History of the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan
With an Appendix--History of Lowell, Michigan

By Albert Baxter

New York and Grand Rapids:
Munsell & Company, Publishers,

Transcribed for use online by:
Ronnie Aungst, Jennifer Godwin, Ed Howe, Tom McCormick, Barbara Jones, Jessica Trotter, Evelyn Sawyer, Amy Brown Cyndi Kuhlman, Julie Powers and Donna Rogers

There is a website where you can link to and download - the University of Michigan has completed almost all of the Michigan County Histories including some of our local histories: 1881 Chapman, 1891 Baxter, 1906 Goss, 1878 Everett, 1918 Fisher, and White's Old Grand Rapids, 1925 and volume III of White's by Fuller mainly of biographical sketches of Grand Rapids residents, 1926 -

Table of Contents:

Chapter I: Location and Surroundings; pp. 1-21

Chapter II: Indian Occupation of Western Michigan; pp.22-44

Chapter III: The Advent of the White Man; pp. 45-53

Chapter IV: The Settlement--The Pioneer Colony; pp. 54-62

Chapter V: Incidents and Reminiscences; pp. 63-68

Chapter VI: Early Descriptive Sketches; pp. 69-80

Chapter VII: Outline Sketch--Colonial, Territorial, State and Local; pp. 81-84

Chapter VIII: Beginnings in the Two Townships; pp. 85-88

Chapter IX: The Village of Grand Rapids; pp. 89-97

Chapter X: Enterprising Pioneers--Who Some of Them Were and What They Did; pp. 98-120

Chapter XI: The Civil Chronicle--Events of Forty Years; pp. 121-142

Chapter XII: The Old Residents Association of the Grand River Valley; pp. 143-148

Chapter XIII: The City Charter; pp. 149-153

Chapter XIV: Municipal Annals; pp. 154-166

Chapter XV: Fourth of July Celebrations; pp. 167-170

Chapter XVI: Climate-Temperature-Storms-Floods-Rainfall; pp. 171-173

Chapter XVII: Fifty-six Winter Seasons; pp. 174-178

Chapter XVIII: The Police Department; pp. 179-180

Chapter XIX: The Fire Department; pp. 181-187

Chapter XX: Records of Important Fires; pp. 188-190

Chapter XXI: Immigrations and Nativities; pp. 191-193

Chapter XXII: Political Parties and Elections; pp. 194-198

Chapter XXIII: Temperance and Liquor; pp. 199-205

Chapter XXIV: The Water Supply; pp. 206-213

Chapter XXV: Lights and Electricity; pp. 214-218

Chapter XXVI: The Public Schools; pp. 219-238

Chapter XXVII: Academic, Private and Parochial Schools; pp. 239-245

Chapter XXVIII: Libraries, Scientific Institute, School Societies, and Ladies' Literary Clubs; pp. 246-253

Chapter XXIX: Art--Photograph, Painting and Music; pp. 254-259

Chapter XXX: The Press of Grand Rapids; pp. 260-277

Chapter XXXI: Churches and Religious Societies; pp. 279-351

Chapter XXXII: Benevolent Institutions and Organizations; pp. 352-361

Chapter XXXIII: Public Buildings; pp. 362-383
    Deaths of Inmates of the Old Soldiers' Home

Chapter XXXIV: Kent County Government; pp. 384-392

Chapter XXXV: The City Administration; pp. 393-404

Chapter XXXVI: Parks and Cemeteries; pp. 495-413
Cemeteries (Exerpted)

Chapter XXXVII: Salt Wells and Works; pp. 414-416

Chapter XXXVIII: Gypsum and Plaster of Paris; pp. 417-423

Chapter XXXIX: Flouring Mills, Saw Mills and Lumber; pp. 424-437

Chapter XL: Foundries and Machine Shops--Iron, Brass and Other Metal; pp. 438-450

Chapter XLI: Wagons, Carriages and Other Vehicles; pp. 451-460

Chapter XLII: Manufacture of Furniture and Cabinets; pp. 461-482

Chapter XLIII: Industrial Enterprises Not Elsewhere Classified; pp. 483-504

Chapter XLIV: Farm, Garden and Stock; pp. 505-514

Chapter XLV: Navigation; pp. 515-522

Chapter XLVI: Early Highways, Stages and Plank Roads; pp. 523-529

Chapter XLVII: Railways; pp. 527-539

Chapter XLVIII: Street Railways and Gravel Roads; pp. 540-543

Chapter XLIX: Bridges Across Grand River, pp. 544-547

Chapter L: Village Roads and City Streets; pp. 548-558

Chapter LI: Entertainment; pp. 559-570

Chapter LII: Military--State and Local Militia; pp. 560-574

Chapter LIII: Grand Rapids and Kent County in the War for the Union; pp. 575-599

Chapter LIV: Volunteers and Commissions; pp. 600-613

Chapter LV: Fatalities in the Active Service; pp. 614-621

Chapter LVI: Early Marriages, Golden Weddings and Deaths of Village Residents; pp. 622-628

Chapter LVII: Orders, Societies and Clubs; pp. 629-640

Chapter LVIII: Improvements and Progress; pp. 641-644

Chapter LIX: Trade, Commerce, Business Agencies and Contractors; pp. 645-664

Chapter LX: Meats and Marketing; pp. 665-666

Chapter LXI: Banks and Banking; pp. 667-690

Chapter LXII: Medicine and Surgery; pp. 691-726

Chapter LXIII: Dentistry--Drugs--Independent Doctors; pp. 727-729

Chapter LXIV: The Bench and the Bar; pp. 730-760

Chapter LXV: Buildings and Homes; pp. 761-788

Chapter LXVI: Statistics; pp. 789-793

Addendum; p. 793

APPENDIX; pp. 797-812

History of Lowell, Kent County, Michigan--Townships and Villages

General Index to the History of Lowell

Personal Name Index to the History of Lowell

Every-Name Index; pp. 813-855

General Topic Index

Extended Biographies Index (WMGS)

Index to Special Personal Paragraphs

Index to Business Firms Mentioned

Pictures, Portraits & Maps

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