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George W. Hawes' Michigan State Gazetteer, and Business Directory, for 1860.
No.1., Page 226
F. Raymond & Co., 90 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

RAMSDELL, J.G. & F.J., attorneys and counselors at law, two doors north of post office.
RAMSDELL & Bro., saw mill proprietors, on river.
RATH, D.F., watch maker and jewels, Washington avenue.
RAY, B., turner, Franklin
SHANK, H.B., physician and surgeon, Alegan
SHATTUCK, A., boarding house, cor. Main and River.
SHEARER, J.M., Proprietor Eagle Hotel, Washington ave. (See card, p. 224)
SHEARER, J.M., Livery and sale stable, Washington ave.
SMEAD, D.W., Physician and surgeon, Franklin
SMITH, H.B., General Stage Agent, Lansing House
SMITH, Peter C., eating saloon, Washington ave.
SOMERVILLE, James, saddle and harness manufacturers, Franklin
STRAUGH, B., meat market, Franklin
STRONG, George F., foreman Hosmer & Kerr's Book Bindery, Michigan ave.
TAYOR, Mr., select school
THAYER, H.L., notary public, land agent and dealer in millinery and fancy goods, Franklin
THAYER, R. & Co., General druggists, wholesale and retail dealers in Daguerrean and artists stock, northwest cor. Washington and Michigan avenues.
THAYER, Mrs. M.A., saw mill proprietress, on River.
THOMPSON, E.F., cabinet maker, Center.
THOMPSON & HUNTER, coopers, Washington ave.
TOMPKINS & Co., foundry and machine shop, on river.
TURNER, A., dry goods, & c., Franklin.
TURNER, James, agent Merchants Ins Co., of Hartford, Franklin.
TURNER, James & Bros., foundry and machine shop.
VanAWKEN, Dan W., dealer in dry goods, groceries, & c., Franklin.
VIELE, A.J., dealer in books, stationery, wall paper, and fancy goods, cor. Washington and Michigan ave.
VODEN, D.H., sash and door manufacturers, Washington ave.
WAKELY, A., carpenter and builder, cor. Centre and Wall.
WALDBLAUER, George, baker, Washington ave.
WALDBUER, L., groceries, provisions, and oysters, Washington ave.
WARD, A., boot and shoe maker, Washington ave.
WARD & JENISON, meat and provisions market, Washington ave.
WATKINS, A.B. & Co., dealers in dry goods, groceries, & c., Franklin
WAULDBOUR & Bro., bakers, River.
WEBER, Jacob, brewery, Grand.
WEIMAN, Frederick, brewery.
WESCOTT, D., tailor, Washington ave.
WHITELEY, John, groceries and provisions
WHITMAN, J.J., foreman Lansing Republican, Michigan Ave.
WILCOX, Hiram, painter, glazier and paper hanger, Washington ave.
WILLIAMS, S., manufacturer and dealer in stoves and tin ware, cor. Centre and Franklin.
WILT, Charles, dealer in groceries, Centre.
WOODHOUSE & BUTLER, general land and tax agents, insurance agents, & c., Washington ave.
WOODHOUSE & BUTLER, chair manufacturers and dealers, Washington ave.
WOODWORTH, G.R., boot and shoe manufacturer, Washington ave.
Advertisement: T.D. BILLINGS, dealer in Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, carpets, Oil Cloths, Boots, Shoes, Crockery, Glass-Ware, Hangings, Fixtures, Groceries, & c., & c., & c. Washington Avenue, between Michigan and Algin Streets, lansing, Mich.

Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1863-4
1863, Page 379
Compiled and Published by Charles F. Clark
City Directory and Commercial Advertiser, 53 Griswold Street, Detroit.

MORRISON, Stacy A., dentist, middle town.
MOSELEY, Chester, flour mill, lower town.
NEWBRO, S.D. & Brother, (Solomon D and Eugene P), drugs and groceries, lower town.
NICHOLS, Jason, cooper, lower town.
PARMALEE, Edmund, saw mill, sash, door and blind and woolen factory, lower town.
PECK & MERRIFIELD, (George W. PECK, Edwin R. MERRIFIELD and Augustus WELLER), dry goods, etc., middle town.
PARMENT, M.A., Miss, millinery, middle town.
POTTER, L.B. Rev., pastor Free-Will Baptist church.
PRICE, Eleazer, physician, middle town.
SCHOETTLE, John G., proprietor city brewery, lower town.
SHEARER, Jamea M., proprietor Eagle Hotel, middle town.
SIMONS, Benjamin F., dry goods, groceries, etc., middle town.
SOMERVILLE & COLBY, (James SOMERVILLE and Jabez COLBY), saddle and harness, lower town.
SPRANG, Phillip G., wagon and carriage shop, middle town.
STEBBINS, Cortland B., Deputy Superintendent of Public instruction.
STRAUB, Christian A., groceries, boots and shoes, lower town.
SWIFT, George W., furniture, middle town.
THAYER, R. & Co., (Russell THAYER and Charles H. HARRISON), druggists, middle town.
THAYER, Russell, physician, middle town.
TOMPKINS & Co., (John TOMPKINS, Alanson WATKINS and John TOOKER), iron foundry, machine shop, and agricultural implements, lower town.
TROSTEL, Frederick, gunsmith, middle town.
TURNER, James, Deputy State Treasurer.
TURNER, James & Bros., (James, George, and Charles), iron foundry, machine shop, agricultural implements, and hot air furnaces, lower town.
TURNER, ROGERS & Co., (Amos TURNER, Horace B. ROGERS and Daniel L. CASE), dry goods, groceries, etc., lower town.
VanAUKEN, Dan W., dry goods, groceries, etc., lower town.
VEDDER, Henry S., sash factory, lower town.
VIELE, Andrew J., books, stationery, paper hangings, piano fortes, melodeons, and agent for American Express Company, middle town.
WAITS, James B., billiard room, middle town.
WALDBAUER, George, baker, middle town.
WALTER, Theodore, groceries and provisions, lower town.
WARNER, Mary E. Mrs., millinery, lower town.
WEINMAN, Fred, brewer, middle town.
WESTCOTT, David, tailor shop, middle town.
WHITE, C.R., boot and shoe shop, lower town.
WHITELEY, John, groceries and provisions, middle town.
WILEY, Delos, lawyer, middle town.
WILLIAMS, Silas, stoves and tin ware, lower town.
WILSON, Timothy, (col'd), barber, middle town.
WOLF, Christ, brewer, middle town.
WOODHOUSE & BUTLER, (William WOODHOUSE and Charles W. BUTLER), land and tax agents, and dealers in marble, middle town.
WOODWORTH, G.R. & Son., (George R. and Henry A.), boots and shoes, middle town.
ZEIGLER, Christ, tanner, lower town.

