITH of Hillsdale County with two children; Floyd E. SMITH & R. Bell SMITH.
  • Rosa A. BELDEN, deceased
  • Elmer L. BELDEN, farmer in Hillsdale County.
    Levi was a Whig who then became a Republican, although "... he neither sought nor desired public office at any time." He followed the Universalist faith. He was a sheep breeder as well as a farmer. Levi BELDEN passed away at the age of 78 on 22 Jun 1901 on his homestead.

    Oliver S. BEMENT

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.575.

    Oliver S. BEMENT, an old settler of Cambria Twp. and a successful farmer located on section 12, secured the 80 acres of land which he now operates in about 1861, at which time it was only a little removed from its primitive condition. He had just been married and the young couple commenced life together with small capital other than their industrious hands and courageous hearts and now, as the result of their united efforts, have a good farm and all the comforts of a modern country home.
    Mr. Bement, a native of NY State, was born April 24, 1833. His father, David Bement, was also a native of the Empire State where he married Miss Eliza BIRD. After the birth of two children, our subject and his sister Emily, the young family decided to make their way to Michigan, which was then in its infancy, taking up their abode in Lyons Twp., Oakland Co.
    At that time and place the land was but very slightly cultivated, the homes of settlers being few and far between, and David Bement erected the first dwelling in that region. The woods abounded with all kinds of wild animals including deer and wolves.
    In 1837 the family left Oakland Co. for Allen Twp., this county. Once again they were among the earliest pioneers, being obliged to cut a road for one mile to reach their home in the woods. David Bement was an industrious and persevering man, making a little headway each year and in time opened up a good farm in Allen Twp. which he subsequently exchanged for property in Cambria Twp. It was here that he and his wife spent the remainder of their days, living to a ripe old age. During the early years of his life in NYState, David B. had learned the mason's trade which he followed there for some time before coming West.
    Oliver Bement was united in marriage on May 18, 1862, with Miss Maria A. BATES who was born June 25, 1832, in Perry Twp., Geauga Co., Ohio. She came with her parents, when but two years of age, to this county, locating in what is now Hillsdale Twp.
    At that time there was not even a hint of the flourishing city and county seat in which the residents now take so much pride, and the township itself was sparsely settled. Caleb and Maria (WHITE) Bates however were, like the Bement family, made of true pioneer stuff and resolutely built up a home in the wilderness. They lived and labored on the land which Mr. Bates secured from the Government until resting from their earthly toils. The father died at the old homestead Aug. 10, 1854 and the mother April 17, 1861.
    Mrs. Bement was the tenth child in a family of thirteen children. Of these, ten are living and residents mostly of the United States. Mrs. Bement lived with her parents until her marriage. She and Mr. Bement have two children: a daughter, Emma, who is the wife of William J. C. KEAS, a resident of Plainville, Rooks Co., Kansas, and a son, Willie H., who is still living at home and attending school.

    Submitted by Katherine Paty

    Emanuel Bentz

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI., 1888, p.898.

    Emanuel BENTZ, deceased, was born 1802 in Germany and came to America in 1816, settling in NY State, where he learned the trade of miller. He came to Hillsdale Co. with his family in 1836. He took up a tract of Government land in Allen Twp. where he labored for some time, then removed to Litchfield Twp. and engaged in milling with George C. Munro, the firm being known as Munro and Bentz. This partnership continued for twenty years or so and Mr. Bentz resided in Litchfield Twp. until 1863. He then removed to Hillsdale where he died April 10, 1881.
    While still living in NY State, Mr. Bentz married Miss Sarah KIEFER and they became the parents of seven children, four of whom reached mature years, namely: William, John, Charles and Louisa. Sarah Bentz died in Litchfield Twp. and Mr. Bentz later married Mrs. Emily A. (PADDOCK) LEETS. To this union were born two children, Ira R. and Edward S. Emily Bentz died in Jonesville on July 23, 1886. Both she and Mr. Bentz were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Mr. Bentz was especially devoted to religious work. He was at one time Postmaster of Litchfield and also Justice of the Peace.
    submitted by Katherine Paty, Tempe, AZ

