Tombstone Photos

The following Tombstone Photos and been submitted to this site from individuals.
If you have any tombstone photos from Huron County you would like to add, your family or any you find that you think would be interesting just send them here.  Please specify what cemetery, names of deceased, section and lot if possible.  This will help anyone researching the family to locate them.

Valley Cemetery
submitted by Carolyn West

1) James Hoover and Pearl Chambers Hoover  Daughter of Anna Elizabeth Pierce and Winfield Scott Chambers
2) Oscar and Bernice Daniels Chambers  Son of Anna Elizabeth Pierce and Winfield Scott Chambers
3) Joseph Henry Pierce  son of David Henry Pierce and Francis (Fanny) McGuiness
4) Anne Pierce daughter of Alexander and Lydia Grooms Pierce
5) Thomas Wesley and Caroline Pierce son of Alexander and Lydia.   Caroline is the daughter of Andrew McAllister and Elizabeth (Betsy) Currie.
6) F. Hazel Pierce  daughter of Thomas Wesley and Caroline.
7) Walter Pierce  son of Thomas Wesley and Caroline Pierce.
8) Curie Uridge Duncanson  Was moved from Paris Cemetery about 20 years ago.
9) Scott  I took this picture because another on of Alexander and Lydia's sons married Florence Scott.  Don't know if this is her family or not.
10) Amanda Chambers Brother

11) Emil 1868-1946 and Laura 1870-1954 Furhwerk ; parents of Amanda Chambers
12) John Slack  born in Bingham Twp 1870-1941

Verona Cemetery
submitted by Carolyn West

1) William and Bella (Isabella M Gordon) McAllister  He was the son of James McAllister and Margaret Scott
2) James McAllister  My ggrandfather Andre McAllister's brother.
3) Daniel Braden   I think is related to James McAllister's daughter in law Caroline (Carrie) Braden.
4) Caroline Braden McAllister wife of James (son of James and Margaret)
Iris I Paynter    Unknown to me
6) Robert McAllister  Son of James and Margaret
7) William H Paynter   April 12,1901-August 5, 1972
8) Irene McAllister 1898-1931
9) Daniel P Cadotte 1889-1945
10) Letitia Cadotte 1895-1972
11) George E McAllister 1907-1984
12) A J McAllister 1901-1945
13) Emma McAllister 1867-1949
14) Henry McAllister 1864-1931

Colfax Cemetery
submitted by Carolyn West

1) Pangborn Main Stone
2) Jessie A McAllister Pangborn 1878-1967
3) Samuel H Pangborn 1874-1960
4) Baby Pangborn 1912-1912

Point Crescent Cemetery - Point Crescent
submitted by Judy Visner

McDonald, Angus - born Glengarry, Ontario 1828-1905, lived in Pinnebog

Port Hope Cemetery - Port Hope
Submitted by Julia A. Brown

1) Inscription reads "FATHER" Enoch Ledsworth 1843 - 1918
Enoch was born 16 Oct 1843 in Haldeman, Hamilton Co., Ontario, Canada, s/o Enoch Ledsworth & Caroline ?  Died 23 Aug 1918 in Port Hope, Huron Co., MI.  Married Martha Ellen Towns 15 Nov 1863 in Durham Co., Ontario, Canada.
Inscription reads "MOTHER" Martha Ellen Ledsworth 1844-1940
Martha was born 19 Feb 1944 in Clarke, Durham Co., Ontario, Canada; d/o Edward Towns and Eliza Ann Hayward.  She died 11 Jun 1940 in Port Hope, Huron Co., MI
3) LEDSWORTH, Edward Enoch - Inscription reads "Edward E. Ledsworth 1880 - 1950"
He was the eighth out of eleven children of Enoch and Martha Ledsworth; born 08 Jan 1878 in Lexington, Sanilac Co., Michigan; died 1950 in Port Hope, Huron Co., Michigan.  NOTE:  His headstone is located at the head of his father, Enoch Ledsworth.
4) LEDSWORTH, Calvin and wife Elizabeth - Inscription reads "LEDSWORTH  Calvin 1968 - 1929    Elizabeth 1871 - 1935"
Calvin is third s/o Enoch & Martha Ledsworth.  Born 08 May 1868 in Lexington, Sanilac Co., Michigan.  Died 18 May 1929 in Port Hope, Huron Co., Michigan.  He Married Elizabeth Jane Cuddington in 1894.
5) Calvin LEDSWORTH family plot view in Port Hope Cemetery, Port Hope, Michigan.  Includes Mabel I. LEDSWORTH.
6) LEDSWORTH, Mabel Irma - Inscription reads "Mabel Irma Ledsworth 1908 - 1921"
7) LEDSWORTH, M. Blanche - Inscription reads "M. Blanche Neal Ledsworth 1891-1917"
8) LEDSWORTH, J Jay - Inscription reads "J Jay Ledsworth 1915 - 1930"
9) HUNTER,  Samuel David - Inscription reads " Samuel David 1846 - 1914"
"GAR star 1861-1865) Veteran of the American Civil War, Samuel David Hunter enlisted in Company D, 10th Michigan Infantry, 12 Feb 1862 for 3 years.  Mustered into service on 30 Apr 1862.  Deserted near Pulaski, Tennessee on 28 Aug 1863.
10) HUNTER, Lavine - Inscription reads: "Mother Lavine wife of S. Hunter 1847 - 1920"
11) HUNTER, William E. Sr. - Inscription reads "FATHER William E. Hunter Sr. 1873-1971"
12) HUNTER, Ida - Inscription reads, "MOTHER  Ida wife of Wm Hunter, Sr. 1874 - 1951"


