This page contains biographical sketches (full or extract) of former Hillsdale County residents.
The majority come from pre-1921 published sources as cited in the sketch.

Jacob K. Camburn * John A. Carncross * William A Carpenter * Henry Taylor Carr * Robert Carruthers, Sr.
Robert B. Carruthers, Jr. * William Case * William Nelson Case * Willis Case * Ludd Chandler
Paschel Cheney * Hon. Guy C. Chester * Samuel Cole * John Conley * James C. Cooper
C. C. Cortwright * Corwin Cox * Hon. Robert Cox * Robert M. Cox * Archer H. Crane * Asa L. Crane
Darius P. Crane * William Crane * Dr. Alonzo Cressy * C.W. Cunningham * William S. Curtis


From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.852.

Jacob K. CAMBURN is a pioneer of Hillsdale County and is now, after seeing his children well settled in life, retired from active labor and living with his daughter, Mrs. R. B. MARVIN. His parents were Levi and Margaret (MOUNT) CAMBURN, natives of Monmouth Co., NJ.
After their marriage they removed, in 1805, to Canandaigua Co., NY. Later they moved to Macedon Center, Wayne Co., NY, where the father served as minister at the Methodist Church. In the fall of 1835 they came to Mich. and settled in Moscow Twp., this county. Here he continued in his holy calling until his death in 1844, aged 81, at the home of our subject. The mother died in Lockport, NY, while on a visit to a son. Levi CAMBURN was much loved by those who knew him as a kind and gentle minister to all who came to him for help, both practical and spiritual.
Jacob was born Aug. 11, 1798 at Barnagat, NJ, the fifth of eleven children. He was 7 years old when his parents moved to NY where he was reared and educated in the common schools. He secured a tract of land on which he operated while he also worked for others by the month for four or five years. Upon reaching maturity he married, in 1818, Miss Rebecca CHAMPION, a native of NY State. To them were born five children: Miron, Jacob, Arretta, Emery and Herkimer.
The mother of these children, who nobly seconded her husband's efforts to secure the comforts of life for their growing family, was taken from him by death in Jan. 1840 when 41 years old. Mr. CAMBURN brought his family to Mich. in 1835 and settled in Franklin Center, Lenawee Co. where two of his brothers and three sisters had preceded him. There he bought a farm of 200 acres.
In 1840 he married again to Mrs. Sarah CAMBURN, the widow of Levi CAMBURN, Jr. She was the dau. of Isaac and Ann (LEACH) ESELOW, both natives of NJ. Isaac and Ann were married at Macedon Center, NY, and resided in Wayne Co., that state, until the fall of 1835, when they came to Mich. and settled in Homer, Calhoun Co. There they resided until their deaths, the father dying in 1853, aged 70 yrs and the mother in 1858, also aged 70.
Mrs Sarah CAMBURN was born Jan. 1, 1811, the eldest in a family of 3 boys and 3 girls. She grew up in Wayne Co., NY, and attended district schools. She walked two and one-half miles to school each day and also helped run the household. She was bright and diligent and secured a good education. In 1828 she was united in marriage with Levi CAMBURN, Jr. and they became the parents of Eliza J., Julia A., Marietta and Laura S.
After the birth of their third daughter, they came to Mich in 1835, settling in Moscow Plains, this county, where Levi CAMBURN worked at his trade of blacksmith until his death in 1838, at only 28 years of age. They were among the earliest families in this township. The first religious meetings in Moscow Plains were held in their home.
Jacob and Sarah CAMBURN became the parents of: Rebecca B., Drusilla V., Fayette E. and Sarah A.

  • Rebecca married Moses MARVIN and has two children. Elmer E. is now living in Kansas, is married to Agnes HARTLY, and their children are Octa B. and Amy D. Frank C., the other child of Rebecca and Moses Marvin, resides at home.
  • Drusilla V. is the wife of Dorr CONKLING of Moscow and has two children, Guy and Fay.
  • Fayette E. married Martha W. CLAPP and was subsequently married to Lois CORIELLE, by whom he had one son, Wade B. Fayette is now deceased.
  • Sarah A. died in infancy.
    Jacob CAMBURN gave his farm in Lenawee Co. to his eldest son and to the next oldest a farm of 180 acres. He then came to this county, settling in Moscow Twp. which since has been his home. He has given away all his land and has the satisfaction of seeing his children comfortably settled in life. Now 90 years of age, he can look back upon a well-spent life which has brought him the esteem and confidence of all who have enjoyed the pleasure of his acquaintance.
    Mr. and Mrs. Camburn are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Moscow Plains and Mrs. CAMBURN is the only surviving member of the first Methodist class organized in Moscow Twp. Mr. C. has served his community as a school officer and has also done duty many times as a juryman. In politics he is a Republican.

    submitted by Tracey Morris



    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, Chapman Brothers, 1888, p.275.

    John A. CARNCROSS, Esq. a native of Cayuga County, N.Y., commenced life for himself when a young man on section 32, in Pittsford Township, this county, upon a tract of uncultivated land upon which there had been effected very little improvement and no buildings worth mentioning. He had one cow,one yearling calf, five sheep, a pig and a pair of small horses. By the practice of rigid economy and the exercise of untiring industry, he in due time found himself upon the high road to prosperity, and is now the owner of a good farm embracing eighty acres of land, the greater part of it under a good state of cultivation, a good frame barn, and a substantial and convenient brick residence. His land has been thoroughly drained with 1,500 rods of tile, and his live stock and farm machinery are highly creditable to his industry and good judgment. A quiet and unobtrusive man, he has endeavored to live honestly and uprightly, and enjoys in a marked degree the esteem of his neighbors.

    Our subject was born near the town of Ira, N.Y., Feb. 12, 1836. His father, William Carncross, was a native of Schoharie County, that State, and his grandfather, Lewis Carncross, it is supposed was born in Holland, whence he crossed the Atlantic in early manood. He took up his residence among the pioneers of Cayuga County, N.Y., and there spent the remainder of his days, his death taking place in the town of Cato about 1856.

    William Carncross, the father of our subject, was reared in his native county, where he conbtinued until after his marriage. He then purchased a farm in Cayuga County, near which the town of Ira grew up, and there lived and labored the remainder of his days. The maiden name of the mother was Diana Albright, and she also was a native of Schoharie County, and the Descendant of Holland ancestry. She passed away some years before the decease of her husband, dying also at the old homestead in Cayuga County. The parental family in cluded four children, two of whom are living, and are now residents of Hillsdale County and Cayuga County, N.Y.

    Our subject was but two years of age at the time of his mother's death. His father subsequently married, and John A. was reared by his stepmother. He continued under the parental roof until uniting his fortunes with a maiden of his own county. Miss Catherine Ruleff, their wedding taking place on the 5th of September, 1854. On the 23d of October following, the newly married pair set out for the State of Michigan, going by rail to Buffalo, thence by lake to Toledo and from there again by cars to Clayton, in Lenawee County, where our subject arrived with a cash capital of twenty-two shillings in his pocket. He made it his first business to seek employment, which he found as a railroad laborer, while his bride went and lived with a farmer where they both boarded. Mr. Carncross a few months later rented land and commenced farming, and they continued residents of that vicinity until the spring of 1859. The first purchase of our subject was forty acres of land, which he secured possession of in the year above mentioned, and for which he was to pay the sum of $700. From this the timber had mostly been chopped away, although a large portion of the stumps were still standing, and there was a plank house, a small frame barn with the roof caved in, and a log stable. The stimulus of possession, however, gave the young people courage to cheerfully accept this as a home until they could improve its condition, and here, where they commenced the more serious struggle of life, they have since continued, with the results already indicated.

