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05/23/14:    It saddens me to announce that Evelyn Sawyer passed away on May 21, 2014. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace Evelyn.

April 2013

04/18/2014:    Byron Township - Pioneer Sketches for Lansford Clark Barney and Amaziah Wedgewood transcrbed by ES
   Byron Township - Pioneer Sketches for: Hiram Hathaway & Minnie (Hathaway) Johnson, David Irwin, Cassius B. Towner, Adelia C..Sullivan, Adelaide M. (Gibson) Foote, Frank B. Foote,
Willis Terrell and Riggs Whitcomb transcribed by ES
  Genealogies: Link to: Danish Families of Spencer Township - Lars Peter Jensen and Anna Sophie Nielsen, Hansen nd related families contributed by Mary Ann Schaefer

March 2013

Early Byron Township Businesses transcribed by ES
    2013 Fairplains Cemetery Records, W - Z transcribed by ES
  2013 Fairplains Cemetery Records, T - V transcribed by ES
    2013 Fairplains Cemetery Records, Q - S transcribed by ES

February 2013

    Byron Township Pioneer Sketches (Partially Done) transcribed by ES
   2013 Fairplains Cemetery Records, M - P transcribed by ES
   2013 Fairplains Cemetery Records, E - L transcribed by ES

January 2013

are partially entered, A - G - the work is in progress - ES
   Early Byron Township Churches transcribed by ES

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