This page contains biographical sketches (full or extract) of former Hillsdale County residents.
The majority come from pre-1921 published sources as cited in the sketch.

Warner J. Sampson * Calvin Sawdey * Walter H. SAWYER * Rufus F. Seelye * George Schrutt * Volney A. Sebring
William Shaneour * John V. Shannon * Charles A. Shepard * John H. Sherman * Phillip Shook * David Lewis Smith * John L. Southworth
Roscius Southworth * James A Stoddard * Lewis H. Storer * Warren Sturdevant * John R. Sutton
Robert B. Sutton(1) * Robert B. Sutton(2)


Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan_ Elon G. Reynolds, ed Chicago: AW Bowen & Co Part First - Hillsdale County Michigan Fully Historical 1903. page 118

Warner J. SAMPSON, one of the oldest and most successful lawyers at the Hillsdale bar, is a native of this county, born on August 27. 1847 His parents were John W. and Mary (COURTWRIGHT) SAMPSON, natives of Wayne County New York, pioneers of 1844 in Michigan. Prosperous farmers they continued in active management of their farm until 1865 when they retired from active pursuits and took up their residence at Hillsdale, where the father died in 1892 and the mother is now living at the age of eighty years.
Mr. Sampson's paternal grandfather was Newland SAMPSON, of New York state, who learned and worked at his trade as a carpenter for a number of years. then entered the ministry in the Methodist church, and, during a large part of the rest of his life, was actively engaged in preaching at various places. He came to this county in 1855, remained ten years, removed to Porter county, Ind. and again worked at his trade and also preached at times. He had a large family of sons and daughters, all of whom are deceased, one son losing his life at the terrible battle of the Wilderness in the Civil War.
Mr. Sampson himself had two sisters, one of whom is dead, and the other lives in the state of Alabama. Warner J. SAMPSON was educated in the public schools of this county and at Hillsdale College, entering this institution in 1860, when he was but little more than twelve years old. In 1865 he began business for himself as a grocer and he continued in this line of mercantile life for four or five years. In 1871 he started a cigar factory in partnership association with H. H. FRANKINFIELD, which he helped to conduct until 1873, when the firm was dissolved and he went to Kansas, soon thereafter moving to southern Indiana, where he remained until 1875.
He then returned to Michigan, and locating at Marcellus in Cass county, began the study of law under the direction of Judge Carr, the present circuit judge of that county, was admitted to practice at the Cass county bar in 1879. and continued professional labors in that county until 1890, when he came back to Hillsdale county. In 1891 he was appointed patent clerk in the office of the Secretary of State, but, while he held this position. he continued to practice law at Hillsdale.
In October, 1897, the firm of SAMPSON & BARRE was formed and was continued until October, 1902 when Mr. Barre retired. Fred O'MELLAY was then admitted to a partnership in the business, which is still in active life and practice, with Mr. Sampson at its head, a large body of patrons in its clientele and a rank at the bar that is second to none.
In politics Mr. Sampson is an ardent Democrat, devoted to the interests of his party, eloquent and forceful in advocacy of its cause. He is a captivating and convincing speaker, a strong reasoner, a shrewd and resourceful tactician, an effective organizer; he has been the candidate of his party for the office of prosecuting attorney and for other positions, but has always led a forlorn hope going to defeat because of the large Republican majority in the county.
In 1867 he was married to Miss Emma J. ALLISON, who died in 1891. They had three children, of whom but one, their daughter Jessie M., wife of C, J. BRADT. of Marcellus. is living. Their two sons, Edward and Wilford died in 1879, one aged seven and the other nine years.
Mr. Sampson's second marriage was to Miss Mary E. AVERY, a native of this state, and occurred in 1893. He belongs to the Masonic fraternity in both lodge and chapter organizations, is also an Odd Fellow and Knight of Pythias.


