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Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Veterans Gravestone Photos in Lenawee County

Real Daughters of the American Revolutionary War in Lenawee Co

Burials of Veterans of the War of 1812 in Lenawee Co

The Black Hawk War, 1832

The Toledo War   also known as the Ohio-Michigan War of 1835

   see also: The Toledo War,       The Toledo War, the First Michigan-Ohio Rivalry, and The Toledo War, Michigan Government

1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services

The Mexican War, 1846-1847

The Indian Wars, 1864-1898

Michigan In The Civil War
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Michigan in the Civil War
(A Guide to the Resources in the Bentley Historical Library; University of Michigan)

MIGenWeb Civil War Files

Grand Army of the Republic, Michigan Records

Michigan in the Civil War: Eighteenth Regiment Infantry

A Complete List of Medina Soldiers, March 19, 1875

1876 Soldiers Reunion, Hudson, Lenawee Co, MI

Reunion of the 11th and 18th Regiments, Michigan Infantry, Aug 25, 1876

7th Annual Soldiers Reunion, 1879, Hudson, Lenawee Co, MI

A Partial List of War Pensioners in 1883

1883 Civil War Pensioners in Lenawee Co

1890 Surviving Soldier, Sailors, Marines and Widows Census

1894 Civil War Veterans Census for Lenawee County

The 4th Michigan Infantry

The Roster of the 4th Michigan Infantry

Michigan Spanish American War 1898 Veterans of Lenawee Co

Spanish American War Gravesite Photos

Obituary of Sergeant Wm. S. Butler,
killed in the "Last Indian Uprising in the United States"

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USGenWeb Pension Project

The National Park Service (NPS) has free indexes where information can be searched about the soldiers and sailors
who fought in the Civil War. The name, side for which the soldier fought,
regiment or unit number, state, and job or function are available on the site: National Park Service

Medals of Honor Accredited to Lenawee Co.:


Medal of Honor Recipient: Addison J. HODGES, Ogden-Zion Cemetery, Blissfield, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: Henry H. NASH, Palmyra Cemetery, Palmyra, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: Frederick BALLEN, Adrian, MI
Photo Buried: Carleton Cemetery, Carleton, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: John HACK, Adrian, MI

Medal of Honor recipient: Cornelius M. HADLEY, Adrian, MI
Photo Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Litchfield, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient:Lewis HENRY, Adrian, MI
Photo Buried: Soop Cemetery, Belleville, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient:Moses A. LUCE, Adrian, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: Henry C. PETERS, Adrian, MI
Photo Buried: Riverside Cemetery, South Rockwood, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: Peter SYPE, Adrian, MI
Photo Buried: Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Monroe, MI

Medal of Honor Recipient: William H. WARD, Adrian, MI


Medal of Honor Recipient: Frederick JARVIS, Hudson, MI

History of the USS Lenawee: USS Lenawee


FOX   Bradley Army; Sgt. 1st Class formerly of Adrian, MI
burial unknown
20 Apr 2004
in Landstuhl, Germany of injuries
received in Iraq
BRAZEE   Joshua Army; Spec. Sand Creek, MI
buried Lenawee Hills, Lenawee Co, MI
23 May 2005
Al Qaim, Iraq
DAVIS   William N Army; Pfc Adrian, MI
buried Holy Cross Cemetery, Grand Rapids, MI
17 Mar 2007
ADKINS   Charles L. "Chuck" Army; Sgt. 1st Class Resided in Clarksville, TN
Services in Hudson, MI
16 Apr 2011
CLARK   Bruce Kevin Army; Capt Resided in Spencerport
Services in Addison, MI
01 May 2012


ADAMS David Lee PFC-Army Adrian, MI
buried St Joseph's Cemetery, Lenawee Co, MI
31 May 1967 S. Vietnam 10 Oct 1946 Hostile, killed
BURNS Howard Michael HM3-Navy Adrian, MI
buried St Mary's Cemetery, Lenawee Co, MI
14 Nov 1969 S. Vietnam 04 Jul 1948 Hostile, killed
CARR George Lee PFC-Marines Adrian, MI 28 Jul 1968 S. Vietnam 28 Apr 1949 Hostile, killed


Dale L. E. Sgt-Army Adrian, MI;
buried W Madison Cemetery
15 Feb 1968 S. Vietnam 05 Jul 1947 Hostile, killed
Dawson John Robert "Jack" 2 LT-Marines Adrian, MI
buried Lenawee Hills Cemetery, Adrian, MI
27 Oct 1967 S. Vietnam 14 May 1944 Hostile, died-wounds


