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Hillsdale County Deaths

Extracted by Pat McArthur from the microfilmed report of Hillsdale County to the State of Michigan for year end 1888.

Name Death date Sex Race Mar St Age Died at Cause Born Occupation Parents
Allen, (no name) Oct 22, 1888 M W - 1m23d Hillsdale Brain disease Mich - Theo. And Ella Allen (unknown)
Allen, Clarissa Dec 4, 1888 F W M 81y5m Litchfield Dysentary New York Housewife Joel and Sarah Moore (New York)
Allen, Maria S. Oct 22, 1888 F W S 69y4m8d Hillsdale Paralysis New York At home Arnold and Lucy Allen (New York)\
Alley, Hollie Feby 27, 1888 M W - 9m2d Somerset Spinal Menangitis Michigan - Charles and Emma Alley (Somerset)
Alpaugh, Aaron Feb 20, 1888 M W M 46y Pittsford Consumption Mich Farmer unknown
Ames, Rhoda Mar 16, 1888 F W M 69y8m Pittsford Paralysis Vermont Farmer Thomas and Abigail Tabor (Mich)
Andrews, Martha July 8, 1888 F W W 65y Jonesville Lung trouble New York Housekeeper unknown
Ashbaugh, Andrew June 27, 1888 M W W 82y8m14d Topeka, Kan Old age Ohio Farmer Andrew and Mrs. Ashbaugh (Pennsylvania)
Atwell, Peter Sep 17, 1888 M W W 76y Moscow Paralysis NJ Farmer Peter and Betsey Atwell (NY)
Avery, Minerva J. Aug 8, 1888 F W S 21y5m Ransom Consumption Mich Farmer daugh Edwin and Mary Avery (Ransom)
Baker, John F. May 18, 1888 M W M 81y7m12d Somerset Old age Unknown Farmer unknown
Baker, Olie July 12, 1888 F W S 18y Scipio Inflammation of bowels Mich - Wm. And Mary Baker (Mosherville)
Baker, Rachael Oct 14, 1888 F W W 69y3m Jonesville Lung trouble Maine Housewife unknown
Barker, - Dec 14, 1888 M W - 0 Jefferson Stillborn Michigan - George and Lorinda Barker (Jefferson)
Baxter, Witter J. Feb 6, 1888 M W W 71y7m18d Jonesville Heart trouble New York Lawyer Levi and unknown Baxter
Bear, Mary Aug 15, 1888 F W W 75y10m8d Woodbridge Dysentary Ohio Farmer unknown (Germany) and unknown (America)
Bell, Samuel W. Aug 8, 1888 M W S 29y9m8d Petoskey Drowned Mich Student Philo and Margaret W. Bell (Adams)
Benedict, Herbert May 28, 1888 M W S 23y Wright Heart disease Mich Farmer Hiram Benedict (Wright)
Benson, Asa R. Feb 17, 1888 M W W 76y4m Jefferson Paralysis New York Farmer Dead
Benson, Lorenzo Sep 25, 1888 M W M 70y5m Moscow Brights disease NY Farmer Wm. And Fannie Benson (Mich)
Bibbins, Hannah Feb 18, 1888 F W W 83y Moscow Paralysis NY Farmer -- Storms (NY)
Bigelow, John C. Oct 21, 1888 M W S 77y Reading Opium overdose Conn Carpenter E.F. and Almira Bigelow (Conn)
Bond, Aurilla Nov 5, 1888 F W M 58y3m Allen Consumption Mass Housewife William and Isabel Knapp (Somerset)
Bowe, Llod Oct 26, 1888 M W 0 7m10d Pittsford unknown Mich none Charles and Minnie Bowe (Mich)
Box, Sylvester Nov 2, 1888 M W M 58y2m26d Camden Consumption Michigan Farmer Job Box (Jackson)
Boyer, Vera Dec 24, 1888 F W - 5y2m29d Jonesville Scarlet fever Mich - Henry (Penn) and Lettia Bower (Mich)
Bradley, Mary J. July 26, 1888 F B S 20[?]y5m Hillsdale Endo Pancarditis Ohio At home Edwd (Arkansas) and Julia Bradley (Kentucky)
Brayman, Addie Apr 9, 1888 F W M 37y8m26d Woodbridge Measles Mich Farmer Thos. And Sally Ashworth (Mich)
Brickle, Mary Feb 29, 1888 F W M 71y2m26d Reading Liver trouble New York Farmer Geo. And Lyda Fitzsimmons (Reading)
Briuk, Garritt May 20, 1888 M W W 85y8m Cambria Inflm. Of bowels Unknown
Brockelbank, Elizabeth Dec 28, 1888 F W M 62y3m5d Adams Cancer on tongue NY Housewife Dead
