Obituaries and Newspaper Death Notices - Kent County Michigan
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Memorial Biographies and Resolutions ? Michigan Pioneer Historical Society Collections FULL-TEXT 1883, 1887, 1891, 1892, 1899, 1900.
These are original or reprinted obituaries of Kent County pioneers who were members of the Old Settlers' Association. MIGenWeb
Western Michigan Genealogical Society Obituaries Database INDEX 1910-to the present
Copies of the obituaries themselves can be ordered through the WMGS Research Service, or view them on microfilm at the Grand Rapids Public Library. See below. WMGS
Michigan Live: Recent Obituaries from Michigan FULL-TEXT Oct. 1997-present.

Obtaining Kent County Obituaries: There are basically two ways to obtain copies of obituaries from the microfilmed newspaper archives at the Grand Rapids Public Library. The first way, using the WMGS obituary service, requires that you have the exact name and date of the obituary, as published in the WMGS obituary indices. The second way is for researchers who don't have the name and date from the obituary index, and involves going through the traditional WMGS research service.

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  • For any obituaries not listed in the index, including those before December 1929, any obituaries you believe or hope may have been missed by the indexers, or any where you are uncertain of the death date or obituary publication date.

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