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Roster of the Civil War
Sixteenth Michigan Infantry

The following list of soldiers was compiled from Michigan Soldiers and Sailors, published by the State of Michigan in 1915, and Compendium of History and Biography of Hillsdale County Michigan Elon G. Reynolds. ed. Chicago: AW Bowen & Co (1903) p 91.

The names have been alphabetized for easy reference. Individuals with an asterisk (*) in the Residence column have not yet been located in the official roster.

Submitted by former County Coordinator, Tracey Morris
Company Last Name First Name Residence Age Other info
Co. C ALDRICH Charles A. Hillsdale Co. n/a
Co. E ANGEVINE Warren T. Adrian 17
Co. C BELLINGTON David Pittsford 19 killed at Malvern Hill Va. 1 Jul 1962.
Co. D BLAIR Oliver Amboy 36
Co. C BLANCHARD Curtis Hillsdale Co. 23 transferred to Veteran Reserve Corps. July 1863
Co. F BROWN Butler Adrian n/a
Co. C CILLIWAY Joseph Hillsdale Co. 24 killed at Spotsylvania Va. 8 May 1864
Co. C CILLIWAY Thomas Hillsdale Co. n/a discharged for disability 24 Feb 1862
Co. E COPLIN William * discharged 24 Oct 1862.
Unassigned EVERETT Robert A. Hillsdale 21
Co. G FARRALL Barzillai F. Hillsdale n/a
Co. D HALL James K. Hillsdale Co. n/a killed at Gettysburg Pa. 2 Jul 1863
Co. D HARRIS John Moscow n/a
Co. G HAYES Edmond/Edward Adrian 26
Co. D HESS Joseph Amboy 31
Co. F HEWLETT Ephriam H. Adrian 25 died at Annapolis Md. 11 Oct 1862.
Co. C HOLSTED/HALSTEAD Samuel Hillsdale Co. 25 disch. Sept. 7, 1864.
Co. D ISH James N. Hillsdale Co. n/a discharged 26 Feb 1863
Co. G KELLY William F. Ransom 48
Co. D MAHAN Theodore S. Adrian 24 1st. Lieutenant
Co. D MASON Silas Camden n/a
Co. E MCCLELLAN Malcolm Jonesville 32 killed at Gaines' Mills, Va.. June 27, 1862.
Co. E MEECHAN/MEEHAN Patrick Hillsdale Co. 35 discharged for disability 21 Jan 1863 (killed at Gaines' Mills, Va. 27 Jun 1862?)
Co. E MILLARD Nathaniel D. Hillsdale 20 discharged for disability 16 Apr 1863
Co. E PARKER James E. Hillsdale Co. 19 discharged for disability 15 Jan 1863
Co. E PECK Henry Hillsdale Co. n/a died at Baltimore Md. 25 Nov 1862
Co. G RIGHT Peter Hillsdale 26
Co. G ROE Silas E. Amboy 18
Co. G ROSE Silas E. Amboy 18
Co. C RYAN William Amboy 35 discharged 8 Jul 1865
Co. D SIMMONS Schuyler P. Moscow n/a
Co. E SIMMONS William Quincy 18 died of wounds
Co. E SPATCH James Hillsdale Co. 16 discharged to reenlist 21 Dec 1863
Co. G VANAKIN Francis Hillsdale Co. 26
Co. C WAKEFIELD Alphonso * discharged for disability
Co. F WESTERN/WESTON Reuben Hillsdale Co. n/a discharged to reenlist 21 Dec 1863
Co. C WHITBECK Abram Hillsdale Co. 19 discharged to reenlist 24 Dec 1863
Co. G WRIGHT Peter Hillsdale 26

This information is made available to the public for non-commercial purposes.
Copyright 2001 Tracey Morris




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