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 This site, Kalamazoo County Genealogy & Local History, has been recognized by its parent organization, USGenWeb; each month the USGenWeb Newsletter spotlights a county website or two in the from all the counties in country as worth of some recognition In the October, 2006 Newsletter, USGenWeb spotlighted Kalamazoo County's site:

Kalamazoo County Coordinator
November 18, 1941 to July 1, 2007

"The Kalamazoo County, MI site was overseen by Dick Branch. Mr. Branch was responsible for Kalamazoo County for about 6 years, first taking over in the year 2000, at which time he reported the site had "only a few pages." Antique postcards illustrate this site from a collection of images he acquired over the years. Dick was also an amateur photographer and had taken photos of Kalamazoo since the 1960's. This county site uses tables to display the extremely varied information located here, as well as links to other web sites containing history of the community, photographs and vital record information. The county history pages were Dick's favorites, and he reported that the Kalamazoo Mall and Theater Views garnering many hits at this site. Mr. Branch was constantly revising and adding to the site, his mission was to consistently "improve the download times and readability of the image rich pages." For Dick, it was very rewarding to build a site and assist his visitors with their genealogy research. This is a site well worth visiting, cram packed with wonderful data about Kalamazoo. It is easy to see that he loved this county."

Never having the priveldge of meeting Dick Branch, it is evident to all viewers that he had a true gift in his website and photography of Kalamazoo County. This site is dedicated to his memory and the 6 years he kept the site full of information and resources. So perhaps we do know this man. He must have been very caring about history and passing the torch to future generations; so they might find their ancestors and know of the community they once came from.

Knowing I have some very big shoes to fill, I humbly will maintain the site in preserving all of Dick's work and adding new entries as they are donated to this site.  - new Kalamazoo County GenWeb Coordinator.


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