U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-1925

U.S. PASSPORT APPLICATIONS, 1795-1925 with Lenawee Co Connections

Name: Birth Date: Birth Location: Passport Issue Date: Residence Location: Physical Description: Occupation/Other information:
Inez Louise
20 Jul 1869 Fairfield, MI 10 Aug 1907 Holt, Ingham Co, MI 38yrs; 5' 6 1/4"; eyes gray; nose short; mouth medium; chin full; hair brown; complexion fair; face full teacher
Leonard N.
25 Sep 1844 Lenawee Co 05 Mar 1889 Wichita, KS 44 yrs; 5' 6 1/2"; eyes black; nose straight; mouth medium; chin bearded; hair black; complexion dark; face round mustache and full chin beard Capitalist
04 Apr 1880 Hudson, MI 17 Apr 1917 New York, NY   Y.W.C.A.Secretary; father, John Keep BOIES was born in Blandford, Mass; traveling to Moscow, Russia, Japan and Sweden on board the Empress of Japan from Vancouver, BC
Florence A.
14 Sep 1890 North Star, MI 31 May 1924 North Star, MI   teacher; father, Woodbury H., was born in Lenawee Co, MI; traveling to England, France and Belgium on board the "Regina" from Detroit
& 2 children: Geo. W., Jr.,
8 yrs & Lucibel, 4 yrs.
08 Mar 1873 Adrian, MI 10 Sep 1919 San Antonio, TX   husband Geo W. Caldwell born San Antonio, TX and currently residing in Barcelona, Spain; she resided in Mexico 1898-1902; Brazil 1903-1906; Spain 1912-1919; traveling to France en route to Spain to rejoin husband on board the S. S. Lorraine from New York
CALDWELL, Lucy Webster
& 2 children, Geo. White,
Jr., 6 yrs & Lucibel, 2 yrs.
08 Mar 1873 Adrian, MI 30 Apr 1917 San Antonia, TX   husband, George White Caldwell born Caney, Brazoria Co, TX; traveling to France en route to Spain accompanying husband on board the steamer Espagne from New York
Ernest S.
26 Jun 1859 Morenci, MI 14 Jan 1907 Cleveland, OH 44 yrs?; 5' 11"; forehead medium; eyes gray; nose straight; mouth medium; chin medium; hair gray; complexion florid; face oval Attorney at law
Nemie A.
29 Sep 1844 Lenawee Co 05 Jun 1894 New York 49 yrs; 5' 3 14"; forehead full, medium height; eyes blue; nose straight; mouth medium; chin round; hair gray; complexion pale; face medium  
Arthur Power
07 Jul 1846 Palmyra, MI 25 Jun 1872   25 yrs; 5' 9 1/4"; forehead medium; eyes brown; nose long; mouth large; chin projecting and wide; hair brown; complexion medium; face long  
Samuel E.
25 Aug 1846 Lenawee Co, MI 16 Aug 1887   41 yrs; 5' 10"; forehead broad; eyes light; nose Roman; mouth medium; chin square; hair dark; complexion dark; face oval  
Archibald L.
19 Jul 1849 Hudson, MI 09 Jun 1877   27 yrs; 5' 8"; forehead rather high & full; eyes dark blue; nose large & regular; mouth large; chin prominent & dimpled; hair light brown; complexion fair; face thin  
John H.
& wife, Addie
15 Apr 1847 Lake Ridge, MI 27 Mar 1914 Duluth, MN 67 yrs; 5' 8"; forehead large; eyes blue; nose Roman; hair gray, short beard; complexion light; face rather thin retired civil engr.; traveling to Russia
Mary E.
28 Oct 1893 Eldon, ENG 27 Dec 1922 Seneca, MI   storekeeper; husband, Frederick E. Dersham born Seneca, Lenawee Co, MI 30 Jul 1892; she lived in England from birth until May 1913; was married to Fred Dersham June 20, 1914; traveling to British Isles "to visit aging father" on board the Montclare from Detroit
Vera Tamer
07 Jun 1887 Crystal Valley,
Oceana Co, MI
06 Dec 1917 Crystal Valley, MI   traveling to Havana, Cuba from New Orleans; father, not named, born in Lenawee Co
14 Oct 1862 Franklin, Lenawee Co 14 Jun 1911 New York, NY 49 yrs; 5' 11"; forehead slightly recessive; eyes blue; nose straight & normal; mouth curved and full; chin square; hair brown; complexion sanquine; face oval & regular novelist & poet
Ottis F.
29 May 1876 Clinton, MI 07 Feb 1919 Jackson, MI   automobile service engineer; traveling to Havana, Cuba from Key West, FL