    Robert J. BERRY

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.494

    Robert J. BERRY is a successful breeder of road horses and has a fine half-mile speeding track, Berry Park, in Reading Village. He is the owner of the famous trotter, Jack Baker, well known in this region for his 2:40 pace. He is also the owner of Betsy B. who trots a mile in 3 minutes at an almost natural gait and gives promise of much greater speed. Mr. Berry is Secretary of the racing park and has the general management of the business there which comprises annually two days racing, a source of both profit and amusement.
    Robert Berry was born at the family homestead on section 22, Reading Twp., this county, on 8/31/1856. His parents are Thomas and Mary A. (ARCHER) Berry. He was educated at local schools and inherited his father's love of horses. At the age of nine he was speeding horses on the track for his father. Upon reaching manhood, he married, in Cambria Twp., 2/7/1878, Miss Esther WHITNEY, who was born there 4/25/1854.
    Mrs. Berry is the daughter of Wells and Demis (HOLMES) Whitney who were natives of NY state and, after their marriage in Geneva, lived there one year, then came to Michigan, locating, in 1845, on a new farm in Reading Twp., the place now known as the Abbott Farm. Mr. Whitney later traded this property for an improved farm in Cambria Twp. His wife died there in Dec. 1859. Mr. Whitney subsequently married Emeline SHADDOCK who survived him and now lives in Hillsdale. Mr. Whitney died 4/18/1887 in Cambria Twp. He was well known in the community, a Republican in politics and held nearly all the local offices. He belonged to the Free-Will Baptist Church as did his first wife. Mrs. Berry was educated locally, graduating from Hillsdale Union School, and taught school for some time before her marriage. Mr. Berry, politically, is a solid Democrat.

    Bani BISHOP

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan_ Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903 - page 154. NOTE: This is an extract of the full article.

    Bani BISHOP was born 12 Oct 1818 in Canandaugia NY to Stephen BISHOP and Charlotte SMITH BISHOP, both natives of Connecticut.
    Stephen moved to new York in 1812, settling in Ontario County, where he died in 1853. Charlotte died at age 90 in 1879.
    Stephen and Charlotte had 8 children, the only 2 then living (1903) were Bani and William. One daughter (no name given) lived in Hillsdale County and died in 1889. Stephen's father, Jared BISHOP was a farmer of Cheshire, Connecticut.
    Bani came to Cambria Twp, Hillsdale County, Michigan in 1847 and purchased 140 acres. He has lived on this land continuously, except for 6 years spent in South Dakota (no dates given).
    Bani married Miss Caroline L. STARK 31 March 1851. She was a native of Connecticut. Caroline died in 1889.
    Bani and Caroline had 10 children, 6 still living in 1903. George S. BISHOP and John H. BISHOP are employed in lumber operations in Louisiana, James S. BISHOP is a newspaper man in the South, William A. BISHOP is managing the home farm, Francis W. BISHOP in business in California, Charles BISHOP in the insurance, loan & investment business at West Superior, Wisconsin.

    Marquis De Lafayette BLACK

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, p. 550.