From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., Mich., 1888, p. 326

Calvin SAWDEY located on his present farm in Wheatland Twp. in the spring of 1866. He has officiated as minister at both the Wesleyan Methodist Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is also a farmer. He was Sunday School Superintendent at the Wesleyan Church for 25 years and was active in all areas of the church's ministry. He was born in Cayuga Co., NY on 2/23/1809. His parents were Joseph and Jerusha (KING) Sawdey, natives of RI. The father was born in Tiverton, 4/17/1773 and the mother in Newport Co., 1/28/1772. Joseph died in Lenawee Co., MI, about 1847, aged 75 years and Jerusha, in the same place, at the age of 87 years.
The SAWDEY family is of Scottish ancestry and during the Rebellion united with Oliver Cromwell at the time of the Protectorate. The first Sawdeys came to New England in about 1660. Calvin was one of ten children, only two of whom are still living (1888), Calvin and his brother Ebenezer of Barry Co., MI. Calvin attended district schools and learned the cooper's trade and farming. He continued reading and studying on his own and obtained an excellent fund of general information.
On 3/21/1832, Calvin married Miss Almira BAKER of Erie Co., PA. She was born 5/17/1812, the dau. of Spencer and Elizabeth (STRAIGHT) Baker, the former a native of CT and the latter of RI. Mr. Baker died in Erie Co. when only 36 years of age. The mother died at the home of her daughter and son-in-law in Wheatland Twp. on 4/27/1863, aged 73 years. Almira's brother, Spencer Baker, Jr., has been a minister of the Presbyterian Church for over 50 years and is now (1888) a resident of Hebron, PA. He is 84 years old.
Calvin and Almira had 5 children: Parlina J., b. 12/30/1832 and died 4/4/1853, was the wife of the Rev. William WARNER, also deceased. Uriah K. was born in Lenawee Co., MI, 11/6/1835 and died 8/24/1851, in Rome Twp., that county. Ransom C., also born in Lenawee Co., on 1/4/1840, married Miss Anna WHITEHEAD. They live in Coldwater where Ransom is occupied as a traveling salesman for the Dayton Hedge Co. They have one son, William S., now 22 years of age. Mary was born 12/9/1845 and still lives with her parents, together with her husband, Joseph R. SKUTT, a painter by trade. William F. was born in Coldwater 9/18/1853, married Miss Lillie D. DeCLUTE, of that place and is occupied as a provision dealer and general merchant. All received good educations, Mary at Adrian College and the rest at Raisin Valley Seminary.
Mr. & Mrs. SAWDEY came to the Terr. of Mich. in 1833, soon after their marriage, locating first in Lenawee Co., but a few years later sold their property in Adrian Twp. and removed to Rome Twp. where Calvin was a preacher for a number of years. He subsequently traveled all through the State in pursuance of his pious labors, and was assigned at Pittsford, then North Adams and finally to churches in Allen, Prairie and Coldwater. In 1884 he answered a call from Bedford, OH, where he spent one year. He has labored in various portions of Southern Michigan besides Hillsdale Co.

Walter H. SAWYER

Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p. 643.
NOTE: This following info is an extract of the biographical sketch.

Walter H. Sawyer, M. D., was a physician and surgeon in Hillsdale from 1885 on.
He was born 8/10/1860 in Huron Co., OH, the son of George and Julia (WOOD) SAWYER, both of English descent.
George Sawyer was a farmer. He brought his family to Grass Lakes, Jackson Co., MI in about 1871. Walter was the eldest of their four children.
Walter graduated from high school in Grass Lakes. He entered Mich. State Univ. at Ann Arbor, took a full course in the medical department, graduated with honors and received his M. D. degree in 1884.
Immediately after graduation he was appointed House Surgeon of the Homeopathetical Hospital at Ann Arbor. In July 1885 Walter moved to Hillsdale where he opened his own office and soon built up a good practice.


Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 452.

Rufus F. SEELYE is a native of Pittsford township, Michigan, born on June 6, 1838, on the farm which is now his home and on which his whole life so far has been passed. His parents were Elijah and Sarah O. (FANCHER) SEELYE, the father being a native of Vermont and the mother of New York. They were married in 1835, and, after ten years of happy wedded life, the mother died, in 1845, leaving two sons.
The second wife was Miss Mary M. HALL, of Rochester, N. Y., who lived but a year and died, leaving one son as her offspring. In 1847 Mr. Seelye was united with his third wife, erst Miss Lydia KELSEY, of Herkimer county, New York, who became the mother of two sons, Seymour K. and Alexander H. SEELYE, now residents of Chicago. The elder SEELYE was a prominent and influential citizen of this county from his first arrival. He was the first supervisor of Pittsford township, serving from 1836 to 1838, again filling this office in 1840 and a third time in 1849, while, in 1839, he was elected to the lower house of the State Legislature.
He was active in church affairs, helped to found the First Presbyterian church of Bean Creek, now the Congregational church of Hudson, and was one of its first elders. He continued to serve this organization either as an elder or a deacon for a period of forty years, during all of this time being a very potent and important factor in its work and progress. By industry and thrift he succeeded in redeeming from the forest one of the best farms in the township, converting the wilderness tract into a pleasant home for his family.
His useful life ended on April 10, 1876, after a long career in public service and private industry, in which he proved himself ever a safe counsellor for the general weal, a firm and faithful friend to every worthy man who sought association with him or came in contact with his strong and helpful character: He was a Democrat until the organization of the Republican party when he transfered his political allegiance to this new organization, which, throughout the rest of his life; received his loyal and earnest support.
Rufus SEELYE reached manhood on the paternal homestead without incident worthy of note. He attended the district schools and finished his, education in books with a course of instruction pursued in a business college in Chicago. He remained at home until the death of his father, then purchased a portion of the home farm, on which he has since continuously dwelt.
In December 1873, he was united in marriage with Miss Gertrude A. BROOKS, a native of Oneida county, New York, the daughter of John S. and Julia (WEBBER) BROOKS, who came with their family to Hillsdale county in 1868, where both have since died. Mr. SEELYE has always been a Republican in politics, serving the township as supervisor for seven terms beginning in 1878 and for a number of years as clerk. He and his wife are members of the Congregational church at Hudson, of this religious body he has long been a deacon. By his upright and consistent life he has well maintained the traditions of his family, and, in the respect and confidence of the community, he has won and now holds the same high place his father held.