St. Mary's Cemetery-Parisville
submitted by Pamela A. Deering

Polish in scripted
Tombstone #'s 1, 2, & 3 are shown because they are engraved in Polish.  The translation is:  Tu Spoczywaja, Tu Spoczywa, Tu Spoczwa = "here lies" (could also mean rests or sleeps),  Roku or the letter R = "born", Umarla or the letter U = "died", Marca = "March", and Styczen = "January".  Tombstone #4 is shown because it has the oldest engraved birth date in St. Mary's Cemetery.
1) Katarzyny Kolodziejski (Katherine Kaliszewski) - Section 5  1, 2
2) Jozef Zurek (Joseph Zurek) - Section 5
3) Magdalena Swiercz - Section 5
4) Josephine Susalla - Section 5
5) Martin Konkel - born 11/11/1820; died 1/31/1901
6) Justine (Gruba) Konkel, wife of Martin Konkel - born 4/5/1824; died 1/5/1894 -Section 5
7) Francis "Frank" Schefka (grandson of Martin Konkel & Justine (Gruba) Konkel) - born 6/26/1880; died 1/8/1932
inscription reads "there is rest in heaven" - Section 6
8) Rose (Pyrek) Schefka (wife of Francis "Frank" Schefka, daughter of Joseph Pyrek & Mary (Bureiza) Pyrek) born 8/28/1887; died 10/9/1969 - Section 7
9) Joseph Pyrek - inscription reads "prepare to meet me in heaven" - Section 7
10) Mary (Bureiza) Pyrek (wife of Joseph Pyrek) - born 3/27/1860; died 3/27/1958 - Section 7
11) Roman & Irene (Schefka) O'Berski (Irene is the daughter of Francis "Frank" Schefka & Rose (Pyrek) Schefka) - Section 4
12) Casimer & Frances (Pfaff) Schefka (Cass is the son of Francis "Frank" Schefka & Rose (Pyrek) Schefka) - Section 8


St. Mary's Cemetery-Parisville
submitted by Pamela A. Deerin
1) John M. Oborski -born 7/29/1816; died 1/29/1898 - Section 5
full view, close up
) Minnie (Gomike) Oborski, a.k.a. Wilhemina, (wife of John M. Oborski) - born about 8/29/1825; died 7/29/1897 - Section 5
3) Leonard Oberski (son of John M. Oborski & Wilhemina (Gomike) Oborski) - born 4/2/1847; died 7/14/1928 - Section 6 
4) Susanna (Woytalowicz) Oborski (first wife of Leonard Oberski) - born about 1855; died 1/23/1877 from smallpox - Section 5
5) Leo Oberski (son of Leonard Oberski and Susanna (Woytalowicz) Oborski - age at death 70 yrs., 8 months 25 days.  County clerk's record lists birth date as 9/18/1875.  Using a birth date calculator his date of birth was 9/7/1875.  Section 4
6) Lucy (Czeszewski) Oberski (wife of Leo Oberski) - County Clerk's record lists name as Lucy Chezezenski - Section 4
7) Roman & Irene (Schefka) Oberski (Roman is the son of Leo Oberski & Lucy (Czeszewski) Oberski) - married 9/29/1934 - Section 4