    Marquis De Lafayette BLACK. This intelligent and progressive farmer of Jefferson Twp. owns and occupies 120 acres of land on section 23 and is one of the pioneers of this county. His father came to Southern Michigan during its territorial days and, taking up a half-section of land in Jefferson Twp., labored industriously until the illness which terminated in his death on Aug. 11, 1842.
    Marquis was born in St. Lawrence Co., NY, Dec. 8, 1823. His parents, Harvey and Olive (POWERS) Black were, it is believed, natives of NY and CT respectively and the Black family were of Scottish descent. Harvey Black was born Feb. 14, 1786, and was reared to farm pursuits which he followed his entire life. He acquired a good common school education and taught vocal music. He was married to his first wife in NY. Thence he removed to Huron Co., OH, in 1825, where he purchased 160 acres of land and there resided for eleven years. He came to this county in 1836, as previously stated. In the meantime both his first and second wives had died. By his first wife he had no children. His second wife, Olive Powers, was the mother of five daughters and three sons, all of whom reached maturity, but only one of the daughters is now living. The three brothers occupy each a portion of the home farm and have lived near each other since the death of their father.
    Our subject, during his boyhood days, met with a physical affliction which prevented his attending school after reaching his twelfth year. However, he availed himself of the instruction of good books, becoming a great reader of history and keeping himself well posted upon the affairs treated of in the weekly newspapers. He was able to fill satisfactorily the office of Constable while a young man, and has also been Highway Commisioner three years and a member of the School Board most of the time during the last forty years of his life.
    The marriage of Marquis and Miss Clarissa A. PAYNE was celebrated at the home of the bride in Lenawee Co., July 31, 1853. To this couple were born born two children: Ella V. who is now the wife of Charles ZELUFF of Monroe Co., MI, and Albert T. who lives in Ellis Co., KS. Mrs. Clarissa Black died at her home in Jefferson Twp., Nov. 17, 1858. Mr. Black married second Miss Eunice B. FIELD on April 5, 1863. She was born Sept. 28, 1839, in Crawford Co., OH, the daughter of Seldon and Lydia (KETCHUM) Field, natives respectively of CT and NY and both now deceased. Of this union there are seven living children: Wealthy A., the eldest, b. July 19, 1864, is now the wife of John MILLS of Jefferson Twp. and the mother of four children; Ruel De L., born Nov. 16, 1865, is married, has one child and lives on the home farm; E. J. Elmer was born Oct 21, 1867 and, with the younger children, remains with his parents; E ddie Field, born Oct 22, 1869; Myrtle E., Oct. 13, 1871; Junia Altai, June 2, 1873 and Samuel J. Tilden, Nov. 5, 1876.
    Marquis Black was 18 years of age at the time of his father's death and he commenced at once to do for himself. He at first rented 40 acres of the old Homestead and later purchased 80 acres upon which he has since labored. He cast his first Presidential vote for Zachary Taylor and has ever since been a supporter of Democratic princples. He belongs to the Protestant Methodist Church while his estimable wife is an Adventist. Both are greatly respected by their neighbors.

    Andrew BLAIR

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. page p. 558
    NOTE: This is an extract of the original article.

    Andrew BLAIR was a long time resident and owner of a valuable farm in Camden Twp. The farm was comprised of 80 acres on section 8 and 96 adjoining acres on section 5.
    Andrew was born in Fairfield Co., OH, 6/22/1816. His parents were James and Sarah Blair, both natives of Northern Ireland. They emigrated to the US early in the 1800s.
    They were among the early pioneers of Fairfield Co. where James died 9/1/1818, still a young man, leaving his widow and ten children. Of these children three were still living in 1888, Thomas of Jackson Co., MI; Nancy (Mrs. BROWN) of Iowa and Andrew.
    Shortly after the father's death the family moved to Seneca Co., OH, where Andrew and his brothers and sisters grew up.
    Andrew married Sarah A. MYERS in Sandusky Co., OH, on 11/2/1837. She was the dau. of John and Martha Myers of that county.
    In 1847, Andrew and Sarah moved to Hillsdale Co. and in 1854 located on the farm in Camden Twp. where he was still living in 1888.
    Sarah Blair died on 12/22/1887, greatly mourned by her husband of 50 years and their children. The children were as follows.
    * Eveline, Mrs. O. L. WELLS, of Reading Twp.
    * Charles R. of Montgomery, Camden Twp.
    * Wilson S. also of Camden Twp.
    * Leroy, a resident of Ellsworth Co., KS
    * Caroline, Mrs. Lewis PALMER, of Reading Twp.
    * Oscar, also of Reading Twp.
    * Triphena, Mrs. Alfred SMALL, of Camden Twp.
    * Louis C., also of Camden Twp.

