Lenawee County Michigan Marriage Notices

Marriage Notices from the Adrian Watchtower and Adrian Evening Expositor
Copied from existing filmed papers dated 1853 - 1860

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The following names appear on this page

Aldrich, Allen, Allis, Archart, Archbald, Armstrong, Austin, Avery, Aylesworth, Ayres,Bailey, Baker, Barr, Bateman, Beach, Beckley, Belknap, Bell, Benedict, Berry, Bidelman, Boucher, Bournes, Bowen, Bowerman, Boyer, Brandish, Brooks, Brown, Burlingame, Burwell,Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Case, Cheever, Clapp, Clegg, Cleveland, Cole, Conklin, Conkling, Coryell, Crossman, Crouther, Cuse, Cushman,Daniels, Davenport, Davidson, Davis, Dawes, Day, Dayton, DeLacey, Densmore, Dowling, Drew, Drown, Dudery,Edminson, Eldredge, Elwood, Ester, Every,Flecher, Ford, Foster, Freedman,Galloway, Gambee, Garey, Garlic, Gates, Giliman, Gillespie, Grandy, Greenalgh, Gregg, Guthrie,Hagaman, Hardy, Harvey, Haskins, Haviland, Hawkins, Hayne, Hicks, Hopper, Horten, Howard, Howe, Howland, Hoxie, Hubbard, Hungerford,Ingraham,Jackson, Jennings, Jewell, Johnson, Jones,Kauffman, Kendrick, Kennedy, Key, Keygan, Kimball, King, Kline, Knapp, Knight, Knowles,Larzalere, Lee, Leisinring, Lewis, Lincoln, Liverman, Long, Loud, Lyman,MacClure, Marks, Marsh, Maxwell, McConnell, McKenzie, McNeal, Millens, Miller, Mills, Moore, Morey, Morgan, Munger, Murray, Myers,Nichols, Nickerson, Norton, Nye,Palmer, Park, Parker, Partride, Patterson, Peck, Pegler, Pierson, Pixley, Platt, Poucher, Preston,Ramberger, Raymond, Rennedy, Rice, Robb, Rockwell, Rowley,Sanford, Schooley, Schott, Sheldon, Shugar, Smart, Smith, Stevens, Stone, Stows, Swartout,Taylor, Terpenny, Terpney, Tiffany, Todd, Treat, Troop, Trumhull,Underwood,Vail, Valentine, Van Pelt, Vandegriff, VanValkenburgh,Wait, Walker, Warner, Webster, Weed, Welch, Wellman, Wells, Whitting, Wilcox, Wilder, Williams, Wood,Yaple, Younge

This data extracted by Barbara Hammond and Cheri Shaner of Tresearch, 514 N. Main, Paris, IL. 61944; ©1988. Printed here with permission from Barbara Hammond.

Please note this information was extracted from microfilm copies of various Adrian Michigan Newspapersfound at the Library of Michigan.

Abbreviations in Marriage notices;   B - bride; M/b - mother of the bride; f/b - father of the bride;sis - sister; bro - brother; s-i-l = sister-in-law; w/ = with d/o, s/o, etc. = daughter or son of; res = residence; p.do. = paper date; � event place omitted; co. = county.