    The wife of our subject was born in the town of Conquest, Cayuga Co., N.Y., Sept. 11, 1835. Her father, John Ruleff, was born in Schoharie County and was the son of Jacob Ruleff, who settled in Cayuga County at an early day, and purchased a small tract of land upon which he spent the remainder of his life. John Ruleff was married in Cayuga County to Miss Catherin coppernoll, and they continued residents of that county until 1855. That year they came to this State and the father purchased sixty acres of land in Hudson Township. This he sold a few years later, but continued to reside in Hudson until his death, as also did his excellent wife. The latter was the daughter of Andrew and Catherine Coppernoll, natives of New York, who spent their last years in Cayuga County, N.Y.

    Mr. and Mrs. Carncross became the parents of five children, four now living, namely: Frank W. and Elma E., residents of Pittsford Township; Amelia, who continues with her parents, and William O., who operates the home farm. Mr. C. has been quite prominent in township affairs, and served as Justice of the Peace for nearly eighteen years. He has always taken a deep interest in the cause of education, and has been connected with the School Board the greater part of the time since taking up his residence there. Politally, he votes with the Republican party.

    Contributed April 2009 by Pat McArthur

    William A CARPENTER

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Elon G. Reynolds ed. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical (1903) and Largely Biographical (1903) page 128-29 [NOTE: The following is an abstract of the original sketch]

    William A CARPENTER was born 30 Jan 1832, possibly in Rensselaer County, New York. He was the son of William Carpenter (born 5 Feb 1801 in Rensselaer County, New York; died 7 Aug 1869) and Nancy BURDEN (native of Lanesboro, Massachusetts; died in 1872). William & Nancy also had a daughter, who was deceased by 1903.
    William A.'s grandfather was Elijah CARPENTER, who fought in the War of 1812, and his great-grandfather was Jesse CARPENTER, a Revolutionary War veteran in a Massachusetts regiment. Jesse moved to Madison Co NY in 1800 and died at the home of his grandson, William CARPENTER, at the age of 96.
    William A. Carpenter moved to Elgin, Illinois in 1855 and by 1862 settled in Port Huron, Michigan. in 1864 he moved to Detroit to work in the Locomotive Works, and came to Bankers, Michigan in 1871.
    William married Miss Ellen RICHARDSON in 1855 and "is a native of the same county in New York as himself". They had one child, Nellie CARPENTER, who married Charles KIDMAN of Bankers, Michigan.
    William served as justice of the peace for 16 years, was township supervisor in 1880 and 1881, and was postmaster at Bankers for 7 years. He was also a Freemason and belonged to the Whig and Repubublican parties.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Henry Taylor CARR

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.717.

    H. T. CARR is a prominent and respected citizen residing on section 9, Fayette Twp., where he is engaged as a successful agriculturalist. His father, Dr. Edson CARR, was born in Vershire, Orange Co., VT, Oct. 29, 1801, while his grandfather, John CARR, was born in Northwood, NH, March 1759, a farmer by occupation. The great-grandfather, Saunders CARR, emigrated from Scotland in the early part of the 18th Century and the family first settled in Salisbury, Conn.
    The mother of our subject was Mary W. BEALS who was born in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY, Oct. 22, 1807. Her father, Thomas BEALS, was born in Boston, Mass., Nov. 13, 1783 and her mother, Abigail FIELD, was born Apr. 7, 1784. The latter was the aunt of Cyrus W. FIELD and the Hon. Stephen J. FIELD who was Judge of the U. S. Supreme Court, and was also the sister of the Rev. D. D. FIELD of Stockbridge, Mass. She died Aug. 8, 1872, in Canandaigua. Mary W. BEALS married Dr. Edson CARR on Nov. 8, 1827.
    The father of our subject was a prominent physician in Canandaigua for 35 years. Prof. Croyden FORD of the University at Ann Arbor was a student of Dr. CARR as was also the late Prof. Moses GUNN, Pres. of Rush Medical School at Chicago, IL. It is said that the medical department at the University at Ann Arbor really emanated from the office of Dr. CARR at Canandaigua. Dr. CARR received the honorary degree of M. D. from the Medical College at Geneva with special distinction and was invited to a professorship at the institution.
    He made Canandaigua his home and continued his practice there until his death Nov. 29, 1861. His wife had died a few months earlier on April 13. His death was universally regretted by all who knew him. He was kind and gentle in his treatment, sympathetic by nature and had earned the title of "beloved physician". Dr. and Mrs. CARR were members of the Congregational Church for many years, to which they contributed largely of their means and supported by their encouragement.
    The parental family of our subject included Thomas B, a dentist in Wilmington, NC; Henry T. who died as an infant and William E. who was also a dentist and died in NC.
    Henry Taylor CARR, our subject, was the youngest, born Dec. 2, 1839, in Canandaigua where he received his education, first in the common schools and later at Canandaigua Academy. He was still living at home at the time of his father's death and became executor of the estate. He later bought a farm near Canandaigua where he continued to live until 1867, when he sold out, and removed to Hillsdale County where he purchased a fine farm of 160 acres, just outside of Jonesville.
    While still living in Canandaigua, our subject was married, on April 23, 1863, to Miss Maria C. KELSEY, daughter of Camp Kelsey of Jonesville. She was born in Canandaigua on Sept. 1, 1848. (See the sketch of Camp Kelsey, p.660, for parental history.) Mr. and Mrs. Carr have three children living, Mary A., Edson K. and Fannie B. One son, Henry T., died Oct. 2, 1877, when six months old. Mary A. is the wife of Edward C. VARNUM of Jonesville while Edson and Fannie are at home.
    Mr. Carr has been a member of the School Board for several years and has made agricultural pursuits his occupation. He and Mrs. Carr are members of the Presbyterian Church in which Mr. Carr has been Trustee for several years and is at present Elder and Trustee. In politics he is ever to be found with the Democratic Party.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Robert CARRUTHERS, Sr.

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p. 606

    Robert CARRUTHERS, Sr. is an old resident of Woodbridge Twp., having come to Hillsdale Co. in the pioneer days. He first purchased 80 acres of land, all in timber, for $480 cash, and then set about to clear the land and prepare the soil for cultivation. He has lived here and farmed successfully for 34 years.
    Robert was born in Berwickshire, Scotland, in the spring of 1825 or 1826, the son of Thomas and Catharine (WILSON) Carruthers, both of pure Scottish ancestry. They lived their entire lives in their native land and died there many years ago. The father was a farmer and a man of decided ideas, a member of the Scottish Presbyterian Church who trained his children in the strictest precepts and by the old methods.
    Of the children the record is as follows: Peter died some years ago in Scotland; John was an Elder of the Free Church for many years and is now deceased; Catharine continues in her native land and lives comfortably on 25 acres. Robert, our subject; Jessie and Andrew are living in Scotland and Thomas, Jr., is deceased.
    In about 1851, the father sent his son to this country to look about for a home. After Robert had investigated sufficiently, and, knowing well the disposition of his honored sire, he advised him to stay where he was, which advice the latter took.
    Robert arrived in this country at New York City and from there went to the home of an uncle in Baltimore where he stayed three months. He then migrated to Cleveland, OH, where he hired out as a teamster, saved up the snug sum of $600, and finally made his way to Michigan.
    While in Cleveland he met and married, in 1853, Miss Ellen BOYLE. She died in 1870 in Woodbridge Twp.
    Robert then married Miss Jennie McDOUGALL in Woodbridge in August, 1874. This lady is the daughter of James McDOUGALL of the same township, and is the mother of three children, namely: James, Mazey and David.
    Robert's first wife bore him five children: Thomas W. and Andrew D. (deceased); Robert B., Lillie and Kate. Lilly was a very bright child, with a large brain and always at the head of her class in school. Her mind being in excess of her physical strength, she was stricken down at the age of 14 years, dying in March, 1875. Katie is living at home.
    Mr. Carruthers inherited his ancestors' high moral principles and love of truth. He is a man of more than ordinary intelligence. While living in Cleveland he joined the Presbyterian Church and was prominent among the brethren. He has considerable musical talent and is a fine vocalist. Politically, he votes independently and has no aspirations for office.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Robert B. CARRUTHERS, Jr.

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.695.

