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  • Hudson High School 1911 List of Graduates

  • Adrian Public Schools

    The very first school in Adrian was held in one room of the first frame house, built by Dr. C. N. Ormsby. It was opened by Miss Dorcas Dean in 1828. There were seven families in the village of Adrian at the time.

    The first school committee was formed in 1828. A school/meting house was built during the winter of 1828/29 located at the junction of South Main and Winter Streets. The total cost of the building and grounds was $11,375.13. The first teacher was David Buck. Mr. Buck moved west and drowned in 1830. He was replaced by Anson Jackson.

    The first Union School was erected in 1851-52 being completed and occupied September 13th, 1852. It was located between Church and Maumee Streets. This school burned in 1866.

    In 1857 the East Branch 'school' was built costing $5,000.

    In 1859 the South Branch 'school' was built costing $3,500.

    In 1860 the West Branch 'school' was built costing $13,000. It was enlarged in 1867.

    In 1861 the North Branch 'school' was built costing $13,000.

    In 1859 they established 'Free' School, having the expenses paid by taxation.

    In August 1866 when the main 'Central' school burned down the school board immediately called a special meeting to take measurements and to rebuild the Central School building.

    Adrian High Schooll; believed to have opened in around 1839/1840

    Adrian College was organized March 22, 1859.

    Brown's Business College opened in 1884 by Mr. L. S. Brown

    The above information extracted from the Illustrated History and Biographical Record of Lenawee County, Michigan by John I Knapp and R. I. Bonner; printed by the Times Printing Company, Adrian Michigan, 1903.

    From the December 1987 issue Lenawee County Researcher, Vol 1, No. 2. © Printed here with permission from The Lenawee County Researchers.
    from The Tecumseh Herald
    9 Aug. 1928 p. 8, by Jim Lindsey
    CLASS OF 1920
    About 250 gathered on the school grounds of Dist. No. 1 for the 8th reunion of patrons, pupils & teachers. After a bountiful co-operative dinner was served in the shade of the trees we love so well the following was rendered:
    Prayer--L.C. Coller, Ceresoo
    Address of Welcome--Naomi Frost
    Reading--Mary Morden
    Music--Mrs. Marian Biddle Edwards, Ypsilanti
    Recitation--Robert Hendershot
    Remarks--Will Smith, Calif., & L.C. Coller, Ceresoo
    Letters were read by the secretary from Erma Bissel, Findlay, Ohio; Mike Hendershot, Bellingham, Wash.; C. J. Hendershot, Denver, Colo; Mrs. Ella Conklin, Falls City, Wash.; Mrs. Alice Collins Burns, Toledo, Ohio; R. A. Mills, Naps, Calif.; Will Smith, Long Beach, Calif.; W.B. Hatch, Ypsilanti; "Chio" Coller, Lansing; Miss Mary Newcomb, Detroit; Mrs. Elma Collins Granger, Jonesville; Mrs. Julia Robinson Wilson, Tecumseh.
    At the reunion friends who had not seen each other for 10, 20 or 30 years met in ever changing groups recalling to memory the days of Auld-Lang Syne. In one group worthy of note was James Boyce, 94 years, Robert Hendershott, 84 years, and L.C. Coller, 78. And this has passed into history another "one of the best" of our school reunions.
    Out of state guests were Will Smith, Long Beach, Calif.; Mr. & Mrs. John Cotton & son, Dallas, Texas; Mrs. Ada Smith Pike, Chicago, Ill.; Messrs Stanley & Carl Underwood, Weston, Ohio; Mr. Snauble Crossman, Los Angeles, Calif.
    Other guests were present from Detroit, Jackson, Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Monroe, Tecumseh, Clinton, Leslie, Saline, Milan, Ceresco, Jasper & Ridgeway.
    At the business meeting the following officers were elected: Ralph Mickel, President; Earl Payne, Vice President

    Evans Commercial College, writing school opened about 1870 by Uriah I Evans, name changed to Evans Business School then to Evans & Grosscup Business College. This College was short lived.   See Evans Business College

    State Industrial School for Girls

    There's a large article on this school plus more info. So it has its own page.

    Reunion of the Alumni Association of the Tecumseh Union School

    Printed in the Oct. 1986 issue Raisin Researchers, Vol 4, No 2, (Lenawee County Researchers Newsletter) Printed here with permission from The Lenawee County Researchers.

    The reunion of the Alumni Association of the Tecumseh Union School was held at the Armory Hall, Fri. June 25, 1886.