26 Jun 1853, Clayton, TUNIS COLE & MARY JANE GARLIC both of Morenci

2 Jul 1853, New York City, N.Y., SIMON FREEDMAN of Adrian & CAROLINE RAMBERGER ofNew York City.

20 Aug 1853, Henryetta, Monroe, N.Y., D.M. CLAPP of Raisin, MI. & Mrs. HARRIETDAYTON of Henryetta, N.Y.

1 Sep 1853, Otsego, N.Y., ROBERT BIDELMAN of Adrian & SARAH CHEEVER of Otsego,N.Y.

10 Sep 1853, Adrian, W.H. HOWARD & Miss E.F. PARTRIDE all of Adrian

11 Sep 1853, Adrian, HENRY BOURNES & Mrs. ROSETTA ALLEN both of Adrian

21, Oct 1853, Addison, LEWIS W SWARTOUT & EUNICE MAXWELL both Adrian

2 Nov 1853, Detroit, HENRY W. HUBBARD of Kenasha, Wisc. & JULIA C. PALMER d/o THOMASPALMER Esq. of Detroit.

10 Nov 1853, Adrian, EDWIN B. WOOD of Tecumseh, & CAROLINE E. HAGAMAN d/o JOSEPHHAGAMAN of Adrian

24 Nov 1853, Adrian res of WILLIAM I. MILLS, EDWARD MILLS & ROSE SHUGAR all Adrian

29 Nov 1853, Palmyra res of b/f, WILLIAM H. LEE formerly of Albany, now Adrian & FRANCIS A.TIFFANY s/o A.R. TIFFANY

30 Nov 1853, Adrian, B. J. VANVALKENBURGH of Manitauwoc, Wisc. & MARIETTA BAILEY of Adrian

26 Dec 1853, Adrian res of J.H. CLEVELAND, ROBERT A. WILLIAMS of Chicago & HARRIET L.YAPLE

11 Dec 1853, Tecumseh, JUNIUS AYRES of Adrian & ANNE PRESALLA DREW of Dover

7 Jan 1854, Tecumseh, JOHN GREENALGH of Alton, Il., & HELEN VAN PELT Adrian

9 Dec 1853, Woodstock, GEORGE WASHINGTON FOSTER & MARY JANE FOSTER both of the ManualLabor Institute of Woodstock.

5 Feb 1854, Addison, SIMON B. PRESTON of Woodstock & JULIETTA TERPENNY of Rollin.

13 Feb 1854, Adrian, A.C. KENDRICK of N.Y. and ANNA BURLINGAME of Adrian

16 Feb 1854, Tecumseh, EDWARD HOPPER & CORNELIA AYLESWORTH both Adrian

Mar 1854 (p.d.), Rome, GARDNER S. NYE of Adrian & MARY E. BROWN of Toledo

1 Mar 1854, � at the res of Mr. NICHOLS, HAMILTON SCHOOLEY & POLLY ANN ROBB both Dover

7 Mar 1854, Adrian, ABRAHAM POUCHER & LAURA A MC KENZIE all Adrian

7 Mar 1854, Adrian res of CHAS. MC KENZIE, RICHARD CLEGG & ELIZABETH M. CASE of Roxbury, Mass.


23 Mar 1854, Adrian, EMANUEL LIVERMAN of Flint, Genesee, Mi., & AUGUSTA KAUFFMAN ofAdrian

1 Apr 1854, Addison, ANDREW I. JACKSON & SARAH JANE MOREY both of Wheatland, Hillsdale, Mi.

11 Apr 1854, Adrian, CHARLES H. HASKINS of Logansport, Ind., & CAROLINE M. GREGG d/oSAMUEL GREGG of Adrian

23 Apr 1854 (p.d.), Rollin, GEORGE UNDERWOOD & ELIZABETH HAWKINS both Rollin

23 Apr 1854, (p.d.), Rollin, WILLIAM DAY & CAROLINE ELDREDGE both Wheatland

19 Apr 1854, Adrian, GEORGE KEYGAN & HARRIET FORD of Blissfield twp.

20 Apr 1854, Raisinville, EDWIN KNOWLES Adrian & ELIZABETH GALLOWAY of Raisinville, Monroe, Mi.

6 Apr 1854, Woodstock, JOSHUA CARR & Mrs. CHARLOTTE WALKER of England

26 Apr 1854, Adrian, ANDREW G. WARNER of Adrian & ABBEY J. FOSTER of Rollin

23 May 1854, Adrian, GEORGE DAVIDSON of Hudson & MARY JEWELL of Medina

25 Feb 1858, Blissfield, DAVID WILCOX of Blissfield & EMELINE R. WELLS of Palmyra

10 Mar 1858, Adrian, SAMUEL H. BROWN Of Raisin & EMELINE A. KNAPP of Adrian

3 May 1858, Adrian, CHARLES M. CLEVELAND & SUSAN A. JENNINGS all Adrian


4 May 1858, Clinton, Mass., GEO. W. MOORE of Stowe, Mass. & Miss BELL d/o Dr.HARDY of Cornish Flat, N.H.

27 Jun 1858, Adrian, NOAH NORTON Esq. & MRS. SARAH MILLER wid/o GEORGE A. MILLER lateof Montreal Lower Canada

23 Aug 1858, Adrian, L.P. RICE & Miss S.L. ARCHBALD both Adrian


7 Sep 1858, Manchester, GILES O. VANDEGRIFF of Adrian & MARY S. MORGAN of Manchester

