Postcards from Lenawee Co, MI

Postcards from Blissfield, MI

Postcards courtesy of Tim Stadler, Dallas, TX, June, 2010

George Stadler, of Blissfield, ca. 1910

George Stadler, of Blissfield, ca. 1910

The Three Bridges over the Raisin River, Blissfield, ca. 1910

Postcards from Tecumseh, MI

Postcards courtesy of Grace Dooley, Ogemaw Co, MI County Coordinator, July 2007

Universalist Church and Quaker Church, Tecumseh, MI

High School, Tecumseh, MI

The Quaker Oats Factory, Tecumseh, MI

Baptist Church, Tecumseh, MI

Old Springville Inn, M-50, Irish Hills

Morenci High School

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