05 Jul 1890 Feltwell, Norfolk, ENG 26 Mar 1920 Detroit, MI   housewife; husband, Ernest Greenwald, born Adrian Twp., Lenawee Co; she resided in Feltwell, England from birth to May 1908 and Winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN from May 1908 to Sep 1914; traveling to England & Ireland "to visit relatives"
Alphonse Robert
06 Mar 1877 Erslem, Alsace
Lorraine, GER
17 May 1918 Racine, WISC   manager of the South American branches of the Case Threshing Machine Co; traveling to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Brazil on board the Santa Luisa from New York; emigrated to US on board the La Britague? from Le Havre, France Oct 1890
Edith May
11 Aug 1895 Raisin Twp, MI 05 Apr 1924 Raisin Twp., MI   teacher; father, George Haviland born Raisin Twp.; traveling to England, France, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Scotland from Montreal, Canada
HOOD, Charles John
& wife, Louise
23 Feb 1860 Adrian, MI 19 Jan 1912 Adrian, MI 51 yrs; 5' 7"; forehead medium not high; eyes brown; nose short; mouth medium; chin medium short; hair dark to gray; complexion dark; face mustache, medium size physician
24 Feb 1866 Palmyra Twp., MI 04 Mar 1918 MI   manufacturer; father, Ezra Hoxie, born New York State; traveling to Cuba from Key West on board the P. & O. Line
Charles D.
13 Apr 1878 Franklin Twp., MI 15 Jan 1916 Montclair, NJ   Secy. International Com. Y. M. C. A.; traveling to Costa Rica, Salvador, Nicaraugua & Guatemala "to cultivate friendship of educational authorities looking toward organization of Y. M. C. A." on board the Abangarez from New Orleans
G. Edward
22 Feb 1852 Deerfield, MI 28 Feb 1920 Alvin, TX   mining engineer; father, Geo. H. Kedzie born Delhi, NY; has resided in Durango, Dgo., Mexico from 1896 to 1900 and 1904 to 1909; traveling to Mexico for "examination of mining properties" from Laredo, TX
Burley F.
29 May 1886 Hillsdale Co, MI 01 Jun 1923 Columbus, OH   Sec'y of the Ohio Council of Churches; father, Benjamin S. Lamb, born Lenawee Co, MI; traveling to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, Holand, Germany, Poland, Austria, Czecho-Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Italy for "travel and study" on board the S. S. Volendam from New York
Harry F.
23 Nov 1887 Hudson, MI 20 Jun 1922 Highland Park, MI   Lawyer; traveling to France, Belgium and Holland for "pleasure" on board the S. S. Pittsurgh White Star Line from Boston
Mrs. M. K.
02 Feb 1868 Geneva, Lenawee Co, MI 27 Feb 1918 Toledo, OH   father, George Morrell, born Maine; husband, Richard C. Fuller born England; traveling to Cuba, Isle of Pines and the Bahama Islands "to locate a truck or chicken farm" from New Orleans
Charley A.
02 Nov 1861 Medina Twp., MI 29 Mar 1895 Cleveland, OH 33 yrs; 5' 11; forehead high; eyes blue; nose proportionate; mouth light moustache; chin small; hair light brown; complexion fair; face oval horse trainer; passport for "residing temporarily in Russia"
Samuel Kenneth
03 Feb 1897 Hillsdale, MI 16 Jul 1917 Adrian, MI   mechanic for Ace? or One? Field Service; traveling to France, England, and Italy on board the Chicago from New York
Horton C. & wife, Marie E.
16 Dec 1866 Seneca Twp., MI 11 Jun 1920 Toledo, OH   banking; father, Cosper Rorick; traveling to France, Switzerland, Holland & Belgium on board the Olympic from New York
& wife, Sarah E. born Morristown,
NY 19 Jan 1875; also Esther R. Wakefield born Morenci, MI
21 Apr 1897
16 Feb 1841 Morenci, MI 26 Jan 1910 Morenci, MI   banker; 68 yrs; 5" 9 �"; forehead medium; eyes blue; nose rather prominent; mouth medium; chin medium; hair gray; complexion light; face thin

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