Michigan State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1867-8
Page 277, 1867
Chapin & Brother, The Detroit Post Company, Printers, Detroit.

RICHARDSON, Israel E., Union Hotel, cor. of Central and Franklin
ROBSON, Robert S., general store, Washington ave.
ROBSON, William L., groceries and crockery, Central.
RUSSELL, F.F. & Co., (Franklin F. RUSSELL and Andrew J. VIELE), jewelry, books and stationery, cor. Washington ave. and Alegan.
SANFORD, Elias V., boots and shoes, Michigan ave.
SATTLER, Charles L., groceries, cor. Franklin and Central.
SCHAFER, Charles A., clocks, watches and jewelry, Washington ave.
SCHOETTLE, John G., brewery, Jefferson.
SCHOFIELD, --, saw mill.
Second National Bank, (Capital, $50,000), James I. MEAD, president; H.H. SMITH, vice-president; Joseph MILLS, cashier. cor. of Washington and Michigan aves.
SEAGER, S.F., lawyer, s.e. cor. of Michigan and Washington aves.
SHUBEL, Fred., blacksmith, Franklin.
SHULL & SHIRTS (David N. SHULL and Ezekiel J. SHIRTS), grocers, Washington ave.
SIMONS & HILL (Benjamin F. SIMONS and Eugene S. HILL), dry goods, Washington ave.
SOMERVILLE, James, harness shop, Franklin.
SOUTHWORTH & CARMER (Henry M. SOUTHWORTH and William P. CARMER), general store, Franklin.
SPAULDING, Josiah, tailor, Central.
SPENCER & Brother (Ebenezer D. and Liberty H.), boots and shoes, Franklin.
SPRANG & CLARK (Philip G. SPRANG and Albert CLARK), carriage factory, cor. Grand and  Washtenaw.
State Insurance Company of Michigan, D.L. CASE, president; M.P. KILBORN, secretary and treasurer; J.T. WHITCOMB, assistant secretary, Washington ave.
STEWART, A.B., chair factory.
STRAUGH, B., meat market, Central.
SUTTON, Byron, livery, Washtenaw.
TAYLOR, M.R., agent Merchants' Union Express, 125 Washington ave.
TENNY, J. Eugene, attorney and counselor at law, U.S. Circuit Court commissioner, notary public, life, fire and accident insurance agent.
THOMPSON, Ephraim F., furniture, Central.
THRIFT, Thomas B., hardware, Washington ave.
TODT, Maximilian, dry goods, clothing, etc., Franklin.
TOOPER & PRATT (John S. TOOPER and Emory A. PRATT), druggists and grocers, Franklin.
TOWNER, Ezra C., shoe maker, Franklin.
TOWNSEND & MADISON (William TOWNSEND and Mills R. MADISON), city bakery, Washington ave.
TROSTEL, Frederick, gunsmith, Washington ave.
TURNER, Amos, produce dealer, Franklin.
TURNER & ADAMS (Amos TURNER and Andrew C. ADAMS), general store, Franklin.
TURNER, Charles, druggist, Franklin.
TURNER, James, Deputy State Treasurer.
UEBELE, Gottfried, grocer, Franklin.
Van AUKEN, Daniel W., general store, Franklin.
VanHUSEN, Jacob, restaurant, Franklin.
VanKEUREN, J., boots, shoes and leather, 125 Washington ave.
VanKEUREN & THOMPSON (James W. Van KEUREN and John C. THOMPSON), painters, Washington ave.
VERITY, James H., sash, doors and blinds, Franklin.
VIELE, A.J., wholesale and retail dealer in books, stationery, wall paper, gold and silver watches, jewelry, plate ware, pianos, organs, melodeons and musical merchandise, cor. Washington and Michigan aves.
WALTERS, Theodore, groceries and provisions, cor. Franklin and Central.
WARMORE & KRELL (Philetus B. WARMORE and Peter KRELL), stone ware manufacturer, Franklin.
Advertisement: E.J. McKENDREE, Attorney & Counsellor at Law, Lansing, Ingham Co., Michigan. Attends promptly to all business in the line of his profession. Will act as Land and Tax Agent. Will buy and sell Timbered Lands, Improved Farms and City Property, on commission. Office on Washington, near Michigan Avenue. Refers to Hon. D.L. CASE and Joseph MILLS, Lansing.

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