Brown, Ethel July 6, 1888 F W - 6y5m15d Somerset Gastric fever Michigan - Loyal and Iona Brown (Somerset)
Brown, Nelson Nov 27, 1888 M W M 70y Scipio Heart disease NY Farmer -
Brown, Thursey Nov 2, 1888 F W M 65y Scipio Consumption Ohio unknown unknown
Burdell, - Dec 1, 1888 F W - 0 Hillsdale Stillborn Michigan - William and Gertrude Burdell (Michigan)
Burgdolt, Leonard G. June 15, 1888 M W M 79y10m15d Hillsdale Strangulated Hernia Germany Laborer John and Mrs. Burgdolt (Germany)
Camburn, Jacob Jan 14, 1888 M W M 90y5m Moscow Old age NY Farmer Levi and Margaret Camburn (NJ)
Camp, George Nov 7, 1888 M W W 73y11m Ransom Cancer New York Farmer Joseph and Rachael Camp (Ransom)
Carlton, Leah Mar 9, 1888 F W - 1y5m27d Somerset Spinal Menangitis Michigan - James and Donna Carlton (Somerset)
Carris, Nevada Apr 2, 1888 F W S 26y4m Somerset Consumption Michigan - Spencer and Nevada Carris (Somerset)
Carter, - Nov 1, 1888 M W - 1d Moscow Weakness Mich - Edward and Emily Carter (NY)
Casey, Fred Oct 15, 1888 M W - 1y4m Wheatland Dysentary Mich - Louis and Ann Casey (Wheatland)
Chapman, Amanda ?. July 11, 1888 F W W 59y Wheatland Paralytic stroke New York Housewife unknown
Cheeney, Julia Oct 3, 1888 F W M 62y10d Cambria Lung trouble NY Farmer's wife David and Polly Sanford (dead)
Clement, Peter Dec 26, 1888 M W M 72y Pittsford Heart disease NY Farmer Aaron and Elizabeth Clement (NY)
Comer, Jane July 22, 1888 F W S 26y Hillsdale Unknown New York Dressmaker John and Elizabeth Comer (Ireland)
Conrad, Jennie Sep 20, 1888 F W M 21y Jefferson Blood Poison New York Housewife Walter and Mary Weatherwax (Ransom)
Cozzens, Albert July 1, 1888 M W S 25y3m14d Hillsdale Pyemia? New York Farmer Charles and Sarah A. Cozzens (England)
Crampton, Gertie July 16, 1888 F W - 10m Ransom Spasms Mich - Asa and Mina Crampton (Ransom)
Culbert, Margaret April 16, 1888 F W W 87y11m Wheatland Old age Ireland home David King
Curtis, Loise C. Aug 15, 1888 F W - 2m30d Hillsdale Cholera Infantum Michigan none Leon B. and Susie M. Curtis (Michigan)
Curtis, Louisa S. Aug 4, 1888 F W - 3m Moscow Cholera Infantum Mich Farmer L.B. and Susie Curtis (Mich)
Curtis, William Oct 27, 1888 M W W 80y2m3d Wheatland Old age New York Farmer unknown
Cutler, Mary July 23, 1888 F W W 72y Moscow Paralysis NY Farmer Garret and Eunice Morzone (dead)
Davis, George H. Feb 21, 1888 M W S 19y1m6d Wheatland Epeleptic fits Mich Farmer Chauncy and Ellen Davis (Wheatland)
Davis, Glen Feb 11, 1888 M W - 10d Reading Pneumonia Michigan - Frank and B.O. Davis (Reading, Mi)
Davis, Oral Oct 22, 1888 M W - 8m3d Woodbridge Cholera Infantum Mich - Hiram and Addie Davis (Mich)
Dean, Louisa A. Nov 20, 1888 F W S 17y Hillsdale Ovarian Tumor Indiana At home Thomas P. and Lavina Dean (Ohio)
Debow, Orrillia Apr 7, 1888 F W M 59y2m Litchfield Pneumonia New York Housewife - and unknown Curtis (New York)
Demming, - May 17, 1888 M W - 21d Moscow Spinal Meningitis Mich - George and Mary Demming (Mich)
Dillon, Mary Apr 25, 1888 F W M 65y Wheatland Brights disease New York None Wm. And Mary Huston (dean)
Dopp, Abijah Sep 21, 1888 M W W 80y8m5d Reading Chronic diarrhea New York Farmer Peter (New York) and Debby Dopp (Canada)
Dopp, Nancy E. Apr 28, 1888 F W M 49y1m15d Montgomery Measles New York - Elias and Samantha Hakes (Michigan)
Doty, Orsemus Dec 10, 1888 M W M 72y3m10d Ransom Paralysis Vermont Farmer Isaac and Sara Doty (Michigan)