From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p. 828.

George SCHRUTT owns a pleasant farm overlooking Baw Bees Lake on the Steamburg Road. It lies on sections 1 and 2, Cambria Twp. and embraces 112 acres of fertile land. George took possession of this property in 1877 and has since made it his home.
He was born in Erie Co., PA, on July 4, 1833. His father, George, Sr., was born in sunny France near the Swiss border. There he grew to manhood and married Miss Catherine FLAGUE. After the birth of one child the young couple set out for America in 1831. Sadly, their little daughter Frances died on the way and was entombed in an ocean grave. Upon landing in America they located in the vicinity of McKean, PA, where George, Sr. died in 1835, very suddenly, while mowing with a scythe. He was a very industrious, hard-working man and probably overtaxed his strength, dropping lifeless in the field.
After the death of her husband, Mrs. Schrutt married Frederick SCHULTZ who was born in the Mohawk Valley and was of Dutch ancestry. He also died in Erie Co. PA, and his widow then married John MILLER. They came to Illinois where Mr. Miller died a few years later. The widow then joined her son in Michigan and died at his home in Scipio Twp., Dec. 28, 1870.
George Schrutt, Jr. is the only surviving member of his family. He grew to manhood in Erie Co., PA, learned the trade of carpentry and there married Miss Emeline CHELLIS on Jan. 5, 1854. She is the daughter of Stewart and Catherine (FOSTER) CHELLIS, born, respectively, in VT and Canada. They were married in Erie Co. where the mother died. The father farmed and also operated a saw mill.
In 1864 he removed to Clinton, DeWitt Co., Illinois, where he married a second time, and there died in the fall of 1881, aged 78 years. The second wife's name was Susan KRUSUCKER; she also died in Illinois. Both grandfathers of Mrs. Schrutt served in the War of 1812. Grandfather CHELLIS later was murdered for his money while crossing Lake Champlain.
Mrs. SCHRUTT was born Dec. 5, 1836, in Erie Co., PA and there grew to womanhood. She and George have nine children. Elizabeth J. is married to Oliver STICKLER and lives in Hillsdale where Mr. Stickler is a blacksmith. George S. works at home. Levi W. and Henry N. are living at home. Carrie O. resides in Albion. Lewis A., Florence, Claude F. and Minnie M. continue under the parental roof.
Mr. and Mrs. Schrutt lived in Erie Co. after their marriage until the summer of 1863 when they made their way to Scipio Twp., this county. Soon after, Mr. Schrutt enlisted in the 27th Mich. Infantry, 2nd Co. of Sharpshooters, Army of the Potomac. He fought in the battle of the Wilderness and several minor skirmishes. At the battle of Spottsylvania he was badly injured by a falling log which has left him crippled. He suffered greatly for about four years after his return from the service. In politics he is a Republican. His wife is a member of the Baptist Church, as are all the children. Mrs. Schrutt treasures a wineglass of Scottish manufacture which was used by her grandsire during the Revolutionary War.


Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p. 958.
NOTE: This following info is an extract of the biographical sketch.

Volney A. SEBRING was a native of southern Michigan, having been b. in Ogden Twp., Lenawee Co. on 11/10/1844. His parents were Perry and Dorcas (JEWELL) SEBRING, natives of Sodus, NY.
After their marriage they came to Mich. as early as 1840 where they settled in the swampy wilds of Ogden Twp. In 1852 they removed to Fayette Twp., Hillsdale Co. but in 1854 sold out and moved to section 34, Cambria Twp. where they remained several years.
Mr Sebring finally purchased a farm on section 27, Cambria Twp. where he lived until his death 12/6/1881 aged 63 years. In politics he was a Republican and held most of the offices of the township from Supervisor down.
Mrs. Sebring died in 1865 at their home in Cambria Twp., a woman of many excellent qualities. There were four sons and three daughters in the family. Two died young and the rest married and settled mostly in Mich.
Volney A. was married to Dorcas WYLLYS on 8/9/1868, in Woodbridge Twp. Dorcas was b. 11/14/1844 in Ridgeville, Lorain Co., OH.
Her parents were Rufus and Dorcas (DARLING) WYLLYS who were born, reared and married in Cattaraugus Co., NY and removed to Lorain Co. during its pioneer days. There they built up a good farm but sold out in 1849 and came to Hillsdale Co., purchasing 40 acres on section 2, Woodbridge Twp.
Upon this property Mr Wyllys labored industriously with excellent results, leaving a fine farm of 320 acres at the time of his death in 1862, at the age of 58 years. Mrs Wyllys survived her husband by about 13 years and was also about 58 at the time of her death.
Dorcas (Wyllys) Sebring was one of the younger of eight children born to her parents. Of her brothers and sisters, six were living in 1888 and were resident of Mich. and Virginia. (See Thos. Wyllys, p.258)
She completed her education in the city of Hillsdale, began teaching when 18 years old and was thus occupied until her marriage.
Volney and Dorcas have two interesting children, Thomas O., 17 years and Erma D., 6 years. Two other children, Rufus and Lewis died young.