    Robert B. CARRUTHERS, Jr., an enterprising young farmer of Woodbridge Twp., is operating 92 acres of land on section 8. He was born in this township on June 7, 1858, and has resided here since.
    His parents, Robert, Sr. and Helen (BOYLE) Carruthers were both natives of Scotland and came to this country before their marriage, becoming residents of Cleveland, OH, where they were made one in the year 1853. The mother died in December, 1870, in Woodbridge Twp.
    The father subsequently married Jennie McDOUGALL and is living in Woodbridge. By the first marriage of Robert Carruthers, Sr., there were born six children, three now living.
    Robert, Jr. acquired a common school education and chose farming for his vocation in life. He was married on Feb. 12, 1882, at Frontier, Woodbridge Twp., to Miss Almina F. BOALS. She was born in Richland Co., OH, on June 14, 1859, and is the daughter of John and Sarah (HART) Boals, natives, respectively, of PA and OH.
    Mr. Boals was born in 1799, was a farmer, a member of the Baptist Church and a Democrat in politics. The parents were married in OH in 1840 and the father died Feb. 4, 1867 at his home in Woodbridge Twp. Mrs. Boals was born Aug. 19,1815, is still living and makes her home with our subject. She is also a member of the Baptist Church.
    The children of Mr. and Mrs. Boals were as follows:

  • Elijah died while in the Union Army.
  • Mary is the wife of John T. BRAYMAN.
  • Elizabeth married James McDOUGALL of Woodbridge Twp.
  • John married Louisa PHILLIPS and resides in Amboy Twp.
  • Sarah J. died at the age of 19.
  • Charles died in early manhood.
  • Emley married Ollie NOAKER.
  • Almina (Mrs Carruthers) was the youngest of the family.
  • Three others died in infancy,
    Mr. Carruthers has 40 acres of land in his home farm and 40 acres in Cambria Twp. He and his wife have no children. Politically he is a zealous Republican and served one year as Township Treasurer. He and Mrs Carruthers are both members of the United Brethren at Frontier where Mr. C., especially, is interested in Sunday School work.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    William CASE

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.847.

    William CASE, a practical and progressive farmer of this county, is pleasantly situated on section 17 of Scipio Twp. His father, Horace Case, was born 1801 in Canandaigua Co., NY, where he lived until removing to Michigan in 1825 or 1826. He was a pioneer of Lenawee Co. and an early settler in Franklin Twp. In 1835 he moved again to this county, becoming a pioneer in Scipio Twp. He puchased 440 acres and improved a valuable farm, remaining a resident here until his death in Sept. 1862. He was a man of integrity, straightforward in all his dealings, and had the respect of all who knew him.
    He was a soldier in the Black Hawk War where he did good service. He was married twice. His first wife, and the mother of our subject, was Cynthia MOORE, also a native of Canandaigua Co., NY. She lived only a few years after their removal to Scipio, dying there in Oct. 1842. She bore her husband 8 children: Willis and William (twins), Candace, Sarah, Edna, C. N., Horace D., Helen and Mary, the latter two dying when quite young. Sarah is the wife of Hiram KING of Jackson Co., MI; Edna is the wife of Augustus BORDEN of Hillsdale Co.; Horace lives in Isabella Co., MI.
    After the death of his first wife, Mr. Case married Miss Priscilla C. PEARCE who bore him one son, Charles E., now a druggist in Jonesville. She survived her husband and, on 4/25/1870, became the wife of Judge Willard RICHARDS of Jonesville. (See sketch on p333.)
    William, our subject, was born 7/9/1829 in Franklin Twp., Lenawee Co. When he was six years old, the family removed to Scipio Twp. where he was reared on his father's farm. He attended the district schools. With the exception of four years passed in California, he has made Scipio his home from childhood and has engaged mostly in farming. His success is evidenced by his fine farm consisting of 200 acres of well-tilled land on which he has good barns and farm buildings and a most comfortable home.
    The marriage of Mr. Case with Miss Martha A. STOOKEY was celebrated 1/8/1855 in Homer, Calhoun Co., MI. Her parents, Benjamin and Martha (GROVER) Stookey, were natives probably of PA. They came to Michigan and spent their last years in this state, Mrs. Stookey dying in Pulaski, Jackson Co., in the spring of 1863. Mr. Stookey died in Scipio Twp. 12/25/1873. Mr. and Mrs Case have one son, Frank C., who was born in Scipio Twp. 4/13/1858. He was married in his native town, 9/21/1881, to Miss Ella I. BAKER who was born in Montcalm Co., MI, 9/22/1863. They have one child, Clio B. William Case is quite influential in township affairs and is highly esteemed for his sagacity, business tact and high moral worth. Socially he is a member of the Masonic fraternity. In politics he is independent, voting for those men and measures that he thinks will do the most good for the greatest numbers.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    William Nelson CASE

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.233.

    William Nelson CASE was a pioneer of Hillsdale Co. and his story is of more than ordinary interest. We will begin it at about the time he left his native State of NY with the intention of making his permanent home in the West. A short time before, he had traded personal property for 160 acres in Pittsford Twp., for which he was to pay $1,000. Unfortunately, he was not aware of the value of land in this area and found he could have bought as good a tract for half the money. He had already turned over $300 worth of property and, upon his arrival here, had $4.60 in his pocket. Consequently his first business was to seek employment. Mrs. Case commenced teaching at the first school in Likely District.
    With the assistance of his excellent wife, Mr. Case was soon able to purchase a yoke of oxen and for several years thereafter did all his marketing, milling and farm work with them. Letter postage in those days was 25 cents.&! nbsp; He remembers one time when he carried five dozen eggs eight miles to Lanesville where he turned them over for the postage on one letter.
    Deer, wild turkey and other game abounded and the family did not lack for meat. Mrs. Case was almost as good a shot as her husband. One day she shot a turkey that was picking up corn near the doorstep and another time killed a deer grazing in the wheatfield, in sight of the house. Neither husband nor wife lacked courage and endurance and, living the first few years in the most economical manner, in due time began to reap their reward. They are now well-to-do and feel fully repaid for the toils and sacrifices of their younger years.
    Mr. Case was born near Johnstown, Montgomery Co., NY, on 5/5/1814. His father, Ezekiel Case, was born in Washington, Berskhire Co., MA, and was the son of a substantial Mass. farmer who spent his last days in Berkshire Co. There Ezekiel grew to manhood and then set out to seek his fortune in NY State, taking with him his recent bride. They lived in Montgomery Co. until 1820 when our subject, William, was a lad of six years. At that time they returned to Mass., living in Rockingham Co. for two years where the father occupied himself in burning charcoal and at other employments. In 1828, the family again moved back to Johnstown, Montgomery Co., staying there until the winter of 1829-30. That winter Ezekiel and William, now 16 years old, set out for Michigan Territory, making most of the trip on foot.
    They first stopped in the vicinity of Sturgis, St. Joseph Co., at the home of an uncle. After several changes of residence, Ezekiel finally settled near Brighton, Livingston Co., where, with his family, he spent his last years. The mother of our subject was Elizabeth SEARLS. She was born in Cambridge, Washington Co., NY, became the mother of nine children and spent her last days in Albany, NY, living with her daughter. Four of her children are still living.
    William Nelson Case remembers well the tedious journey which he made with his father from NY to Mich. They crossed Bear Creek Valley before anyone at all lived there. He was taken ill a few months later and his uncle took him to Detroit from whence he journeyed, by lake and canal, to Meadsport. There he was met by another uncle who lived nearby. Upon his recovery, he stayed in that section of the country two or three years. He then returned to Mongomery Co. where he worked for three years and then went to Onondaga Co. He continued in the Empire State until 1840, in the meantime taking unto himself a wife and helpmeet. In the spring of that year he moved his family to Mich., this time locating in Pittsford Twp. They journeyed by canal and lake to Toledo and thence to Adrian by rail. There they hired a man with an ox team to take them to Pittsford Twp., arriving there on the 7th of May.
    Mr. Case purchased a ! tract of timber land on section 13 and later bought 80 acres more. In due time he cleared 100 acres where he lived and labored until the close of the late war. Then he rented out this property and moved to Hudson Twp. where he took up a fine tract of land on which he erected a brick house and a frame barn, and where he lived until 1876. He then traded this property for a farm on section 21, adjoining his present homestead, and in 1882, purchased the place where he now resides.
    The wife of our subject, to whom he was married on 12/20/1837, was Miss Fanny LOSEE who was born near Elbridge, Onondaga Co., NY, 6/8/1818. Her father, Joseph Losee, is believed to have been a native of Saratoga Co., NY. It is known he was reared there and then took up residence in Elbridge, where he married and lived until 1820. He then removed to Southern Mich. and, in company with some of his children, bought a tract of timber land on section 32, Pittsford Twp. He later went to Round Lake, Lenawee Co., and spent his last days at the home of a daughter in Dover Twp.
    The mother of Mrs. Case was born Lucy BENNETT, a native of Balston Spa, Saratoga Co., NY, the dau. of Miles and Lucina Bennett, natives of Reading, Conn. The parents spent their last years in Dover, Mich., the mother dying at the home of her daughter in May 1885.
    Mr. and Mrs. Case have two children, Charles B. and Mary. Charles married Miss Elizabeth WINDLE and lives on the old homestead. They have three children: Ida, William N. and Lulu May. Mary is the wife of G. L. MINER, of Roanoke, Huntington Co., Ind. and they have one child, a son, Earl L.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Willis CASE