Dugan, Henry May 24, 1888 M W M 62y Jonesville Effect of Sunstroke Penn Carpenter unknown (Penn)
Dutcher, Margaret Oct 15, 1888 F W W unk Somerset Ulceration Liver Unknown - unknown
Entry, George Mar 16, 1888 M W S 24y11m Moscow Typhoid fever Mich Laborer John and Sarah Entry (Mich)
Evans, Sylvester Feb 20, 1888 M W S 38y11m20d Allen Brights disease Michigan Farmer John D. and Cornelia A. Evans (Michigan)
Farmer, Mary Nov 5, 1888 F W W 64y5d Woodbridge Flux NY - Enoch and Betsy Belcher (Mich)
Faut, Frank July 27, 1888 M W S 32y Hillsdale Inflammation of Bowels Michigan Mason John and Mary Faut (Ireland)
Ferguson, Phebe Sep 8, 1888 F W W 68y9m Wheatland Insane New York None Aaron and Lida VanFleet (Wheatland)
Finch, Sally Ann May 25, 1888 F W M 81y Hillsdale Pneumonia Connecticut Housewife Salmon and S. Haite (Connecticut)
Fish, Addie B. Mar 9, 1888 F W S 10y3m10d Cambria Typhoid fever Mich Farmer Jerome (dead) and Salinda Fish (Cambria)
Fisk, Lyman July -, 1888 M W M 80y Pittsford unknown Unknown Farmer unknown
Fitzsimmons, Charlotte Mar 10, 1888 F W W 60y11m25d Reading Apploplexy New York Farmer Roswell Merriman (Reading, Mi)
Fooley, Albert J. Aug 2, 1888 M W M unknown Jonesville Killed by cars Unknown Brakeman unknown
Foster, - May 3, 1888 F W - 6m Somerset Spinal Menangitis Michigan - William and Caroline Foster (Somerset)
Fowler, Archibald Apr 30, 1888 M W M 86y2m Adams Old age Maryland Farmer Dead
Franks, David A. Apr 8, 1888 M W M 59y6m1d Camden Killed R.R. cars New York Farmer Jacob H. and Mary Franks (dead)
Freed, Angie Jan 1, 1888 F W M 56y Adams Paralysis of nerves Ohio Housekpr unknown
Freeland, Charles Aug 27, 1888 M W - 1y10m23d Hillsdale Cholera Infantum Michigan At home Henry and Alice Freeland (Michigan)
French, Diana Nov 13, 1888 F W M 36y Colorado Typhoid fever Mich - -
French, Oliver P. July 14, 1888 M W M 71y11m28d Pittsford Blood poison Penn Farmer Jonathan and Olive French (Mass)
Frisbee, Nellie Jan 13, 1888 F W S 14y10d6m Amboy Typhoid fever Mich Student Alonzo Frisbee (dead) and Lavinia Bryan (Mich)
Fritz, John Nov 7, 1888 M W M 67y Jefferson Paralysis New York unknown Thomas and Pardipley Fritz
Frost, Eli Apr 19, 1888 M W M 87y Litchfield Heart failure New Jersey Farmer unknown
Fulks, Sarah Mar 1, 1888 F W M 38y1m6d Montgomery Measles Ohio - unknown
Fuller, Elizabeth June 8, 1888 F W S 83y County house Old age Unknown unknown unknown
Furry, Julia M. Feb 14, 1888 F W - 4m19d Somerset Unknown Michigan - Elmer and Hattie Furry (Somerset, Mi)
Galloway, Leonard J. Apr 18, 1888 M W M 62y10m12d Adams Apoplexy Mich Farmer unknown
Gates, Mary A. Mar 11, 1888 F W W 74y9m14d Reading Paralysis Conn Farmer E.F. and Americo Bigelow (Conn)
Geuehman, Julia Feby 18, 1888 F W M 89y [or 39y] Amboy Child bed fever Mich Housewife Henry and Mary Neouis (Mich)
Gifford, Early Aug 15, 1888 M W - 2y2m26d Camden Cholera Infantum Michigan - Horace and Mabel Gifford (Camden)
Gordon, Ida May 3, 1888 F W - 9m Hillsdale Tubercular Meningitis Fayette - W.L. and Lucinda Gordon (Hillsdale)
Green, Roscoe May 29, 1888 M W - 9d Amboy Unknown Mich - James and Hulda Green (Mich)
Hagerman, Abraham Apr 5, 1888 M W W 59y11m8d Camden Lung fever Ohio Farmer John and Sarah Hagerman (Dead)
Hagerman, Frank E. Mar 4, 1888 M W S 17y23d Montgomery Cong of Lungs Mich Farmer Wm. And Mary Hagerman (Michigan)
Hagerman, Vera A. Mar 4, 1888 F W - 4y2m25d Montgomery Measles Mich - Wm. And Mary Hagerman (Michigan)