From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.413.

William SHANEOUR, a successful farmer who is located on section 27, Wright Twp., was born in Stark Co., OH, May 12, 1842. His father, David Shaneour, is a native of Adams Co., PA, where he was born Jan. 27, 1813, the son of Jacob Shaneour and the grandson of Henry Shaneour, who was a farmer by occupation and died in Adams Co., PA. Jacob was reared to farm pursuits in that county and resided there until about 1820, when he removed to Stark Co., OH, of which he was an early settler, and resided there until his decease. His wife, the grandmother of our subject, who in her girlhood was Elizabeth HENRY, died at the home of one of her daughters in Seneca Co., OH.

The father of our subject was a little lad of seven years when his parents removed to Ohio and settled in Stark Co., and he commenced life for himself when but a small boy, working by the month at $3 per month while $8 per month was the best remuneration he ever received at service. After his marriage he rented land in the same county upon which he operated until 1837, and then came to Wright Twp. and purchased 80 acres on section 27. At the time of purchase the place contained a small frame house and about 40 acres of the land were partially cleared. Since then he has added to his estate until it now comprises 200 acres, the greater part of which is cleared.

The father of our subject was united in marriage Sept. 2, 1836, with Miss Lydia GOODENBERGER, a native of Adams Co., PA, and the daughter of Andrew and Mary (SCHULTZ) Goodenberger. They became the parents of 14 children, eleven of whom grew to maturity. They are as follows: Jacob is deceased; John lives in Wright Twp.; William (our subject); Franklin, deceased; Ann Maria is the wife of Gilbert SEELY and lives in Wright Twp. as do also the next two, David and George; Mary Ann, the wife of William GIBSON, also lives in Wright Twp.; Lovina married David ROGERS and lives in Harrison Co., IA; Josiah is a resident of Wright Twp. as is also Amelia who is the wife of Amos ADAMS. The mother passed away April 4, 1878.

William Shaneour was 15 years of age when he came to this township with his parents and he lived with them until his marriage, then settled on section 22 of the same township where he purchased a farm. In 1870 he rented that property and removed to section 21 which became his home for 14 years. He then returned to the old homestead where he has since resided with his father and is provided with all the comforts of life. The career of the father, David Shaneour, is remarkable and affords to the rising generation an illustration of what one man may accomplish. Thrown upon his own resources when little more than a child, and deprived of the advantages of a school education, he has overcome all obstacles by sheer force of will power and energy, and from the humble beginning at $3/month, he has accumulated a handsome competency for his support in his old age, and a goodly heritage to leave to his children.

Our subject was united in marriage in 1864 with Miss Zeruiah RICHARDS who was born in Ottawa Co., OH, July 10, 1846, and is the daughter of Arnold Richards, who was born on the Ohio River, whence his parents had removed from Kentucky. He grew to manhood in Clark Co., where he settled after his marriage and resided until 1848. He then removed to Toledo but, living there one year, he removed to Wright Twp., this county, in 1849 and purchased 10 acres of timber land on section 27. He erected a log house and cleared and improved the land after which he sold out and bought 20 acres on section 22 and there built the home in which he spent his last years. His wife, whose maiden name was Clarissa GREENWOOD, was born in Clarke Co., OH, while her parents were natives of NH and early settlers of Clarke Co.; her father served in the War of 1812. Mrs. Shaneour's maternal grandmother was, in her girlhood, Miss Zeruiah BAILEY. Mr. and Mrs. Shaneour have two children, Effie C. and Adelbert W. In religion Mrs. Shaneour belongs to the Christian or Disciples Church. Mr. Shaneour is a Republican.

submitted by Katherine Paty, Tempe, AZ


From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.449

John V. SHANNON, one of the foremost farmers of Woodbridge Twp., makes a speciality of stock-growing. He is pleasantly located on section 7, where he has 80 acres of land, good buildings and all the other appliances of a first class country estate. He was born in Van Buren Twp., Onondaga Co., NY, Dec. 10, 1830, and is the son of Robert and Elizabeth (VEDER) Shannon who were also natives of the Empire State, the father born May 8, 1793, and the mother Aug. 25, 1798.

The father of our subject was a cooper by trade and also farmed in connection with his trade. He came to Hillsdale County in 1849 and carried on agriculture in Reading Twp. where his death took place Sept. 11, 1863. The mother survived her husband by 12 years, her death taking place on Dec. 4, 1875. She spent her last days at the home of her son, our subject. She was a most excellent lady and a devoted member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. The ten children of the parental family were as follows: Almira was born March 2, 1816, and died July 26, 1864; Margaret was born April 7, 1818, and died Jan. 1, 1848; Miranda was born April 18, 1820, and died Aug. 15, 1839; Caroline was born Feb. 18, 1822, and died Oct. 10, 1885; Jane was born Dec. 2, 1823, and died Jan 27, 1864; Martha, born Dec. 3, 1825, is a resident of Eaton Co., this State; Asa B. was born April 4, 1828; John V. was born Dec. 10, 1830; Robert J. was born June 20, 1833, and died Feb. 28, 1869 and Aymar R. was born Sept. 2, 1836.