Wayne Jacob PFC-Marines Adrian, MI;
buried W Madison Cemetery
25 Apr 1967 S. Vietnam 17 Feb 1946 Hostile, killed
HYDER Floyd Allan Cpl-Army Adrian, MI 21 Nov 1967 S. Vietnam 21 Jan 1949 Hostile, died-wounds


Duane Richard Sgt-Army Adrian, MI
Jefferson Cemetery, Clarklake, Jackson Co, MI
03 Jul 1969 S. Vietnam 28 Aug 1948 Hostile, killed
LAFFERTY Thomas Lee Cpl-Army Adrian, MI
buried Forest Lawn Cemetery, Pecks Mill,
Logan Co, W VA
07 Dec 1970 S. Vietnam 05 Aug 1950 Hostile, killed


Gary Raymond Cpl-Army Adrian, MI;
buried Lenawee Hills Memorial Cemetery
31 Aug 1970 S. Vietnam 08 Jun 1947 Hostile, killed
ROBISON Gary Herbert Cpl-Army Adrian, MI 10 Mar 1971 S. Vietnam 08 Sep 1950 Hostile, killed
SCOTT Hugh Don Cpl-Army Adrian, MI
buried Bassett Cemetery, Mississippi Co, AR
18 Nov 1967 S. Vietnam 01 Aug 1947 Hostile, killed


G. Lyle SP4-Army Adrian, MI;
buried Lenawee Hills Memorial Cemetery
11 Jan 1967 S. Vietnam 22 Aug 1943 Hostile, killed


Michael Kelly Capt 173 Aviation Co Army Adrian, MI
buried Paradise Cemetery, Chippewa Co, MI
21 Mar 1969 S. Vietnam 14 Dec 1943 Non-Hos. Died-Other
WINTERS Allen Lane SP4-Army Adrian, MI 31 Jan 1968 S. Vietnam 10 May 1948 Hostile, killed
BECANNEN Barry J. WO-Army Clayton, MI 23 Aug 1968 S. Vietnam 31 Aug 1947 Hostile, killed
BROWN Robert Lee CWO-Army Clayton, MI 26 Apr 1968 S. Vietnam 08 Feb 1938 Non-Hos. Died-Miss.


Lee Ervin SP4-Army Deerfield, MI;
buried Deerfield Twp Cemetery
04 Feb 1969 S. Vietnam 25 Jul 1949 Hostile, killed


Terry D. SSGT-Air Force Hudson, MI
buried Riverside Cemetery
Wichita Falls, TX
14 Aug 1970 Thailand 18 Dec 1946 Non-Hos. Died-Other
RICHARDSON Marvin Keith Cpl-Army Hudson, MI 11 Jul 1969 S. Vietnam 31 Jan 1950 Hostile, killed
RINCK Richard James SP4-Army Hudson, MI 12 Oct 1969 S. Vietnam 26 Jan 1948 Non-Hos. Died-Other


Delbert Ray SGT-Army Jasper, MI:
Fairfield Cemetery
05 Sep 1969 S. Vietnam 30 Nov 1948 Hostile, killed


Richard Alfred PFC-Marines Morenci, MI;
Oak Grove Cemetery
24 Jun 1968 S. Vietnam 19 Jan 1949 Hostile, killed
KLINGLER Gary Lynn SP4-Army Morenci, MI 30 Aug 1968 S. Vietnam 15 Aug 1947 Hostile, killed


Gary Alan LCPL-Marines Morenci, MI;
buried Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery
St Louis, MO
08 Jan 1968 S. Vietnam 06 Dec 1947 Non-Hos. Died-Other


Jerry James PFC-Army Palmyra, MI;
buried Palmyra Cemetery
13 Jan 1967 S. Vietnam 05 Nov 1944 Hostile, killed


Kenneth Neil Cpl - Marines Riga, MI
burial place unknown
08 Jun 1966 S. Vietnam 18 Jun 1944 Hostile, killed
BROOKS David T. SSGT-Army Tecumseh, MI 18 Nov 1967 S. Vietnam 12 Oct 1943 Hostile, killed
GERTEN Ronald Eugene Cpl - Army Tecumseh, MI 31 Dec 1970 S. Vietnam 06 Apr 1951 Hostile, killed
RUDD Donald Lee HM2-Navy Tecumseh, MI 03 Mar 1969 S. Vietnam 25 Jan 1946 Hostile, killed