Hall, John R. Feb 2, 1888 M W M 65y Moscow Abcess of side NY Farmer John and Mary Hall (NY)
Hall, Sarah A. Apr 9, 1888 F W W 64y Scipio Malarial fever Penn - -
Harlan, Harry Aug 6, 1888 M W S 5m Hillsdale Last Illness (unknown) Michigan None M? Harlan (Michigan)
Harrington, Emma Nov 12, 1888 F W S 21y Hillsdale Gastro Interitis Mich Dressmaker Orin and Loretta Harrington (Ohio)
Harrington, Orin J. Dec 4, 1888 M W M 48y1m4d Hillsdale Accident in well New York - Parley and Mary Harrington (New York)
Havens, Laura H. Sep 6, 1888 F W M 58y Adams Heart disease NY Housekeeper unknown
Haynes, Lula M. Apr 26, 1888 F W - 13d Woodbridge Congestion Mich - Franklin and Salena Haynes (Michigan)
Haynes, Thomas L. Dec 14, 1888 M W 0 3y11m Woodbridge Typhoid fever Mich 0 Frank and Ada Haynes (Mich)
Hayward, Minnie E. June 10, 1888 F W S 13y2m15d Cambria Consumption New York Farmer daugh Thos. (dead) and Mary Hayward (Michigan)
Haywood, Mina June 10, 1888 F W S 12y Hillsdale Consumption Maine at school Guardian Webb (from Orphan home Boston, Mi)
Hendricks, Sally May 2 (or 21), 1888 F W M 66y1m16d Reading Heart trouble Canada Farmer Gabriel Lockwood (Mich)
Hewes, Charles May 6, 1888 M W M 79y11m28d Montgomery Old age New York Farmer Ira and Mary Hewes (New York)
Hiller, Ethel C. Mar 12, 1888 F W - 4m Woodbridge Catarrhal fever Penn - Wm. And Corinda Hills (Ohio)
Hoag, Sarah Nov 15, 1888 F W M 85y Scipio Old age NY - -
Hollingshead, - Jan 8, 1888 F W - 3y Cambria Fever Mich - Wm. And Polly Hollingshead (Cambria)
Hosmer, Alma Sep 24, 1888 F W W 73y16d Cambria Apploplexy New York Farmer Osman and Abbie Tuttle (dead)
Howe, Maggie Nov 11, 1888 F W M 19y6m Ransom Blood Poison Ohio Housewife J.H. and H.S. Syphers (Ransom)
Hoyt, Edwin Dec 14, 1888 M W - 2y3d Reading unknown Reading, Mi Farmer William and Eliza Hoyt (Reading, Mi)
Hyatt, Harman R. Oct 11, 1888 M W S 23y9m11d Hillsdale Plurisy Vermont Student Isaac and Susan Hyatt (Canada)
Iles, Carrie Nov 5, 1888 F W - 1y6m Litchfield Scarlet fever Michigan - Frank and Mrs. Iles (Litchfield)
Jackson, Cyrus H. May 2, 1888 M W M 69y1m11d Adams Liver complaint NY Farmer Jacob and Theodocia Jackson (Adrain [sic])
Jennings, - Oct 11, 1888 M W - 1d Cambria unknown Mich - John and Eva Jennings (Cambria)
Jones, John Apr 18, 1888 M W W 73y County house Dropsy England unknown unknown
Keeper, - Aug 31, 1888 M W - 13d Hillsdale Unknown Michigan - John A. and Julia Keeper (unknown)
Kelly, George W. Nov 2, 1888 M W W 72y6m10d Litchfield Paralysis Pennsylvania Farmer unknown
Kempton, Clifford Dec 20, 1888 M W - 8y8m Adams Diptheria Mich - Webster and Mary Kempton (Adams)
Kempton, William H. Dec 20, 1888 M W - 1y10m Adams Diptheria Mich - Webster and Mary Kempton (Adams)
Kerr, Matilda J. July 30, 1888 F W M 25y Pittsford Consumption Mich Farmer Jacob and Margaret VanSickle (Michigan)
Kesselring, Jacob July 28, 1888 M W W 73y1m27d Hillsdale Rhumatism of Heart Germany Cooper Jacob and Mary Kesselring (Germany)
Kingsley, Juliana Apr 10, 1888 F W M 71y2m Ransom Paralysis New York Housewife Joseph and Olive Pury (unknown)
Kirby, William June 15, 1888 M W W 82y9m Adams Old age England Farmer Dead
Knickerbocker, Jay C. Aug 21, 1888 M W S 23y8m29d Allen Consumption Michigan Teleg. Opr. John C. and Julia Knickerbocker (Allen)
Lane, Levi Mar 25, 1888 M W M 79y20d Cambria Fever NY Farmer unknown
Lawrence, Miss Jan 19, 1888 F W S 80y Cambria Old age Unknown Housewife unknown