    John BOALS

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.451.

    John BOALS farmed 80 acres on section 33, Amboy Twp., Hillsdale Co. He was born 1/1/1846 in Richland Co., OH, the son of John and Sarah (HART) BOALS.
    The younger John is of Irish-German extraction and his maternal grandfather, it is believed, served as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
    John Boals, Sr. was twice married and the father of 22 children, of whom the following survive: Mary, Elizabeth, Emily, Elmina, John, Joseph, Margaret and Hannah.
    In the spring of 1862, he brought his family to Hillsdale Co. where he settled on the land now occupied by John, Jr. John, Sr. died in 1868, on the homestead where he had labored. John, Sr. was well respected by all who knew him. Politically he was a Democrat.
    His wife, Sarah, was still alive in 1888, being nearly 80 years old. She resided with a daughter in Woodbridge Twp. and was still quite active and able to do considerable work.
    John, Jr. was reared in Hillsdale Co. and attended district schools. He early chose to become a farmer. On 2/20/1869, he married Mary L. PHILLIPS.
    She was born 5/15/1851, in OH and was the daughter of Henry L. and Mary J. Phillips who were natives of CT. The father was still living in 1888, the mother was deceased.
    John and Mary were the parents of three children, Carrie, b. 9/28/1869; Hattie B., b. 10/29/1873 and Ellen, b. 3/3/1875.
    Like his father before him, John voted the straight Democratic ticket. He served as Assessor and School Director and took a genuine interest in the progress and welfare of his township.

    William BOONE

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903 - page 226-27.
    [NOTE: This is an extract of the full article]

    William BOONE was born in Somersetshire, England 7 Jan 1854, the son of James & Louisa LOXSTONE BOONE.
    James & family came to the United States in 1856, settling in Yates Co. NY until 1865, when they moved to Michigan [no specific mention of where - probably Hillsdale]
    James died in 1891, and Louisa died in 1896. They had 11 children, 7 sons & 4 daughters [none named]. Nine were living as of 1903, with 5 living in Hillsdale County.
    William bought his first farm in the Spring of 1879. In 1874 he married Miss Alice HINKLE, a native of Hillsdale county & daughter of Samuel and Flora BENEDICT HINKLE.
    William and Alice had 4 children: Cora L. BOONE, William J. BOONE, Charles E. BOONE and Claude E. BOONE.

    Eli L. BOOTH

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan. 1888, Chapman Bros. page 565
    NOTE: This is an extract of the original article

    Eli L. BOOTH, owner of a good farm on Section 31, Pittsford Twp., was born near Roxbury in Delaware Co., NY, on 7/17/1827.
    His parents were Levi and Phebe (HARLEY) BOOTH, both natives of CT. Levi was born in Stafford, CT. He left New England as a young man and made his way to Delaware Co. where he purchased a tract of timber land from which he cleared a farm. He and Phebe lived there for the remainder of their days.
    Eli left his parents' home at the age of 18, going first to Albany where he worked for one and a half years for an older brother. He next went to Sweden, Monroe Co., NY, where he continued as a farm laborer until 1854 when he decided to move west and establish a home for himself in Michigan.
    He settled in Pittsford Twp., Hillsdale Co., first renting land for a year and then, in the following year, purchasing the tract on which he has lived continuously since.
    Eli's first wife was Samantha CLARK, a native of Monroe Co., NY and a daughter of Lewis Clark of VT who was an early settler in NY. Eli and Samantha had two daughters, Victorine and Hattie.
    Victorine became the wife of D. C. LUTS of Pittsford and Hattie made her home with them. Samantha died at home in Pittsford Twp. in April 1867.
    On 9/11/1867, Eli married Louisa WINDLE. She was born 9/13/1844 in Nottinghamshire, England, the daughter of John and Elizabeth (CORKIN) WINDLE, both natives of that place, where they were married 8/8/1839.
    In 1850 the Windle family emigrated to the US and settled in Niagara Co., NY. In 1857 they moved again to Wright Twp., Hillsdale Co. where Mrs. Windle died in 1865. Mr. Windle later moved and in 1888 was residing in Marshall, MI.
    Eli and Louisa were the parents of Elnora Maude, born 8/10/1871 and Ermie Belle, born 3/18/1881.
    Eli voted the straight Republican ticket and was a peaceful and law abiding citizen.

