Lenawee County Library and Museum Resources

   Lenawee County Libraries and Historical Museums

Also note that hours of operation of all libraries and museums are subject to change, so please call to verify before going

Addison Public Library
102 S. Talbot
P. O. Box 234
Addison, MI 49220

Adrian Public Library
143 E Maumee St.
Adrian, MI 49221
E-mail Adrian Public Library

An alternative address is the Reference Librarian at:

E-mail the Reference Librarian

Has a Historical room with a respectable collection

They have Genealogy How to books
Adrian Histories, and Lenawee County histories, (some indexed)
Census, 1830 to 1920 for Lenawee County on microfilm
1850 index in book form (Lenawee County, MI)
indexes for 1830, 40, 50 and 1870 on film.
Also 1845, 1884, 1894 state census for Lenawee on film.
City and County directories, NOTE: new directories were not issued every year.
Vertical file with clippings
Loose photos
City or County reports
Biographical information not in book form
Gravestone Records of Lenawee County, Michigan, Vol 1-5 by Harriet Cole Bowen
This series can be found at The Library of Michigan - book: F572.L5 B68 1935;
microfilm: F572.L5 G7 1933a and in the Burton Historical Collection at the Detroit Library - book:
74l5 929.3 D2Lg; also on microfilm

Note: If you contact the library, in writing, tell them what you need, include a SAS,
they will mail you a copy of the page pertaining to your search. They charge just a few cents per copy
and they will bill you.
Mail your request to:
Adrian Public Library
Attn.: Local History Librarian
143 E. Maumee
Adrian, MI 49221-2773

Michigan pioneer and historical collection, 40 volumes.
Record of service of Michigan volunteers in the Civil War, 46 volumes.
Yearbooks from Adrian High.
Adrian Newspapers on microfilm. They have two microfilm readers, no reader/printer that you
can use. After you look it up and fill out a form they will copy (for a fee) and mail to you.
Plat books and atlases.

Britton Branch Library
120 College
Britton, MI 49229

Small collection, but reflective of the surrounding towns, even some Monroe County data.
Some localtown histories not readily found in other libraries. 3 in 1 Atlas of Lenawee Co, a
couple of the county histories, but not all.

Brooklyn Public Library (Actually in Jackson County)
207 N Main Street
Brooklyn, MI 49230
517-592-8031 There have been recent changes so please call before traveling to this library. They are
now part of the Jackson District Library. Have few books on family history or community history.

Clayton Public Library
3457 State Street
P O Box 116
Clayton, MI 49235

Clinton Township Public Library
100 Brown St.
Clinton, MI 49236
fax 517-456-4142
E-Mail Clinton Township Public Library

Sharon Scott//Archivist Historical Society of Clinton

Has a small genealogy collection, but some interesting works. Also have a historical vertical file
that is locked and only the ladies from the historical society have the keys, only open on Friday
evenings.They have the local Clinton Newspaper on Microfilm. Holdings: Newspapers, organizations,
church, maps,photographs, school, business, scrapbooks, cemeteries, obituaries, books, microfilms,

Deerfield Branch Library (formerly Roberts-Ingold Memorial Library)
170 Raisin Street Deerfield, MI 49238
(517) 447-3400
Monday: 1:00 - 6:00 pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 1:00 - 7:00 pm
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 1:00 - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:30 - 12:30 pm
Sunday: Closed
This library has a respectable collection that would assist family researchers, including some of the
county histories, local village histories including some of those towns just over the county border that
are in Monroe County. Also some family histories.

Maybe the most valuable resource this library has is it's current librarian, Mrs. Regina Upell Holubik,
who has lived her entire life in Deerfield, was one of the researcher/author's of "Deerfield Album"
written in 1973 and is very knowledgeable about the local families. She has been the librarian since 1968.

Hudson Museum
219 W. Main
Hudson, MI 49247

Inventory: Local family genealogies and local Hudson area history.   Newspapers, directories,
organizations, church, maps, photographs, school, business, scrapbooks, cemeteries, obituaries, books are
included in the holdings.

