Eugene Walter Lawrence
Belle Rose Havens
Marriage Certificate

Recently I discovered an original marriage license framed, complete with a photo of the bride Belle Rose Havens and groom, Eugene Walter Lawrence. They were married in Fitchburg, Ingham Co, Michigan on 26 Dec 1883. They had 2 daughters Mable Carrie (born 1888) and Myrtle Ethel Lawrence born 1889. One daughter became a foreign missionary (Japan, India, Italy) and the other taught piano and also travelled. I find no records that either married or had children. E W Lawrence was the son of Amos and Julia W Lawrence and Belle was the daughter of Franklin W and Helen Wildey Havens, also of this area.

I would like to find descendants of either the Havens or Lawrence Families in order to share this document. My hobby is finding old Family Bibles and using those to trace down descendants. I return the Bibles to the family. However in this case the framed document was too lovely to chance loss so I purchased it.

The certificate is in color, but, for purposes of trying to make it a bit clearer, we have put it online in gray scale.

If you are related to the the above couple, please contact me.

Earlene Scott

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