State of Michigan and Lenawee County
Dates of Records

The state of Michigan began requiring vital records to be documented in 1867


If you are seeking birth and death information prior to this date you will have to seek the information in other resources.
Not all records were recorded for the first few years.

Michigan Vital Records

Michigan Vital Records

Cemetery inscriptions
Church records
Books in Libraries (maybe)
Land Records
Probate Records

Records available at the Judicial Building and the Old Court House for genealogy research.  

Birth Records Births are on file from 1867 to the present. Births are only public record if they are 100 years old or older. These records are indexed and available on the public terminal All other birth records are available only to the individual named on the birth record, the parents, a legal guardian, a legal representative or an heir of the registrant. An heir is defined as any relative of a deceased individual. Heirs must supply proof of death when requesting a copy, along with documentation to prove relationship. As of June 1, 2014, all birth records will have to be certified regardless of age. The cost will be $15.00/copy. You will still be able to view those 100 years old and copy the information yourself but not able to get a paper copy.

Death Records Death records are from 1865 to present. Deaths are public record. All are indexed on the public terminal.

Marriage Records Marriages are from 1853 to present. Marriages are public record and are only indexed from 1985 to the present time on the public terminal. You can manually search older marriage records by using our old indexes.

Divorce Records Divorces are from 1853 to present at the Judicial Building. They are public record. The older records are very limited and located in another storage area. They will take your request, along with payment and mail you the record, as soon as they are able to do the search. They charge a $10 search fee for these records, but this fee will be applied to your copying cost, if the record is located.

Certified Copies This office only issues certified copies of Vital Records at a cost of $16 each, and $6 for each additional copy on the same day. You may write down any of the information, but cameras and scanners are not allowed. There are forms available to request vital records on their website at Lenawee Co Questions should be directed to: 517-264-4598 or by mail at: Lenawee County Clerk 301 N. Main St. Adrian, MI 49221.

State of Michigan Archives in Lansing, Michigan

Naturalization Records for Lenawee County were recently (2003) moved to the state archives.
They start in 1856. There is no copy of them in the county any longer.

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