Hudson Public Library
205 South Market St.
Hudson, MI 49247
hone: 517-448-3801 Fax: 448-5095

Holdings: newspapers, directories, organizations, church, maps, photographs, school, business, scrapbooks,
cemeteries, obituaries, books, microfilms, most of our photos, scrapbooks, etc. are housed
in the museum the library owns.

Lenawee County Library
4459 W US 223
Adrian, MI 49221 517-263-1011
On film: Adrian Daily Telegram 1977-1987
Blissfield Advance Jan 1877 to 5 Sept 1946.
US census 1820-1920 for Lenawee County; 1890 Vets Schedule; 1850, 1860, 1870 & 1880 Mortality Schedules
Adrian Courier and Tri County Advertiser July 17, 1885 - Jan 21, 1960.

Book form:

Cambridge Township Death records Feb 1906 - Nov 1914 and Dec 1910 - Jan 1922. Birth records Jan 1906 - Dec 1910 and Feb 1911 - 1916.

County histories for Lenawee County, Fulton County Ohio and Jackson County Michigan.

Directories, Adrian, etc.
1840 US census index of Michigan in book form
1850 US census index of Michigan in book form
1870 US census index of Michigan in book form
1890 Michigan Veterans Census Index in book form

The Lenawee County combination atlas.

Many more books, too numerous to list, but this gives an idea.

Lenawee County Historical Museum        **Historical Society & Archives**
110 E Church St.
Adrian, MI 49221

Contact the Lenawee County Historical Society   Or     Contact the Lenawee County Historical Museum

They collect business, education and government records, photographs and postcards, and maps.
They have an ever-growing genealogical file of information, which may include personal documents such as

Their holdings includes: directories, church, maps, photographs, school, business, scrapbooks,
obituaries, books, manuscripts.

This museum should not be over looked. It has invaluable information on places and people of the local area.

   Library of Michigan
702 W. Kalamazoo Street
P.O. Box 30007
Lansing, Michigan 48909-7507
Fax: 517-373-4480
E-Mail: Contact the Library of Michigan

Visit our Web site at Library of Michigan and click on Library icon
For information call: (517) 373-1580 or e-mail E-mail Librarian

Archives of Michigan
Reference Desk Hours: 1 p.m.-5 p.m., Monday thru Friday
Visit our Web site at Archives of Michigan Michigan Historical Museum
9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday
10 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday
1 p.m.-5 p.m. Sunday
For more information call: (517) 373-3559

LDS - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
140 Sand Creek Highway
Adrian, MI 49221

This is a partial list of the Lenawee County holdings of LDS Salt Lake. These films may be borrowed
from Salt Lake for a small fee and used at the Adrian LDS Family History Center. More Lenawee County
holdings at LDS Salt Lake can be found by searching Family Search;
go to the Family History Library Catalog, then to Place Search and enter Lenawee + Michigan.
If you have a LDS Family History Center near you, no matter where you live, you can borrow these films

  • Bible records on microfilm; Bible records and family genealogies of Lenawee County, MichiganStmnt.Resp.compiled by Harriet Cole Bowen, film #926729 item 4
  • Biographies on microfilm; Portraits and biographies, 1888, film #1000242 item 1
    Southeastern Michigan Pioneer Families, Lewis (publication)
  • Cemetery books; The 5 volume Gravestones of Lenawee is on film #926726 and and film #926727 AND a second filming was done on rolls #857315 and 857316.
    Burial Records of Lenawee Co, Vol 1, film #1440528 item 6; Vol 2, film # 1440734, item 6; Lenawee Co Family researchers
    Graves Registration Records, Committee on Civil War Graves registration; films # 914811, items 2-3 and #914808, items 3-4
    Hitchcock Cemetery, film #924454, item 10
  • Census - 1830; DAR
  • Census - 1845; DAR
  • Church records; Society of Friends, Adrian Meeting, 1760-1950; Raisin Meeting, 1838-1957; combined Adrian and Raisin, 1842-1888
  • Genealogy
  • Genealogy - Periodicals; Lenawee Co family researchers Newsletter Vol 1-7; film #2055222, item 1-2; Vol 8-9; fiche #6126161
  • History; Illustrated History, Knapp, 1903, film #1000242 item 2; 2 volume Whitney history, 1870 on 2 rolls, #962424 item 1 and #1999241 item 5
  • History - Indexes
  • Land and Property; from beginning to 1920 and then 1940-1941; 93 rolls of film; Atlases, Plat Books
  • Maps
  • Military records; List of Male Citizens Liable for Military Duty, 1862-1867; film #915979, item 1
  • Newspapers; Mattie Seeburger Collection of Clippings, 1910-1989
  • Obituaries
  • Societies - Periodicals
  • Vital Records; Lenawee Co Marriages 1891-1913; film #1311575; Lenawee Co Marriages, 1852-1864, delayed
    recordings 1893-1922; film #14622; Marriages 1852-1854 and earlier, DAR; film #926729, item 7; Michigan
    Messenger, 1890-1897, film #1440530, item 5
  • For more detailed info about these microfilms and how to order them, click on this link: Family History Library Catalog

