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History of Grand Rapids
by Chas. R. Tuttle
Grand Rapids: Tuttle & Cooney, 1874.

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Table of Contents


Chapter I: Page 5
Indian Villages of the Owashtenong -- Their Appearance and Condition in 1760 -- Pontiac's War Council -- Departure of Warriors for the Siege of Detroit

Chapter II: Page 9
Annual Gathering in the Valley of the Grand River -- A Great Feast in the Spring of 1764 -- Description of the Feast

Chapter III: Page 13
Annual Address of the Chiefs -- The Feast Done -- The Carouse -- Savage Intoxication -- The End of the Feast

Chapter IV: Page 15
The Ottawa Mission -- Unsuccessful Attempt of Mr. McCoy -- Success of Rev. L. Slater -- The Mission School

Chapter V: Page 21
Incidents of Early Settlement -- Arrival of Louis Campau -- Honesty of the Indians -- The Colony -- The First Postmaster -- Incidents of Letter Writing

Chapter VI: Page 27
Early Settlers -- The Catholic Mission -- Dispute Between Mr. Campau and Father Barrigau -- The Dark Days of Kent -- Increase of Emigration -- The First Marriage -- The First Town Meeting -- Re-establishment of the Catholic Mission -- Rev. Father Vozoisky

Chapter VII: Page 35
The Mania of Speculation -- Fictitious Values -- Wild-cat Money -- Hard Times -- Ruin of the Banks -- A Bleak and Dreary Winter -- The Hard Flour -- A Welcome Spring -- More Emigrants

Chapter VIII: Page 42
The First Newspaper in Grand Rapids -- Some Difficulties in Procuring a Press -- A Review of Grand Rapids in 1837

Chapter IX: Page 48
The White Pioneer -- Her Operations with the Savages -- The Indian Villages -- Fate of Kewaykushquom -- The Treaty

Chapter X: Page 57
Early Settlement of Ada -- Rix Robinson -- His Life Among the Indians -- His Attachment to Them -- Scene of a Town Meeting -- The Village of Ada

Chapter XI: Page 61
Alpine -- Its Early Settlement -- Incidents of Pioneer Life -- The First Settlers -- A Woman's Courage -- Town-meeting -- The Mills

Chapter XII: Page 66
Early History of Bowne -- The First Settlers -- A Woman's Courage -- Interesting Incidents of Pioneer Life

Chapter XIII: Page 70
Byron -- Pioneer Life -- Raising the First Log House -- Roast Potatoes the Only Food -- Fighting the Wolves

Chapter XIV: Page 77
Caledonia -- Its Resources and Advantages -- Some Interesting Incidents of Early Travel -- The Pioneer Taverns -- Incidents of Early Settlement

Chapter XV: Page 81
Cannon and Cascade -- Early Settlement of these Places -- The First Farm -- Names of the Early Settlers

Chapter XVI: Page 88
Township of Gaines -- Incidents of Early Settlement -- Capturing the Gull Prairie Wolf -- The Red School House

Chapter XVII: Page 94
Grattan and Lowell -- Incidents of Early Settlement -- The First Marriage -- Early Settlers on the Flat River -- The First Log Huts

Chapter XVIII: Page 99
Early Settlement of Nelson, Oakfield, Plainfield, Solon and Sparta

Chapter XIX: Page 106
Early Settlement of Spencer, Wyoming, Walker, Vergennes and Tyrone

Chapter XX: Page 110
Grand Rapids in 1846 and 1874 -- The Growth of the Valley City

Chapter XXI: Page 113
Grand Rapids Commercial College -- Enterprises of Prof. Swensberg -- The Importance and Excellence of the College

Chapter XXII: Page 117
Manufacturing Establishments -- Enterprise of James M. and Ezra T. Nelson -- Some Incidents of their Pioneer Life -- Success of Mr. E. Matter -- The Establishment of Nelson, Matter & Co.

Chapter XXIII: Page 124
The Growth of Grand Rapids -- 
Its Railroad, Churches, Schools, Buildings 
and Various Institutions

Chapter XXIV: Page 130
The Buildings and Business Houses of Grand Rapids -- Dry Goods House of Spring & Avery

Chapter XXV: Page 134
The Berkey & Gay Furniture Company

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Document Source: Tuttle, Chas. R., History of Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids: Tuttle & Cooney, 1874.
Transcriber: Jennifer Godwin

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