Pioneer Cemetery -Roscommon, MI
Gary O'Berski (son of Roman Oberski & Irene (Schefka) Oberski)


Caseville Township Cemetery
Section 1 Lot 26  Submitted by Bob Johnson

1) Luke S. Johnson family plot picture.
2) Clarissa A. [CASE] Johnson wife of Luke S. Johnson.    Inscription on head stone reads "Clara Johnson 1847 - 1937"
3) Luke S. Johnson.  Inscription on head stone reads "L. S. Johnson 1847 - 1910"
4) Ray E. Johnson who is a son of Luke & Clara.  Inscription on head stone
reads "Ray E. Johnson 1887 - 1958"
5) Clara [BISHOP] Johnson wife of Ray E. Johnson.  Inscription on head stone reads "Mrs. R. E. Johnson 1883 - 1913"  

Section 2 Lot 109
1) Frank C. Johnson family head stone.
2) Frank C. Johnson - inscription "Frank C. 1884 - 1956"
3) Ray C Johnson son of Frank C Johnson. - inscription "Ray C. Johnson May 12, 1908 - July 2, 1966"
4) Estelle [KNYSZ] Johnson, wife of Ray C. Johnson - inscription "Estelle
Johnson Dec 17 1915 - Apr 30, 1985"
5) Walter Culver Johnson son of Ray & Estelle Johnson - inscription "Walter C. Johnson "Wally" Jun 15, 1941 - Nov 21, 1990"

Section 1 Lot 176
Leonard Joseph Johnson - Inscription "Leonard J. Jun 24, 1873 - Apr 29, 1953"
and Martha Jane [LEWIS] Johnson - Inscription "Martha J. Aug 11, 1875 - Nov 4, 1955

Section 1 Lot 159
Lewis Johnson, son of Leonard and Martha  - World War I  - Jun 8, 1900 - May 12, 1986

St. Mary's Cemetery of Parisville  submitted by Paul S. Makar
1)Kazmier Zmich of Parisville. Born March 4, 1828 and died April 29, 1904
2)John Zmich of Parisville.  Born Dec 22, 1863 in Shamokin, Penn. Died July 20, 1960, son of Kazmier and Marianna Zmich.  His wife;
Mary Ann (Peplinski) Zmich.  Born Oct 1865 in Poland, died Sept 26, 1938, daughter of Mateusz Peplinski and Katherina Glaza.

St. Mary's Cemetery of Parisville  submitted by Roger Laske
1)Casper Brazar (Bureiza)
Born 06 Jan 1874 in Parisville, Huron, MI and died 08 May 1954 in Parisville.
Note: Headstone says 1873, but Huron Co. Records, Vol. 5, Page 268, No. 96 says 1874
and wife: Josephine (Gomoluch) Brazar  Born May 1876 in Parisvilles, Huron MI Died 18 July 1947 in Parisville.

2)John PARTAKA/Partyka Born 20 Feb 1915 Died 15 Aug 2002 in Deckerville, Sanilac Co., MI
and wife: Isabelle (Danielski) Partaka Born 02 Feb 1921 Died 13 Mar 1995 in Palms, Sanilac Co.,MI.

3) Joseph PARTAKA Born 27 Aug 1901 Died 09 Mar 1968. His wife; Albina (Susalla) Partaka Born 20 Feb 1902 Died 24 Jan 1999.  Married: 17 Aug 1920 in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Parisville, Huron, MI.

4)John PARTAKA Born 29 Aug 1869 in Okala, Swiecie, Posen, Poland (records there say 1864); died 10 Aug 1953 in Parisville.  His wife; Caroline (Bureiza) Partaka born 30 May 1875 in Parisville; died 31 Jan 1969 in Paris Twp. MI.  Married: 09 Oct 1893 in St. Mary's, Parisville.

Submitted by Scott Mills

1) Mary Elizabeth (McGillivray) Wangler and her husband Philip William Wangler. Mary was born 12 Aug. 1896 in Colfax Twp., Huron Co., Mi. d/o Edwin and Sarah McGillivray.
 Holy Family Roman Catholic Cemetery, Campbell Rd., north of Engle Rd., West Branch, Ogemaw Co., Mi. 