    Dr. William W. BOWER

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903 - page 449-450.
    NOTE: This is an extract of the full article.

    Dr. William W. BOWER was born in Detroit Mich. 26 Oct. 1865, son of Livingston & Margaret NICHOLSON BOWER. Livingston was a native of New York and Margaret of Scotland, immigrating with her parents as an infant. Livingston and Margaret were deceased as of 1903. They had 9 children (not named) of whom William was the oldest.
    William completed high school in Detroit and entered the Michigan College of Medicine & Surgery in 1891 and graduated with an M.D. in 1895. He began his practice at Ecorse and moved to Camden in 1900.
    On 1 July 1886, William married Miss Grace PROUTY, a native of Wayne Co. MI and daughter of Daniel G. & Margaret PROUTY, still living in Wayne Co. as of 1903. Grace died in 1900, leaving two children, Forrest BOWER and Hazel BOWER.
    William then married Miss Catherine POWERS in 1901. She was a native of Hillsdale Co. and the daughter of John and Catherine HOLMES POWERS. John was deceased as of 1903, while Catherine was living in Hillsdale.

    Benjamin C. BRADLEY

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical published 1903, Elon J. Reynolds, ed. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. Page 358-59

    Benjamin C. BRADLEY, born 5 Jul 1806 in Springfield, Connecticut, son of Benjamin BRADLEY (native of north Ireland) and Deborah WINCHELL (native of Virginia). They had 13 children, with Bejamin being the youngest and last survivor.
    The family moved to Lyons, Wayne County, New York when Benjamin was 12 (c 1818). Benjamin married Catherine COLE, daughter of William and Margaret COLE (natives of Germany who emigrated to New Jersey, later moving to Wayne Co, NY).
    Benjamin C. BRADLEY came to Hillsdale County in the spring of 1835 and bought 160 acres of land 2 miles south of Camden. He returned to New York, returning permanently to Hillsdale in the spring of 1838, bringing his family (his mother, wife & children).
    Catherine died 27 Dec 1860 in Camden Township; Benjamin died 2 Jun 1893, also in Camden Twp.
    The children of Benjamin and Catherine were as follows:
    * James C. BRADLEY, born 29 Nov 1832 - Lyons, Wayne County, New York
    * Margaret BRADLEY, born in New York; widow of George S. CRANE & living in Camden.
    * Jane BRADLEY, born in Michigan; deceased - married 1) Charles B. JOHNSON 2) David SMITH
    * Julia BRADLEY, born in Michigan; married Ormond C. CRANE - both deceased.
    * Esther W. BRADLEY, born in Michigan; married 1) Henry T. CRANE 2) Walter St. JOHN - living on family homestead.

    James C. BRADLEY

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical published 1903, Elon J. Reynolds, ed. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co. 359-60

    James C. BRADLEY was born 29 Nov 1832, son of Benjamin BRADLEY and Catherine COLE. James was 6 years old when the family came to Hillsdale County. He became friends with several local Indians and tried to accompany the tribe when they were relocated in 1842.
    James enlisted in the 18th MI Infantry, Company H on 5 Aug 1862. He was involved in Morgan's Raid and was nearly taken prisoner by the Confederates. He mustered out on 25 Dec 1863 due to disabilities caused by typhoid fever.
    James' first marriage in 1866 was to Miss Ellen THOMPSON, native of Lenawee County. They had two children:
    Minnie BRADLEY, wife of John F. EAST of Camden.
    Benzora BRADLEY, wife of William ROGGIE, deceased.
    Ellen passed away in in 1897 and James married Miss Maggie B. CHAPMAN. They had a son, James C. Jr - age 4 (c 1899) as of the biography publication.
    James owned a general store and was postmaster, township clerk and notary. He was involved in the Odd Fellows, the Freemasons and the GAR.