20 Sep 1858, Adrian res of bride, J. FRED MYERS of Germantown, Oh . & EMMA B KIMBALL

26 Dec 1858, Ogden, PHILO WHITTING & EMMA E. PARKER both Ogden.

22 Jan 1859, Adrian, Capt. VINCENT NICKERSON of Cleveland, Oh, & LUSANAH A. DAVIS ofAdrian.

1 Feb 1859, Cambridge, PORTER BURWELL of Cambridge & COSIAH CROUTHER of Adrian.

17 Feb 1859, Sturgis, E. DAWES & HATTIE C. STOWS of Sturgis.

14 Mar 1859, --- CHAS H. ESTER of Raisin & CAROLINE E. HOXIE d/o L HOXIE of Palmyra.

14 Mar 1859, ---, JOSEPH B. HAVILAND, of Raisin & ADALINE L. HOXIE s/o L. HOXIE ofPalmyra.

17 Mar 1859, Buffalo, N.Y., J.J.H. RICE of LaPorte, Ind. to CYNTHIA R. WEED d/o ELIAS WEEDof Buffalo.

24 Mar 1859, Rome res/o ANDREW TAYLOR, OLIVER TAYLOR & MARY J. TAYLOR, of Rome.

3 Apr 1859, Rome, MARCUS KNIGHT & LEANORA A. GATES both of Adrian

6 Apr 1859, Adrian, JOSIAH C. ROWLEY & ANGIE BROWN both of Adrian

6 Apr 1859, Adrian, CHARLES W. CUSHMAN of Jackson & CARRIE M. ROWLEY, of Adrian.

4 Apr 1859, Ridgeway, GIBBS HUNGERFORD & MARIA JONES of Dundee, Monroe, Mi.

11 Apr 1859, Adrian, G.R. ALLIS & SUSAN F. TREAT all Adrian.

15 Apr 1859 (p.d.) Rollin Village, AARON A. DUDERY of Calhoun Co. & FRANCES C. PATTERSONof Rollin Village. (NOTE: Tresearch had Rollin spelled Rollen, I am assuming it is supposed to be Rollin)

5 Apr 1859, Adrian, ABIJAH B. ELWOOD & HARRIET A BROOKS all Adrian.

20 Apr 1859, Chicago, WILLIAM D. WAIT of Kilburn City, Wi. & LUCY A. PALMER, of Adrian.

27 Apr 1859, Madison, SPENCER KNAPP, of Adrian & ELIZABETH F. BRANDISH, of Madison.

5 May 1859, Adrian, J.H. COLE & HELEN STONE

15 May 1859, Morenci, BALDWIN WEBSTER of Smith Falls, Can. West & JANE PIXLEY ofCanandaigua, Mi.

26 May 1859, Madison, TUNIS J. CARTER & MARTHA A. DANIELS both Madison.

29 May 1859, Adrian, WILLIAM H. ARCHART & SUSAN N. A. GUTHRIE of Bellville, Richland, Oh.

1 May 1860, Adrian, P.W. LEWIS & C.A. DROWN both Medina.

29 Apr 1860, Ogden, EDWARD BOYER & MARGARET BOUCHER both Lucas Co. Oh.

3 May 1860, Raisin, MOSES J. BOWERMAN & ROXEINA HAVILAND both Raisin

3 May 1860, Adrian, JOSEPH GRANDY of Raisin & PHEBE A. TAYLOR of Woodstock, Mi.

10 May 1860, Rome, MYRON MARKS, & MARGARET MARSH all Rome.

1 May 1860, Hudson, MICHAEL HOWLAND of Wright & MARY TAYLOR, of Pittsford.

30 Apr 1860, Osseo, LAWYEL BEACH of Hudson & KATE R. BROWN of Osseo.

20 Mar 1860, Palmyra, STIMPSON G. HARVEY & DEBORAH F. WILDER all Palmyra.

20 May 1860, Hudson, WILLIAM T. DENSMORE & ADALINE 0. MC NEAL all Hudson.

5 Jun 1860, Adrian, FRANCIS H. BATEMAN & SARAH A. HICKS both Adrian.

4 Jun 1860, Adrian, WILLIAM F. KING & SARAH M. PEGLER both Adrian.

6 Jun 1860, Adrian, A.L. BAKER & M.A. BERRY both Adrian.

10 Jun 1860, Dover, THOMAS ARMSTRONG of New Paine, Niagra, N.Y. & SARAH HAGAMAN of Fairfield.

14 Jun 1860, Wheatland, Hillsdale, Mi. WINSLOW H. DAY of Pittsburg & JANE WOOD ofWheatland


12 Jul 1860, Tecumseh, WILLIAM H. WARNER & HARRIET GILLESPIE both Adrian.

20 Jul 1860, Adrian, JOHN E. GILIMAN of Worcester, Mass. & MARY D. JOHNSON of Adrian.

25 Jul 1860, Goldwater, WM. B. JOHNSON of Goldwater, & FANNY JONES of Adrian.

13 Aug 1860, Adrian, ALAMSON TODD of Ronald, Iona Co., Mi. & MELISSA J. RAYMOND of Adrian.
NOTE: Name correction to Alanson Todd by Terri Mulliken Allen of Mesquite, Texas. It is not know if there is atypo in the book this information was extracted from or if it is actually misspelled in the newspaper.