John V., our subject, came to Mich. in 1847, alone by canal and and lake, and was two days on the journey from Toledo to Hillsdale, a distance of 60 miles. This was in the times of the old strap railroad, and young Shannon, after selecting his location, employed himself by the week or month in chopping and clearing land for other parties. In this way he has cleared over 200 acres in this State. The price paid was usually $10 per acre. His education had been completed in the common school. Seven years after coming to this State, he was married Dec. 29, 1854, to Miss Dorlesky J. Barnes, who was born in Fairfield Twp., Huron Co., OH, Jan. 2, 1834.

Mrs. Shannon is the daughter of John and Abigail (HERRINGTON) Barnes, natives of New York State where the father was born March 9, 1788. He was a farmer by occupation and received but a limited education. He was reared and married in his native State, and moved to Ohio in 1823, renting land in Huron Co. where he remained until coming to Mich. in 1845. He took up residence in Reading Twp. where he labored for a period of fifteen years until his death on May 28, 1862. His wife was born in 1800 and survived her husband by two years, her death taking place Jan. 27, 1864. She had been for many years a member of the Baptist Church, Their children were: Loran, a carpenter by trade, who lives in Morgan Park, a suburb of Chicago; Maria who married Benjamin MONROE of Huron Co., OH; William who died in Alma, Gratiot Co., Mich., in 1885; Charles is living near Fairfield, OH; Louisa who is a resident of Eaton Co., this State; Lovisa, a resident of Hillsdale; Dorlesky, Mrs. Shannon, was next in order of birth; Elizabeth lives in Woodbridge Twp., this county and Loretta lives near Reading. John died when about 21 years old.

To Mr. and Mrs Shannon there were born two sons. Eugene B., born Jan. 11, 1855, married Miss Clara SAUNDERS and is carrying on farming in Woodbridge Twp. Loran B., born Jan 5., 1859, married Miss Cynthia SCHOLTY and lives in Eaton Co. Politically, our subject is a staunch Democrat but has no desire for the responsibilities of office.

Submitted by Katherine Wyllys Paty

Charles A. SHEPARD

Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.561.
Charles A. SHEPARD.
The career of the present Prosecuting Attorney of Hillsdale County, and one which has been highly creditable to him as a public officer and a citizen, is in its main points as follows:
A native of Seneca Co., Ohio, he was born April 17, 1856, and is the son of Israel and Nancy (BROWN) Shepard, both natives of Seneca Co., New York.
He came to Mich. with his parents when a little lad of five years. They settled on a farm in Palmyra, Lenawee Co., but two years later removed first to Ransom Twp. and then to Camden Twp., this county, where Charles began his studies at a select school. As the boy advanced in stature and requirements, he entered first the Union School at Reading, and subsequently Hillsdale College, employing himself in winter as a teacher in order to pay his tuition. He developed at an early age the qualities which later have constituted him a prominent and useful man in this community.
Upon reaching his majority young Shepard, in 1877, took up his residence in the city of Hillsdale, and commenced the study of law in the office of Dickerman & St. John. In the meantime he acted as Turnkey and Deputy Sheriff under Sheriff George W. Bullock, and by this means paid his expenses. He was admitted to the bar on March. 4, 1879, and opened his first office in Hillsdale, meeting with success from the start.
Mr. Shepard, in 1882, was admitted as the law partner of his brother, B. P. Shepard, and became Assistant Prosecuting Attorney under the latter. Upon his brother's death, he was appointed, by Judge Howell, Prosecuting Attorney for the unexpired term. He afterward officiated as Circuit Court Commissioner four years, and in 1884 was elected Prosecuting Attorney for Hillsdale Co., receiving the largest vote of any candidate on the ticket. At the convention, Aug. 28, 1886, he was renominated by acclamation. In the spring of 1886 he was the able assistant of ex-Governor Austin Blair in the prosecution of the Holcomb perjury case, under change of venue from Jackson to this county, and received much deserved praise.
During the incumbency of Mr. Shepard in this as well as other offices, Hillsdale Co. has had a faithful and efficient conservator of its interests, and as a member of the bar he takes rank among its best men, although one of its youngest members. Politically, he is a strong Republican and has great influence with his party.

Submitted by Katherine Paty


Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 396
[NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

John H. SHERMAN was b. 3/22/1832 in England (no place given) and came to this country in 1851 with his parents, William and Ann (BELL) SHEARMAN.
They settled first in Crawford Co., PA and moved to Fayette Twp., Hillsdale Co. in 1861. William died in June,1876. John H. was the only child of his parents to reach adulthood.
John H. married, in 1855, in Crawford Co., PA, Miss Rachel G. COLDWELL. They had six children: William A., Naomi, Elmer and Elsie (twins), Harly and Jesse.