    Richard R. BRITTEN

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 244. [NOTE: this sketch is part of a large sketch on William H. DEVOE, Richard's son-in-law]

    " Richard R. BRITTEN came to Michigan in 1835 and entered a tract of government land in Pittsford Township on which he settled a year later, after his marriage, which occurred 28 Aug 1836 [he married Ellen COLLINS]. On this land, he expended the labor of his mature life, clearing and improving it, adding to its fertility and attractiveness by continued and well-applied industry; here, also, in 19 Nov 1875, he died at the age of sixty-three, leaving eight children [one of whom, Mary F. BRITTEN, married William H. DEVOE], being mourned by the community as a public-spirited citizen who was always ready to aid in the promotion of every worthy enterprise, also as a very intelligent gentleman, diligently studious of political literature and well posted on leading questions of the day.
    Two years after his death, his widow married with Lorenzo BARKMAN, a native of Albany, new York and an early settler in Michigan ... She was born in Seneca County, New York on 29 Feb 1820, and came with her parents, James and Elizabeth (CHANDLER) COLLINS to the territory of Michigan in 1833 ..."

    Benjamin W. BROCKWAY

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p. 858.
    NOTE: This following info is an extract of the biographical sketch.

    Benjamin W. BROCKWAY was a prominent citizen of Allen Twp., Hillsdale Co., having pioneered in the area and lived there for over 50 years.
    He was b. 10/22/1816 in Phelps, NY. He was the eldest son of George and Polly (AMSDEN)BROCKWAY, born respectively in Lyme CT, 1/21/1787, and in Conway, MA, 12/19/1792. They married in Seneca Co., NY where they lived for some time before moving to Phelps, in Ontario Co.
    There George Brockway died 1/6/1827 in the prime of life. George and Polly had three sons and three daus. Mrs. Brockway outlived her husband by many years. She died 1/8/1882 in Hillsdale at the home of her son Benjamin.
    Benjamin lived at home until he was 19 years old. In 1836 he decided to make Mich. his home. He located first in Washtenaw Co. where he spent 18 months.
    In the spring of 1838 he moved to Allen Twp. where he thereafter made his home. He started with 80 acres and increased that to 199 acres on section 27.
    In Allen Twp., on 2/18/1841, Benjamin marr. Sarah A. PETTIBONE. She was the dau. of Roswell and Harriet (BALL) PETTIBONE. They came to Oakland Co., MI, from near Batavia, NY, in 1827.
    In 1833 or 1834 they moved to London, Monroe Co., MI where Mrs. Pettibone died in 1835. In 1839 the family moved to Allen Twp. Mr. Pettibone died there at the home of Benjamin and Sarah.
    Sarah was born 4/28/1822 near Batavia, NY. She and Benjamin had two children who lived to maturity. They were Harriet H., the widow of A. B. BIFORD of Benton Harbor, MI, and Thomas N., who took over the running of the family farm, allowing his father to live in retirement.
    Benjamin served his community as Treasurer of Allen Twp., Justice of the Peace and Highway Commissioner and was a member of the Masonic fraternity.

    Anson R. BROWN

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.370.