Rickie D. SGT - Army Tecumseh, MI 18 Nov 1967 S. Vietnam 26 Jul 1947 Hostile, killed


COOLEY Leslie L. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI 12 Sep 1950 Killed in action
CURTIS John C. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI 20 Oct 1951 Killed in action
DeLaCRUZ Lorenzo PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI 29 Nov 1950 Killed in action
DROUILLARD Bernard SGT - Army Lenawee Co, MI
buried St Alphonsus Cemetery
Petersburg, Monroe Co, MI
04 Oct 1951 Killed in action
GALNARES  : Jose M., Jr. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI
buried St Mary's Cemetery, Lenawee Co, MI
25 July 1950 Killed in action
GARROW Leslie L U S Air Force Morenci, Lenawee Co, MI 09 Apr 1954  
GERIG George J. CPL - Army Lenawee Co, MI 24 June 1953 Killed in action
HEPHNER   Clayton F. PVT - Army Lenawee Co, MI
buried Waldron Cemetery, Hillsdale Co, MI
31 July 1950 Killed in action
IOTT   Harold J U S Marine Corps Deerfield, Lenawee Co, MI
buried St Alphonsus Cemetery, Petersburg
Monroe Co, MI
25 Mar 1953  
LUFT Walter L. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI 27 Nov 1950 Died while Missing
RARICK Rolan D. SGT - Army Lenawee Co, MI 20 July 1950 Died while captured
SCHMIDT Frank L. Army Lenawee Co, MI 13 Feb 1951  
THOMPSON   Robert E. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI
buried Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian, MI
15 Oct 1952 Killed in action
VORHEES Victor G. PFC - Army Lenawee Co, MI
Courts of the Missing,
Honolulu Memorial, Honolulu, Hawaii
03 Oct 1951 Killed in action


Known Michigan Participants Comments
Major General Joseph W Brown 1793-1880, one of founders of Tecumseh, he ran a stage coach line from Detroit to Chicago. He was appointed to protect the disputed area between Ohio and Michigan by Gov. Stevens T. Mason; General Brown was also a commander of the Michigan forces in the Black Hawk War
Joseph W. Brown, Wikipedia
Joseph W. Brown, Lenawee Co History
Illustrated history and biographical record of Lenawee County, Mich. Author: Knapp, John I., 1825-
Col. Eli Phillips Generally considered to be the first settler in Royalton Twp (Fulton Co, Ohio), Eli Phillips and his wife, Vesta Arnold Phillips started from the vicinity of Adrian and located the land he had purchased the year before (01 Aug 1833) in Section 10 and 11, Twp 9 South, Range 3 East. His was the land that the Battle of Phillips Corners was fought on, being the only "battle" of the Boundary War. He is buried in the Jordan Cemetery, Royalton Twp, Fulton Co, Ohio
Under Sheriff William McNair of Lenawee Co Owned land bought 01 Aug 1827 Monroe office Sec 26 Twp 5-S Range 4-E Meridian Michigan-Toledo Strip; Lenawee Co. He is buried in the Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian, Lenawee Co, MI.
Sheriff Joseph Wood of Monroe Co Became the only casualty of the War when he was wounded in the thigh by Two Stickney
Benjamin Baxter Not of legal age to join the troops, he ran away from home and joined McNair's men
Birth: Apr. 7, 1815 Death: Jun. 9, 1902 Burial: Brookside Cemetery Tecumseh , Lenawee County , Michigan, USA