Lickley, Mrs. M. Apr -, 1888 F W M 80y Wright Old age Unknown Farmer unknown
Linsday, James B. May 21, 1888 M W M 64y Litchfield Pneumonia New York Farmer David and unknown Lindsay
Locklin, - May 1, 1888 M W - 4hrs Hillsdale At birth Hillsdale - H.W. and Abby Locklin (Hillsdale)
Lockwood, Jehial Jan 7, 1888 M W M 73y2m Jefferson Pneumonia Vermont Farming Nathaniel Lockwood
Luce, Wm. Cyrus July 20, 1888 M W M 26y8m13d Hillsdale Phthisis Ohio Marble cutter Haley D. and Charlotte Luce (New York)
Luke, Jane May 18, 1888 F W W 76y7d Cambria Consumption NY Farmer Unknown (dead)
Martin, Adam Aug 5, 1888 M W M 72y1m22d Woodbridge Asthma Germany Farmer unknown (Germany)
Martin, Robert May 10, 1888 M W W 88y10m Woodbridge Old age England Farmer Thomas and Dorothy Martin (England)
Martin, Sarah Apr 14, 1888 F W M 75y4m5d Woodbridge Typhoid fever Mass Farmer unknown (Mass)
Martin, William S. Aug 18, 1888 M W M 39y11m29d Allen Congestion of Throat Michigan Farmer George W. and Harriet J. Martin (Allen)
Mason, Walter Dec 17, 1888 M W - 2y4m3d Camden Membraneous Croup Mich - Perry J. and Hattie Mason (Michigan)
Masten, J.L. July 26, 1888 M W M 83y Hillsdale Apploplexy New York unknown John D. Masten (unknown)
McDougle, Mary June 6, 1888 F W W 72y7m4d Somerset Cancer New York Farmer David and Rebecca Gamble (unknown)
McGee, Cora May 3, 1888 F W M 28y Moscow Confinement Mich Farmer Chester and Mary Bills (Mich)
McLain, James June 16, 1888 M W S 57y Somerset Fatty degeneration of Liver Unknown None unknown
Merritt, Mrs. Dec 5, 1888 F W W 80y3m15d Cambria Old age NY Farmer Unknown (dead)
Metcalf, Bertha Oct 13, 1888 F W S unk Amboy Membraneous Croup Mich - John and Minnie Metcalf (Mich)
Millham, Harry Oct 2, 1888 M W S 14y Hillsdale Inflam of brain Michigan At home Wm. H. and Augusta Millham (South Carolina)
Millhams, Williams H. Apr 28, 1888 M W M 47y5m25d Hillsdale Consumption New York Minister James and Harriet Millhams (England)
Mills, - unk 30, 1888 M W - 0 Woodbridge Stillborn Michigan - George and Emogene Mills (Woodbridge)
Mills, Alta Aug 14, 1888 F W - 1y10m2d Ohio Cholera Infantum Mich - Samuel R. and Elvada Mills (Mich)
Mills, Evangeline July 30, 1888 F W M 34y2m Woodbridge Childbirth Mich Farmer Wm. A. and Rhoda L. Calkins (Mich)
Mills, George Jan 6, 1888 M W W 82y Jonesville Old age New York Farmer unknown
Mills, Peter Sutton Mar 5, 1888 M W W 85y8m8d Ransom Consumption New York - unknown
Morairity, Kate June 9, 1888 F W S 29y Wright Paralysis Mich Farmer unknown
Morris, - March 6, 1888 F W - 0 Woodbridge Stillborn Michigan - Charles and Mary Morris (Woodbridge)
Murray, Jerome V. Apr 29, 1888 M W M 60y Moscow Brain fever NY Merchant -- Murray (dead)
Murry, Louisa Dec 1, 1888 F W M 67y11m5d Camden Consumption Ohio - unknown
Nash, Nancy Dec 10, 1888 F W M 59y10m18d Litchfield Unknown New York Housewife Peter and Margaret Vangant (Litchfield)
Nethaway, Thomas J. Oct 28, 1888 M W M 47y Adams Pneumonia NY Farmer Dead
Norton, Lawrence June 16, 1888 M W M 37y4m8d Cambria Drowned Mass Farmer John and Mary Norton (Missouri)
O'Harrow, George Apr 17, 1888 M W - 10y Wheatland Typhoid fever Mich - John and Frances O'Harrow (Wheatland)
Patterson, Cyrus May 16, 1888 M W M 91y1m14d Woodbridge Old age Vermont Farmer Moses and Hannah Patterson (Vermont)
Peper, Sophia Apr 17, 1888 F W W 90y7m16d Woodbridge Old age Conn Farmer Thomas Robins (Mich)