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.616.

    Willis CASE is among the enterprising, liberal hearted and liberal minded residents of Hillsdale Co., a large proportion of whom are engaged in farming. He is the twin brother of William Case, born 7/9/1829, in Franklin Twp., Lenawee Co., MI, and a son of Horace and Cynthia (MOORE) CASE. (For more about the parental history see the sketch of William Case.)
    Willis received his education in the district schools of Scipio Twp., whither he removed with his parents in 1835. His father owning a large farm here, Willis early in life became conversant with the ways and methods used in cultivating the soil and, when of an age to decide, chose the independent calling of a farmer. He is a wide-awake, energetic man and has kept up with the best means for producing the desired results in agriculture. He now has the satisfaction of owning as productive a farm as any in this locality. It consists of 213 acres of rich land on section 13 of Scipio Twp. on which he has erected a good set of buildings and a comfortable home.
    Mr. CASE was married in Moscow Twp., this county, 4/20/1870, to Miss Emily GODFREY, dau. of Wallace and Clarissa P. (ELMORE) GODFREY, both natives of the Eastern States. In 1838, they came from Ontario Co., NY, to this county and were among the early settlers of Moscow Twp., where the death of Mr. GODFREY occurred 8/20/1868. Mrs. Godfrey still lives in Moscow Twp. on the old homestead. They were the parents of three sons and three daughters, the wife of our subject being the second born girl. Emily was born 8/6/1838, in Moscow Twp. where she was reared and educated. She received the same useful training commonly given to daughters of pioneer households, making her an efficient, capable housewife and a true homemaker for her family. Of the four children born to Willis and Emily only one survives, Frederick H., the other three having died in infancy.
    Willis is a valued citizen and an important factor in promoting and sustaining the industrial interests of his township. He is mindful of the welfare of his country and of his duties as a citizen. Politically he casts his vote with the Republican party. Both he and his wife are pleasant, affable people and have hosts of warm friends.

    submitted by Tracey Morris


    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 450.

    Ludd CHANDLER, the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. [Sanford D] HOPKINS, was born in Somerset township, Hillsdale county, on February 5, 1861. His parents are Amasa and Martha (HOPKINS) CHANDLER, the former a native of New York, and the latter of Hillsdale county, this state. The father, a farmer, came to Michigan with his widowed mother when he was young. They located in Somerset township where he married, for years there followed his chosen occupation, and with his wife, is now enjoying a well-earned ease and quiet in a retired life at Jerome.

    They are the parents of two children, their sons, Ludd and Jay. The younger one was reared at home, and, on reaching years of maturity, married with Miss Amanda MCCURDY and is now the father of two children.

    The elder of the sons, Ludd CHANDLER, was reared by his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. HOPKINS, and, after leaving school, he took charge of his grandfather's farm, which he is still efficiently conducting. On September 9, 1883, he married with Miss Ida ALDRICH, also a native of Hillsdale county, a daughter of Benjamin F. and Elizabeth (VAN ALSTEIN) ALDRICH, the former a native of New York and the latter of Michigan.

    The father came to this state with his parents in infancy. and was reared and educated, as was the mother, in this county. Mr. ALDRICH was a leading business man, who actively engaged in the manufacture of brick and tile for a number of years and has held many offices of trust and responsibility, notably that of school director, in which he rendered efficient service to the cause of public education. He and his estimable wife are attentive friends and supporters of the Methodist Episcopal church, prominent in its works of benevolence. He is a Republican in politics, having for years been active in the service of his party. Their only offspring is their, daughter, Ida, Mrs. Ludd CHANDLER.

    Mr. CHANDLER owns 680 acres of valuable land, commencing his business operations with 280 acres. He has an attractive residence, a good barn, and is filling his grandfathers place in the confidence and service of the community.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Paschel CHENEY

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.576.

    Paschel CHENEY, well-known among the older residents of Jefferson Twp., has occupied his present farm on section 11 for 30 years. It comprises 50 acres of well-cultivated and productive land with all the buildings and appurtenances of the well-to-do modern farmer. Mr. Cheney is well regarded in the township as an honest and upright man who endeavors to do by his neighbors as he would have them do by him.

    Mr. Cheney was born in Monroe Co., NY, April 4, 1822, the son of Paschal P. and Abigail (CULVER) Cheney, both natives of the Empire State, the father being born in the city of Auburn and the mother in Cayuga Co. After their marriage they settled on a farm in Penfield, Monroe Co, and thence came to Mich. about 1858.
    Our subject acquired a limited education in his home county, being put to hard work as soon as he was old enough. When he was 18 he started out in life for himself, working at $10 per month. At 23 years he was married, Dec. 25, 1845, to Miss Clarina HIBNER who was also a native of Monroe Co. born Feb. 26, 1823. Her parents, Allen F. and Annie (KING) Hibner, were also natives of NY State and spent their last days there and in Mich.

    After their marriage Mr. Cheney purchased 20 acres of land from his father-in-law upon which the young couple labored until after the births of three children. Then, looking to improve their prospects, they sold out and moved to Hillsdale Co. They settled in Jefferson Twp. and lived the true pioneer life, working long and late and, in due time, realized the reward of their industry in a comfortable home and the respect of their neighbors. Mr. Cheney is a warm advocate of Republican principles, but has steadily declined to become an office seeker.

    The children of Mr. and Mrs. Cheney are recorded as follows: Byron E. was born Dec. 9, 1846; he and his wife have five children and they live in Gratiot Co., this state. Lois is the wife of Robert L. NICHOLS of Jefferson Twp. and the mother of five children; they are written of elsewhere in this work Allen A. died shortly after his marriage at his home in Jefferson Co.

    submitted by Katherine Paty, Tempe, AZ

    Hon. Guy C. CHESTER

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan_ Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903 -Page 112

    Hon. Guy C. CHESTER
    Born: 10 Mar 1859 Camden (Hillsdale) MI
    Parents: Frederick CHESTER (of NY) and Martha FOWLE (of Hillsdale)
    Married: 1893 - Martha FRANKHAUSER (sister of W.H. FRANKHAUSER)
    Died: after 1903?
    Children: Dorothy CHESTER and Helen CHESTER
    Other Info: Freemason and Republican

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Samuel COLE

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.833.