    Anson R. BROWN, M.D. has been a practicing physician of Jonesville since the summer of 1883, and came into the State when it was a Territory. He was born in Richmond, Ontario Co., NY, Oct 8, 1824, and was the youngest of nine children, the offspring of John and Rhoda (CRITTENDEN) Brown, who were natives, respectively, of Conn. and Vermont. John Brown, the father of our subject, was of Scottish extraction and the mother was of English ancestry who settled in Conn. probably during Colonial days, and whose descendants later were residents in and around Great Otter Creek, near Vergennes. Zebulon Crittenden, the maternal grandfather of our subject, was married, and settled, near that place where he spent his last years. There his daughter Rhoda was born. She spent her last days at the residence of her son, our subject, at Albion, this State, passing away at the ripe old age of 88 years. John Brown died in Richmond, Ontario Co., NY, in 1825 when his son, Anson R., was only eleven months old.
    Dr. Brown was early in life thrown upon his own resources and came to the Terr. of Mich. in about 1833 or 1834. He lived in different places in Mich. and Ohio, taking up the study of medicine in the little town of Defiance, Ohio, reading there and at other places until ready to enter the Eclectic Medical College of Cincinnati, from which he graduated in 1852. He began the practice of his profession in Medina, Lenawee Co., this State, whence he removed to Jackson Co., and three years later changed his residence to Cincinnati.
    In the Queen City he was made Superintendent of the laboratory and wholesale drug-store of H. M. Merrill & Co., which position he held for a number of years. He returned to Mich. about 1856, and was a resident of Litchfield for a period of 16 years. He then removed to Albion and eleven years later to Jonesville, this county, and most of this time has been continuously engaged as a physician and surgeon.
    Dr. Brown was married Feb. 15, 1849, in Cincinnati, to Miss Adeline E. LUNDY, who died in Jonesville in April 1883. She was the mother of eleven children, seven sons and four daughters, all of whom are living and residents of the United States. Dr. Brown contracted a second marriage, in Jonesville, on May 7, 1884, with Mrs. Sarah (APPLEGATE) SUDBOROUGH, dau. of Joseph H. and Ann (LACY) Applegate of New Jersey, and the widow of the late Joseph Sudborough of Adrian. They occupy a snug home in the central part of the city. Dr. Brown has been President of the State Eclectic Medical Association two years and, politically, is a solid Republican. Socially, he belongs to Lodge No. 40, A. F. & A. M.

    Submitted by Katherine Paty, Tempe, AZ

    Immamnuel BROWN

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co. Mich Chicago: Chapman Brothers 1888 p 397
    [NOTE: This is an extract of the article]

    Immamnuel BROWN was b. 1 Mar 1837 in Hancock Co., OH. The son of Jonas and Nancy (FRANKS) BROWN.
    Jonas was born in Nov.1800 in NY; Nancy in 1801 in OH. Jonas died in 1849 in OH. He and Nancy had eleven children: John, Arminda, Rachel, Elizabeth, Immanuel, Margaret, Nancy J., Jonas, Mary, James and Joseph. Two died in infancy (but does not say which two). Nancy moved her children to MI in 1850.
    On 3 April 1857, Immamnuel married Ellen E. JUDD, who was born 7 Nov 1837 in Hillsdale Co. She was the daughter of Liberty and Ann (PHILLIPS) JUDD.
    Liberty was born 1787 in VT and died 1876 in Hillsdale Co. Ann was born 1807 in NY and died 1856, also in Hillsdale Co.
    Immamnuel and Ellen had 7 children: Wilson E., Frank J., Abbie L., and Lulu E. still living. James F., Adolphus D. and Josephine L. were deceased by 1888.
    Nov. 3, 1861, Immamnuel enlisted in the Union Army and there is a long, interesting account of his service.