    Members of the association were S.W. Anderson, Miss Dena Heesen, Miss Elida James, W. H. Hayden, Fred B. Wood, S. C. Stacy, Mrs. H.S. Lee, Miss Jennie Nyland, Thomas H. Temple, Mrs. C. A. Wright, Miss Jennie Root, James W. Patterson, Miss Julia Snell, D. McNair, W. C. Burridge, R. C. Van Antwerp, Dr. George Howell, Margaret L. Clarkson, Abner Wilson, P.S. McKinnin and Fred B. Wood.

    In addition the following is a summary of what other members (class of '78) were doing.

    Charles Waldron became a veterinarian in 1881. In Aug. of 1881, he married Miss Jennie Calvin and resides on a farm in Raisin Township, combining farming and his vet business.

    Lavern M. Ide married Miss Kate Drew of California in July of 1884. Ide is a bookkeeper in Detroit.

    Gertrude Bigelow was married at the family residence in East Saginaw in Oct. of 1883 to George N. Stacy of Tecumseh ( a member of the class of 1878) They live in Elgin, Ill.

    David T. Phelps, after working for the Champion Iron Co. in Chicago and studying stenography in his spare time, is employed in the office of the Car Service agent at Omaha, Neb.

    Ida Schrader taught school till ill health forced her to give it up, now resides at her home in Tecumseh.

    Frank L. Osborn graduated from the U. of M. in 1883 and became a Methodist Episcopal Minister in 1885. In Aug. of 1881 he married Miss Lillian Mae Cooper of Ann Arbor and resides at Unionville, Mi.

    H.G. Sherrard attended the U. of M. and was a clerk for the Treasury Dept. in Wash. D.C. He returned to school and graduated from the U. of M. in 1882 and teaches at Detroit H.S.

    A toast was given to Prof. D.A. Hammand by a member of the class.

    ~~~taken from the Tecumseh Files and the Tecumseh Herald at the Tecumseh Public Library.

    Lenawee Normal School
    The following list was found in the booklet titled Blissfield Area Sesquicentennia 1824-1974. No publication data was availble, nor compilers. The booklet is available at the Adrian Public Library.
    The first class to be graduated from the Lenawee Normal [school] in 1907 here in Blissfield were: Gladys Dickinson Mulder, May Knight Gilson, Minnie Purdy Snyder, Herma Holt Rappleye, Vera Burt Ferris, Eliza May Potter Jordan, Florence Knisel McWilliams, Faith Stein Schoener, Laura Foley, Ruth Newcomb Johnson, Fern DeLine Ferris, Alta Holt Rothfuss, Grace Rothfuss Miller, Agnes Drake Judson.
    The Normal school began in 1907 in Blissfield, moved to Clayton in 1949, moved to Adrian in 1954 and the last class was graduated May 25, 1955.
    This was a school to train teachers.
    Tues eve. performance of "The Hunchback"" at the Hudson Opera House; 
    Wed eve Class Day Program (music, valedictory, class poem, etc.)
    Thur eve, Commencement. There is a list of all graduating seniors.
    The next list of schools have pictures on our   photograph gallery page 8.   They show the school and class for a given year. Other than these pictures I have no information on these schools.

    Brownville School in Tecumseh.

    Mills School in Macon Township.

    Town School in Macon Township.

    Pennington School.

    Prairie-Deerfield School – 1915

    Morenci School - 1916-1917

    North Morenci School – 1917-1918

    Hudson High School -1936 Graduating Class

    Hudson High School Alumni Banquet -1936

    Hudson High School 1911 List of Graduates submitted by: Mary Wright - 2008

    My grandmother had graduated from Hudson High School, June 11, 1908. (100 years ago next week!) I have the graduation week program listing a play, concert and commencement program as well as a list of the graduates:I believe that my grandma's name is misspelled here -- Sara Lavinia Bell is correct!
    Claude Ferris Baker
    Orley G. Barrett
    Sara Lavenia Bell
    Bertha Maye Button
    Arleen V. Carmichael
    Fern Childs
    Florence Childs
    Ruth Laura Colvin
    Daisy Lucile Corser
    Glen Stafford Crisp
    Harry James Crisp
    Minne Wilmina Egerton
    Hazel Mildred Egerton
    Vera marie Galloway
    Marjorie L. George
    J. B. Hazen
    Grant Ralph Jewell
    Carl Smith Klinkert
    Robert Bruce King
    Adolphus John Lawrence
    Frank Kingsley Lawrence
    Herbert Dean Loyster
    Katharin Blanche Marry
    Florence Harriet Nachtrieb
    Almeda S. Niblack
    Ramona Vera Pease
    Robert Henry Peirson
    Cecile Mae Pratt
    Neita Sara Rose
    Oscar Ray Rumsey
    Leo Francis Steger
    James Edward Walker, Jr.
    Paul John Wright

    Woodstock Manual Labor School A school for Blacks, near Adrian in the mid 1800's. I'll add more on this school if more can be found.

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