Phetoplace, - unk 26, 1888 M W - 0 Wheatland Stillborn Michigan - Robert and Hrriet Phetoplace (Wheatland)
Playford, Edward Oct 26, 1888 M W W 75y Hillsdale Heart disease England Shoemaker James and Mrs. Playford (England)
Plum, Mariam July 13, 1888 F W M 23y3m17d Hillsdale Hemorage-Lungs Michigan Housewife Charles A. (New York) and Mary E. Whitney (Michigan)
Porter, Grace Nov 22, 1888 F W - 4y7m11d Hillsdale Membraneous Croup Michigan - Albert H. and Aldora Porter (New York)
Potter, Robert July 9, 1888 M W S 81y County house Old age Unknown Farmer unknown
Pratt, Dorothy Jan 1, 1888 F W M 78y Hillsdale Heart & Liver France Housewife George and Eva Foe (France)
Randolph, Julia Feb 15, 1888 F W M 61y Somerset Neuralgia New York Farmer unknown
Ransom, Mary B. Aug 10, 1888 F W S 20y4m Jonesville Heart disease Michigan Teacher Wm. (Michigan) and Kate Ransom (Ohio)
Reed, Alexander H. Sep 12, 1888 M W M 75y1m Hillsdale Pneumonia Mass Farmer Charles and Maximillia Reed (Mass)
Renniger, - Oct 17, 1888 M W - 0 Wright Stillborn Michigan - Shamm? And Maggie Renniger (Wright)
Rice, John Aug 6, 1888 M W W 63y4m5d Jonesville Dropsy England Laborer unknown
Ridding, Jane June 9, 1888 F W W 62y9m Moscow Burned Scotland Farmer John and Jeanette Espie (Michigan)
Roby, Orson R. Aug 16, 1888 M W S 20y4m Hart, Mi Killed by boiler explosion Michigan Laborer Edward S. (New York) and Martha A. Roby (England)
Rood, Enah E. Mar 6, 1888 F W S 22y Wheatland Quick Consum. Mich Artist Morris and Linda Rood (Wheatland)
Root, Manley Oct 2, 1888 M W M 61y2m2d Somerset Heart disease Ohio Farmer Anson and Manirva Root (unknown)
Rose, Edwin A. June 8, 1888 M W S 19y Mich Inflam of bowels Michigan Laborer Charles and Sarah Rose (Jefferson)
Rose, Nathaniel Aug 8, 1888 M W M 56y Fayette Blood poison Ohio Farmer unknown (Ohio)
Russell, Clara M. May 1, 1888 F W S 10y28d Reading Inflammatory Rheumatism Reading, Mi Student D.C. and Betsy S. Russell (Michigan)
Russell, Lena M. Sep 30, 1888 F W - 1y6m20d Montgomery Dysentary Ohio - Lyman and Anna Russell (Michigan)
Sabin, Charlotte Feb 25, 1888 F W M 64y1m17d Hudson Paralysis Penn - John and Effie Bosworth
Sabin, Marilla Sep 7, 1888 F W M 32y4m11d Adams Typhoid fever Mich Housekpr Israel and Elizabeth Post (Adams)
Sage, Stephen G. Oct 28, 1888 M W M 75y Hillsdale Congention of lungs Mass Laborer Stephen and Chloe Sage (Mass)
Sailes, Regina Sep 25, 1888 F W S 7m Cambria Brain fever Mich - George and Mary Sayles (Cambria)
Saltzgaber, George Sep 25, 1888 M W M 45y Wright Consumption Ohio Farmer unknown
Scamorrow, Richard G. June 7, 1888 M W W 70y5m8d Camden Dropsy of heart New York Farmer Richard and Mary Scamorrow (dead)
Scott, Esther June 23, 1888 F W W 81y8m3d Litchfield Erysipelas Long Island - Richard and Ruth Jones
Sherman, Ann Jan 30, 1888 F W W 89y Fayette Cancer England Housekpr unknown
Short, Hezekiah Feby 1, 1888 M W M 62y10m12d Adams Heart disease NY Preacher unknown
Sloan, Catharine M. Nov 18, 1888 F W S 43y7m4d Amboy Dropsey of Heart New York - James and Betsey Sloan (dead)
Smith, Alfred H. Oct 16, 1888 M W - 2m8d Pittsford Cholera Infantum Mich - George and Belle Smith (Michigan)
Smith, Belle Sep 2, 1888 F W M 31y11m2d Pittsford Blood poison Wis Farmer Unknown and Emily E. Humphrey (Michigan)
Smith, Geo. S. May 20, 1888 M W S 38y5m Cambria Heart trouble Mich Farmer Geo. L. and Mary L. Smith (Cambria)
Smith, George S. May 20, 1888 M W S 37y4m24d Hillsdale Heart disease Michigan Farmer George L. and Mary Smith (Germany)