    Samuel R. BURGAN

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 745
    [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    Samuel R. BURGAN was b. 9/21/1841 in Sandusky, Erie Co., OH. His parents were Samuel and Sophronia (MANNING) BURGAN., both natives of Wayne Co., OH where they were married.
    They later moved to Sandusky Co. where Samuel, Sr. died in 1841, aged 45 years, before the birth of Samuel, Jr. Samuel, Jr. had two brothers and three sisters. Sophronia died in 1864, aged 55 years.
    In 1862, in Toledo, Samuel enlisted in the Union Army, Company G, 111th Ohio Infantry. He served for three years and saw much active fighting in thirty pitched battles. He escaped both wounds and imprisonment and was mustered out at Salisbury, NC and returned to Ohio.
    In 1867 he married Celeste HUNTER. She was b. 12/1/1843 in Sandusky. Her parents were John and Rhoda (GEORGE) HUNTER, natives of Tompkin Co., NY and of VT, respectively. After marriage they settled in Sandusky and later moved to Fremont, Erie Co., OH. John HUNTER died there in 1864 aged 60 years. John and Rhoda had 10 children, 5 of whom reached adulthood. Celeste was the youngest. In 1888, Rhoda was living with the BURGANs and was 75 years old.
    In March 1874, Samuel and Celeste settled in Litchfield Twp., Hillsdale Co. Their 120 acre farm was on section 35. They had no children.

    William E. BURNETT

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 567
    [NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

    William E. BURNETT, a native of Jackson Co., MI, was b. 10/11/1841. His parents were John and Judith (OTTO) BURNETT who came to Mich. when it was still a territory. Both parents were natives of NY state and were of Dutch ancestry.
    In 1849 they moved to Jefferson Twp., Hillsdale Co., where John d. in 1864. Judith was still living in 1888 (when this book was published).
    William was one of four children: James F., who died 12/6/1881 in Jonesville, leaving two daus. and his wife; Chancy V. (Chauncey?), a resident of Jonesville and father of a large family (none named here) and Mary E., Mrs. Orlo CHEEVER, who died in 1874 leaving one dau. Mrs. Louella MOORE.
    William marr. Emaline DURYEE on 12/24/1863. She was the dau. of Simon and Selma (SEELY) DURYEE. Emaline was b. in Lenawee Co., MI 10/5/1845. William and Emaline had only one child surviving to adulthood, Charles Ernest, who was b. 8/18/1869.
    William's brother, Chancy, served in the Union Army, 4th Mich. Infantry. He was in the Battle of the Wilderness and at Gettysburg. In both battles he was wounded and on that account received a pension.

    A. T. BUTTS

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.566.

    A. T. BUTTS is a thrifty and practical general farmer of Cambria Twp. where he is successfully carrying on his recently acquired, well-improved farm of 55 acres on sect. 28. He is also a skilled stonemason, having learned that trade while living in Sodus, Wayne Co., NY. His services in that line are often in demand. He was born in Hadley Castle, Worcestershire, England on Nov. 8, 1846, the son of Matthew and Elizabeth (PALMER) Butts. The parents are still (1888) living in Hadley Castle, both 75 years of age. The father is a layman in the Church of England, of which the mother is also a devoted member. They had a large family of children, twelve of whom are living and six are deceased.
    A. T. was the second son of this family, reared and educated in the place of his birth. For the 18 months prior to his coming to this country, A. T. was in Scotland, in the service of Marmaduke Maxwell, in the capacity of underbutler. He left Dumfriesshire, determined to make a new life in America, embarking from England in Jan. 1866. He first located in Wayne Co., NY, where he engaged in farm work and acquired knowledge of the stonemason's trade. During the first year of his life in this country, he married, on Nov. 7, 1866, Miss Aphelia R. HOWELL. She was born in Palmyra, Wayne Co., on Jan. 22, 1836, the dau. of Isaac M. and Susan (CHRYSLER) Howell. The parents are now deceased, both having died in Palmyra, the mother in Aug. 1883, aged 71 years and the father, a farmer, in 1868. They had four children, one son and three daus., Aphelia being the second born and the eldest dau.
    A. T. and Aphelia had seven children, only two of whom survived to adulthood, Albertson H. and Warren M. The other five were George E., Ida, Ada, Mark and Eddie. The family lived for some years in NY State and then came to Mich. in 1883, where they have resided since in Cambria Twp., Hillsdale Co. Mr. Butts is a staunch Democrat and Mrs. Butts a sincere and devout Christian and member of the Presbyterian Church.

    submitted by Tracey Morris
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