2) Samuel and  Katherine (McGillivray) Durkee 
Katherine J./1893-1978   Samuel D./1889-1944  
Colfax Cemetery, Bad Axe Section 2 east, Lot 18, Row 7

3) William Harris MacGillivray, 1884-1938 and Ella L. Kreutziger 1884-1972. He is the s/o Edwin and Sarah (Mitchel) McGillivray, she is the d/o Bernhard Kreutziger and Phoebe Haeberle.    I have no idea where they died and they were both born in Ontario. They spent their entire lives in Huron Co.
Colfax Twp.
Cemetery, Bad Axe.  Section 2 east, Lot 19, Row 7

4) Archibald McGillivray and family.  Archibald Alexander and his wife Edith May (Stenton) McGillivray.  Archie was b. 11 March 1887 in Colfax twp., died 8 Sept. 1950 in Bad Axe. Edith was b. 2 July 1887 in Iowa and died 17 March 1979 in Royal Oak, MI.  Their children:
1- Floyd, d. 30 Oct 1933 in Bad Axe, he was married to Etta Mae Gillingham 13 Oct 1928 in Bad Axe.
2- Lena and Leetha, twins born and died 2 Nov. 1919 in Bad Axe.
Colfax Twp. Cemetery, Bad Axe.  Section 2 east, Lot 3, Row 20

5) Hiram Caleb Shuart s/o Joseph and Aveline (Robbins) Shuart.  Apr. 28, 1872 - Mar. 8, 1955
Riverside Cemetery, Eby Rd., Elkton, MI.

6) Nellie A. Shuart wife of Hiram C. Shuart.  March 24, 1874-July 16, 1956  Riverside Cemetery, Eby Rd., Elkton, MI.

7) Cecil Shuart Apr 14, 1904-Apr 28, 1938, s/o Hiram and Nellie Shuart.  Married Unita Kinkle 8 Nov. 1924 in Bad Axe.

8) George Henry Gregor  s/o Fred Gregor and Catherine Butt.  5 July 1869 - 29 May 1949.
Grand Lawn Cemetery, Pigeon, MI.

9) Isabelle H. (Shuart) Gregor, wife of George H. Gregor d/0 Haggai M. Shuart and Clarissa Silvia Robbins.  28 Sept. 1885 - 26 April 1968. Grand Lawn Cemetery, Pigeon, MI.

10) Harold E. Gregor, s/o George and Isabelle Gregor, born 25 Sept. 1902 in Oliver Twp, MI
Grand Lawn Cemetery, Pigeon, MI.

11) Beatrice Marguerite (Foster) Gregor, wife of Harold Gregor, d/o Oliver Foster and Martha Unknown.  Grand Lawn Cemetery, Pigeon, MI.

St. Peter and Paul's Cemetery, Ruth
Submitted by Pete Doe
August A. 1874-1953 and Margaret J. (Noechel) 1883-1977 Hunsanger

Rock Falls Cemetery, Harbor Beach
Submitted by  Paulette Boots

William Rogers - July, 1838 Ontario, Canada - March 2, 1920, Ruth, Michigan
Rock Falls Cemetery, Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan, Sec. SW, Block 109 - William Rogers served in the Civil War, Michigan 8th Infantry, Company E.
His wife, Mary Nye Rogers - May, 1851 Quebec, Canada - October 22, 1936, Ruth, Michigan.  Rock Falls Cemetery, Harbor Beach, Huron County, Michigan, Sec. SW, Block 109.


St. Peter and Paul's Cemetery, Ruth
submitted by William Silverthorn

O'Neil, James
b. Nov. 20, 1877 d. Sep. 9, 1900
O'Neil, John
b. Mar. 19, 1878 d. Nov. 19, 1906
O'Neil, Joseph
b. Sep. 20, 1891 d. Aug. 29, 1940
O'Neil, Margaret Jones
b. Aug. 25, 1854 d. Dec. 25, 1943
O'Neil, Thomas, Sr
b. Nov. 15, 1857 d. May. 2, 1938
Stein, Irene Margaret O'Neil
b. Mar. 6, 1915 d. Dec. 12, 2004
White, Laura O'Neil
b. Jan. 20, 1882 d. Aug. 21, 1940
Stein, Edwin
b. Jan 8, 1910, d. Feb 21, 2003
Stein, Judy
b. 1942, d. 1954