Smith, Joel May 25, 1888 M W M 79y1m21d Hillsdale Ulceration of Stomach New York Farmer Nathan and Jane Smith (unknown)
Smith, Nellie M. Dec 6, 1888 F W - 1y6m Hillsdale Inflam. Croup Mich - James and Juliette Smith (New York)
Smith, Rachael C. May 2, 1888 F W W 73y1m27d Hillsdale Inflammation of bowels Connecticut Housewife James and Rachael Kellogg (Connecticut)
Smith, Sheldon Dec 12, 1888 M W M 71y Jackson Disease of Kidneys Vermont Teamster John and Susana Smith (Vermont)
Snyder, Martha June 18, 1888 F W M 51y1m13d Cambria unknown Ohio Farmer Unknown (dead)
Southworth, Roscius H. June 20, 1888 M W M 72y2m3d Allen Heart disease Conn Farmer Royal and Phoebe Southworth (Michigan)
Spade, Ceriel Dec 30, 1888 M W - 7m24d Ransom Catarrah fever Mich - Joseph and Josephine Spade (Ransom)
Spencer, Alice J. Jan 17, 1888 F W S 20y5m27d Cambria Consumption Mich Farmer child Philip and Mary C. Spencer (Cambria)
Spencer, John R. Oct 13, 1888 M W S 18y2m26d Woodbridge Typhoid fever Mich Farmer John H. and Harriet A. Spencer (NY)
Spencer, Louisa M. Jan 18, 1888 F W S 11y9m8d Cambria Measles Mich Farmer child Philip and Mary C. Spencer (Cambria)
Spencer, Millie E. Apr 27, 1888 F W - 4y2m10d Cambria Measles Mich Farmer child Philip and Mary C. Spencer (Cambria)
Squire, Fred A. Aug 15, 1888 M W M 25y Moscow Typhoid fever Mich Butcher Franklin and Jane Squire (NY)
Stabler, Charles Mar 12, 1888 M W M 82y7m Woodbridge Catarrh Penn Carpenter Elmer and Ellen Stabler (Germany)
Stahl, Catherin June 13, 1888 F W W 73y6m21d Camden Heart disease Penn - -
Stants, John Oct 18, 1888 M W W 82y4m7d Camden Dropsy Ohio Farmer unknown
Starkweather, Horace Dec 26, 1888 M W M 88y Jefferson Old age New York Farmer --
Starr, - March 7, 1888 M W - 0 Jefferson Stillborn Michigan - Frank and Oliver Starr (Jefferson)
Stone, Sarah E. Aug 20, 1888 F W M 32y11m20d Adams Consumption NY Housekeeper Norman (dead) and Elizabeth Kemp (Allen)
Stone, Sarah E. Aug 21, 1888 F W M 31y11m21d Hillsdale Consumption New York Housewife Norman B and Elizabeth Kemp (New York)
Stone, Sewell May 11, 1888 M W M 57y9m9d Hillsdale Heart disease New York Clerk Seth and Catherine Stone (New York)
Stowell, Lyman R. June 7, 1888 M W M 84y3m Fayette Old age Vermont Farmer Nathan and Lucinda Stowell (Vermont)
Straw, Lillie Aug 13, 1888 F W S 5m3d Hillsdale Cholera Infantum Michigan none Walter (Michigan) and Carrie Straw (New York)
Stuck, Eliza Mar 20, 1888 F W W 65y Wright Dropsy of Heart Mich Farmer unknown
Syman, Mary M. Sep 28, 1888 F W M 42y11m Adams Heart disease Mich Housekpr Dead
Taylor, - Nov 12, 1888 F W - 0 Pittsford Stillborn Michigan - Wm. C. and Mary Taylor (Pittsford)
Taylor, Eddie unknown, 1888 M W S 22y4m Jefferson Broken back Michigan Railroading Lawton and Fannie Taylor (Jefferson)
Taylor, Fannie Oct 12, 1888 F W W 75y6m25d Moscow Consumption Unknown Farmer G. and Belle McNulty (Ireland)
Taylor, Florend M. Mar 5, 1888 F W S 14y Jefferson Heart disease Michigan - Charles and Louisa Taylor (Jefferson)
Taylor, Verny Nov 1888 M W - 1y10m Jefferson Brain fever Michigan - Lewis and Priscilla Taylor (Michigan)
Tenbrook Clarissa Feby 18, 1888 F W M 24y3d Ransom Typhoid fever Ransom, Mi Housewife Benj. And Lucy Liba (Ransom)
Terpening, Emma J. Nov 30, 1888 F W M 23y1m17d Reading Childbirth New York Farmer Johnson and Susan C. Meigs (Reading, Mi)
Thatcher, Margaret Sep 8, 1888 F W W 75y3m9d Reading Heart disease Penn Farmer unknown