    Samuel COLE was born in West Town, Orange Co., NY, July 25, 1811, the son of George COLE, a native of the same town. His grandfather, Benjamin COLE was a farmer and, so far as is known, spent his entire life in Orange Co. George COLE was reared in his native county and there married Jane LORING, also of Orange Co., and they continued there until about 1815, when they moved to Phelps, Ontario Co., NY.

    Mr. Cole bought a tract of timber land and cleared a good farm on which he lived until a few years before his death which occurred in Palmyra, whither he had removed after selling his property in Phelps. In addition to farming he dealt in horses which he took to Orange Co. and there sold them or exchanged them for wagons which he brought back to Ontario Co. and sold them at a profit. His wife spent her last years with her daughter in Indiana.

    Samuel was only 4 or 5 years old when the family removed to Ontario Co.. There he grew up and continued to live with his parents in that and in Wayne Co. until 1834. In the meantime, on Sept. 12, 1832, he married Miss Mary BARNARD of Sodus, Wayne Co. In 1834, the young couple made their way to Michigan Territory by way of the Erie Canal and Lake Erie to Monroe, where they hired a teamster to take them to Bean Creek Valley. The property where they settled had been entered from the Government by Mr. Cole on a previous visit to Hillsdale Co.

    On their arrival at the present site of Hudson, they took possession of a log cabin belonging to Mr. LANE. Mr. Cole immediately set about building a house on their property and it was ready for occupancy on Feb. 5, 1835. Their stay was brief, however, for the rough surroundings and the isolation did not satisfy them and in April they returned to Wayne Co. where Mr. Cole purchased a team and engaged in teaming between Palmyra and Canandaigua.

    Three years later they returned to Hillsdale Co. and again settled in the log house Mr. Cole had built previously. He then commenced the improvement of his land and has been a resident here continuously since that time and, with the assistance of his excellent wife, has accumulated a fine property. The couple are spending their declining years in the ease and comfort of a cozy home, beloved and respected by all in the community for their kindly ways and sterling worth of character. Their three children are Philena, wife of Jack RUSH of Pittsford Twp.; George who lives in the village of Pittsford, and Jane A., wife of Aaron CONSELYEA, who lives with her parents.

    Mrs. Cole was born in Sodus, Wayne Co., NY, June 6, 1818, a daughter of Silas BARNARD who was born in Utica, Oneida Co., NY, moved from there to Sodus during its early settlement, and there died in 1820. His wife was Ruth CAREY, also a native of Utica, and the daughter of Rufus CAREY, a native of Mass., who was for many years a sailor and spent his last days in Wayne Co. Mrs. COLE's mother married a second time and resided in Lyons for several years. Her last days were spent in her daughter's home where she died in 1857 at the age of 81. Politically, Mr. COLE is a Democrat. Mrs. COLE is a member of the Presbyterian Church.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    John CONLEY

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 268

    John CONLEY, a carpenter by trade, had an 80 acre farm on section 22, Woodbridge Twp. He came to Mich. in 1865. He was born in Ashland Co., OH, 4/11/1815, the son of James E. and Sarah (McRILL)CONLEY, natives respectively of MD and OH. Sarah died in OH about 1829.
    James E. came to Mich in 1864 and lived in Amboy Twp., Hillsdale Co., where he died in 1865. James and Sarah had three sons: Benjamin, who died in infancy; Joseph, a resident of Woodbridge Twp. and John.
    John married Ruth HALE on 4/27/1838 in OH. They had six daughters: Sarah J., Mary E., Helen and Ellen (twins), Samantha and Ruth.
    Ruth Hale Conley died about 1849 and John soon after married Mrs. Julia A. CRABB, who was a native of MD and the widow of Washington CRABB who died in OH.
    Julia A. brought four children to her second marriage: Louisa M., Clara, Charles and William CRABB. The two boys were in the Union Army and Charles was killed at or near Atlanta, GA. John and Julia had six children: Martha, James, Robert, John W., Ann and Ema (deceased).
    The Conleys were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Woodbridge Twp.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    James C. COOPER

    Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan. 1888, Chapman Bros. page 669
    NOTE: This is an extract of the original article.

    James C. COOPER was born 9/4/1831 near the town of Junius in Seneca Co., NY.
    His father was John C. Cooper, born in Hempstead Twp., Rockland Co., NY on 11/9/1794. The father of John C. Cooper was James Cooper, of English birth and ancestry and a cousin to the great philanthropist, Peter Cooper, of New York.
    James Cooper emigrated from England early in life, accompanied by his brother, Jacob. Jacob remained in Brooklyn but James settled in Hempstead Twp. where he farmed until his death in 1798. His wife was Margaret GRENEE, a native of France. She died in 1801.
    Their children were John C. (father of James C.); Albert, who lived in Brooklyn and Sarah who married John KING and lived in Rockland Co.
    John C. Cooper learned the trade of cabinet maker and located a shop in Junius, Seneca Co. NY about 1812. In 1814 he joined the U.S. Army and served for about one year. After marrying he left his cabinet-making business and took up farming for the remainder of his life. He died in Tyre, Seneca Co. on 8/24/1874.
    His wife was Mary SERVEND, a native of Rockland Co. where she was born 1/18/1801. Her parents were James H. and Annie (LAWRENCE) Servend. James H. was believed to be a native of NY state and of Dutch ancestry. He settled in Junius at an early period in its history and died there in 1852. His wife, Annie, was born in Schoharie Co., NY, and spent her last years with her son, John C. Cooper, in Seneca Co.
    In 1888, Mary (Servend) Cooper, mother of James C.) was still living in Seneca Falls, NY.
    James C. Cooper lived with his parents until age seventeen when he engaged in boating on the Erie Canal where he worked for two years.
    In 1851 he came to southern Mich., arriving in Hillsdale Co. about the first of September. He found work in the town of Wheatland at 50 cents per day. Leaving that job he got another in Ransom, splitting rails at 50 cents per hundred.
    Not being skilled at that task, he and another man opened a sugar camp on land belonging to speculators. This did not go well either so when he was offered a job as farm laborer by Thomas BURT he took it and remained there until November 1852.
    He returned east and lived with his parents until March 1854, when he returned to Hillsdale Co., bought 80 acres of land, went back to NY, came again to Hillsdale in Dec. 1854 and worked for Mr. Burt until the spring of 1855.
    On 12/1/1855 he married Miranda CROOMER. She was born in Burton, Geauga Co., OH on 6/11/1835. Her parents were John and Ruby (HOWARD) Croomer.
    John Croomer, a native of NY state, was orphaned at an early age. He and Ruby were married in Steuben Co., NY and lived there until 1833 when they emigrated to Geauga Co., OH. They remained there seven years, then moved on to Mich., settling first in Pittsford Twp., Hillsdale Co., and then, a year later, in Ransom Twp. on section 12.
    In 1872, John set out for Calif. in the wake of some of his sons. His family never saw him more as he died there in Jan. 1873. Ruby Crommer was also a native of NY state. She too died in Calif., some years after the decease of her husband, on 1/25/1857. [NOTE: *The dates in this paragraph do not agree but it is the way they are written in the article.]
    James C. and Miranda Cooper had four children:
    - Mary F., Mrs. PETTIT, a resident of Ransom Twp.
    - Darley Brooks, farming in Wright Twp.
    - John C., marr. to Martha A. STUMP, farming in Ransom Twp.
    - Jasper, their second child, died aged six years old.
    James C., during the Civil War, enlisted 8/22/1862 in Battery I, 1st Mich. Light Artillery and served until Feb. 1864 when he was discharged on account of disability. He took part in the battle of Gettysburg from which he fortunately escaped without injury.

    submitted by Tracey Morris


    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.218.