Edwin Stein married Irene Margaret O'Neil.  Judy Stein
is their daughter.  Joseph O'Neil is Irene's father,
James and John were Joseph's younger brothers.
Marquardt Cemetery
Derek Arthur Kessel b. July 28, 1987 d. Oct. 31, 2005 
Otto A. and Clara M. Koglin
Arthrur O. and Leona J. Kessel
McTaggart Cemetery
Submitted by Lee Rogers 
Murphy, Howard Jr.
Murphy, Howard P.
Murphy, Howard P.
Murphy, Jennie
Moore, I. Harry
Moore, Irene M. (Croft)
Campbell, Donald N.
Campbell, Helene 1891-1970
Campbell, Thomas and Anna Belle
Keillor, Laura
Keillor, Thomas D.
Buchanan, Brian D.
Buchanan, Catherine
Buchanan, Christena
Buchanan, Daniel C.
Buchanan, Duncan
Buchanan, Grover
Buchanan, Jennie L.
Buchanan, Malcolm
Buchanan, Mary L. (Doerr)
Buchanan, Murdock D.
Buchanan, Penny
Croft, Bessie
Croft, Charles
Croft, Edith A.
Croft, (father) Henry
Croft, James
Croft, Jennie
Croft, Mary J.
Croft, (mother) Sarah
Robson, Arthur E.
Robson, Carrie
Robson, John A. 1860-1928
Robson, Muriel M.
Robson, Thomas and Anna
MacTaggart, Alexander G.
MacTaggart, Betsy
MacTaggart, Howard
MacTaggart, John
MacTaggart, Margaret
MacTaggart, Nettie
MacTaggart, Wiliam J.
McTaggart, Donald 1881-1898
McTaggart, Alexander (father) 1837-1918
McTaggart, Keith and Bertha
McTaggart, mother Minnie (Croft) 1850-1925
McTaggart, Russell and Mabel
McTaggart, William 1891-1921
MacAlpine, Archie
MacAlpine, Archie D.
MacAlpine, Duncan
MacAlpine, Duncan and Ida
MacAlpine, Leola M.
MacAlpine, Malcolm
MacAlpine, Margaret
MacAlpine, Margaret M.
MacDonald, Peter and Margaret
Verona Cemetery
Submitted by Lee Rogers
Keihl, August and Ila
Keihl, August F.
Keihl, Esther J.
Keihl, John
Keihl, Lena
Keihl, Louise
Keihl, Martha L.
Keihl, Robert and Jean
Keihl, William and Sharon
Campbell, Donald R.
Campbell, Duncan and Verna
McAlpine, James E.
MacDonald, Alger S.
MacDonald, John and Mary Ellen
MacDonald, John A.
McDonald, Catherine 1888-1953
McDonald, Emma Jane 1891-1970
McDonald, (father) John 1858-1939
McDonald, (mother) Angeline 1857-1927
McDonald, Ronald and Elizabeth
Hebner, Sharon 
Shaw, Richard D.
Shaw, Charles R.
Shaw, Dugald J.
Shaw, Duncan N.
Shaw, Richard (father)
Shaw, Malcolm A.
Shaw, Anna (mother)
Smithers, Glenda Sue
Smithers, Glen and Thelma
Smithers, Linda Sue
Bradley, Marion (Nugent)
Philp, Ann
Philp, Bertha
Philp, Maggie
Philp, Nettie, Norman and Mildred
Philp, Ralph
Philp, Thomas
Philp, Vernon
Roe, Bessie M. (Philp)
St. Mary's Parisville  
submitted by Norma Novick
Glazy, Aloizy 1895-1973 & Klama, Martha 1904-1961
Alent, Xavier 1888-1964, Eleanor Laura 1896-1996
Angeline Pyrek 'nee Glaza 1926-1975
Glaza, Anthony 1899-1980 and Pollum, Barbara 1905-1995
Glaza, Frank 1845-1898 and Alent, Julia 1861-1940
Glaza, Ignatz 1887-1969 and Glaza Susie Zmich 'nee Baker
Glaza, Norman and Terbrack, Beatrice
Glaza, Walter 1878-1978
Glaza, Lucy 1899-1942
Mazure, Frank, the only Civil War Veteran buried in St. Mary's He served in F Company U.S. Infantry from June 29, 1864 to June 29, 1867.  
Mazure, Rosilia, wife of Frank