    Michigan eLibrary  Mostly for Michigan Residents


    Onsted Branch Library (formerly Luella G Reynolds Library)
    261 South Main St. Onsted, MI 49265
    (517) 467-2623
    Monday: 1:00 - 6:00 pm
    Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday: 1:00 - 7:00 pm
    Thursday: Closed
    Friday: 1:00 - 6:00 pm
    Saturday: 9:30 - 12:30 pm
    Sunday: Closed
    Holdings: Birth and Death records from early 1900 and some obituaries. Newspapers at the library are
    "The Exponent", not every issue, the actual paper, not film, those saved were those with
    specific interest to Onsted area.

    Summerfield-Petersburg Branch Library (actually in Monroe County)
    60 E. Petersburg,
    Petersburg, MI 49270

    Read It and Reap Library
    6193 Railroad St Box 86
    Sand Creek MI 49279
    E Mail:
    Read It and Reap Library

    Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
    Holdings of the Lenawee Co Family Researchers are also to be found here.

    Schultz Holmes Memorial Library
    407 S Lane St.
    Blissfield, MI 49228

    They have a very small genealogy section. Their most valuable resource is having the local paper on
    microfilm. The Blissfield Advance. Please note they have a microfilm reader and a printer.

    Stair District Library       
    228 W. Main St.
    Morenci, MI. 49256
    Phone: 517-458-6510
    Fax: 517-458-3378

    Colleen Leddy, Director

    Holdings: Newspapers, school yearbook, scrapbooks, cemeteries, books, local census microfilm.

    Tecumseh Historical Museum and Historical Society
    302 E. Chicago Blvd
    Tecumseh, MI 49286

    A very respectable collection of artifacts with special emphasis on Tecumseh. No specific research
    can be done here, but you can always take a look and see if your ancestors posessions have
    been donated and preserved by this active group.

    Tecumseh District Library
    215 North Ottawa Street
    Tecumseh, MI 49286
    Fax; 517-423-5519

    Mary Beth Reasoner is the Local History Coordinator

    Tecumseh has a very sizable and respectable collection in their historical room.
    Microfilm: Tecumseh News and Tecumseh Herald - not all copies and not all years but lots.
    Index of births, marriages and deaths for Tecumseh Herald from 1850-1900. They have one viewer/printer.
    Atlases, county and Tecumseh histories.
    Year books, junior high back to 1970, high school 1913.
    City directories for Tecumseh. Not all years
    Scrapbooks and ledgers, clubs, business records, etc.
    Tax rolls for village of Tecumseh. Not all years
    Oral histories, done in 1989, 28 videotaped interviews.
    Vertical file for Tecumseh and one for Michigan.
    1860, 1870, 1880 US census for Lenawee County on film. Also some census for North Carolina, one of PA and Tennessee.
    Blueprints, photographs, slides and films.
    Some books in the collection can be copied, but permission must be obtained from the librarian at the reference desk for each book.
    They have a fine collection of genealogy research books.

    William G. Thompson Museum and Gardens
    101 Summit Street
    Hudson, MI 49247

    Phone: 517-448-8125 for more information.

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