Known Ohio Participants Comments
Major Benjamin Franklin Stickney of the Ohio Militia He and his family were arrested and jailed at Tecumseh; under Gov. Mason's orders, Gen. Jacob. W. Brown of Tecumseh combed the disputed territory, arresting Ohio officials, including the entire family of Maj. Benjamin Franklin Stickney. The Major was tied to his horse for the trip to the Monroe County Jail. Maj. Stickney's son, named Two (he had a brother named One), made a dramatic attempt to rescue his father by drawing a knife and lunging at Monroe County Sheriff Joseph Wood, wounding him in the thigh and drawing the only blood in the Toledo War.
One Stickney son of Major B F Stickney
Two Stickney son of Major B F Stickney and inflicted the only casualty of the War
Col. William Hawkins  
Col. Jonathan E. Fletcher Owned land bought 01 Aug 1827 Monroe office Sec 26 Twp 5-S Range 4-E Meridian Michigan-Toledo Strip; Lenawee Co Col. J E Fletcher was captured and incarcerated in the Lenawee Co Jail at Tecumseh. A copy of the letter written by him May 5, 1835, tells of his imprisonment Journal of the General Assembly of the State of Ohio Vol 33, pg 68. Colonel Fletcher, was retained to "test the validity of the arrest" and spent some months in custody in Tecumseh. Benjamin Baxter's account of the events, found in Clara Waldron's One Hundred Years – A Country Town, states that Fletcher was: "a genial gentleman not suffering apparently from his term of incarceration, but sometimes subjecting us to the inconvenience of hunting him up when we had occasion to use the jail for some counterfeiter or horse thief, as he was likely to be found out riding with one of the sheriff's lovely daughters, having taken the jail keys with him."
Jonathan Emerson FLETCHER, eldest son of Joseph Fletcher, born in 1806, removed to Western New York in 1832, and to Ohio in 1833. In 1835 he was appointed by Governor LUCAS, of Ohio, with others, to re-mark the boundary between Ohio and Michigan. In 1838 he went to Muscatine, Iowa, and became a major-general of militia. He was a member of the convention which drafted the state constitution of Iowa, was elected state senator, and was twice appointed United States agent to the Winnebago Indians, serving twelve years. He was a General of the Union Army in the Civil War. He died in 1872 and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine Co, Iowa
Col. Kiah Gould  
Col. Merritt Scott  
Col. Sebried Dodge An eminent hydraulic engineer, of the Ohio Corps of Engineers and one of the 2 principal surveyors & engineers of the Pennsylvania & Ohio Canal. He lived until his death in 1850 on the Dodge farm; 3 miles SW of Akron, Ohio in Summit Co. He is buried in the Glendale Cemetery, Summit Co, Ohio.
Major Robert S. Rice  
Capt. Samuel Biggerstaff  
Mr. John Ellsworth  
Mr. Samuel Maole  
Mr. Chaney Rickets/Rickett  


Thought to have participated:

Gen. Joseph W Brown Brookside Cemetery,
Tecumseh Twp; see also: The Toledo War

Drum Major Francis A. Dewey, 8th MI

Row C4, Cambridge Junction Cemetery, Lenawee Co

John Schreder

Buried in Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh Twp
also served in the War of 1812

Daniel Hixson

Riverside Cemetery, Clinton Twp, Section C Lot 22
A Captain of the Militia from Clinton

THE MEXICAN WAR, 1846-1847

Participants Burial
Levi Burch Packard Cemetery, Seneca Twp also served in the War of 1812
John Bates West Rome Cemetery, Rome Twp
Alexander H. Cole Hillside Cemetery, Woodstock Twp
Charles Kimball Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian Twp

Real Daughters of the American Revolutionary War in Lenawee Co

In order for a women to be a Real Daughter, she has to be the daughter of a Revolutionary War patriot,
so if your father fought in the Revolutionary Way, and you joined the DAR, you would be a Real Daughter,
because you are a first generation later descendant of the patriot. However, you marry and have a daughter, she joins the DAR,
she is not a Real Daughter, because she is the granddaughter of the patriot. Real Daughters were born to patriots.
It is amazing to think that some Real Daughters were born late in life to patriots. Back then, women died in childbirth, and men remarried,
a lot, several times. There are some Real Daughters who were born when their fathers were in the 70's, 80's and even 90's.
Second generations direct descendants, granddaughters and grandson for the SAR membership can join,
because they are direct line descendants, and any of their direct line descendants.
Courtesy Karen Jenter, 2011

In Lenawee County, the following are designated as Real Daughters:

Palmer, Emeline Buker, Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian Twp, daughter of Israel H. Buker, Revolutionary War Patriot of Massachusetts; b. 26 Mar 1835; d. 02 Apr 1921
Bartlett, Elizabeth, Ogden Center Zion Cemetery, Ogden Twp, daughter of Abraham Bartlet, Revolutionary War Patriot of New York; b. 13 Jun 1803; d. 13 Nov 1897
Sherman, Marilla Hill, Brookside Cemetery, Tecumseh Twp, daughter of Zimri Hill, Revolutionary War Patriot of Vermont; b. 22 Dec 1807; d. 27 Nov 1898

The Indian Wars is the name used in the United States to describe a series of conflicts between
White settlers or the federal government and the native peoples of North America.

  • Jack, Fulton, died 06 Jul 1843, aged 44 yrs; buried in the McLain Cemetery, Raisin Twp.

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