    C. C. CORTWRIGHT has been for many years identified with the farming and industrial interests of Southern Michigan and at present owns a large farm in Reading Township where he resides and has an extensive interest in the Homer Full Roller Water Power Flouring Mills which are conducted under the name of Cortwright & Sons. These mills were established in 1887 and are reputed to be among the best in the State and have a capacity of five barrels an hour.
    Mr. Cortwright's landed possessions are all in Reading Twp. and comprise 220 acres on sections 12 and 1. He owned this farm before 1860. It is under good management, a part of it well-improved, and is provided with excellent buildings amply sufficient for his purposes and a comfortable and cozy dwelling. Besides his agricultural pursuits, Mr. C. has been for many years successfully engaged as a miller, having owned and managed sawmills at various times since 1857. He built his first mill in Branch Co. and after conducting it profitably for some time he sold it and built a second mill at Bankers which was afterwards burned. Nothing daunted by that misfortune, he immediately built another in the same place which he subsequently sold. Later we hear of him engaged for half a dozen years in the sawmill business in Cambria Twp.
    Mr. Cortwright was born in Wolcott Twp., Wayne Co., NY, Sept. 10, 1827, and is a son of the late Martin Cortwright who was for many years prosperously engaged in farming in the Empire State. In 1860, he left his old homestead and brought his family to Mich. He purchased a place in Cambria and died there a few years later at the age of 68 years. He was twice married. His first wife, to whom he was united in Eastern NY, was Miss BRAN. She was a highly respected and amiable woman and left three children of whom only one is now living to mourn her untimely death. Mr. Cortwright's second marriage, which took place in Wayne Co., NY, was to Miss Sally BIGLOW, a native of Hoosick Falls, NY. This excellent woman now lives with her daughter, Ann M. PHELPS, of Hillsdale Twp. and is more than 80 years old. Levi, the brother of our subject, was a soldier in the late war and fell while skirmishing at Bailey's Cross Roads.
    Our subject was the fifth child born to his parents, was reared and educated in his native county and was trained by his parents to good and useful habits. He started out on his own at quite a young age and, being well endowed with ambition, energy and persistence, has met with a good degree of success. He came to Mich. in 1849, first locating in California Twp., Branch Co., where he purchased land and improved a good farm which he subsequently sold at an advanced price and since then, as we have seen, has been engaged in milling and farming in different places.
    Mr. Cortwright was married in Cambria to Miss Cornelia WEBBER who was born in OH and came to that township with her parents, David and Lucy (CONKLING) Webber. Her father is now dead and her mother lives in OH at a very advanced old age. The union of this couple has been blessed by the birth of five children. William H. married Lydia MITCHELL and is connected with the flour mills at Homer. Fred married Jennie HOLMES and assists in the management of the mills at Homer. David lives on the farm in Reading Twp., assisting his father in the operation of it. Lucy is the wife of Stephen CRANE who is a drug clerk at Hillsdale. Jennie is the wife of George RISING and they live in Kearny, Nebraska, where he is a Station Agent for the Northern Pacific Railway. In politics, Mr. C. affiliates with the Democrats and is a staunch supporter of the party.

    Submitted by Katherine Wyllys Paty.

    Corwin COX

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 241.
    NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch.

    Corwin COX was born 27 Aug 1847 in Wheatland Township, Hillsdale County. His parents were Robert COX and Rowena GREGG.
    Robert was a native of New Jersey, coming to Michigan in 1835. Rowena was originally from New Hampshire. Robert and Rowena were married in Lenawee County. Robert died in 1890; Rowena in May 1901. They had two children, Corwin COX and Mrs Lucy E. COX BARNES. Robert served in the Black Hawk and Toledo Wars.
    Corwin's grandfather, Job COX was a "prominent pioneer of Michigan, living and dying in Jackson County". Job had 4 sons [not named] - who settled in Hillsdale County, two in Cambria Twp., one in Woodbridge Twp., and one in Wheatland.
    In 1871, Corwin married Miss Mary E. OAKS, daughter of Samuel and Esther OAKS of Hillsdale County. Corwin and Mary had three children, Jay L. COX, Charles R. COX and Luella E. COX, now Mrs. Arthur HAGGERTY.

    NOTE: The Robert COX family is listed in the 1850 Hillsdale County Census on page 0482B.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Hon. Robert COX

    From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale, MI, 1888, p.657.

    The Hon. Robert COX of Wheatland Twp. is an ex-member of the Michigan Legislature, a skillful farmer and a prominent citizen. His fine homestead is on sections 17 and 16.
    He was born April, 30, 1813, in North Branch, Somerset Co., NJ and is now 76 years of age but remarkably hale and active. His parents were Job and Nancy (NESBITT) COX, both also natives of Someset Co. The father grew up there and engaged in the manufacture of road vehicles, including wagons and sleighs, until his removal to Cayuga Co., NY, about 1818. There he worked for others by the day until 1829 when his attention was attracted to Michigan Territory which was then holding out strong inducements to young and enterprising emigrants.
    He located first in Lenawee Co. where he was employed by a wealthy brother-in-law, Mr. McCOLLUM, who had 400 acres of land. He continued there until he was able to secure 40 acres for himself, later buying 20 acres more. This property he traded for a small farm in Jackson Co. where he took up his abode and spent the remainder of his days, dying July 6, 1867, aged 73 years. The mother died at the age of 70 years. Of their family of nine children, five are yet living and are residents of Michigan. Job served in the War of 1812. He was a man of strict integrity and was politically a staunch Democrat. His boys, however, as they reached majority, became Republicans and finally persuaded their father to change over to their party.
    Robert set out on his own when he was about 19 years old, working by the month, and in due time had earned enough money to pay for 80 acres, which is now included in his present homestead. This purchase was made in June 1834. The money, however, which he had earned by working for his maternal uncle, he never received, and was consequently obliged to enter land from the Government. He first took up 40 acres on section 17, Wheatland Twp., and struggled to raise the sum required. The money was finally given him by a rich old uncle. Robert promised to pay it back in five weeks. It was only $18 but a large sum in those days. He paid it, however, promptly, to the surprise of the old man. Robert labored to improve his own property and worked for his neighbors as well, by the month. He boarded with one neighbor until he was able to build a log house on his own land. Having at last established a home, he married the young lady of his choice, Miss Roena GRAGG, on March 5, 1845. She was born in Coleraine, MA, March 12, 1821, and came west with her parents in about 1826. The new household was soon blessed by the birth of two children. The first, Corwin, was born Aug. 27, 1847. He married Miss Mary E. OAKES, of NY state and they have three children: J. LaVerne, born Nov. 18, 1871; Charles R., born Sept. 2, 1877 and Luella E., born June 16, 1879. The second child of our subject, Lucia E., born July 20, 1850, is now the wife of E. W. BARNES of Woodbridge Twp., and the mother of a daughter, Myrtie R., born July 15, 1877.
    Mrs. COX is the daughter of John and Almira (FAULKNER) Gragg, both natives of MA from whence they removed to NY state in about 1825 and in 1826 came to the Territory of Michigan, settling in Lenawee Co. Mr. Gragg took up a quarter section of Government land in Clinton Twp., there constructing a pleasant homestead where he and his wife passed the rest of their days, he dying at the age of 81 and she at 82. They had eight children, three of whom are still living and are residents of Michigan.
    Mr. COX served as Justice of the Peace four years, declining a second term. He was elected Highway Commissioner which position he held for 14 years. In 1860 he was chosen to represent the Third District for three sessions in the General Assembly of the State, where he served on several important committees and was an active worker in the interest of his county.

    NOTE: The Robert COX family is listed in the 1850 Hillsdale County Census on page 0482B.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Robert M. COX

    From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.191.

