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Poor Farm Residents
as of 1920

1920 Hillsdale County, Michigan Census -- Vol. 31, E.D. 119, Sheet 2

Hillsdale County Infirmary
Marital Status Code: W -Widow; M -Married; S -Single

Surname First Name Relationship Color/Gender Age Marital Status Occupation
Foster Charles E. Head W/M 35 M. Overseer
County Farm
Foster Anna R. Wife W/F 41 M. Matron
County Farm
Foster Ellworth C. Son W/M 17 S. Laborer
County Farm
Lewis John S. Head W/M 34 M. Laborer
County Farm
Lewis Ferna? Wife W/F 33 M. Laborer
County Farm
Baughman Sarah S. Head W/F 34 W. Laborer
County Farm
Baughman Paul Son W/M 10 S. -
Clark Alfred Inmate W/M 26 S. None
James William Inmate W/M 65 S. None
Garge William Inmate W/M 70 S. None
Murray William Inmate W/M 60 S. None
Noyes Joseph Inmate W/M 56 S. None
Pratt Alonzo Inmate W/M 60 S. None
Russell Millard Inmate W/M 71 S. None
Sachett Edward Inmate W/M 58 S. None
Thompson Frank Inmate W/M 65 S. None
Thompson Charles Inmate W/M 48 S. None
Tuttle Elon Inmate W/M 76 S. None
Wisman? ???? Inmate W/M 51 S. None
Woodruff Thomas C. Inmate W/M 57 S. None
Rudd John Inmate W/M 69 S. None
Nickles Abraham Inmate W/M 83 S. None
Golliver Grover Inmate W/M 85 S. None
Ferguson James C. Inmate W/M 29 S. None
South Bert Inmate W/M 86 S. None
Brown Charles Inmate W/M 42 S. None
Carroll James Inmate W/M 69 S. None
Hutchson Frank Inmate W/M 70 S. None
Moore John Inmate W/M 52 S. None
Ryan Robert Inmate W/M 81 S. None
Sprague ??? Inmate W/M 88 S. None
Van Valkberg Warren Inmate W/M 65 S. None
Skates Thoma Inmate W/M 69 S. None
Clark Walter Inmate W/M 18 S. None
Sigsbee Edward Inmate W/M 65 S. None
Buchanan ?ince Inmate W/F 69 S. None
Rogers Emma Inmate W/F 68 S. None
Thompson Eva Inmate W/F 51 S. None
Townson Lizzie Inmate W/F 54 S. None
Walters Jennie Inmate W/F 50 S. None
English Ellen Inmate W/F 52 S. None
Howard Mary Inmate W/F 63 S. None
Gelder Elizabeth Inmate W/F 86 S. None
Ferguson Alma Inmate W/F 68 S. None
??? ??? Inmate W/F 74 S. None
Pond E??? Inmate W/F ?? S. None
Savage Ellen Inmate W/F ?? S. None
Mc???? Elizabeth Inmate W/F 80 S. None

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