Phillip SHOOK

Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County, Michigan. 1888, Chapman Bros. page 368
NOTE: This is an extract of the original article.

Phillip SHOOK was the owner of a beautiful farm in section 3 of Camden Twp., comprised of 94 and nine tenths acres of fertile soil ideal for growing cereals and other crops.
Phillip was born in Medina Co., OH, 3/2/1839, the son of George and Catherine (WALKER) SHOOK. Both were natives of PA, the father being born in Center Co. The mother, when very young, moved with her parents from PA to Wayne Co., OH, in the early days of its settlement.
After their marriage George and Catherine went to Medina Co., OH, where they were early pioneers. Catherine died there in the home they had built. George was still living there in 1888. He had been married three times and was the father of ten children: Hattie, William, Julia A., Edward, Adaline, Phillip, Alfred, Ella, Libbie and George, all still living in 1888.
Phillip grew to maturity in Medina Co., learning farming from his parents, as well as the habits of industry, honesty and sobriety. In 1862 he and his family came to Camden Twp., Hillsdale Co., where they have lived ever since.
When still in Ohio, Phillip married Mary RIGLEMAN, the daughter of John and Rebecca RIGLEMAN. (No dates are given for Mary Rigleman or the wedding.)
Phillip and Mary had four children, Perry M., Harvey C., Sherman E. and Clara B.
Phillip Shook was a member of the local school board, a Mason, a member of the Acme Grange, Camden Twp. and was a Republican in politics.

David Lewis SMITH

Michigan Historical Collections, By Michigan Historical Commission, Michigan State Historical Society, Pioneer Society of the State of Michigan Vol.33 Report of Annual Meeting 1903
Published by Michigan Historical Commission 1904
Page 736

David Lewis SMITH died at Litchfield. Born in new York, he settled in Litchfield in 1836. He married Mary M. Murdock, who with one daughter survive him. He and his father platted the village, which was first called Smithville. He built a grist mill and ran the second store in the village. He was greatly interested and aided largely the Baptist church. He was an expert machinist, and in this capacity visited California and Colorado.


Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 260
[NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

John L. SOUTHWORTH was born 17 Jul 1836 in NY. He came with his parents to Reading Twp., Hillsdale Co., in early 1843.
His father was John B., b. in Dutchess Co., NY in Oct 1813. His mother was Tacy M. TALLMAN, b. 1815 in Dutchess Co. John B. died in 1873 and Tacy in 1867 in Reading Twp., Hillsdale Co.
John L.'s first wife was Adeline VALENTINE. They were married in July, 1860. They had three children: Horace Eugene, born 1862; Alexander D., born 1864 and Mae, who died in infancy. Adeline died in 1867.
On 22 Feb 1870, John L. was married for the second time to Emily SAWYER. They had two children: J.B. and Bennie.


Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale County Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. p 763
[NOTE: The following is an extract of the original sketch]

Roscius SOUTHWORTH was born 27 Aug 1815, in Thompson, CT.He was the son of Royal SOUTHWORTH and Phebe GLEASON, both of New Eng.
They lived first in CT, then MA, then Oswego Co., NY and finally, in 1836, the family moved to MI. There were six children, the youngest being Roscius.
In 1837, in Litchfield Twp., Hillsdale Co., Roscius married Lucinda MURDOCK, who was born in Oswego Co., NY. Lucinda died in 1838 after the birth of a son, John.
Roscius next married Lucinda WIGHT on 10 Aug 1841, in Litchfield. Lucinda was born 20 Nov 1819 in Hope, Cayuga Co., NY. Lucinda and Rocius had four children: Abbie, now Mrs. John PARISH; Thaddeus M.; Royal A. and William W.
Lucinda's parents were Thaddeus and Lucinda (WASHBURN) WIGHT, both of New Eng. Thaddeus was born 8 Jun 1788 in VT and Lucinda on 9 Aug 1792.
They lived first in VT, then Saratoga Co., NY, then Cuyahoga Co., OH and finally, in 1830, moved to Mich. Terr.
Lucinda Wight died 7 Sep 1832 near Jonesville, Hillsdale Co. Thaddeus died on 28 Jul 1859, also in Hillsdale Co. In all, Thaddeus and Lucinda had nine children, six daus. and three sons.


Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical (1903) and Largely Biographical (1903) page 405

Born: 7 July 1845 Litchfield Twp Hillsdale Co MI
Parents: Henry STODDARD and Emeline ANDREW
Married: Mary DEYO (Parents Hiram & Electa DEYO)


From the Portrait and Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.320.