    Robert M. COX has been a resident of this county, with the exception of years spent in the army, since a lad eight years of age. He is of English ancestry, being the son of Charles and Diana (DENNING) COX, both natives of England who emigrated to America in 1840 after their marriage and the birth of six children. Our subject, one sister and one brother were the only American born members of their family. Robert was born June 30, 1844, in Orleans Co., NY, where his parents first settled after their arrival in this country.
    In 1852, the family left NY state for Michigan, located on section 6, Scipio Twp., this county, and built a comfortable home. Mrs. COX died there Oct. 30, 1887. Mr. Charles COX is still living (1888) and makes his home with his son, Robert M. Of the nine children born to this family, six are now living and most are residents of Michigan.
    In the fall of 1863 Robert M. enlisted in Co.A, 11th Mich. Cavalry, which was assigned to the Army of the Cumberland. He endured the dangers and hardships of army life, faced the enemy bravely and fortunately escaped unharmed to return home. He was honorably discharged and mustered out at Cincinnati.
    Robert returned to the family farm where he joined his father in working the land. On Aug. 2, 1875, he married Miss Eliza PENOYER at the home of her parents in Scipio Twp. She was born in this same township on Nov. 22, 1857, the daughter of Reuben and Eliza (MALCOLM) PENOYER, both natives of NY state.
    Mr. and Mrs. Cox commenced life together upon the farm which they now occupy and are the parents of three interesting children: Verna M., Henry and Franklin, the eldest nine years of age and the youngest four. Mr. Cox votes the Republican ticket and is a member of the Stewart Post #259, G. A. R., at Litchfield.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Archer H. CRANE

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.223.

    The Honorable Archer H. CRANE was born 3/30/1821 in Onondaga Co., NY, the son of Archer Crane who was a native of Simsbury, CT.
    His grandfather, Samuel Crane, was born in MA as was also his great-grandfather, John Crane, who afterwards removed to Simsbury, where he resided the rest of his life.
    Samuel Crane went to Simsbury with his parents and lived there until 1810 when he removed to Onondaga Co. and located at Onondaga Hill, upon a tract of timber land. He was one of the first settlers there and remained there until his death.
    The father of our subject spent his early years in CT, learning to farm on the homestead and attending public schools. He was 18 when the family moved to NY state. He lived with his parents until his marriage to Vilitia CORNISH, also a native of CT.
    He contracted with the Holland Purchase Company for a tract of timber land where he resided for 3 or 4 years and then returned to Onondaga Co. In 1828, he went to Wayne Co., NY, bought a tract of timber land in Sodus Twp., from which he cleared a farm, and lived there until 1834 when he came to the Territory of Mich.
    The family followed the usual route for emigrants at that time, coming by the Erie Canal to Buffalo, thence by lake to Toledo and then by team to Washtenaw Co. where they were pioneers. The elder Archer Crane entered an 80 acre tract of land in Freedom Twp., built a log house and at once commenced to clear a farm from the wilderness.
    By his labor he eventually created a fine farm. Shortly before his death he sold that place and removed to Blissfield, Lenawee Co., and there died at the home of his son, E. D. Crane, on 12/17/1855. His estimable wife was called to her reward just two weeks prior to the death of her husband.
    The parental family of our subject included five children, of whom Archer H. is the only one still (1888) living. He was 13 when he came to Mich. Terr. with his parents. He had been educated in the schools of his native state.
    At 13 he was able to enjoy the novelty of the journey and the pioneer life in the forests where deer, wild turkeys and other small game roamed freely. They arrived in October and for the first winter shared a log house with another family. In the spring they built themselves a rude cabin and moved in before it was complete. The cooking was done outside, against a tree stump.
    Archer continued his education in the pioneer schools. Later he was, himself, a teacher in humble log buildings. The furniture was primitive, the seats being mere slabs of wood with wooden pins for legs which often protruded through the slab, making that seat a particularly uncomfortable one.
    Archer assisted his parents in the labors of the farm until he was 22 years old when his thirst for learning lead him to enter the academy at Grass Lake, Jackson Co., MI, where he spent one year. He spent another year at Auburn Academy in Auburn, NY. Upon graduation he taught school for nine winters and farmed during the summer months.
    He lived in Washtenaw Co. until 1851; removed to Blissfield, Lenawee Co. where he farmed and was in a mercantile business; purchased a farm in Hudson Twp., Lenawee Co. where he lived four years, and then returned to Hillsdale Co., taking up his residence in Pittsford Twp. where he resides today.
    On 3/6/1846, Archer married Helen WOODS, a native of VT. Just two years later she died. He married second Helen ROWE. She died in 1852.
    He married third Mrs. Sallie BARRETT but she died on 1/20/1874. By her he had one dau., Clara A., wife of Jacob NACHTRIEB, who now assists in carrying on the home farm.
    Archer married fourth, on 9/25/1878, Julia ROBINSON, who was born in Jefferson Co., IN and is the dau. of Edward J. and Mary L. (BRANHAM)Robinson, natives respectively of Pittsburgh, PA and of IN.
    Julia's grandfather, George Robinson, settled in OH and later moved to IN where he died in Madison, Jefferson Co. Her father, Edward, was a wagon maker, which trade he followed for several years. He since has engaged in mercantile business and was for a time cashier and Paymaster of the Narrow Gauge RR in Lawrence Co., IN. He is now in the insurance business at Bedford, Lawrence Co.
    Archer and Julia had one dau., Helen M.
    Archer was first a Democrat, then joined the Republican Party when it was established. He represented Blissfield on the County Board of Supervisors for ten years and Pittsford Twp. for two. He was elected to the State Legislature from Lenawee Co. and served two terms.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Asa L. CRANE

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI., 1888, p.842.

    Asa L. CRANE is a businessman and a resident of North Adams, Hillsdale Co. He is of English origin. The Crane family annals tell of an ancestor who came in 1620 on the Mayflower.
    Asa's maternal grandfather was born and reared and spent the early years of his married life in MA. He removed to Lenawee Co., MI, in 1832 where he took up government land and became a pioneer of Adrian, where he lived the remainder of his life.
    Asa's father, Albert Crane, was born in Taunton, MA and came to MI with his parents. He married Dency FOSTER, a native of Erie, PA, and they established their first home in Madison Twp., Lenawee Co. where they remained until 1854. The next two years they lived in Pittsford Twp., this county, and in 1856 removed to Moscow Twp. where they have lived since. They are now (1888) aged 73 and 71 years respectively.
    Their two children are Marie A., wife of J. B. NUTTEN of Moscow Twp. and Asa.
    Asa was born 5/29/1851, when his parents were living in Madison Twp. He was 5 when they moved from Pittsford to Moscow Twp. and he was educated in the Moscow Public Schools.
    On 10/7/1870 Asa married Alice CLEGG, the dau. of Enoch and Alice (KENYON) Clegg, both natives of Lancastershire, England, who married in Taunton, MA, where they lived for several years before moving to Providence, RI.
    Mrs. Clegg died in Providence in 1863, aged 37 years, leaving seven children, two boys and five girls. Mr. Clegg subsequently married Mrs. Ann JALLY by whom he had one Child. He was a machinist by trade, very successful in his work and, at the time of his death, owned considerable property in Taunton and Providence.
    Alice Clegg (Mrs. Crane) was born 7/17/1852 in Taunton and educated in the graded schools there. When she was 11 years old, her mother passed away and, her older sister having left home, the household work devolved upon her. Notwithstanding her extreme youth she was soon mistress of the situation and became a self-reliant and tidy little housekeeper. She was married in Taunton, afterward accompanying her husband to Mich.
    The first 12 years of their married life were spent on a farm. They then moved to North Adams where Asa engaged in carpentering. He subsequently, in partnership with C. J. KNAPP, bought out Fuller & Huff, and has done a thriving business in drugs and also in groceries.
    He is a member of the Michigan Pharmacy Association and in politics is a Republican.
    Asa and Alice have two children, Arthur L. and Edith A.
    In the winter of 1887-88, in the company of two congenial companions, H. C. LANGDON and O. C. SMITH, Asa made an enjoyable trip through the Pacific States and Territories, visiting the principle points of interest in Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Darius P. CRANE