22 Aug 1860, Palmyra, MARVIN FORD of LaGrange, Ind. & ROYENA WELCH of Palmyra.

21 Aug 1860, Adrian, NEWTON PIERSON of Three Rivers, & CARRIE A. HORTEN of Adrian.

16 Aug 1860, Raisin, HIRAM HAVILAND & MARY BOWERMAN both of Raisin.

24 Aug 1860, Flint City, J. BENEDICT of Adrian & H.C. MUNGER of Bay City.

4 Sep 1860, Adrian, R.A. YOUNGE & CLARERDA FLECHER both Seneca.

23 Sep 1860, Medina, HENRY A. ROCKWELL & ELLA E. VAIL both of Madison.

1 Oct 1860 (p.d.) Rome, JAMES DOWLING of Adrian & FRANCES KNIGHT of Rome.

4 Oct 1860, Perinton, N.Y., OLIVER M. LOUD of Adrian & JANE E. AUSTIN of Perinton.

17 Oct 1860, Adrian, HARVEY PALMER & CYNTHIA HOWE all Adrian

26 Sep 1860, Tecumseh, E.R. CROSSMAN & ANNETTA HAYNE of Ridgeway.

8 Oct 1860, Morenci, adopted d/o P.J. & M.A. SCHOTT all Morenci.

30 Sep 1860, Tecumseh, HENRY LARZALERE of Tecumseh, & EMMA BOWEN of Ogden.

25 Sep 1860, Manchester at res of b/f, WILLIAM CORYELL of Ridgeway & MARY S. STEVENSof Manchester.

30 Sep 1860, Tecumseh, HENRY INGRAHAM of Tecumseh & EMMA BOWEN of Ogden.

24 Oct 1860, Adrian, A.W. ALDRICH & MARY SMART both Adrian.

14 Oct 1860, Addison Village, WILLIAM W. SMITH Woodstock & PHEBE SANFORD Woodstock.

3 Nov 1860 (p.d.), Cleveland, JEROME MURRAY of Maumee City & ANNA J WELCH of Cleveland.

17 Oct 1860, Adrian, W.A. MC KEY & ADELIA LINCOLN both Deerfield.

29 Nov 1860,---, Prof. FRANKLIN HUBBARD of Adrian & S.R. LYMAN of Sunderland, Mass.

13 Nov 1860, Ridgeway, DAVID LEISINRING JR. of Hudson, & SARAH JANE EDMINSON of Ridgeway.

29 Nov 1860, Adrian, WILLIAM PLATT & ELIZABETH TROOP both Adrian.

9 Dec 1860, Rome, MYRON M EVERY & HURCELIA SMITH all Rome.

13 Dec 1860, Jackson, AARON DAVENPORT of Franklin & IRENE VALENTINE of Manchester,Washtenaw, Mi.

6 Dec 1860, Adrian, JOHN S. KENNEDY OR RENNEDY & ROSETT E. BECKLEY all Adrian.

2 Dec 1860, Hudson, JAMES MILLENS of Medina & MARY E. TRUMHULL of Hudson

17 Dec 1860, Adrian, JOHN KLINE & LUCY A. SMITH both Adrian.

12 Dec 1860, Adrian, PARMENO LONG of Crystal, Montcalm, Mi. & Mrs. ELECTA F. GAMBEE ofAdrian.

25 Dec 1860, ---, CHARLES A. CONKLIN & MARY A. BRANDISH all Adrian.

27 Dec 1860, Adrian, HOSEA BELKNAP & CATHARINE PARK both Adrian

15 Dec 1860, Hudson, S.W. BARR & JULIA A. DAVIS both Adrian.

10 Dec 1860, Wheatland, Hillsdale, ORSON CARPENTER of Wheatland & Mrs. MARY SMITH of Hudson.

13 Dec 1860, Tecumseh, PHILANDER F. WELLMANN & CANDICE L. PECKall Tecumseh.

6 Dec 1860, ---JOHN CONKLING & SARAH MC CONNELL all Raisin.

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