Lewis H. STORER, who is comfortably located on section 35, Camden Twp., has pursued the even tenor of his way as a peaceful and law-abiding citizen, and a skillful tiller of the soil, for the last 35 years in this area. He was born in Wayne Co., NY, on July 19, 1837, the son of George H. and Emily (SEDGWICK) Storer, natives respectively of New Jersey and Connecticut. His paternal ancestors were of German-English descent and the mother traced her forefathers back to the Pilgrims who arrived on the historic "Mayflower". William D. Storer, a relative of our subject, was Collector of Customs in New York City, but finally returned to Europe where he spent the remainder of his days. Our subject's maternal great-grandfather and seven sons did valiant service as soldiers in the Revolutionary War and Grandfather Storer carried a musket in the War of 1812. After the independence of the Colonists had been established, the Storer family took up residenc e in NJ and subsequently removed to NY State.

Lewis H. came to Southern Mich. with his parents when he was just 16 years old. They settled at once in Camden Twp. and there the father engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death in June 1871. The mother, now in the 85th year of her age, makes her home with her son Lewis. The parental family consisted of seven children, but three of whom are still living, namely: John W. and Lewis H. of Camden Twp. and Nancy A., wife of A. J. LONGSTREET of Camden village. The parents of our subject were among the earliest pioneers in this area, and settled in the woods of Camden Twp. where they battled bravely with the elements of a new country, the father laboring to subdue the forest and to build up a homestead. The mother bore cheerfully with her husband the toils and privations of their early life and is now enjoying the comfortable and quiet life she so justly earned. In religion she is a Seventh-Day Adventist.

Lewis grew to manhood in Camden Twp. and has himself cleared many an acre of timberland. Although he received only a limited education he has been a great reader all his life and is thoroughly informed upon matters of general interest. During the time of our country's struggle with treason and rebellion he took up the weapons of warfare, enlisting in Sept. 1861, in Co. K, 11th Michigan Infantry, which remained in the vicinity of White Pigeon until Dec. 11th. They then started to Kentucky and Lewis was assigned guard duty in and around Louisville. In Jan. 1862, he contracted measles and was confined in hospital at Bardstown until July. He received an honorable discharge on account of disability and returned home.

On Christmas Day, 1872, Lewis was united in marriage with Miss Lettie ARNOLD, the wedding taking place in Camden Twp. Mrs. Storer was born March 15, 1851, in Ohio, and by her union with our subject has become the mother of three children: Iva E., who died when one year old; Ina B. and Sterry J. Their homestead comprises 58 acres of good land which Mr. Storer acquired through his own industry, receiving no assistance from anyone else. In politics he is independent and votes to support honest men for public offices. He has served as Treasurer of Camden Twp. for two years and has occupied other positions of trust. Both he and his wife are Seventh Day Adventists. Socially, Mr. Storer belongs to Rice Post No. 282, G.A.R. at Camden and is also identified with the Masonic fraternity.

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Portrait & Biographical Album Of Hillsdale County, Michigan 1888, Chapman Bros. pgs. 977-978

Warren STURDEVANT, a gentleman in the prime of life, actively engaged in agricultural pursuits in Cambria Township, has a finely improved farm of 120 acres on section 24. Besides this property he owns ninety acres on section 25, the greater part of which is in a productive condition. He has been a resident of this county for over thirty years, and is numbered among its solid and reliable men.
Our subject was born in Tompkins County, N.Y., April 2, 1844, and is the son of Elias L. and Olive (LEONARD) STURDEVANT, who were also natives of the Empire State. The paternal grandfather, Joseph STURDEVANT, was also born there, but spent a good share of his life in Pennsylvania, where he followed the trade of shoemaker; when a young man he served as a soldier in the War of 1812. Quite late in life he came to Michigan, and died in Woodbridge Township, Hillsdale County, in 1863, when seventy-seven years old. He had been twice married, and was in all respects a most estimable citizen.
Elias L. STURDEVANT, the father of our subject, spent his boyhood and youth in his native State, and was married in Tompkins County. After the birth of five children the parents removed to Fulton County, Ohio, living there one year, during which time they lost one son by death. About 1853 they came to this state locating first in Medina Township, Lenawee County, whence later they removed to a new farm in Wright Township, this county, which the father purchased, made some improvements, and then selling out invested a part of his capital in forty acres in Woodbridge Township. This property, a few years later, he traded for a farm in Ransom Township, which he occupied two years, then returned to Woodbridge Township, whence he again removed to Cambria Township, settling this time on forty acres on section 24, where he still lives. He is now seventy-five years old, a hard-working honest man, in early life a Whig, politically, and later a Republican. The wife and mother still continues the faithful partner of her aged husband, and is sixty-seven years old.
To Elias L. and Olive STURDEVANT there were born nine children, five sons and four daughters; one of the former and two of the latter are deceased. The living children are all married and settled in comfortable homes. Warren, our subject, acquired his education in the district schools, and in early manhood served an apprenticeship at the carpenter's trade; he followed this some years, and put up many excellent houses both in this county and in Eaton. He was first married, in Cambria Township, to Miss Helen REYNOLDS, who was born in Branch County, this State, in 1849, and a history of whose father, Chancy REYNOLDS, will be found on another page in this volume. Mrs. Helen STURDEVANT died at her home in Cambria Township, Sept. 9, 1871. She had no children.
Our subject contracted a second marriage in Cambria Township, this county, Nov. 20, 1875, with Mrs. Esther (MILES) HALL, who was born in California Township, Branch County, this State, March 18, 1849, and is the daughter of Chancy and Mary A. (REYNOLDS) Miles, who died some years ago, the father at Pilot Knob., Mo. About 1862, when forty-six years of age. The mother passed away some five years before the death of her husband, her death taking place in Branch County about 1857, when she was forty years old. They were natives respectively of Connecticut and New York, and were married in Branch County, this State. Mr. MILES was a well-educated man and followed teaching considerably during the younger years of his life. Later he engaged in farming.
The wife of our subject was first married in Adrian, Michigan, to Andrew HALL, a farmer by occupation, and who, during the late war, served as a Union soldier about three years in Company F, 2nd Michigan Infantry. After receiving his honorable discharge he returned to Cambria Township, from which he had enlisted, and died on the 28th of May, 1873. He left a wife and three children, one of whom, Eugene, died at the age of fifteen years; Harry and Bert, twenty-one and seventeen years of age, are living with their mother and stepfather. By this marriage Mr. STURDEVANT is the father of three children- Andrew W., Elias L., Jr., and Minerva E. the family residence is a well-built structure, convenient and substantial, and the other improvements of the homestead bear fair comparison with those of the intelligent farmers around. Mr. S. gives most of his attention to his agricultural pursuits and his personal affairs, having no desire for the responsibilities of office. He keeps himself well posted, however, upon current events, and uniformly votes the Republican ticket.


Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 408. (mentioned in father's sketch) John R. SUTTON was born 25 Feb 1868 in Hillsdale Michigan. He graduated from the Michigan University in Ann Arbor in 1890 with a law degree. He later turned to insurance as a profession.
John married Miss Gertrude L MARCH in 1890. Gertrude was the daughter of Colonel and Mrs. E.J. MARCH of Hillsdale. John and Gertrude have 1 child, John R. SUTTON Jr, born 15 Jun 1899.

Robert B. SUTTON

Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co 2 Parts - Fully Historical and Largely Biographical (1903) page 408.

Robert B. SUTTON was born near Trenton, NJ 29 Mar 1762. His father, Thomas, "belonged to an old Colonial family"; several of Thomas' brothers were soldiers in the Revolution and one was a staff member for General Washington.
Thomas and family moved to Lyons, Wayne County, New York, when Robert was eight. Robert joined the Federal Army at the beginning of the War of 1812 and was wounded during the battle of Lundy's Lane.
Robert became a lumberman, investing in lumber in the Michigan Territory and also receiving land in Illinois & Iowa in payment for a loan.
"In his young manhood" Robert married while still in New York (no spouse named) and "reared a large family of children, who also married in that state, when also his wife died.
Robert came to Michigan in 1859, taking up residence in Hillsdale. He remained in the lumber business, and also assisted in the organization of the First National Bank. He also erected the Sutton Opera House block.
Robert married Miss Anna B. WRAGG in 1860. They had a son, John R. SUTTON. Robert died in 1876, with Anna surviving seven years more, passing in 1883.

Robert B. SUTTON

From the Portrait & Biographical Album of Hillsdale Co., MI, 1888, p.403.

Robert B. SUTTON, now deceased, is recalled by the residents of Hillsdale as one of its most active business men and highly respected citizens. He was born near Trenton, NJ, Mar. 29, 1792. When he was eight his parents moved to the town of Lyons, Wayne Co., NY, where he grew to manhood. He was a man of remarkable physique with an intellect and a will power commensurate with his noble stature.
Early in life he was engaged as a boatman on the Mohawk River and later became interested in the lumber business, going into Canada and becoming the head of the extensive operations carried on thereafter between the Dominion and the States. He owed a valuable farm and timber land in New York as well as large tracts of land in Illinois and Iowa which had fallen to him as the security of large sums of money which he had loaned and could recover in no other way.
During his early manhood Mr. SUTTON was married in New York State, where he became the father of several children and where his first wife died. His family had reached mature years before he removed to Mich. and were all married in their native State where their survivors are still living. Mr. SUTTON became a resident of Hillsdale in about 1859, and became identified with the lumber interests with which he continued for a number of years. He was particularly fortunate in the investment of his capital, and was chiefly instrumental in the organization of the First National Bank, of which he remained a Director until his death in 1876. Enterprising, energetic and ambitious, he was warmly interested in the devlopment and progress of his adopted county and here invested a generous share of his capital. He put up what is known as the Sutton Opera House Block, which comprises a substantial building, three stories in height, which gives ample accommodation to four stores and the large auditorium from which it derives its name.
Mr. SUTTON was married a second time, in 1860, in Hillsdale, to Miss Anna B. WRAGG who became the mother of one son, John R. SUTTON, who is now an active young business man this city, and is in possession of a handsome property which requires the greater part of his time and attention. Mrs. Anna (WRAGG) SUTTON died at her home in Hillsdale in 1883.

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