Thorn, Cory Nov -, 1888 F W - 2y Scipio Dyptheria Michigan - Thomas and Matie Thorn
Thorn, Edie Nov -, 1888 F W - 5y Scipio Dyptheria Michigan - Thomas and Katie Thorn
Throue, Esther Dec 3, 1888 F W M 44y4m2d Cambria Consumption Michigan Farmer Egbert and Roseallen Burgers (dead)
Timms, Caleb Aug 20, 1888 M W M 55y6m16d Hillsdale Fatty degeneration of heart England Clerk John and Ann Copel Timms (England)
Titus, Charles I. Oct 30, 1888 M W M 54y9m6d Woodbridge Fracture of skull NY Farmer Israel and Hannah Titus (Mich)
Tooley, - Sep 13, 1888 M W - 1d Hillsdale Premature birth Michigan - A.J. and E. Tooley (Michigan)
Tooley, A.S. Aug 1, 1888 M W M 30y7m Hillsdale Killed by ? Cars Michigan R.R. man S.T. and J.A. Tooley (Virginia)
Trumbull, George Mar 10, 1888 M W - 9y3m21d Montgomery Measles Mich - Charles F. and Sophronia Trumbull (Montgomery)
Trumbull, Thomas Mar 9, 1888 M W - 3y8m18d Montgomery Measles Mich - Chas. F. and Sophronia Trumbull (Montgomery)
Turner, Clara - -, 1888 F W M 71y Jonesville Heart trouble Mass Housekeeper Thomas Brown (Mass)
Tuttle, Apollus Oct 10, 1888 M W M 65y1d Hillsdale Apoplexy New York At home Apollus and Samantha Tuttle (Vermont)
Unknown, Unknown Dec 23, 1888 M W - 0 Hillsdale Premature Birth Hillsdale - -
Upwood, John Jan 15, 1888 M W W 70y3m11d Wheatland Brights disease England Farmer Wm. And Mary Upwood
VanAiken, Leon Apr 23, 1888 M W - 9m6d Allen Membraneous Croup Michigan - Willis A. and Bernice VanAiken (Allen)
VanAkin, Chas. L. Nov 25, 1888 M W S 11y1m17d Woodbridge Diabetus Mich Farmer Henry D. (NY) and Sarah J. VanAkin (Mich)
Vandervolgan, Laura A. Jany 6, 1888 F W S 27y Pittsford Brights disease Mich None Henry and Susan Vandervolgan (Mich)
VanEvera, Eliza A. Nov 25, 1888 F W M 70y Hillsdale Paralysis Connecticut Housewife Mr. and Mrs Burr (unknown)
Velie, Matilda Sep 5, 1888 F W M 71y1m Jefferson Paralysis New York Farming unknown
Warren, Earl May 30, 1888 M W S 24y4m5d Woodbridge Chron. Eheunation Mich Farmer Frank H. (NY) and Susan Warren (Ohio)
Warren, Willis A. July 8, 1888 M W S 20y6m15d Hillsdale Tuberculosis Mich Student Edwin P. and Mahala Warren (New York)
Warren, Zenas P. Dec 25, 1888 M W M 74y4m3d Litchfield Heart failure New York Farmer Levi and Hannah Warren (New York)
Welch, - May 20, 1888 M W - 2m Moscow Weakness Mich Laborer James and Emeline Welch (Mich)
Wells, Charles H. Nov 22, 1888 M W S 52y11m Allen Pneumonia New York Farmer Charles C. and Rachael Wells (Allen)
White, John Oct 14, 1888 M W S 80y County house Old age Unknown Farmer unknown
Williams, Alexander Oct 20, 1888 M W W 69y3m Pittsford unknown NY Farmer Nathan and Sarah Williams (Michigan)
Williams, Henry C. Sep 19, 1888 M W W 83y Mosherville Heart disease Vermont - -
Wilson, Elizabeth Oct 29, 1888 F W M 64y7m21d Adams Cancer of Stomach England Housekpr unknown
Wilson, Mary A. Aug 28, 1888 F W M 36y Wright Malaria Ohio Farmer Peter and Mary Munson (Michigan)
Wilson, Sarah Jane Nov 15, 1888 F W W 59y Chicago, Ill Heart disease New York Housekeeper unknown
Worden, Lula Mar 20, 1888 F W - 6y7m15d Montgomery Measles Michigan - Louis and Clarissa Worden (Montgomery)
Wortly, Emma Dec 15, 1888 F W M 32y4m8d Litchfield Quick consumption Ohio Housewife August and unknown Weditt (Ohio)
Young, George April 30, 1888 M W W 46y Wheatland Unknown Unknown Laborer unknown
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