I was sent the following message and would like to help reunite this Bible with the right family.  If this is your family you can contact Marion Hanson


Help! What should I do with this. I came into possession (at a resale
 shop) of an old bible dated 1851 in very poor condition. Do these folk
 belong to any of you?

 Inside front cover: James C (or E) Haywood. Port Hope, Mich.
 Inside back cover: James E Haywood, Port Hope, Michigan

 Page 1: AE Haywood married to Lucretia Jeffers June 8th, 1834
    Daniel  Batchelder married to Lucretia Haywood Dec 25th 1863.
    Died: Child born April 16th (I think 1835), died April 18th, 18(?)

 Page 2: Births: James Edwin Haywood born May 23, 1836.
    Sibil M. Haywood born May 30th 1839.
    (Chastina?) L. B. Haywood born August 5th 1841.
    Martha Ellen Haywood born July 4, 1845.
    Nat E. Haywood, born Nov 4, 1850
 There are a couple more names, but unreadable and the bottom of the page
 is torn off (includes an Olive Haywood).

 Page 3: AE Haywood married to Lucretia Jeffers June 8th, 1834
    Daniel Ba(r)tchelder married to Lucretia Haywood Dec 25, 1863
     Died: child born April 16, 1835, died April 18, 1835.
    AE Haywood, died Nov 4th, 1854.
    Daniel Batchelder died July 8th, 1868.
    Ollie Haywood died April 17, 1872

 Page 4: Births: James E. Haywood born May 23, 1835.
    Sibil M Haywood born May 30th 1839
    Chas(**) S. B. Haywood born August 5th, 1841.
     Martha Ellen Haywood born July 4th 1845
     Nat J. Haywood born Nov 4th, 1851
     Ina (N?) Haywood born Nov 22, 1854
     Olive D. Haywood born July 8, 1856

 I found a Nathaniel Haywood in Port Hope in the 1870 census and James E in
 the 1860 census in Huron County.  I think the bible belonged to Nat as it
 has his name on the first page.