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.791

    Darius P. CRANE, one of the most prosperous farmers and stock-raisers of Hillsdale Twp., came to this county in 1864 and located on the 100 acre tract of land which he still owns and occupies. He is prominent in township affairs, served as Justice of the Peace for six years and has been School Director and Trustee.
    Darius was born in Putnam Co., NY, on 12/30/1816, the son of Josiah and Keziah (HALL) Crane, natives of the same county. Josiah was a cooper by trade and also a farmer. The family is of English extraction and the first to come settled in RI.
    Darius' paternal grandfather moved to NY state in the early days. Josiah died in 1842 when 74 years old. Keziah died in 1848. She was a devout member of the Presbyterian Church and reared her children to habits of industry and principles of honor.
    There were 12 children in the family, Philander, Stella, Cornelia, Olivia, John, Susan (who died young), Walter (who died in 1887, aged 79 years old), Deborah, Clarissa, Daniel, Darius and Sarah.
    Darius was reared on the family farm and educated in district schools. At about age 14 he entered a hat factory at Norwich, CT, and worked there three years. Not liking this employment, he started teaching school when he was seventeen years old. One of his pupils was later Gen. Darius Crouch of Mass.
    On 9/28/1837, Darius married Hanna FORBES, who was born 11/4/1818, on the island of Corfu. She was the dau. of a British soldier who died, in the prime of life, on the Isle of Mauritius.
    Hanna came to America at about the age of twelve to live with her aunt, Miss Forbes, and attended the academy at Lima, NY. She came to Mich. with her husband in 1864. To this couple were born eight children.
    * Emily R., wife of James K. FISHER, a banker in Hillsdale.
    * Kate H., married to Spencer O. FISHER, a banker, Member of Congress from the 10th District of Michigan, and a prospective candidate for Governor on the Democratic ticket.
    * Anna E., wife of George W. KUCK, a banker in Cedar Rapids, IA.
    * Albert A., married to Josephine KEEFER, is a lumber dealer in Bay City, MI.
    * Ambrose W., married to Agnes ABEL, is a druggist in Hillsdale.
    * Mark D., married to Miss CLINE, is a cashier at First State Bank, Hillsdale.
    * Ella E., deceased. She was the wife of Charles FORD, clothier of Bay City.
    * Louise A., the wife of Jerome G. ABBOTT, a banker in Elkhart, IN.
    Darius Crane is a Republican and a member of the Presbyterian Church, in which he has held the office of Elder for many years. Before coming to Mich. he was, for many years, a Trustee in the church at Knowlesville, Orlean Co., NY.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    William CRANE

    Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p.720.

    William CRANE, a well-to-do farmer of Fayette Twp., is the owner of a fine property consisting of 239 acres of land.
    He was born near Toledo, OH, on 12/10/1840. His father, also named William, was born in 1802 in CT and his mother, Jerusha WHIPPLE, in 1806 in MA.
    Soon after their marriage the parents settled in Manhattan, OH. From there they came to southern Mich. in 1842, locating in Fayette Twp. which, with the exception of two years, has since been the home of our subject.
    His parents died here, the father in April 1872 and the mother in Nov. 1876. Their children were Helen, William W., Norval and Newman.
    Newman enlisted in the Union Army during the Civil War and was a member of the 17th Mich. Inf. He was wounded at the Battle of South Mountain and lay helpless upon the field for 48 hours before being removed. He died in the hospital at Fredericksburg in Oct. 1862 and is buried in the Fredericksburg Cemetery.
    After reaching maturity, William spent two years in Monroe Co., NY. On 2/26/1879, he married Hattie E. WADE of Lenawee Co., MI. She was the dau. of John and Jane (GIBSON) Wade, natives of Ireland, who are still living (in 1888) and residents of Riga Twp., Lenawee Co.
    Hattie was one of seven children, the others being Alice, Mary, Leander, Lucy, Christian and Nellie. Hattie was born 2/9/1856 in Allen Twp., Hillsdale Co.
    William and Hattie had three children, the eldest of whom died young. Alice A. was born 9/4/1884 and Flossy M on 11/9/1886. They are bright and interesting young girls.
    William votes the straight Republican ticket.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Dr. Alonzo CRESSY

    Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan_ Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903 -Page 113- 15

    Dr. Alonzo CRESSY
    Born: 26 Nov 1808 - Scipio (Cayuga) NY
    Parents: (none listed)
    Married: bef 1831 - daughter of Dr. Justin SMITH of Lima NY
    Died: 22 Mar 1881
    Children: Justin Smith CRESSY (Mexican War & Civil War Vet - d. 2 Oct 1862); Mrs. R.G. WILBUR (Hillsdale), Mrs. J.B. FULLER (San Francisco) and Mary Isaac CRESSY (d. 8 Sep 1867)
    Other Info: Doctor and legislator - Came to Lenawee Co MI in 1831, to Hillsdale Co in 1844.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

    Cyrenius W. CUNNINGHAM

    History of Oceana Co., Chicago, H.R. Page & Company, 1882

    Cyrenius W. Cunningham was born in Erie County, N.Y., August 6, 1830; settled in Hillsdale County, Mich., in 1850; in Weare Township, Oceana County, Section 32, in 1865. Married, September 6, 1852, to Elizabeth Estes who was born in Adrian, Mich., June 11, 1834; three children, E. Lowella, Ira D. and Viola.

    submitted by Jan Cortez, Dec. 2008

    William S. CURTIS

    From the "Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI", 1888, p.617.

    William S. CURTIS is a prominent agriculturist and stock dealer whose property is on section 20, Scipio Twp. He was born in New Canaan, CT, 5/28/1829, the son of Sanford and Abigail (SMITH) CURTIS, both natives of Hartford, CT. After their marriage they settled in New Canaan where Mr. Curtis followed the trade of shoemaking for many years.
    Finally deciding to become a farmer, he removed with his family to Mich., arriving in Scipio Twp. in June 1835. They located near the center of the township and were among the first settlers of the place. They built a house, cleared the land and improved a farm from the dense wilderness. Mrs. CURTIS died there 5/12/1869 and Mr. CURTIS 9/7/1872. They were a sturdy, industrious and true-hearted couple who did their part in developing the resources of Hillsdale Co. They had five children, all of whom were born in CT. Matilda is the widow of Philo SANFORD; Ezra lives in Berrien Co., MI; Harriet, who was the wife of Edward BEEBE, died in Jackson, MI, in Oct. 1887; Sarah died when ten years of age; and William S., the subject of this sketch, was six years old when he came to Hillsdale Co. with his parents.
    He attended district schools and, as soon as old enough, assisted in the lighter duties of the farm. He came to like the farmer's life so well that he chose it for himself. His first purchase was the 50 acre property where he now resides and which was formerly his father's homestead. He has added to the original purchase and presently owns 236 acres of valuable land in Scipio Twp. He also owned 150 acres in Moscow Twp. but sold it when offered an excellent price. He also owns property in the town of Jonesville. For nearly 30 years he has engaged in buying, shipping and feeding stock on an extensive scale and has prospered greatly.
    William married Mary J. HAVENS on Jan 13, 1857 in Macon Twp., Lenawee Co. She is the daughter of Sylvanus and Rebecca (SHIPMAN) HAVENS, natives, respectively, of NY and PA. After marrying, they settled in Macon Twp. where Mr. Havens died in 1852. Mrs. Havens is still living at an advanced age. They were among the earliest pioneers of Lenawee Co., braving the privations and hardships of life in the wilderness in order to build up a comfortable home for their family. They had six children: Mary J.; William who lives in Lenawee Co.; Frances who is the wife of Robert ELLISON of Eaton Rapids, MI; Ann, the wife of John DELL of Lenawee Co.; Helen, the wife of Harrison AMES, also of Lenawee Co.; and Cynthia, the wife of Justus TODD of Elkhart, IN.
    Mary J., wife of our subject, was the eldest child in her family and was born in Macon Twp., Lenawee Co., 9/3/1833. She was educated in the common schools and carefully trained in domestic duties at the parental home.
    Mary J. and William S. have three children. Frank B. married Etta BELLAMY and lives in Moscow Twp.; Fred H. is at home; Minnie A. is the wife of C. F. WADE of Jonesville.
    William CURTIS takes an interest in local and general matters and votes the Republican ticket. Socially, he is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

    submitted by Tracey Morris

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